Strongest Martial God Chapter 3: Spiritual training


“Thanks anyway.”

After sneering in his heart, Ye Zhong said to Wang Qian sincerely. In any case, the information she provided to herself made her know that there was not much time left.

“You don’t need to thank me, even if I don’t tell you about these things, you will know sooner or later,” Wang Qian shook her head. “Also, I have something to do with you today.”

While speaking, Wang Qian took out a Qiankun ring from her arms and handed it to Ye Zhong.

Ye Chong looked at the Qiankun Ring in Wang Qian’s hand and said lightly, “What do you mean?”

Wang Qian hesitated for a while before continuing: “There are five hundred low-grade spirit stones in here, all I can take out now. You may have disliked it in the past, but this thing is enough for you to live forever. I’m rich… I’m giving you these, not for other reasons, but I hope you can keep a certain distance from Wang Mo.”

Speaking of this, Wang Qian sighed again and said: “Ye Zhong, I was not qualified to pay attention to your Ye family’s affairs, but I still kindly advise you, anyway, you have no hope of martial arts in this life. It’s not a bad idea to leave and become a wealthy family. I’ve said it all, in any case, I don’t want Wang Mo to be implicated in any way because of you.”

Hearing this, Ye Zhong was silent for a while but did not refuse, but reached out and took the Qiankun Ring. No matter what Ye Zhong is going to do next, if he doesn’t have enough spirit stones on hand, he can’t do anything. Since Wang Qian brought Ye Zhong, she did not refuse.

Ye Zhong didn’t explain anything. After taking a look at Wang Qian, he said solemnly: “Don’t worry, Wang Mo is my friend, and I don’t want him to be implicated by me, I will be with him. Keep your distance.”

“I hope you will remember today’s words.” Wang Qian gave Ye Zhong a strange look. Today’s Ye Zhong seems to be a little different from the previous Ye Zhong, both in tone and demeanor. If she was extremely familiar, Wang Qian would think she had mistaken someone.

Shaking her head slightly, Wang Qian didn’t say anything more and turned to leave.

After Wang Qian left, Ye Zhong glanced around and walked quickly towards his residence.

Ye Zhong lives in a courtyard on the outskirts of Jiangzhou. The small courtyard is not big, but it is still elegant. The most important thing is that there are not many people living around, and the environment is still quiet.

After returning to the courtyard, Ye Zhong carefully checked and found that no one was following him, so he entered the room and sat cross-legged on the bed.

After thinking for a while, Ye Zhong carefully took out the Qiankun Ring that he had just obtained from Wang Qian, took out a spirit stone and placed it in the palm of his hand, staring silently.

Spiritual stones are necessary for martial artists to cultivate. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the spirit stone is very important in the first realm of martial arts.

The first realm of martial arts is called the ninth level of body forging, and in this first realm, what a warrior should do is to do his best to build his own foundation of martial arts and prepare for the innate martial arts in the future. .

But for ordinary people, the most common ninth-level body forging is an extremely difficult threshold for Ye Zhong at this moment.

A person with six yin and no pulse is born with instability, weak constitution, and blocked meridians. If it is forced to practice, I am afraid that before entering the first layer of skin forging, the body will burst and die.

Of course, nothing is absolute. Silently staring at the rather pure spirit stone in his hand, Ye Zhong’s face was a little weirder.

Six yin and pulseless person, there is also a name in the Three Thousand God Realm, called the six path person.

When Ye Zhong was in the Three Thousand Gods Realm, he accidentally found a fragment that was said to be from ancient times when he was searching for treasures from ancient times. That is, it is tailor-made for the Six Yin Absolute Vessel Physique.

Six Paths Burial Sword Technique!

This is the name of the body forging magic formula that Ye Zhong obtained back then. At that time, Ye Zhong’s cultivation level was already qualified to hit the three-day realm, so naturally he couldn’t cultivate this body forging magic art specially aimed at the ninth level of body forging.

Although it was impossible to cultivate the Six Paths Burying Sword Art, Ye Zhong later found out that the Six Paths practitioners seem to be a very strange and powerful physique. Out of curiosity, he kept it firmly in his heart, and prepared to explore the secrets of the Six Paths if he had the chance.

But I don’t know if it’s accidental or inevitable, but at this moment, these six sword burial tactics are just right for use.

Ye Zhong is also quite speechless about this body-forging magic. This body-forging magic is completely different from ordinary body-forging techniques, and it does not need to study hard day and night. But it requires a lot of cultivation resources. Among them, the first and third things in the ninth level of training are more common, which is the spiritual stone in Ye Zhong’s hand at this moment. As for the things that the sixth-level needs after cultivating and exercising, Ye Zhong has no intention to take care of them for the time being.

“Ancient body forging magic? Just give it a try, what kind of power do you have!”

After thinking about it for a while in his mind, Ye Zhong chuckled lightly and threw the five hundred spirit stones on the bed.

In martial arts, cultivation requires spiritual art. For example, the six sword burial art is a kind of spiritual art.

Spiritual art is generally divided into three levels: ordinary, spiritual, and divine, and each level is divided into three levels: upper, middle, and lower. The Six Path Burial Sword Art is known as the ancient body forging art. Although Ye Zhong doesn’t know which one of the god-level spiritual art, it is so powerful that it is unimaginable. I am afraid that in this Great Zhou Dynasty, there is no one at all. There is a spiritual art that can be compared with it!

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Ye Zhong condensed a strange mark on his hands and slowly pushed it out, and saw that with his movements, a trace of spiritual energy quickly spread out from these spiritual stones. Wrapped around Ye Zhong’s body.


A strange sound sounded, and Ye Zhong could sense that his skin was tingling at the moment, and those spiritual energy that should not have entered his body, but with the change of the mark in his hand began to quickly merge into him. in the body.

A heart-piercing tingling sensation spread throughout Ye Zhong’s body at this moment. Even with Ye Zhong’s will, he felt as if his body was crushed by a five-layered mountain at this moment. The pain in the depths of his soul almost made Ye Zhong almost collapse.

“As expected of the ancient body forging art, it’s a bit interesting.” Ye Zhong shook his body and spurted out a mouthful of black blood, but he gritted his teeth fiercely, and the mark in his hand changed slowly but firmly.

“Crack Kick-“

The marks in Ye Chong’s hands changed rapidly, and cracks began to appear on those spirit stones, and the spiritual energy that was like a substance quickly circled out and gathered on Ye Chong’s body. At the end, Ye Zhong’s whole body seemed to be in a twilight, and his whole body was blurred.

For Ye Zhong at this moment, these twilight-like spiritual qi are the most violent poison and the most effective spiritual medicine. Every touch of spiritual qi can make him almost unconscious in pain. After a spiritual energy entered his body, it also made his originally weak body faintly stronger, as if the spiritual energy was nourishing his body.


I don’t know how long it took, the sound of cracking came from the surface of Ye Zhong’s body, and a thin layer of flesh peeled off like an eggshell at this moment. If there are martial arts experts present, they will definitely be very surprised, because this shows that Ye Zhong has stepped into the first forging stage of the ninth body forging!

The change is not over. After Ye Zhong reached the forging period, the spiritual energy that was originally wrapped around Ye Zhong’s body merged into Ye Zhong’s body at a faster speed, just like Ye Zhong’s body at this moment. The body is like a sponge that absorbs water, capable of holding everything.

In less than a cup of tea, the aura that was like a twilight was completely absorbed by Ye Zhong’s body. Afterwards, Ye Zhongcai slowly opened his eyes, and there was a flash of light in his eyes.

“The first forging period of the ninth level of body forging?”

With Ye Zhong’s eyesight, he could see his current state at a glance. Compared to before the reincarnation, this is really the strength of an ant. But for him at this moment, it is equivalent to a heaven-penetrating martial arts appearing in front of him!

Six Path Burial Sword Art, it really is a body forging divine art for Six Path practitioners! You must know that many people need a year and a half to advance to the first level of the ninth level of body forging, but Ye Zhong can do this in just one night, and the speed can be called a monster. With this alone, we know the power of this body-forging divine art. Moreover, Ye Zhong vaguely noticed that the spiritual power that he inhaled into his body did not function like other body-forging spiritual arts, which played a role in penetrating the physical body. On the contrary, these auras are absorbed by every inch of skin, cells, and bones in the body. This kind of feeling is strange, but it is good. With Ye Chong’s eyesight, it is natural to see that this set of six sword burial techniques can definitely make him difficult to meet an opponent in the process of body forging. Moreover, Ye Zhong vaguely feels that this forging I am afraid that there are still some secrets that I don’t know for the time being. However, these things need to be confirmed in future cultivation.

“The six sword burial techniques are good, but they consume too much training resources.”

Ye Chong sighed and looked at the five hundred stones on his bed that had lost their spiritual energy. These are only low-grade spiritual stones, but it took so much to make him reach the first place in the ninth level of body forging. Heavy, I don’t know how many spirit stones will be consumed if the first three levels of the ninth body forging are completed.

“Spirit stones, lots of them!”

Only by obtaining a large amount of spirit stones in the shortest time and completing the first three levels of the ninth-level forging body, can I cope with the troubles that may come at any time. Including the Ye family, the Su family…

As Ye Chong at the moment, it is an extremely troublesome problem to get a lot of spirit stones.

“Can you only make characters?”

After thinking for a while, Ye Zhong made his idea on the talisman. Rune art is another way besides martial arts.

Those who specialize in Rune Art also possess powerful powers. Among them, the great supernatural powers can point to the sky and draw talismans. Under the bombardment of spiritual talismans, the mountains and rivers can collapse, and the sun and the moon can fall.

At that time, Ye Zhong was not only a first-class powerhouse in the universe, but also had a profound cultivation base in Talismanship.

Because of the master’s generous teaching, in addition to martial arts, Ye Zhong also cultivated the unique skills of the master. Master Bu Yan was extremely surprised when he found out that Ye Zhong was actually suitable for practicing Talisman. Ye Zhong is not only suitable for practicing Talisman, but also extremely talented. It’s just that Ye Zhong’s martial arts talent was extremely dazzling back then, so after cultivating to a certain level, he himself gave up talisman and specialized in martial arts.

Although there is no long-term path in Talisman, Ye Zhong’s talent in Talisman is innate, but at the moment his realm is low, and he can’t draw any powerful charms, but those low-level charms~IndoMTL .com~ For example, there is no problem with the Swift Travel Talisman, the Protective Talisman, the Vigorous Talisman, and the Cleansing Talisman.

The value of talismans is extremely high. In Xiaoyezhong’s memory, there are not many talisman masters who can draw talismans in the Great Zhou Dynasty. If you can draw some low-level talismans and sell them, you must gather enough to practice to forge your body. The third layer of spiritual stones should not be difficult.

At the moment, Ye Zhong went to Fang City in Jiangzhou City to buy some monster skins and monster blood that contained some spiritual power to draw magic charms. If he entered the martial arts and cultivated spiritual power innately, of course Ye Zhong would not use such stupid methods, but now he has no spiritual power in his body, so that is the only way.

Drawing a talisman without spiritual power is not as easy as I imagined. Ye Zhong spent the only remaining spiritual stone in his body to exchange for materials, and finally only succeeded in drawing a talisman and a speeding talisman. And a piece of clear magic, as for the other materials were destroyed in the process of drawing the magic, this is only possible with Ye Zhong’s original talent and experience. If you change someone, without spiritual power If you want to draw a magic talisman, it is simply a fool’s dream.

Looking at the three talismans in his hand, after struggling for a while, Ye Zhong put the talisman and the speed talisman on his heart. Although these things are only the lowest level of magic symbols, they are extremely valuable.

Ye Zhong also knew that he was in extreme danger at the moment, and it was better to keep these two magic talismans on guard. As long as you activate these two magic talismans, your combat power should be able to improve by a level, plus your original combat experience and skills, you should also have a bit of self-preservation in the face of a body forging powerhouse that is one or two levels higher than yourself. .

Looking at the last talisman, Ye Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. Next, let’s see if this talisman can meet someone who knows the goods once. Otherwise, Ye Zhong would not be able to gather enough spiritual stones for cultivation for a while.


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