Strongest Martial God Chapter 2: Crisis


“What? Young Master Ye, have you thought about it? If you really want to end, you can come out now. If you don’t want to, you can retire.” Master Mu saw Ye Chong’s gloomy expression at this moment. Qing was uncertain, although she didn’t know what he was thinking, but she knew a little about this student, so she continued to speak.

Ye Zhong was interrupted from his deep thoughts, looked up at Master Mu, and sighed slightly in his heart.

Whether I like it or not, I somehow came to this Great Zhou Dynasty in the Western Wilderness Realm. Judging from the current situation, I don’t know if I will suddenly be killed again in the next second? Also, since I came here, I don’t know what happened to the master?

The encounter with the master Bu Yan in the previous life was just an accident, but she was kind and accepted Ye Zhong as a disciple, and taught him the secret skills of the master, making Ye Zhong a strong man in the world.

Being getting along day and night, Ye Zhong respects and loves his master, but he doesn’t dare to have any other ideas. But after experiencing the cycle of life and death, even if Ye Zhong has a low emotional intelligence, how can he not understand the master’s mind? In the past, Ye Zhong thought that the master’s kindness to him was only out of the master-disciple relationship, but if he still doesn’t understand it now, maybe he can really hit him to death!

Thinking of this, Ye Zhong was slightly stunned.

Can I reincarnate myself? So what about the master? Is your master the same as you? If so, you must become stronger as soon as possible. In the past, the master always protected him. Now that God has given him the chance to be reincarnated, let himself change all of this. This time, let himself protect the master.

In this life, I am no longer resigned to fate! If anyone stands in front of him, he will trample him on the soles of his feet! In this life, I have to change my life against the sky, my life is up to me!


In the school martial arts field, Master Mu saw that Ye Zhong did not answer or act, and he ignored him at the moment. In Master Mu’s view, a young master like Ye Zhong who was kicked down from the clouds would never make any progress in this life, not to mention that he is still a waste of six yin and no veins?

Wang Mo looked at Ye Zhong with a little worry. Seeing his silent appearance, he just sighed in his heart and said nothing. No matter what, if Ye Zhong can hold back his breath first, then everything will be easier to say.

Across the street, Su Kui’s eyes filled with murderous intent. Although I don’t know why this Ye Zhong didn’t die, but if I want his life, there are other ways.

Looking at the trash on the opposite side, Su Kui’s eyes showed a hint of mockery. Those people in the family don’t look down on her too much, don’t they? Even if she is not as good-looking as Su Wenqing, she is also a member of the Su family! How could she be willing to let her marry a waste!

With the power of the Ye family and her status in the Su family, it is unlikely that you want to change all of this! However, there may be a ray of possibility in the body of this waste.

He breaks off, or he dies!

But if a scumbag withdraws from Su Kui’s marriage, she will lose face, so Ye Zhong has only one way to go! That is death!

However, after all, Ye Zhong is a member of the Ye family, one of the big five big families. Even if he is the shame of the Ye family, Su Kui can’t kill him openly. Since there was no way to kill Ye Zhong in the secret just now, Su Kui had to think of another way. As long as Ye Zhong seeks his own death, then no one can blame her on Su Kui!

Su Kui sneered in his heart, but the smile on his obese face became more and more ambiguous.


Ye Zhong, who was in silence, suddenly frowned slightly. He didn’t know when it started, but a faint murderous intent passed over him. Although this killing intent was not obvious, Ye Zhong was once a peerless powerhouse after all, so he naturally understood that this kind of induction would never go wrong!

Since I sensed killing intent, then someone must want to kill me. Who will it be? The Ye family who sees themselves as a shame? Want to get rid of the Su family completely? Or is there something hidden behind the scenes?

His eyes fell on Su Kui, who had an ambiguous face at the moment. Ye Zhong was not sure for a while whether the source of this killing intent was her. But the Ye Chong at the moment is no longer the previous Ye Chong. He sneered in his heart, but didn’t do anything else.

No matter who it is, if someone wants me to die, then I won’t make it easier for them!

Time passed slowly, and after Master Mu’s boring martial arts class ended, Ye Zhong left quickly. The course taught by Master Mu has no meaning at all for Ye Zhong, a former peerless powerhouse, but Ye Zhong also understands that his performance cannot be too special, at least, he must maintain normal on the bright side. , I only have time to accumulate strength!

Yes! Time, what Ye Chong lacked most now was time. Originally, Ye Chong couldn’t step into the martial arts because he had six yin and no veins. It’s just that before the reincarnation, Ye Zhong was a top expert in the Three Thousand God Realm, and he naturally knew what to do to become stronger! This is Ye Zhong’s biggest capital at the moment!

After leaving Feihong Wufu quickly, Ye Zhong followed his “old days” habit and walked quickly in the alley, towards the rented courtyard. Although Ye Zhong lost his identity as a direct descendant of the Ye family, he still had some foundations.

“The leaves are heavy.”

When Ye Zhong was walking quickly, suddenly, a faint voice sounded, causing Ye Zhong to stop, and then Ye Zhong frowned and looked back.

In the quiet alley, a girl about fifteen or sixteen years old in a green dress appeared in Ye Zhong’s line of sight.

She is not pretty, but she is quite attractive, giving Ye Zhong a rather familiar feeling. Ye Zhong frowned and stared at her, guessing that this woman knew Xiao Ye Zhong.

“Ye Zhong, I heard that you fainted in the Wu Mansion today?” The green skirt woman stared at Ye Zhong and said slowly.

Ye Zhong suddenly remembered who this woman was. Her name was Wang Qian. She seemed to be a distant cousin of Wang Mo. There seemed to be some power in the family. Because of Wang Mo’s relationship, Xiao Ye Zhong had a few relationships with her. This woman has always had no scheming, and she was not bad for Xiao Ye Zhong.

Thinking of this, Ye Zhong smiled and said lightly, “Yes, is there a problem?”

“Everyone said that you became an ugly girl because of a charming fiancée, so you were dizzy, right?” Wang Qian said, “I heard that you also said that you want to retire from the Su family. get married?”

Hearing this, Ye Zhong frowned slightly, but he didn’t explain much.

“Did you really make such a decision?” Wang Qian frowned, “You are also a member of a big family, so you should understand what it means to break off a marriage for a family. You are no longer a direct descendant of the Ye family. If you want to break off the marriage, let’s not say whether the Ye family will agree, even the Su family will never let you go! Are you sure that you will be able to walk out safe and sound after coming to the house to break the marriage?”

Ye Zhong shook his head and didn’t speak, just turned and left. Now I don’t think I belong to the Ye family. As for the so-called marriage contract, I don’t take it to heart. I can say what others like. What you have to do is to seize the time to become stronger.

“Did you know! Although the senior management of the Ye family and the Su family have already decided on your marriage change with Su Kui, the matter has not been settled.” Wang Qian continued, “After learning about the marriage change, and After her marriage partner became Ye Yufeng, Su Wenqing of the Su family did not accept it like this. It is said that she declared to the public that since she got engaged five years ago, she is Ye Zhong’s person and will never remarry unless… ….”

“Unless what?” Ye Zhong frowned, things seemed to be a little Unless I don’t know what, it seems that Su Wenqing didn’t say anything, but the matter is still undecided Come down, for Wang Mo’s sake, I kindly tell you that you have to be aware of it yourself. “Wang Qian whispered.

Ye Zhong frowned. In Xiao Ye Zhong’s memory, he and this Su Wenqing never had even the slightest intersection. Would she be so great for herself? joke! If it was the original naive Xiao Ye Zhong, he might still believe that Su Wenqing was promoting the publicity for the sake of the reputation of Sanzhen and Wujie. But at this moment, after pondering for a moment, Ye Zhong understood the purpose of Su Wenqing.

Obviously, this number one beauty in Yanjing is very arrogant. Not only is she not interested in herself, but Ye Yufeng, the number one person in the Ye family, most likely doesn’t look down on her. Even in this Great Zhou Dynasty, there is no one she likes. Therefore, she will pull herself out as a shield. As for what happened after her “unless” didn’t come out, it wasn’t because others kept secrets for her, but she did it deliberately, leaving a way out for herself. In the end unless something, it is not her own decision!

This woman is definitely not easy!

Ye Zhong has already marked her with a label in his heart for the betrothed whom he has never met. Not only is this woman not simple, but she is also absolutely ruthless. Does she not know that her words will only make herself into a desperate situation? I am afraid that Ye Yufeng of the Ye family will never let him go!

As soon as he thought of this, Ye Zhong sneered in his heart, hoping that Ye Yufeng wouldn’t take this woman’s way, otherwise, what if he was the number one in the Ye family?

And this Su Wenqing, maybe in her opinion, it’s a matter of course for her to be her shield. These people from the Su family, whether it is Su Kui or Su Wenqing, seem to want to die!


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