Strongest Martial God Chapter 1: Ye family waste


“Ye Chong! Ye Chong! Are you alright? Hurry up! The class is about to start. This class is about martial arts. If you don’t get up again, Master Mu will not be polite to you!” One Some urgent voices sounded in Ye Zhong’s ears, making Ye Zhong feel a strange yet familiar feeling.

“Hehehe, this idiot probably has no face to show up for a long time, right? It’s really rare to see such a waste in our Feihongwufu! Come on, cover his face, don’t Lost the face of our Feihong Wufu!” Another voice sounded in his ear, this voice was full of ridicule and disdain, but his tone made Ye Zhong wake up instantly.

Ye Zhong frowned slightly and looked around with a bit of daze. What appeared in his sight were some young faces. These faces gave Ye Zhong an extremely distant feeling, as if he knew them, but at the same time he didn’t know them.

Seeing Ye Zhong’s dazed appearance, there was another burst of laughter all around. Obviously, these mocking laughter were all directed at Ye Zhong.

Such a scene made Ye Zhong frown slightly, but according to his cautious temperament, he was not in a hurry to do anything unnecessary at this time, but secretly guarded himself to prevent someone from taking action on him.

After calming down, Ye Zhong was taken aback and almost jumped up.

What about your own spiritual power! ? The spiritual power that has been cultivated through hard work! ? As long as you give yourself another month, you will have absolute confidence that you can enter the three-day realm. At that time, the three thousand gods will be able to go up and down, but why is there no spiritual power in the body now?

“Ye Zhong, are you all right?”

Squatting beside Ye Zhong, a little fat man with a dark complexion did not let out a laugh like the others, but wiped Ye Zhong’s forehead with his sleeve and said with a worried look.

“Who are you? Where is this place?” Looking at the black and thin little fat man, Ye Zhong had a headache.

“Hahaha, even Wang Mo almost forgot! Hahaha!”

“Trash is always trash, hahaha!”

There was another burst of laughter all around, as if seeing the most ridiculous thing.

“Ye Zhong, are you alright? I’m Wang Mo!” The little fat man Wang Mo leaned into Ye Zhong’s ear and whispered in a voice that only Ye Zhong could hear: “Ye Zhong, please bear with it. , that is your Ye family’s decision, you are not qualified to resist, what’s more, the Su family is definitely not a good role to deal with, you must hold back, the Ye family members are eager for you to die, you must Hold back!”

“Ye’s family? Su’s family? Wish I died?” Ye Zhong’s head hurt and he couldn’t react.

He remembered that he was originally attacking the Enlightenment Realm of the three-day realm, but at the most critical moment, Qiu Beihai came to the door. Obviously, the guy didn’t know where he got the three-day attack. News from the realm

At that time, the master who had been protecting his own Dharma not only had to spend his spiritual power to prevent himself from getting into the devil’s meridian, but also had to deal with the **** Qiu Beihai, so his original strength was almost the same as Qiu Beihai, even better than Qiu Beihai The master, who was even more powerful, had to be seriously injured and escaped in the end.

Remember that in the end, the master did not hesitate to use the blood escape technique to send himself away, but why did he appear here? Is this still the Three Thousand God Realm?

Right? I’m sitting here now, Master? The master is only three years older than himself. Although that guy Qiu Beihai will never die with him, it is because of his personal enmity, but another reason is because of the master’s beautiful appearance. It is said that Qiu Beihai fights against him. Seeing that he is the young master of the Heaven and Human Sect, he has wanted to bring his master into his private house countless times, but because his strength has always been related to himself, he has always had to hate him.

This time, he succeeded! If the master fell into the hands of Qiu Beihai, the consequences would be disastrous!

As soon as he thought of this, Ye Zhong couldn’t calm down any longer. The master was his only weakness and his only concern on the way to becoming a strong man. If something happened to the master…

Thinking of this, Ye Zhong couldn’t sit still anymore and stood up suddenly.

“Isn’t this Young Master Ye Zhongye? I just said that I want to find two students to practice against each other, you stand up so actively, if I don’t give you a chance, won’t I be sorry for you!?” The red robe, the woman in her twenties was standing in the center of the martial arts field. Seeing Ye Zhong standing up, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

This is a school martial arts field in Feihong Wufu. This woman is the instructor of the school’s martial arts field. Because of her surname, students in Feihong Wufu usually call her Master Mu.

Feihong Wufu is one of the two main Wufu in the Great Zhou Dynasty. The Western Wilderness Realm where the Great Zhou Dynasty is located is flourishing. Generally speaking, in order to cultivate young people with martial arts talents in the dynasty, the major dynasties will set up some martial arts in their own countries to provide training resources.

“Hehe, Master Mu, don’t bully our Young Master Ye Zhong, don’t you feel faint again if you don’t see him?”

“If our poor young master has the guts to fight with others, I can read my name upside down, hahaha!”

At this moment, seeing Master Mu speak like this, many students laughed lightly. Sure enough, the tree fell and the hozen scattered, and the wall fell and everyone pushed it. Unexpectedly, even Master Mu wanted to step on this kid.

Ye Zhong frowned slightly and stared at the smiling red-clothed woman in front of him. She did have a bit of beauty, but from Ye Zhong’s point of view, she couldn’t even match a hair of her master’s hair.

But this is not the key. The key is that Ye Zhong already feels something is wrong. Isn’t this the Three Thousand God Realm?

Frowning his brows, Ye Zhong wanted to know more clearly, but the headaches came, and a lot of messy information was memorized.

Ye Zhong, the direct descendant of the Ye family, one of the five great families of the Zhou Dynasty. His father, Ye Tian, ​​passed away five years ago.

Five years after his father’s death, the family deprived Ye Chong of his identity as a direct line and put him into a collateral line. The specific reason is said to be that Ye Zhong’s origin is unknown.

Simply put, after Ye Chong’s father died, no one could prove that Ye Chong was Ye Chong’s seed.

Ye Zhong also has a younger brother and a younger sister, but these two younger siblings are Ye Chong’s half-brothers. Ye Chong has been deprived of his direct lineage status, which naturally has no effect on these two younger siblings. At the same time, they can also enjoy more family resources.

Five years ago, Ye Tian seemed to know that his time was not far away, so he specially proposed to the old man of the Ye family, the head of the Ye family, to marry the Su family. It is estimated that Ye Tian also wanted to find a backer for Ye Zhong at that time, so he found a relative for Ye Zhong, and Ye Zhong’s marriage partner was Su Wenqing, the granddaughter of the Su family who was also one of the five major families of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

The Su family is naturally willing to marry the Ye family, one of the big five big families, so the old man of the Su family promised his most beloved granddaughter to Ye Zhong. Five years later, she was just a cute little loli with double ponytails, but now she is the number one beauty in Yanjing, the imperial capital of the Zhou Dynasty.

After five years have passed, Ye Zhong’s status in the Ye family has been declining. The reason is very simple. Apart from the identity issue, Ye Zhong is still the six yin. To put it simply, from a common sense point of view, even if Ye Zhong cultivated for a lifetime, it would be impossible for him to cultivate even the slightest spiritual power. Although the Ye family tried their best to hide this, the whole of Yanjing knew about it overnight. The Ye family, one of the big families of the Great Friday, actually produced a waste of six yin and veins, and the Ye family has lost all face since then!

After the rumor about the Six Yin Dying Vessels came Although the Su family did not break off the marriage, they did make another choice – change their marriage!

The Su family is one of the five dignified families. Naturally, the eldest granddaughter they love the most cannot be allowed to marry a waste person, but the Su family does not dare to withdraw from the Ye family’s marriage. After discussing with the Ye family, the Su family decides to continue Married with the Ye family. However, the marriage partner of Su Wenqing, the number one beauty in Yanjing, has changed from Ye Zhong to the number one member of the Ye family, Ye Yufeng! And Ye Zhong’s marriage partner became Su Kui of the Su family.

“So that’s how it is!” Ye Chong frowned slightly when his memory was flipped here. He already understood that he should have been reborn to a person named Ye Chong as well, or that he was born with the six yin extremities and was born a waste!

The most important thing is that his rebirth was not accidental. In the moment before his rebirth, this Xiao Yezhong was already dead!

Ye Zhong instantly clarified the key to these matters, and then his eyes quickly fell to a corner of the martial arts field.

There, a spherical woman with a height of 1.5 meters and an estimated waist of 1.5 meters was looking at Ye Zhong with a look of astonishment, her eyes were full of disbelief!

Looking at this woman, Ye Zhong’s eyes turned cold. If Ye Zhong’s last memory was correct, the last person he saw before his death was this woman – Su Family Su Kui. At that time, Xiao Ye Zhong heard the news of the marriage change, he angrily proposed to break the marriage, and then fainted.

Xiao Yezhong didn’t faint out of nowhere, but someone took action. The person who shot is not light, he is going to kill him! Eight achievements of this person are Su Kui!

After sorting out his memories, Ye Zhong’s complexion became extremely ugly. This Xiao Ye Zhong seemed to be in a precarious situation, with many dangers and a desperate situation. But he doesn’t care about this at all at the moment. What he cares about is, Master, what happened?


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