Strongest Martial God Chapter 4: Selling symbols


In the early morning of the next day, Ye Chong came to the most lively Fang City in Jiangzhou City, in order not to be recognized later, which would affect his next cultivation plan. Ye Zhong got a set of black robes covering the whole body from the street corner and put it on his body. Then he found a corner in the market and sat on the ground. Ye Zhong took out a piece of the demonic beast skin left when he drew the amulet, and spread it on the ground, and placed the only one of the clear spirit amulet on the demonic beast skin, even if it was opened.

This square city is located in the most lively area of ​​Jiangzhou City. Whether it is the warriors in Jiangzhou City or those who have experienced martial arts around Jiangzhou City, they like to come here to sell or buy all kinds of strange things. Including the monster skin and monster blood that Ye Zhong purchased before, they were all purchased here.

There are a lot of booths in the market, and these booths are usually filled with all kinds of monster skins, blood, and souls. In addition to this, there are some miscellaneous things that make it difficult to distinguish the purpose. It can be said that there are three religions and nine styles.

Even so, Ye Zhong is the only one who sells magic charms in this market! This is not to say that martial artists have no need for magic talismans. Only magic talismans can draw magic talismans, and it may not be possible to find a magic talisman in this Jiangzhou city.

“Huh!? Someone here sells magic amulets? Daoist brother, is your magic amulet real? How do you sell it?” Not long after Ye Zhong set up his stall, two men and women in gorgeous clothes walked up to Ye Zhong. Looking at the place in front of him, watching the magic talisman light up, the man asked.

Ye Zhong didn’t expect to have a business as soon as it opened. This time he came with the idea of ​​​​a huge profit, and said indifferently: “This is a clear magic rune, only one, the price is ten thousand low-grade spirit stones, ten pieces Mid-grade spirit stones are also fine.”

The spirit stones are also graded, and the spiritual energy contained in one middle-grade spirit stone is basically equivalent to a thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“This… I don’t even know if your amulet is real or not! The lion actually opened his mouth!” Hearing this, the two of them were startled by Ye Zhong, and after their eyes flickered, they walked away. .

Seeing this scene, Ye Zhong didn’t feel anything. This is a genuine talisman of pure value, and it is very useful for those who need to attack the innate martial arts or if something goes wrong while practicing, and their sanity is affected. Those two guys had obviously just entered the first realm of body forging, and it is normal to not know the goods. If you know the goods, you should be able to see the faint aura on this Qing talisman, indicating that this is a genuine talisman.

After the man and the woman came to see it, the news that Ye Zhong was selling magic talismans spread quickly after the market. However, Ye Zhong’s talisman was not sold, because his asking price was 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, which was enough to stun any ordinary powerhouse.

Knowing that Ye Chong dared to sell the amulet at such a high price, those who set up the stall did not dare to underestimate Ye Chong. Although I don’t know if the magical amulet sold by this mysterious looking man in black is true or not, these people are all sensible and didn’t say anything.

The morning passed, and soon it was evening. Many people came here to watch Ye Zhong’s amulet, including some students from Feihong Wufu, but these guys obviously didn’t recognize Ye Zhong. The sanity talisman in his hand is a good thing, and until the evening, Ye Zhong’s sanity talisman was not sold.

This scene made Ye Zhong a little discouraged. He knew from Xiao Yezhong’s memory that there were only a handful of talisman masters in the Great Zhou Dynasty, and there were probably not many who knew the talisman, but he was still trying his luck today in the mood of a blind cat and a mouse. Now it seems that his luck is not very good.

The crowd who came to watch the crowd gradually dispersed, Ye Zhong sighed, and was about to put away the stall, but at this moment, a sound came, attracting Ye Zhong’s attention.

“Qingmeng, although this square market is quite large in Jiangzhou City, it really has nothing compared to Yanjing. It’s impossible for you to buy magic charms here. I think, otherwise Let’s go to Yanjing to try our luck, shall we? Several of our Great Zhou Dynasty’s few talisman masters are in Yanjing, if we can ask for a clearing talisman, Auntie will be saved!” A man wearing a blue robe spoke. The man, with a few pieces of warm jade hanging on his body and a long sword hanging from his waist, looks graceful, imposing and extremely eye-catching.

Walking in front of him was a tall, 16- or 17-year-old woman in a green skirt. The woman’s face was cold and her temperament was extremely noble. Temperament is not just a beauty, but an absolutely superb beauty.

However, although the woman has a cold temperament, there is a hint of worry in her eyebrows. The man’s words made her worry a little bit heavier.

“Yang Tai, in fact, you don’t have to come with me. Our Liu family is a small family, and those talisman masters who go to Yanjing won’t even look at me. I heard today that someone in the market is selling magic talismans. Take a look. If you’re impatient, please do it yourself.” Qing Meng, a woman in a green skirt, obviously lacked affection for this Yang Tai, and said in a cold tone.

Hearing this, a coldness flashed in the eyes of the man named Yang Tai, but he nodded with a smile: “That’s it, I’ll just follow you.”

There was a woman wearing a strong robe behind the two. She raised her head and glanced at Yang Tai, and after seeing that he had no unnecessary movements, she still stood silently behind the two. Obviously this woman is the guard of that Qingmeng.

“This… Your Excellency… Are you… a real magic talisman?” His eyes circled around the city, and soon, Liu Qingmeng’s eyes fell on Ye Zhong On her body, she walked over quickly, looked at the magic talisman on the ground at the moment, and said with a trembling tone of disbelief.

“Of course it’s true, but it’s just a clearing rune. It’s used to allow people to concentrate while cultivating, or to repair internal injuries that have hurt their minds due to cultivation.” For a more reliable guest, Ye Zhong patiently explained.

“Clear rune!?” Liu Qingmeng’s tone was trembling, “Then…then, is it effective in the case of being unconscious due to trauma?”

“What is the realm of the injured person? As long as his cultivation level does not exceed the ninth level of body forging, this talisman will be effective.” After thinking for a while, Ye Zhong answered truthfully, although he was also eager to sell this thing. out and replaced it with a spirit stone, but he still told it frankly. Maybe he will come here to sell magic talismans in the future, but he can’t smash his signboard.

“Okay, I want this divine rune, how many spirit stones!?” Liu Qingmeng quickly took out the Universe Ring from his arms. Then Yang Tai also hurriedly took out the Qiankun Ring, obviously to show it well.

“You only need 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but if you find it troublesome, you can also give ten middle-grade spirit stones.” Ye Zhong said directly without looking at the two of them.

“What!? I don’t know where I got a talisman paper, but I want ten middle-grade spirit stones. Why don’t you grab it!?” Hearing this, Liu Qingmeng didn’t say anything yet, calling him Yang Tai’s boy’s face turned black, “There are only ten low-grade spirit stones, do you want love!”

As he spoke, Yang Tai threw out ten low-grade spirit stones, and grabbed the Qing talisman in front of Ye Zhong.

Ye Zhong frowned, he stood up, and the next moment his left hand stuck out, and when Yang Tai had no time to react, he locked his pulse gate.

After slowly withdrawing the divine rune, Ye Zhong said lightly, “Didn’t your parents teach you how to be a human being? If so, I’ll teach you now!”


When the words fell, Ye Zhong slapped Yang Tai’s left face with a backhand, causing half of his handsome face to swell into a pig’s head instantly. This Yang Tai’s demeanor was similar to that of Qiu Beihai back then, which made Ye Zhongda hate him from the bottom of his heart, without any reason.

“You… You dare to hit me? Do you know that our Yang family in Jiangzhou——” Yang Tai was stunned, this guy dared to do it? Don’t die! ?


Ye Chong threw out another slap, and after throwing back the other half of Yang Tai’s words, he threw his leg out violently, kicking Yang Tai directly to the ground and stepping on his right foot. After crushing his head a few times, he frowned and said to himself, “What a thick face, it hurts my hands.”

This sentence comes from the heart. In terms of skill, Ye Zhong didn’t know how many deadly battles he went through. He really didn’t see the kung fu of Yang Tai’s three-legged cat. But at the moment, Ye Chong only has the cultivation level of the first stage of body forging, and Yang Tai estimates that he has the cultivation level of the second stage of body forging, and the hardness of his face has exceeded Ye Chong’s expectations.

A lot of people around who were watching the fun were Who is this? If you beat someone, do you still think they are thick-skinned? Does he know who he is stepping on now? That is Yang Tai from the Yang family in Jiangzhou!

The guards behind Liu Qingmeng stared at Ye Zhong at the moment, and the color of fear flashed in his eyes. Although Ye Zhong looked light, it actually made him the second heaviest body forging. Yang Tai doesn’t even have any backhand strength?

While Liu Qingmeng was stunned, Ye Zhong casually crushed his feet a few times before he looked up at her and said lightly, “Do you want this divine rune?”

“Your Excellency, although this person is walking with me, he doesn’t represent what I mean. I want this talisman!” Liu Qingmeng reacted instantly, with a hint of coldness on his face. Sorry. Ye Zhong’s strength made her even more believe that the Qing talisman was real.

“Qing Meng, this person… wears a black robe and obviously doesn’t dare to reveal his identity… Don’t be deceived, it’s okay if the charm is fake, but…” Yang Tai’s willpower is extraordinary , At this time, he struggled to raise his head and said through gritted teeth.


Ye Zhong collapsed again, this time Yang Tai bit his tongue, and his mouth was full of blood.

“These are ten mid-grade spirit stones.” Liu Qingmeng frowned, but still found ten spirit stones the size of grapes from the Qiankun Ring.

Looking at these high-quality spirit stones, Ye Zhong nodded and said, “It’s right, I’ll sell you the talisman. After you go back, you can crush a low-grade spirit stone and activate this talisman. That’s it.”

After finishing speaking, Ye Zhong stuffed the Qing talisman into Liu Qingmeng’s hand, took the mid-grade spirit stone, and turned to leave.

“That, Your Excellency… I don’t know what to call it? If you can come and see my mother with me, I’ll give you ten, no, twenty mid-grade spirit stones!”


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