Star Odyssey Chapter 5064: Power Lock



Sheng Xi did not expect any surprises. When the giant city returns, Sheng Ji will return, and then it will be stable.

Now that the Shengzang clan leader is dismissed, if other clan members are sent from the Ancient City of Time, it may not be able to win.

“Shengzang, did you hear that? It’s still too late to change now.”

Shengzang glanced at all the people of his clan, turned around and left.

“Sheng Zang, you are going against the grain, and you will definitely not end well.” The clan elder shouted.

Shengzang left as if he hadn’t heard anything.

In the same place, Shengyi said: “Everyone, the matter has come to this and Shengqing has not shown up. There must be a back-up plan. What this Shengzang does is definitely not that simple. They may think that they can achieve great things, but in fact they don’t see it at all. Know how to dominate the layout.”

“They are just smart people. Please support Sheng Xi and stop them as much as possible.”

Sheng Xi was greatly relieved after hearing this. He glanced at Sheng Yi with grateful eyes, and then saluted towards his fellow clan members: “I, Sheng Xi, will definitely live up to your trust and ensure that our clan will not be suppressed by Sheng Qing or Sheng Zang. Father and son were dragged into the abyss.”

“Of course we support Sheng Xi.”

“It’s also troublesome for the Shengyi clan to get old.”

“Try to stop them.”

In the true meeting of fate, Shengzang told Lu Yin about Shengyi’s situation, and his words were extremely uneasy.

Lu Yin smiled and said: “This is a good thing.”

Shengzang raised his head and looked at Lu Yin in confusion.

Lu Yin said: “With it here, you don’t have to worry about those people from the same clan spreading messages to the ancient city, right?”

Shengzang seemed right when he thought about it, “But since Shengyi clearly supports Shengxi, it will be even harder for me to act.”

“Then let them deal with their losses.”


“You go out first.”

Sheng Zang left, not knowing what Lu Yin wanted to do. However, it also became more and more wary of Lu Yin, who seemed to have countless tricks.

After Sheng Zang left, Lu Yin released a person – the old blind man.

Since entering the realm of karma, he has released the old blind man. The old blind man has experienced shocks, but he soon calmed down.

After all, he is one of the people who broke through the cause and effect point of Karma.

One of Lu Yin’s purposes in releasing the old blind man was to use cause and effect to explore his past.

The old blind man also practiced cause and effect, but in the realm of karma, his cause and effect was suppressed. Lu Yin’s power of cause and effect was also suppressed, but it did not prevent him from using the power of cause and effect to explore the old blind man’s past.

After all, this is the use of cause and effect, not power.

Outside, the old blind man can resist with cause and effect, but he can’t stop it here.

Seventy years, Lu Yin has been here for seventy years, and nearly half of that time has been spent exploring the old blind man’s causal past.

Finally something was discovered.

“Tell me the whereabouts of the Xingzhui and I will keep them safe.” Lu Yin said.

The old blind man stood opposite, with a helpless tone: “I won’t tell you. You have been investigating with cause and effect, but I have lived for too long, old blind man. Even if I give you thousands or ten thousand years, you can’t detect anything. Right.”

Lu Yin looked at him with a faint smile but not a smile: “Do you know the existence of luck?”

The old blind man raised his eyebrows and said in an uneasy tone: “Luck? Have you practiced it?” “That’s not true, but you don’t necessarily have to practice luck to get luck.” After a pause, Lu Yin continued: “In your long life It is difficult to find out what is useful to me in my life, but I can still do it when I am lucky enough

Arrived. ”

“You forgot, when I was looking into your causal past decades ago, a piece of paper burned. On that piece of paper, there was the word “luck”.”

The old blind man said: “Did you discover something? Tell me.”

“The realm of Yin and Yang.”

Lu Yin said three words.

The old blind man was silent, showing nothing unusual.

Lu Yin looked at him, really calm: “It’s useless, or is it useful?”

The old blind man raised his head and said, “It depends on what you say.”

Lu Yin said: “I saw the Yin and Yang Realm three times in your causal past, so I asked Shengzang to keep an eye on the Yin and Yang Realm for me to see if there is any trace of you there.”

“Strange, there are no traces of you at all.”

“It’s as if you have never set foot in the Yin and Yang Realm.” After a pause, he continued: ‘Maybe you really have never set foot in the Yin and Yang Realm. Then why does the Yin and Yang Realm appear in your causal past? And it appeared three times? ’

“I don’t understand what this means. Maybe you should help me explain it.” The old blind man shook his head: “The Yin and Yang Realm was not called the Yin and Yang Realm in the earliest period. No one cares what it was called. The reason why it is called The Yin and Yang Realm, because there are twelve thousand square meters there, half of which is filled with the death force of the death path, and the other half is filled with the vitality of the life path, exactly six thousand to six thousand, no more, no less. Two almost completely opposite forces Hedging the entire world, resulting in black and white in the world, even the creatures living there are affected by the two forces

There are obvious differences in quantity. In order to better reflect the situation of this world, it is called the yin and yang world. ”

“This Yin and Yang Realm is the only realm where the Dead Sea can be openly preserved since the death line was expelled. It is also the only realm where one can practice the power of death without being hunted down.”

“I care about it just because I also want to know why it can retain the power of death.” Lu Yin said with grace: “Indeed, I am also very strange. Someone told me that after death was expelled, all those who practiced the power of death Regardless of whether the power within the body is dispelled or not, they will be killed, including their descendants, unless they can escape

drop. ”

“But that creature didn’t mention the Yin and Yang Realm, so I’m confused as to why the Yin and Yang Realm can retain the Dead Sea.”

The old blind man smiled and said: “After many inquiries, old blind man, I got a very good guess, and this guess allowed us to have a plan for the Taibai Fate Realm.”

Lu Yin looked at the old blind man curiously. The old blind man said: “In the Yin and Yang world, due to the conflict between two opposite forces for too long, a strange power lock was formed. The so-called power lock means that one force cannot escape from the other force to exist alone. To exist, it must be two shares

Strength together. This is not something that the outside world can interfere with, but a certain change between forces. ”

“For the Life Alliance, forcibly breaking the power lock will not matter even if it leads to the destruction of the Yin and Yang Realm, but they must also see the essence of this power lock.”

“Why does death and life form this state?” “The emergence of this state makes the Yin and Yang world a world that life will never give up, and it is also a world that needs to be studied. Similarly, in For us, connecting the power of death to vitality may be an opportunity to break the fate of Taibai

. “For this reason, since we walked out of the camp, we have also been secretly searching for the Dead Sea until the return of the Lord of Death. Although there are only three Dead Seas under our control, they are all connected with the life force and scattered in the world controlled by life. As long as we can see through This force

Measure the essence of the lock, and you can take action against Taibai Fate Realm. ”

Lu Yin praised: “You are very good. You have worked hard to deal with life, so you pay special attention to the Yin and Yang world?” The old blind man nodded: “Not only are we paying attention, all the major lords are paying attention, but no one told you. There are too many things worthy of concern in the inner and outer world, just like you don’t know that Shengqing captured Zuhua Civilized creatures really get it

The method of transformation. The major masters have passed through countless racial civilizations in the universe, and no one can tell what they have gained. ”

“So, is there any specific plan to deal with the Taibai Fate Realm so far?” “It’s difficult. I was able to deal with the Karma Reunion Realm in the first place because I knew the cause and effect point of the Daqian civilization, so I took advantage of the situation and was unable to participate. Even so, this plan It also took a long time to complete, and it was not completed until some time ago. And this is just one

The environment of karma and destiny. ”

“You said so many perfect explanations for why you pay attention to the Yin and Yang Realm, but it’s strange, why did you explain it so perfectly?”

The old blind man was startled and faced Lu Yin. Lu Yin took a few steps, looked into the distance, and clasped his hands behind his back: “You didn’t even tell me the whereabouts of the cones, and you wanted to distance yourself from me because you were sure that I would hinder your plan for the reflux camp, but This Yin and Yang world is about targeting Taibai

Why is Fate Realm’s plan so detailed? ”

The old blind man was helpless: “Your Excellency, you have thought too much. No one can see through the formation of this power lock. The plan is not even a bud. How can it be a perfect explanation?”

Lu Yin shook his head: ‘I believe in intuition, and I think your explanation is too detailed. ’

“Whatever you think.”

“Is it okay for me to do whatever I want?”

“What do you mean?”

Lu Yin smiled and said: “Death has been expelled for so long, and life has not thoroughly studied the so-called power lock. In my opinion, there is no need to study it. I am not much smarter than others, let alone those above. And the Lord.”

“Sometimes if you want to see something clearly, you don’t have to study it slowly. Breaking it is also one of the ways.”

The old blind man raised his eyebrows, “Break?”

Lu Yin nodded: “I want to bombard the Yin and Yang Realm with a boundary battle to see what the result will be if the conflict between the two forces is broken.”

The old blind man reminded: “Your Excellency’s move has completely offended the world of life.”

“What does it have to do with me? Just let Shengzang do it.”

“Once this is done, Shengzang’s position as the leader of the clan may not be preserved. How to explain the inexplicable attack on life with boundary warfare.”

“Haha, you are really interesting. There is no reason to start a war inside and outside the world?”

The old blind man was speechless. Yes, is there no reason to start a war inside and outside the world?

It seems that the outside world is at war with the cause and effect alliance and the death alliance, but in fact, there are too many wars between the main alliances distributed in the seventy-two realms, and it is impossible to count them. A boundary battle can be fought for any reason.

He didn’t know that Shengzang’s rights had been emptied out.

I only know that Lu Yin controls the patriarch of the Karma Dominator clan, and it is trivial to engage in a boundary battle.

Lu Yin looked at him.

He sighed: “Gong world.”

Lu Yin was puzzled.

The old blind man said solemnly: “Xing Zhui and the others are all in the Luo Realm. I remind you that no matter what your plans are, our Reflux Camp will at least not be your enemy.”

Lu Yin smiled: “What is the importance of the Yin and Yang Realm? I actually forced you to tell the traces of the Xingzhi and them.”

The old blind man looked solemn: “If you lose the Yin and Yang Realm, you will lose the plan for the Taibai Fate Realm. No matter whether this plan can succeed or not, even if it is only one in a billion, we must try it.”

“If the ants want to break the big tree, they have to pay a price. When we targeted the Karma Reunion Realm, the price we paid was extremely huge.” Lu Yin took a deep look at the old blind man and imprisoned him in the Supreme Mountain again.


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