Star Odyssey Chapter 5065: Attack the Executioner’s Circle


p;Shengzang arrived soon after, and Lu Yin told it its location and reminded: “Lead all the masters of the clan to encircle and suppress it according to the order of the clan leader, and it must be solved.”

“What’s there?”

“Don’t worry about anything, just encircle and suppress, do everything possible.”

Shengzang was in a dilemma: “But Shengyi and the others didn’t listen to me at all.”

Lu Yin said: “Don’t worry about it. Just follow the clan leader’s order and give it at least three times. If no one is willing to follow you, you can go alone.”

Sheng Zang didn’t understand what Lu Yin was going to do. He had previously said that he would let Sheng Xi and the others deal with their losses. How could they deal with their losses? Could it be this siege?

What if Sheng Xi and the others follow?

This is not an inexplicable order. Normally, as long as they don’t intend to quarrel, Sheng Xi and the others will follow, and it only takes a short trip.

With doubts, Shengzang left.

Shortly after it left, Holy Ripple arrived.

“Reject Shengzang’s order?”

Lu Yin nodded: “It will order the siege of the Luo Realm. You, Sheng Xi and the rest of the clan will refuse, and no one will help it.”

Shengyi is also puzzled. Shengzang’s encirclement and suppression of the Gong Realm must come from this human order. If so, why should it be refused?

Lu Yin had no explanation.

Soon, orders from Shengzang came out from the Karma Reunion Realm to lead the entire clan of masters to encircle and suppress the Luo Realm.

This order puzzled the fellow creatures, but they did not resent it. It was not an unacceptable order. It was much better than attacking death, handing over resources, and taking away the karma and life charts.

If the clan leader asks the whole clan to go out, then go out.

But Shengyi stopped him, “No matter what Shengzang wants to do, we just fell out with it, and now we are obeying its orders. What will the outside world think?”

“It may be just a formality, the purpose is to let the lower-level compatriots see it, and we also support it, so as to win the hearts of the compatriots and increase the external majesty.”

Sheng Xi thought it made sense when he heard it, and the Gong Realm was just one of the forty-four realms. What was there that was worthy of being surrounded and suppressed by the whole clan? They asked, but Shengzang didn’t say anything. Isn’t this just a formality? Then why should I act with it?

Sheng Xi led the whole family in refusing.

Others of the same race don’t care. If they refuse, just refuse. Anyway, we must completely ignore Shengzang.

Shengzang passed down the second order, and it was passed down to the whole clan, and all the clan members knew about it.

Continue to refuse.

The third command.

Still refused.

The group of fellow tribesmen who supported Shengzang wanted to follow, but were suppressed by the superiors. Shengzang was ignored, and it could not directly let those with lower status follow orders.

Shengzang left, leaving the Karma Realm and heading to the Gong Realm.

Every move it made was watched. Seeing it going to the Luo Realm alone, Sheng Xi was uneasy. No, if the whole family accompanied it, it would just be a formality. But now no one is accompanying it, so it will go on its own. It’s just a joke, why go there anyway?

After a period of time, a war broke out in the Luo Realm. It came from several strong people of the Three Laws. Two of them were recognized. One was Xingzui, who was easy to identify, and the other was Qu Weili who escaped from Liuying.

In this battle, Shengzang lost. After all, it was fighting three masters alone. How could three three-law masters be defeated by it.

When the news came back to Karma, Sheng Xi was stunned.

A row of cones? To be powerless? It’s actually them.

They are the targets to be chased by the entire main path, especially the cause and effect path, because the cause and effect point of the karma convergence realm is destroyed by the elimination of righteousness, which is the result of the elimination of powerlessness, elimination of rectification, and action cone. The old blind man and the others Joint calculation. It is said to be the fourth barrier to the outside world, but in fact it is these creatures.

As long as they can be solved, the situation will be different next time the Lord comes.

Why is this happening?

Those people were actually hiding in the Gong Realm, how did Shengzang know? Why doesn’t it say anything?

I issued three orders in a row for the whole clan to encircle and suppress it, but no one in the whole clan came to help it. Once it reached the ears of the master, it would be over.

It hurriedly found Shengyi, suppressing the resentment in its heart, “Luo Jie went to Wenli and Xing to cone them. Shengzang chased them alone, but they ran away.”

Shengyi was shocked, it didn’t know such a thing. In an instant, it figured out that it was that human being who had taken advantage of them.

Except for that human, who else can find traces of them?

On the one hand, he asked Shengzang to take action and forcefully perform meritorious deeds, but on the other hand, he asked himself to lead the whole clan to refuse, which was tantamount to giving a clue to Shengzang. At the same time, because there were no helpers, nothing would happen to them.

Good means, good means, human beings.

Shengyi gritted his teeth.

The human being is also on guard against it, otherwise once it knows that the people in the Gong Realm are helpless, it will definitely take action.


It looked at Sheng Xi and saw the flash of resentment and dissatisfaction in Sheng Xi’s eyes. It took a deep breath and said, “Sheng Zang did it on purpose. It is sure that we will not help it. If we agreed to the encirclement and suppression by the whole clan, then It’s just a formality. Even if it can find them, it will deliberately miss them, waiting for us to make mistakes.”

“It will never give us the credit.”

These words made Sheng Xi feel much better. Yes, it was precisely because they didn’t go that Shengzang would take action against them. If they went, it would just be a formality.

“Shengzang is so insidious. It wants to use this to gain leverage over us. No matter whether we go or not, the result will be the same. Either we accompany it in a show or we provide leverage. There is no third way.”

“Unless we had known we would have no power to hide in the Gong Realm.”

Sheng Xi roared: “In order to stabilize the position of the patriarch, this Shengzang is willing to let go of them, me, me.” It really wants to say that it wants to send a message to the ancient city of time, to the Lord.

But this matter was at their fault. Shengzang had too many excuses to cover up and not explain in advance why they were in the Luo Realm. And how they explained their disobedience to the three orders of the clan leader was known to the whole clan.

It’s over, this handle has been completely grasped by Shengzang.

“Elder of the clan, what should we do now?” Sheng Xi asked.

Shengyi said in a deep voice: “Go and stabilize your fellow tribesmen first and tell them what I just said.”

Sheng Xi nodded and left in a hurry.

Shengyi has entered the true realm of destiny.

Lu Yin knew he had succeeded when he looked at Shengyi’s expression: “Is something wrong?”

Shengyi said in a low tone, “Your Excellency, you have a good idea.”

Lu Yin looked at it calmly: “You seem to be very angry, why?”

Why? Shengyi didn’t know why, but felt aggrieved at being used but unable to resist.

“Does your anger come from the inability to perform meritorious deeds for the cause-and-effect master clan? Or is it because you cannot make meritorious deeds yourself?”

“If I can eradicate them, my position within the clan will be extremely stable, and I will definitely be able to rule the inner and outer heavens.” Shengyi said.

Lu Yin laughed: “So you want to take charge of the inner and outer world? Yes, I can help you. There are many opportunities.”

Shengyi was stunned, and all his anger disappeared. For no other reason than Lu Yin, even if Lu Yin didn’t tell him how to do it, he just believed it. This human being has done so many incredible things.

Especially with his position, he can definitely help himself.

Lu Yin asked: “Are you still angry now?”

Shengyi took a deep breath and said bitterly: “Your Excellency controls everything, I admire you.”

Lu Yin shook his head: “I don’t control everything, it’s just that you are cooperating with me, otherwise I can’t do anything.”

Shengyi left. When he came here, he seemed to have received a promise, but he did nothing.

Inexplicably, I’m not angry anymore, and I’m even looking forward to it.

That human is so cruel.

Not long after, Sheng Zang returned. Instead of the expected angry accusations, some were just owed for failing to eliminate the enemies within the clan.

It didn’t say a single word of accusation, but silenced the entire clan.

None of those clan elders who are slandering Sheng Zang dare to stand up.

“Everyone, my father has been in charge of the inner and outer world for many years. What has been the result?” This is Shengzang’s question, which has reached the ears of his fellow tribesmen, leaving them wondering how to answer.

Sheng Xi also listened.

Shengyi also listened. It could obviously make meritorious deeds, but it was silently criticized by a junior.

“Is my father stupid?” This was Shengzang’s second question, but no one dared to answer it.

Shengzang didn’t expect anyone to answer it, “Father knows everything I do and every step I take. Have you ever considered that maybe every step is carefully planned?”

Many of the same race looked at him in surprise. plan?

Shengzang glanced at all the people of his clan: “Have I ever done something that really caused my clan to fall into the abyss?”

The same race looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Shengzang said: “Everything I do makes sense, and my father is behind it. The reason why it didn’t come out is because it’s not time yet.”

“You only saw that Qianji Guiyan stopped his father in order to help Chen.”

“Have you ever seen me and cause and effect fight together, and Qianji Shenanigans didn’t take action?”

“Containment is relative.”

Having said this, Shengzang stood up: “I don’t want to pursue the matter of being unable to do anything. Even if the Lord comes, this matter will be rotten in my heart. However, I ask you not to interfere with what I am going to do next, otherwise, Don’t blame me for being heartless.”

All the people of the same race looked at Shengzang with a bad feeling.

Shengzang himself was worried. He did not expect that one day he would announce such a thing from his own mouth.

It regretted going to the human as soon as it came back, but it had no choice but to do so. This was the human’s order.

Even if you delay, it won’t last long.

It has figured it out. From the beginning to the end, the fact that it is powerless is the reason that the human being has laid the groundwork for it to announce this matter now. Without this handle, how could these fellow beings not interfere?

“I declare that we will attack the executioner community.”

Attack on the execution boundary, these four words shocked the whole audience.

All the clan members were stunned and looked at Shengzang blankly. Did they hear it right? Attack the executioner?

Shengzang himself finally recovered, but even so, he felt heavy when he said these four words.

That is the Execution Realm, which represents the most important realm controlled by Death. Not to mention that there is an extremely powerful Dao He in it. Even if Dao He can be suppressed, what will happen to Qian Ji Gui Yan? What to do with the Lord of Death?

This is different from Chen’s attack on the criminal world.

The master of cause and effect is not in the inner and outer world. The masters of cause and effect attacked the fourth barrier and used a thousand tricks to contain Shengqing. Only then did Chen win.

But now we have to attack the Executioner Realm. It would be strange if we can win.

Just a sword combination is not something they can fight against.

After a full twenty breaths of silence, someone from the clan spoke up: “Clan, clan leader, you mean to attack the execution world? One of the nine upper realms, which was just taken away by death, the execution world?”


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