Star Odyssey Chapter 5063: Absolute power


p;After listening to Lu Yin’s words, Shengzang gritted his teeth and hatred flashed in his eyes. If you hadn’t asked me to do these stupid things, how could those clan elders not support me? Of course, it didn’t dare to say this.

“I understand, how do I get their support?”

Lu Yin said, “I said, exercise your rights as the patriarch and cannot be ignored, the karma and horoscope.”

Shengzang was shocked and looked up at Lu Yin, “Karma chart?”

The corner of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “I originally thought that only the Lord could take back the Karma Life Chart, but I didn’t expect that the clan leader could do it too.” This was something he learned through the history of the Karma Lord clan.

To dominate the clan, there are two beings who can command the whole clan. One is an extremely powerful person like Sheng Qing who sits in the inner and outer heavens, and the other is the clan leader.

But until now, no matter how you look at it, the patriarch is just a puppet controlled by that kind of extremely powerful person. It is meaningless at all. For example, Shengzang, because of the existence of Shengqing, even if it has two laws, it is still the patriarch. . .??.

The patriarch is just like the mouth of an extremely powerful person speaking to the outside world.

But in fact this is not the case. The clan leader has his own rights. This right can, to a certain extent, restrain the most powerful person in the clan, that is, the karma chart.

The clan leader has much more control over the cultivators of Cause and Effect than he does within the clan.

From the simplest point of view, the cause and effect are controlled by the cause and effect master clan, while Shengqing controls the inside of the clan, and the clan leader controls outside the clan. This is the clearest distinction between the extremely powerful and the clan leader.

It was only because too much time had passed that the master gradually stopped interfering in the internal affairs of the clan, which resulted in many clan leaders being ignored by the most powerful.

Holy or so.

This is especially true for Shengzang. If Shengqing is still alive, the entire Karma Master clan will have to listen to Shengqing.

“You mean to use external forces to fight against the clan? This.”

“Where does the external power come from?” Lu Yin sneered, “Do you have external power along with cause and effect?”

Causation, sequence, and main sequence have caused too many deaths.

Of the three pairs of main sequences, only the Zhangu combination is left, and they all went to the giant city to attack the fourth barrier.

Sheng Zang was confused and didn’t understand what Lu Yin meant.

Since you know there are no external forces, why bother mentioning the karma chart?

Lu Yin stared at Sheng Zang, “Took back the cause and effect life chart and issued an order to the outside world. From now on, the main sequence of cause and effect, the sequence, can only be taken by the creatures of the cause and effect master family, and not by outside creatures.”

These words made Shengzang’s pupils shrink and he looked at Lu Yin in shock.

Lu Yin looked at it, “Are you surprised? Recently, due to the loss of the sequence and the main sequence, all the major lords have agreed to let the creatures of the dominant clan go to the temporary sequence and the position of the main sequence just a few inches away. Do you know how lively the outside world is? Really? All the creatures of the dominant clan want to **** it.

These positions are for nothing else. If you become a sequence, you can get additional resources. This is what all the creatures of the dominant clan want to have. ”

“It was originally a temporary replacement, so you might as well replace it directly, change the pattern of cause and effect, innovate, leave your mark on the holy treasure, and completely gain the support of the lower class. I believe that they will be very happy with this move.”

Sheng Zang stared at Lu Yin blankly, his pupils shaking. He had never thought about this.

This human being actually wants to break the historical pattern of the Lord and completely change the means of the Lord’s external rule.

If you do this, your fellow tribesmen will indeed be very happy, but how will the cause and effect attract external forces in the future? Even if they are recruited, how will they be placed?

It asked.

Lu Yin laughed, “Do you need to think about it? Do you still need to consider these things?”

Shengzang swallowed, looked back, lowered his head, do you want to think about it yourself? Yes, it has nothing to do with yourself, no matter what you do, it has nothing to do with yourself. If he is controlled by this human being, he will never end well.

Thinking of this, murderous intent flashed through his eyes again.

On top of his head, Lu Yin’s hand fell, but Sheng Zang didn’t move, forcibly suppressing himself.

“You need to consider it.”

Shengzang looked up in shock.

Lu Yin looked at it with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry, with you as the leader of the dominant clan who can help me, I can’t bear to kill you.”

“Rather than dragging you down, I hope you can stay in the Dominator clan. We will cooperate happily.”

Shengzang stared at Lu Yin, not knowing for a moment which of his words were true and which of them were false.

But letting himself stay here as the clan leader does have only advantages and no disadvantages for him.

Patted Shengzang’s head, “The so-called main sequence, sequence, is just a name. When the power of cause and effect increases, just change the name. Even if the main sequence and sequence are returned to the outside world again, it will be with you. Shengzang has nothing to do with it. You have already fought for your fellow tribesmen at the bottom, and I won’t blame you if you can’t win for them.”

“The most important thing now is to get their support. Even if the Lord comes, let the Lord see whether among the creatures of the Karma Lord family, more support you or the Saint Xi.”

“I believe you will not let me down.”

Shengzang took a deep breath. It knew that this human being was using it. It didn’t know what the result would be, but there was something this person said was right. Now it wants to secure its position as the leader of the clan and get more support than Sheng Xi. , otherwise the human being would be deposed before he could do anything.

Sheng Zang left, leaving with determination and the struggle provoked by Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at its leaving figure. This guy won’t be around for long. The further back he goes, the more trouble he will cause.

Do you really think it can’t deal with Sheng Xi?

It is very smart. As the leader of the clan, it is not impossible to forcefully attack Sheng Xi. But if it doesn’t do it, it is using Sheng Xi’s influence to force itself to stop and stop doing things that make it look stupid.

If it had been obedient, Shengyi would have been forced out long ago. This Shengzang is definitely not stupid.

But it doesn’t know that behind Sheng Xi is also itself.

Even without it, Sheng Xi can still use it for himself.

The next step is to extract as much value as possible within the limited time.

The consequences of taking away the Karma Life Chart and letting the dominant clan of creatures become the main sequence and sequence are very serious, but even if Sheng Zang sees through it, there is nothing he can do. It can only go all the way to the dark side.

Soon after, the realm of Karma and Destiny was shaken.

Shengzang took away all the karma charts with the authority of the patriarch, and announced that from now on, only the creatures of the karma master clan can take charge of the main sequence, and all external creatures belong to it.

This move shook the entire cause-and-effect master clan, and then shook the inner and outer heavens, and continued to spread, and all the masters were shaken.

No one expected Shengzang to do such a thing.

Sheng Xi and his tribe couldn’t wait to find Shengzang to stop it from doing this.

“Patriarch, do you know that the main sequence and the position of the sequence are to collect cause and effect for the master, it is a big chess game that is separated by inches, and it is a framework for the master. By doing this, you destroyed the master’s external strategy, you, you. ”

“Please also ask the clan leader to take back his life.”

“Sheng Zang, you are crazy.” Sheng Xi shouted angrily.

Shengzang raised his eyes and looked at them calmly, “In the past, the master gave the main sequence and sequence to external creatures because the number of creatures in my clan was too small, but now there are so many of the same clan, why should I give resources to outsiders for no reason? Creatures?”

It’s voice is getting louder and louder, spreading throughout the realm of Karma and Destiny. “Ask your fellow tribesmen, do they want to be handed over to outside beings? Do they hope that they will stay in the inner and outer heavens forever and never leave?”

“As the leader of the clan, I, Shengzang, consider the interests of the whole clan.”

“I heard the determination of my fellow tribesmen, so I must do it for them.”

The huge sound echoed continuously, and then countless creatures of the Karma Master clan cheered and supported Shengzang crazily.

Many of them have gone to Fangcundi before to compete for the position of the sequence, but there are too few causal natal charts, and now they hope to have a chance.

Shengzang shouted: “I am the Lord of Cause and Effect

The resources of the Zai clan can only be given to fellow clan members and cannot be left outside. This is especially true for the cause and effect chart. I believe that there is the supreme power of the Lord here. It would be an insult for outside creatures to get it. Only my own race is qualified to touch it and understand the power of the Lord. ”

“I’d like to thank the patriarch.”

“Thank you, patriarch.”

“Chief, we support you…”

Countless voices came out, making Sheng Xi and the others look embarrassed.

A group of fellow tribesmen accused Shengzang, but they could not interfere with this move. Only the master and the clan leader could take away the cause and effect chart. It had been taken away once before, and now this is the second time.

Shengzang directly regarded the recovered karma life chart as a reward to be given to powerful members of the same clan.

For a time, the realm of Karma and Destiny was boiling, with voices supporting Shengzang everywhere.

Sheng Xi gasped, this Shengzang actually did this, no matter what the reason, at least now the entire Karma Realm is supporting it.

A clan elder was angry, “Shengzang, you have betrayed the ancestral precepts. I, I, I want to send a message to the ancient city of time, and I want to report you to the Lord.”

Shengzang’s eyes jumped, and it considered it, “Okay, then send a message to see. I, Shengzang, have the support of my fellow tribesmen. You only know how to stick to the rules and not make progress. When the time comes, the master will come and see if you can support me.” You still support me.”

“You, you.”

“Shengzang, you are not worthy of being the clan leader.” Shengyi walked out and faced Shengzang directly.

Shengzang looked at Shengyi and was shocked, “Why are you here?”

Others of the same race did not expect Shengyi to walk out directly.

Sheng Xi didn’t expect it either.

It looked at Shengyi in astonishment.

Shengyi stared at Shengzang with a low gaze, “Thanks to your good father, he was afraid that I would be successful in conquering the Fourth Barrier, and that I would talk nonsense in front of the Lord, so he trapped me and couldn’t leave.”

Sheng Zang stared at Sheng Yi, then looked at Sheng Xi, and suddenly realized, “So that’s it. No wonder this Sheng Xi’s influence is getting bigger and bigger. You are supporting it.”

Shengyi shouted sharply, “You are tampering with the clan rules and will not end well. I will definitely help Sheng Xi become the clan leader and remove you from the position of clan leader.”

A clan elder screamed, “We must send a message to the Ancient City of Time to depose it from the position of clan leader.”

“No need.” Shengyi stopped him directly and said in a deep tone, “If everything is submitted to the Lord, what else does the Lord want us to do? Moreover, Shengqing is so scheming that no one knows what its plans are.”

“Wait, wait for the return of Jucheng, wait for the return of the Shengji clan elders, we will report to the Lord together, and we will depose this Shengqing, Shengzang and his son.”

Others of the same race looked at each other, feeling that what Shengyi said may not be right, but it was not long before the giant city returned, only a thousand years, so they could afford to wait.


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