Star Odyssey Chapter 4652: Causation and Time


“Who doesn’t know that there are many tricks in the order sequence to do strange things? Isn’t this what the returning divine envoy is planning to arrange now? Isn’t it impossible to steal more than a thousand tributaries of the Long River for you?”

“Be presumptuous, you can also slander the order sequence.”

“Then where do you think the tributaries of the long river of time have gone? At that moment, none of us could see each other.”

“That’s enough.” The Returning Divine Envoy shouted fiercely, staring at the three figures in front of him with his small eyes. “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Why do the Sitting Order Sequence and the Lindao Sequence attack other sequences? Because the other sequences have the highest talent. If you are a little careless, it will surpass the two sequences behind you, and the two sequences behind you may not be able to hold it back for long.”

The three eternal beings looked at each other and no longer argued.

“Let’s arrange it.”

On the other side, on the battlefield with that civilization, Lu Yin looked quietly into the distance. It was chaotic, completely chaotic. Sure enough, the two shrines would take this opportunity to take action.

There is no better opportunity than now.

This opportunity was both luck, because there was a civilization and immortality realm. It was also Lu Yin who pushed the boat forward and allowed Jingmen Shangyu and the Flame God Envoy to leave the palace together, otherwise it would not have been so smooth.

This place is more than a hundred years away from the shrine at the speed of ordinary eternal life, and within Lu Yin’s sight.

He clearly saw the other groups taking action to obliterate a realm of immortality, saw the returning **** causing them to return, and saw what they were planning now.

Then, it’s your turn to take action.

His consciousness returned to his body, and he disappeared with him in a teleportation.

On the spot, Yu saw Lu Yin leaving at the shocked door, knowing that human civilization was about to start its next plan.

And all she has to do is not go back.

Staying on this battlefield, quietly watching the Flame God envoy fight against the Immortal Realm, is like watching a play.

Lu Yin didn’t know where the other sequences were led. The other two time sequences had been prepared for a long time, so it was not easy to see.

He returned to Xiangcheng and waited for a while, then passed the altar and headed to the shrine.

In the Shrine, the decoration for a period of time is finally over.

The God of Return breathed a sigh of relief, that’s enough, he’s just waiting for the others to return.

I hope this arrangement of the sitting order sequence is effective.

Just when I thought of this, the three immortal realms started arguing again.

The returning envoy did not stop it this time. It was also curious as to who had taken away the tributaries of the Yangtze River in the Time Treasury.

It must be the five immortal realms that attacked the Time Storehouse, but these three have their own opinions, and none of them look fake. Could it be that they are really the immortal realms where they died? Or lead away to other sequences of immortality?

That is a tributary of more than a thousand years, and even for the main years, it is a huge wealth.

Can make one

A shrine has been worshiped for more than 100,000 years, which is considered a long time.

At this time, a figure walked into the ruins of the shrine and appeared in front of them.

The returning envoy looked at it and shrank his eyes, Nirvana?

The three arguing immortals stopped and looked at each other with playful eyes.

“Interesting, a little war **** actually dares to approach and return to the gods, will you come or shall we?”

Lu Yin slowly entered the palace and glanced at the ruins. “It only happened in an instant. Hey, that’s where the years are stored. Even that place was broken.”

The returning envoy stared at the approaching Lu Yin: “Nirvana, what are you going to do?”

Lu Yin ignored the three realms of immortality and looked at the returning envoy, “I said I was passing by, do you believe me?”

“Huh, little thing, you must be scared out of your wits.” A person in the immortal realm sneered.

There is another Immortal Realm that releases some kind of power and sweeps past Lu Yin and towards the outside of the temple. It feels something is wrong. Why is a little war **** not afraid when he sees them? Isn’t it afraid of death?

The Returning God Envoy shook his head and sighed, “I knew you were not simple. Your daring to show up under such circumstances confirms my suspicion.”

“Nirvana, your status is not lower than that of the Jingshen Envoy and the Changtian Divine Envoy.”

“Let me guess, your tribe still has eternal life, right?”

“And you are a scoundrel who can fight against eternal life. After all, you defeated Meng Luo.”

Those three immortals were surprised by “rascals?”

“You actually have scoundrels in your temple?”

“We must be afraid of strange things.”

Lu Yin smiled. Although he didn’t care about the three immortal realms, he kept observing them. They could see his appearance, but they were not surprised. This meant that they had never seen humans before, so he not worried.

“One more thing, the Traceless Divine Envoy must have died at the hands of the Shocking Divine Envoy.” The Returning Divine Envoy added.

Lu Yin did not deny that “he is indeed a strong man who has understood the law of cause and effect.”

The Returning Divine Envoy smiled in his eyes, “I thought we were the only ones plotting against the other divine palaces, but ever since I found out that the Jing Shen Envoy killed the Wuhen Divine Envoy, I knew that you were also plotting against the other divine palaces. You You are not separated from your own clan at all. What you show is all fake. The real you has the rogue strength to defeat Meng Luo. And when you and I met for the first time, you did it on purpose. You just wanted to get close to me.”

“I’m curious, why do you want to get close to me, because you know my relationship with the other two shrines, or do you want to be like those two shrines and prepare to rebel against me?”

Lu Yin did not approach this dead turtle on purpose,

But it’s not bad that it thinks so, making itself appear inscrutable.

“It’s meaningless to say this now. You know my business, and I know your business. They are both pushing each other along. You concealed the fact that the Jingshen envoy killed Wuhen, and I also helped you take the Jingshen envoy away from the gods. Palace, and also transferred Meng Luo away by the way, you should thank me.”

The returning god’s eyes flickered, “No wonder none of the four immortals are here. I thought I would take action to deal with one or two of them, but it really saves trouble.”

The three immortal realms looked at each other. The situation was complicated. They were not stupid. Seeing Lu Yin saying this without any scruples, it was obvious that they were relying on them.

Fortunately, the arrangement is completed. No matter what happens on their side, they will definitely not have an easy time in other sequences.

Lu Yin looked at the ruins and said, “What you just arranged is to deal with other sequences?”

The returning envoy nodded, “Yes, what about you? What are you planning for the shrine?”

“With your clan, even if you are a fishing civilization, what can you do under the three divine palaces?”

“Why don’t you worship me as your teacher, I will show you a clear path.”

Lu Yin is funny, “You know we are plotting against the shrine, but you still want to show us a clear path?”

The Returning Divine Envoy said, “You have no idea how terrifying your plan is. There is more than one shrine. Even if you succeed and defeat this shrine, the other shrines will not let you go. The Shrine is the spokesperson of the Lord.”

“Then why are you calculating the sequence?” Lu Yin asked, this was what he was most curious about.

The returning **** said frankly, “I want to join, and I will work together with cause and effect.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “The main cause and effect?”

The Returning Divine Envoy nodded, “That’s right. Anyone who practices cause and effect wouldn’t want to join the main cause and effect.”

“You have understood the calculation of cause and effect and have the ability to intercept cause and effect. If so, just join. How can you be related to these divine palaces?” Lu Yin was confused.

“Hmph, I thought it was coming from something, I don’t even know that.” Youshengjing spoke, his tone full of disdain.

The other two immortal realms also breathed a sigh of relief, “We thought it was too complicated. In fact, if you think about it carefully, even the fishing civilization will not be able to do much under the main cover. This creature dares to scheme against the shrine. It’s just that there are a few immortal realms behind him, and maybe he took action as a last resort. His real strength and vision are actually not that good.”

The returning envoy looked deeply at Lu Yin, “You really don’t know?”

Lu Yin was helpless, “They are right, my vision is very narrow. How about you help me broaden it?”

The returning envoy also breathed a sigh of relief, “You are not as powerful as I thought, but that’s fine. I really want to show you a clear path.”

“Wanting to join the main cause and effect is not as simple as understanding cause and effect. It is like countless civilizations just a few inches apart. Even if only one creature in each civilization understands the power of time, there are countless creatures who can take this path. You can join How many people are there with the Master of Time?”

“Except for other sequences in this shrine, have you ever seen other beings who have understood the power of time?”

“In the final analysis, the Lord’s power has given the entire Fangcundianyang, anyone can practice, and anyone can understand it, but only the existence recognized by the Lord’s power can join, obtain a higher cultivation method, and become a higher level This is different from passing through hardships and stepping into eternal life.”

“Stepping into the realm of eternal life is the transformation of life itself, self-breakthrough.”

“To be recognized by the Lord is a transformation of life status.”

“These two are different concepts.”

“If you want to join the main cause and effect, you must form a team. It’s not enough for me to understand cause and effect alone. I need another creature to form a team with me. And just like registering in the shrine, register in the cause and effect chart to freeze the cause and effect. , Only in this way can we join the main cause and effect, obtain the blessing of the main cause and effect, and achieve the transformation of life status.”

“This is what all cultivators dream of.”

Lu Yin understood that “it is equivalent to the sequence of years.”

The returning envoy was surprised, “You actually know the sequence of years but don’t understand the main cause and effect. Your clan is a bit strange.”

“Okay, return to the divine envoy, there is no need to talk nonsense, the other sequence may come back at any time, how can he solve it?” A person in the immortal realm was impatient.

The returning divine envoy stared at Lu Yin, “The power of the Lord covers an endless distance. There are more than one shrine. You are facing more than just behemoths. I think you should be clear about this. How about it? Become my teacher. I will I can protect you and your family.”

Lu Yin was puzzled, “Why do you value me so much?”

“It’s very simple, because it has no teammates.” An immortal realm interface.

Another realm of eternal life: “It is useless to go back to God to understand cause and effect. It is trying its best to accept you as its disciple. It seems that you have the potential to understand cause and effect.”

“But now is not the time to discuss this. Return to God and make a quick decision. If you need to kill, kill him. If it doesn’t work, just hold on.”

The returning envoy looked at Lu Yin, waiting for his answer.

Lu Yin looked at the returning envoy and said, “One last question.”

“What is a horoscope?”

“Nonsense.” A person in the realm of immortality suddenly took action against Lu Yin, obviously impatient to wait.

Lu Yin frowned and said, “Noisy.”

After the words fell, a figure suddenly appeared, and with a bang, the Immortal Realm who attacked Lu Yin flew out directly and hit the ruins of the shrine.


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