Star Odyssey Chapter 4651: Creating a battlefield


A few years later, they arrived outside the universe.

During this period, Lu Yin kept looking at that universe and confirmed that there was no second realm of immortality.

When this universe is discovered, it is destined to be the beginning of tragedy, unless the immortal realm here is willing to join the Divine Palace.

Following the instructions of the returning angel, the Flame God Envoy enters the universe, talks to the immortal realm, and wants to draw the other party into the palace.

However, he was rejected by the immortal realm.

Under normal circumstances, the other party will refuse. The universe is dark and it is difficult for civilizations to communicate with each other. Many civilizations under the shrine can communicate because they have joined the shrine. For this civilization, let the other party rashly join a behemoth and leave. Our own civilization is not a clear path, but a dead end.

Just like Lu Yin struggled for a long time when he first received the invitation to join from the unknown. At that time, he already understood the unknown, and this is still the case. And so far, I have never entered the unknown. If he doesn’t understand it at all, let him How is it possible to leave human civilization and join the unknown?

Unsurprisingly, the Flame God Envoy returned without success.

“Shocking God Envoy, why don’t you also go and persuade me?” Flame God Envoy suggested.

Jingmen Shangyu’s tone was cold: “If I go, it won’t even join. Will you rashly follow two creatures that can threaten your life?”

The Flame God Envoy thought about it and said, “The only thing we can do is start a war, and then give it a chance after completely defeating it. Now the temple lacks divine envoys, and one more is needed.” After saying that, he took out the altar and led the Lord Years. long river.

The starry sky, following the arrival of the Lord of Time, brings overwhelming shock to the creatures in the universe.

In that universe, there are also tributaries of the River of Time, and there are also ferrymen. They appear at this moment, looking at the River of Time, and they are so shocked that they don’t know what they said.

Those words obviously frightened the eternal realm of that universe.

The Flame God Envoy looks at the universe ahead through the long river of time, “I will give you another chance, join the shrine, and I will keep you civilized and worry-free.”

The ferryman on the long river of time in the universe kept talking.

But that immortal state gritted its teeth and stared at the Lord of Time without letting go.

The Flame God Envoy shook his head, and the River of Time roared down, rushing towards that universe.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, what do you mean? Bury that universe with the long river of time? Impossible. If the Flame God Envoy has this method, he will not be timid. Moreover, it is creating a battlefield now, but what does the battlefield have to do with the Lord of Time?

Just when he thought of this, Lu Yin’s eyes widened and he saw an incredible scene.


He looked at the starry sky swept by the long river of time. Everything was still and time was at a standstill, as if space had been stripped away and turned into a battlefield of time.

It’s like a paintbrush that paints gray. Wherever it is painted, there is pause time.

And that pause is the battlefield.

Not only Lu Yin, Jingmen Shangyu was naturally shocked, but the others were not seen

Every creature that passed this scene was shocked.

This is a battlefield that uses the long river of time to create a battlefield where space clearly exists, but it seems that there is no space.

When the long river of time rolled into that universe, that universe also became like that.

Like gray solidification.

It has no effect on the creatures there, but it freezes everything.

From Lu Yin’s perspective, that universe, together with the traces of the Lord’s arrival in the long river of time, formed a “comma”, a gray comma.

This comma is the battlefield.

“Kill.” came the voice of the Flame God.

In the palace, those creatures all rushed into the universe ahead.

The moment we entered that battlefield, the world became gray, the universe was no longer dark, and time no longer flowed.

The tributaries of the universe’s long river of time simply disappeared and were swept away by the main long river of time.

Jingmen Shangyu withdrew his gaze and looked at Lu Yin.

“This is the method of the Shrine. This battlefield is the same as the battlefields we have been to. It is arranged with the power of the Lord of Time, and it must have an effect that is not bound by cause and effect.”

Lu Yin said slowly, “If we can also master this method, there will no longer be any constraints on the wars that human civilization will encounter in the future.”

He was glad that he thought of using the divine palace as a shell to hide humans.

In the universe, the main force is the general trend. He wants to resist, but it is like a mantis trying to block the car.

Join, understand, master, and resist, this is what you should do.

The more you know about the Shrine, the less you understand.

For example, Lu Yin really wanted to know about the altar.

Human civilization will eventually come out.

When the war started here, the entire palace suddenly went into chaos. The psychic gods, teleportation gods, and enlightenment gods were killed one by one, due to the sudden appearance of power.

No one knows where those killing moves come from, they can’t be seen at all.

The scope of the shrine is in chaos.

Ba Rong already knew this and immediately notified the returning envoy and left the palace.

The returning envoy had no intention of stopping them at all, and also prevented other envoys from returning to the shrine to guard them, saying that this might be a conspiracy of the other two shrines, in order to reduce their gathering so that they could be surrounded and killed.

At this moment, Meng Luo is in Xiangcheng.

The temple is empty.

A powerful impact blasted towards the direction of the Time Storehouse, causing the shrine to tremble.

Outside the shrine, Yan Zhong was shocked. No, it took Yan Zhong away through the altar without hesitation.

The strength of this attack must be eternal life, which is not something they can fight against.

The Treasury of Years was bombarded. At the same time, there were no less than five immortal realm powers, which directly destroyed the Treasury of Years. The tributaries of the Years River were snatched away. Hey, why are there so few?

In the shrine, one eye opened, and raging anger descended. “Wantless.”

The starry sky shook, the sky and the earth became dim, and a huge gray stone slab suddenly appeared, covering the entire palace.

In the palace, the immortals who sneaked into the treasure house of time threw something together.

I saw the gray stone slab suddenly pressing down.

There was a loud bang and the temple was shattered.

Hao and other creatures in the shrine were directly crushed into **** water.

The huge temple collapsed in just an instant.

Outside the temple, countless creatures were sluggish, as if the sky was collapsing. .??.

Although the shrine is broken, there is a transparent barrier under the gray stone slab, which blocks the pressure of the gray stone slab and allows those immortal realms to escape in all directions.

Gray Slate said angrily, “I have been prepared, I know who it is.” After saying that, his body suddenly disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of an escaped immortality.

That immortal state stared blankly at the gray stone slab, why me?

When they came to attack the shrine, they knew that one, or even several, were going to be unlucky, and no other sequence would allow them to escape safely.

Who lives and who dies can only depend on luck.

This immortal realm did not expect to be so unlucky. As darkness fell, a bang was the last sound it heard in this universe.

The gray stone was stained with blood, and the one eye stared in all directions, then suddenly rushed in another direction, but suddenly, the direction changed.

After the gray stone slab leaves.

Outside the shrine, the altar shook. The returning **** envoy and other **** envoys walked out. They stared blankly at the shrine being shattered. It was over. They actually allowed the shrine to be attacked. It was over.

Why is this?

There are clearly four divine envoys here.

“Senior Gui Xing, us?” Shuang Luo Divine Envoy was about to say something, but was interrupted by Gui Xing Divine Envoy, who asked Shuang Luo Divine Envoy, Bo Tian Divine Envoy, Jin Divine Envoy, Stone Monster and Changtian to return Battlefield protection.

“The Shrine is already like this. If we lose again on the battlefield, we will never be able to explain to the Lord of the Shrine. Do you remember?”

Shuangluo God made the messenger uneasy: “But here in the shrine?”

The Returning Divine Envoy said solemnly, “Leave this place to me, and I will let Meng Luo, the Flame and Jing Divine Envoy come back.”

“Let’s go, listen to the envoy of Guixing.” Changtian said, and was the first to walk towards the altar.

The stone monster followed closely behind.

Shuangluo Divine Envoy and Botian Divine Envoy looked at each other with uneasiness

The feeling of anxiety is even greater, but I don’t know where it comes from, so I can only let the God of Return make me pay attention to my safety.

Before leaving, the Jin Envoy glanced at the returning envoy, and it knew where it was uneasy.

The shrine was attacked, and the four divine envoys were missing. It was not safe for the returning envoy to stay here, but its character clearly shouldn’t stay in a dangerous place.

It hesitated.

But I still went to the battlefield. I had no time to think about it at the moment, so I could only do this.

In fact, if you think about it differently, the palace has been destroyed, and the enemy should not come again. The real danger is the battlefield.

Destroy the shrines and defeat the battlefield. This is what the two shrines should do. Their side is more dangerous. The returning envoy staying in the shrine is equivalent to avoiding danger.

After Shuang Luo Shen made them leave.

The returning envoy stood there and waited quietly.

At this moment, the other sequence has been led away, and it is time to embark on the battlefield with the sitting order sequence and the Lindao sequence. The Jingshen Envoy and the Flame God Envoy are dueling that civilization. Mengluo Divine Envoy is missing and is probably with Ba Rong. The envoys were also led away by the wars in all directions within the scope of the shrine. It was the only one left in the shrine.

This moment has been waiting for a long, long time.

Many of the creatures outside the shrine are still there, looking over with uneasiness and fear. I don’t care about those creatures.

It took off the hat on its head and patted the dust on it. It should be coming.

Not long after, several figures landed, and it turned out to be the eternal beings who had previously attacked the Time Storehouse. One was killed, the other led away other sequences, and there were three left.

The returning envoy looked at them and said, “Let’s get started. Time is limited. Don’t be stupid. You may return at any time.”

“The Lindao sequence and the Sitting Order sequence will definitely hold it back. Now I want to know where the tributaries of the Long River of Time in this other shrine’s time library have gone? I only got more than thirty.”

“I only got more than twenty.”

“I have thirty.”

“That’s strange. There should be more than a thousand tributaries of the Long River, but the three of us only have nearly a hundred. What do you mean? Can those two take away more than a thousand?”


“How many did you take?”

“I am indeed over thirty.”

“Returning to God’s Envoy, are there really more than a thousand tributaries in the library of these years?”

Gui Xing said in a deep voice, “I have cooperated with you, what else can I deceive? Or do you think I can steal those tributaries of the Long River under the eyes of others?”

“This is naturally impossible, so one of us has something to hide.”

“What do you mean? I think you are just shouting to catch the thief.”

“What did you say?”


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