Star Odyssey Chapter 4653: Let’s challenge


The other two immortal realms were shocked, looking at the person who suddenly appeared, eternal life?

It’s not surprising for the Returning God Envoy. It has long been aware of the existence of eternal life, so it told Lu Yin so much, otherwise it would have been taken directly.

It knows that there is something not simple behind Lu Yin. This battle should be avoided if possible, but now it seems that it is not so easy to avoid.

“After talking so much, I still haven’t enlightened you. It seems that you are not suitable for understanding cause and effect.” The returning envoy’s eyes were deep and his breath changed.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Maybe, I can also show you a clear path.”

“Join my clan.”

The returning **** laughed and said, “Little guy, you are so crazy. Why? Just because of the eternal realm behind you?”

“What if it’s not one?” Lu Yin said lightly.

The Returning God’s eyes widened and he looked at the two figures walking out of the void in disbelief. How is this possible? Three immortal realms?

Next to him, the two immortal realms were also stunned. They looked at the three immortal realms next to Lu Yin. How could there be so many?

The ruins were opened, and the immortal who was knocked away was extremely angry, but when he saw the three immortals next to Lu Yin, he immediately turned off.

Is the Immortal Realm a Chinese cabbage? Where did so many come from?

For a moment, their thoughts changed rapidly. No, there must be something wrong. Could it be that this guy is really a civilized fisherman?

Only fishing civilization can give birth to so many realms of immortality.

Even a behemoth like the Shrine must be cautious when facing a fishing civilization. It can even be said that if it were not for the existence of the sequence of time, the Shrine would definitely lose in the face of a fishing civilization.

The fishing civilization is extremely powerful.

“You come from fishing civilization.” The returning envoy blurted out.

Lu Yin smiled at it, “Now let’s see who will take this clear path.” After saying that, beside him, Jiu Wen, Master Qingcao, and Chu Songyun all took action to attack the three immortal realms.

Now that there is a battlefield that can reduce the constraints of cause and effect, they don’t need to worry.

It’s all in Wei Rong’s plan.

Lu Yin faced the returning envoy, “It’s not too late to join our clan. I know you are great and have been hiding it, but your three teammates are just average.”

The Returned Divine Envoy looked deeply at Lu Yin, “No wonder you dare to go along with the flow even though you know that there are two shrines plotting against other shrines. You really don’t have the confidence to do so without any strength. Then let me see what your clan has done.” Where is the confidence?” After saying that, the **** soared into the sky and turned into a beam of light that penetrated the dark starry sky. The majestic momentum constantly pressed against the three sides, attracting countless gazes.

That is the breath of life.

But even Jiu Wen was shocked, because this life force was so majestic that he had never seen before.

Even the life energy of the Red Man cannot reach it.

The three immortals from the palace were shocked. They did not expect the returning divine envoy to be so powerful, and their breath was so heavy that they could not breathe.


After the release of the life energy, the returning divine envoy first looked at Jiu Wen, because of all the creatures present, only Jiu Wen was not affected at all. He is an existence that conforms to the two laws of the universe.

This clan actually has such a tyrannical existence?

Lu Yin praised, “The life energy is comparable to that of the Immortal Lord, worthy of a turtle, it is so majestic.”

The returning envoy stared at Lu Yin, “That life conforms to the two laws of the universe. He should be your confidence.”

It is very sure that the three eternal realms are ruined and there is no way they can stop Lu Yin’s people.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “There is no need to ask senior for help. Let’s have some fun. However, the time cannot be too long.”


With a loud noise, Lu Yin blasted through the void with a single palm, pressing back.

Gui Xing’s Life Qi was facing Boom, but was penetrated by Lu Yin with overwhelming power, shocking it.

Lu Yin’s power broke through its cognition. It was something it had never felt before, and even put pressure on it.

Obviously just a scoundrel.

Suddenly, it made a movement, not forgetting its achievements in this world, and keeping them in its thoughts forever. Taking this opportunity, Lu Yin appeared in front of Gui Xing and landed a palm.

This palm hit Gui Xing without any hindrance, but the mud flowed into the sea and had no effect. Gui Xing woke up and looked at Lu Yin fearfully. He grabbed the hat on his head and swept it across. The hat seemed soft, but because it was integrated into life There is an indescribable chill in the air.

Lu Yin stepped back, turned around and took the first shot of Yanmen.

Gui Xing felt it, and his whole body retracted into the turtle shell. The first needle of Yanmen hit the turtle shell, but failed to penetrate.

Lu Yin was close to returning again, but he still used his palm force to slap on the tortoise shell. He didn’t believe it was useless.

After being bombarded again and again, the tortoise shell remained unscathed.

The returning life energy gathered and formed a white mountain to press towards Lu Yin. Lu Yin raised one arm to resist the life energy and forcefully absorbed it.

I even forgot that Lu Yin could absorb the energy of life.

It was precisely because of this that it was able to repel the edge while hiding its own strength.

Now this trick has been used on it.

But, cause and effect.

Lu Yin’s body was pressed down heavily by the mountain of life energy, and the pressure made him almost vomit blood.

My own cause and effect has been intercepted.

Gui Xing took the opportunity to attack Lu Yin with his sharp claws. Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly, things must be reversed, and his body withered.

Guixing’s claw fell on Lu Yin, causing Lu Yin’s body to recover directly, but it was not injured. What the hell?

Before it could react, Lu Yin roared, raised the mountain of life energy, clenched his fist, and punched


The punch hit the turtle shell, knocking Gui Xing away.

Gui Xing keeps trying to control his body, but is still suppressed by the power. This creature is obviously so small, where does it get the power?

When they were fighting, the winner was already decided on the nearby battlefield.

Those three immortal realms are impossible to rival. Needless to say, Jiu Wen simply crushed them.

Chu Songyun has a powerful treasure.

Master Qingcao also has the weapon Zhuo Bao to coordinate with the first needle of Yanmen.

It’s all crushing.

After grabbing three immortal realms, watch the excitement around them.

Returning home will be bitter, and you will be in big trouble.

The existence that conforms to the two laws of the universe is not something I can handle.

It eyes rolled straight, seeing Lu Yin attacking again, it hurriedly said, “Nirvana, we are not enemies.”

Lu Yin sneered, the fog had completely dissipated, and his body dried up again, gathering strength.

The mountain of life energy descended heavily. Returning to cut off cause and effect made Lu Yin unable to avoid it. Lu Yin held on to the mountain of life energy. This clone was too restrictive and was a bit troublesome.

“Nirvana, I can say that as long as you want to run away, you can’t keep me. Now it is mainly to deal with the other sequences. Let me tell you, the other sequences are very strong. They have the strength to meet the peak of the two laws of the universe, and they have come from the master years. The law of time bestowed upon you is not something you can deal with.”

“This arrangement is to deal with it. Without me, no one can do anything about it.”

Lu Yin withstood the mountain of life energy and looked at the return line, “Follow me, we won’t embarrass you.”

“Impossible.” It’s not stupid to return home. After calculation, there are already five immortal realms behind Lu Yin. If the opponent really comes from the fishing civilization, the number of immortal realms is likely to exceed ten. It is still possible to escape now. , once you follow their clan, it will be impossible to escape.

Lu Yin pushed away the mountain of life energy, “I wanted to play with you again, but time is limited, so let’s fight alone.”

Return to “??”

This is somewhat contradictory.

Then it saw Jiu and asked them to take action. It screamed, “Isn’t it a one-on-one challenge?”

Lu Yin smiled strangely, “You alone can challenge us all.”


Master Qingcao took the lead and shot the first shot of Yanmen. Gui Xing hurriedly retracted into the turtle shell. He couldn’t see the first shot of Yanmen, but Lu Yin had that feeling before, and it was blocked by the turtle shell before. , this time is no exception.

But it is not clear that Lu Yin’s first shot of the Yama Gate was struck with strength, while Master Qingcao’s first shot of the Yama Gate was struck with a powerful treasure.

There was a bang, sparks flew, and then the needle pierced the turtle shell, passed through, and returned

He screamed when he was pierced, his pupils vibrated and became dilated.

Taking this opportunity, Lu Yin and Jiu Wen all attacked, one after the other. The turtle shell was extremely hard, but the shock caused by the two attacks made Gui Xing, who was hiding in the turtle shell, vomit blood and it woke up. Come here and escape without hesitation.

Let Lu Yin and Jiu Wen take action again to cut off cause and effect. Although this move cannot counterattack them, it can give Gui Xing a chance to escape.

Just as they escaped from the attack range of Lu Yin and Jiu Wen, they were met with another first shot of Yanmen.

This time I didn’t dare to take it hard and hurriedly avoided it. At the same time, the mountain of life energy suddenly swept away and turned into white air currents that dispersed in all directions, mainly those creatures outside the shrine.

As the energy of life connected with those creatures, from behind, Jiu Wen slashed down with a ruthless swordsmanship.

The sword struck the turtle shell, but outside the palace, a creature was torn into pieces.

At first they didn’t pay attention, but as Jiuwen cut down his sword, Guixing was unscathed, and when creatures continued to die outside the palace, they noticed it.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You can actually use the energy of life to deflect the damage you’ve suffered.”

Gui Xing kept retreating, panting heavily, and stared at Master Qingcao warily, because so far, only Master Qingcao’s Yama Sect’s number one threat was the greatest threat to it. “Why are you staring at me? You are plotting to escape from the shrine. , the biggest obstacle is other sequences, not me. I have to deal with other sequences just like you. Without me, this arrangement is useless. You can’t defeat other sequences even if you work together. It is very strong. Not everyone can face the law of time. ”

“I believe this. To deal with other sequences, we must have your help.” Lu Yin said.

Gui Xing stared at him, “What about you?”

Lu Yin said, “I’m just changing my attitude to let you help.” As he finished speaking, Gui Xing was covered with a red umbrella. The moment it was enveloped, it seemed like it couldn’t get out, especially since it was a powerful treasure.

Lu Yin, Jiu Wen, and Master Qingcao entered the Senluo Umbrella Prison. As the Senluo Umbrella Prison continued to shrink, they began to completely besiege Guixing.

At first, Gui Xing wanted to use his turtle shell to rush out. It dared to resist Lu Yin’s attack, but it couldn’t break out of the Senluo Umbrella Prison no matter what. The red umbrella completely trapped it.

It never thought that it would be besieged by such powerful immortal realms.

Although it does not exist in compliance with the laws of the two universes, because it understands cause and effect, has a high level of attainment in the energy of life, and has the ability to almost defend against attacks that comply with the laws of the two universes, it is quite strong, even if Jiu Wen is this Even if you fight it one-on-one, you may not be able to keep it. It is an existence that can break through the realm of immortality on its own.

In terms of strength, he is comparable to Da Mao.

Encountering this kind of besieging combination, they were quickly beaten miserably, and cracks appeared on the turtle shell.


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