Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 802: It is a [cage]… but it is also a place of shelter (end) – freedom…


“Is there anything strange about your body? Although the Immortal Silkworm Art resurrected you, it is unknown whether there will be any sequelae…” Ye Yan said with concern: “After leaving here, I will take you for a detailed examination. I have I’m a familiar doctor, very good.”

As the saying goes, care leads to chaos. For example, monks have such exquisite control over their bodies. They drink hot water for minor illnesses and pains, and for serious illnesses… monks are all seriously ill, and generally they can’t be cured, right?

“It’s okay.” Xiao Luo SIR said: “I feel very good now, and my skills have improved.”

“It is rumored that after the undead silkworm is activated, it can indeed greatly increase people’s skills.” Ye Yan nodded, “And it is also possible to obtain an innate magical power. As the saying goes, if you survive a catastrophe, you will be blessed later. This is your fate. Fa, this wave is not a loss.”

SIR Xiao Luo nodded and immediately asked: “Has everything… been resolved?”

“Not bad, not bad.” Ye Yan thought for a moment and said, “But, after all, my work was not in vain.”

Speaking of which, Ye Yan felt that he didn’t suffer any losses. Xiao Luo had already rescued him… and he seemed to have made enough money. Although the [Holy Emperor Soul] has been sealed by Emperor [Samantabhadra], this seal will gradually be unlocked as his strength increases, which means that he can steadily and completely master the power of the [Holy Emperor Soul].

Furthermore, the hidden dangers caused by obtaining the [Holy Emperor Soul] have also been eliminated by [Samantabhadra], and incidents similar to being possessed by demons in the future are almost eliminated – Ye Yan can also be regarded as the half-biological son of [Nantianmen] Well, [Nantianmen] has not been so kind to him?

The remaining things before, especially the conclusion that Moth Wing has reached over the years, are not something that I can no longer control…especially since it seems to involve someone from the [Fourth Prison].

“Your Majesty, the base collapsed just now, revealing an abandoned [Millennium Demon Cult] altar.” Yang Ziyan suddenly said at this time, “He has long known about the existence of the altar.”

“[Soul Needle]…” The Seventh Sword Emperor frowned, “Why did he inject these things into his body? What exactly is [Soul Needle], and why can it allow him to master so few skills? With memory?”

“I am very sorry about his adopted sister.” [Puxian] nodded and said: “He is worried that I will kill this person and send him directly to the [Heavenly Prison]. I am worried. I guarantee that I will be at least ten floors above the [Heavenly Prison] and never come out.”

“That’s wrong.” Yang Ziyan nodded, “[No. Zero]’s hatred towards others is just a dream created by No. 13. Perhaps, in that dream, [Cage] The base is not a world like hell. Every day, I have no friends who I grew up with, and I am dragged away to suffer all kinds of torture, and I also suffer from that kind of psychological pain day by day…even the next experiment. The incident of physical escape was probably planned by No. 13, and it was probably an attempt.”

After watching the eight people really return to the ground, [Puxian] looked at Liu Shikang and said: “Song Ying, Gongyang concealed the matter of Experimental Subject No. 13, causing slight damage to the base… Before that , even if I can let things go, I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue to serve as the base’s chief researcher.”

Qian Yi Bow.

[Puxian] groaned a little, but after asking, he waved his hand and took Yang Ziyan, hiding aside, silently watching [Liu Shi]’s body.

“I will pay attention to that matter.” [Puxian] waved his hand at this time, “For now, let’s deal with the matter of the broken base. [Zero] Huisi was killed by you… After all, he is He brought me here, so it’s up to you to take me on the first journey.”

“Shadow?” [Puxian] frowned, “Doesn’t it have any characteristics?”

After saying that, Ah Huang waved his sleeves and left angrily.

Under the rooftop of a small building in the Shenpong Chemical Factory – the sun was about to rise, the sky was white, and eight people were drinking large beers outside.

The little chef at the base sighed. Taboos are indeed taboos, but there are always exceptions – for example, the [Dead Silkworm] resurrection coin created by the ancestor of [Xieyue Mountain] himself. …I look like someone who can cause trouble for this ancestor?

“Yes…” Song Ying 2.0 paused at this time, “Have you agreed to us yet, but you haven’t received the invitation from Iron Rakshasa yet. He…they, at best seize the time .”

“But you can die again.” Daluo SIR said: “Because you know that you were so lucky last time, but the silkworm will be dead if you are inspired again.”

“Although there is indeed a certain degree of reproductive isolation between humans and alien species.” Daluo SIR sighed and said: “But if the number is small enough, there will always be no exceptions. Such a young man, If you add up, the quantity is actually too much.”

[Puxian] looked at Daluo SIR from a distance, seeming to be thinking about something.


The Seventh Sword Emperor nodded, and the execution was too slow. If Yun Tianfeng was allowed to escape from the [Heavenly Prison] on the tenth floor forever and suffer all kinds of torture, I would be more able to accept such an ending!

“Xiao Luodao, where are you?” The Seventh Sword Emperor asked directly in a deep voice, “I want to pretend to be you again to deceive you. You will fall for the same trick twice. .”

Yuan Zhai nodded, bowed, and then took his assistant Daozhen and rode away on a gourd… As for the leaking lake water, it has not stopped yet. Today, the [Cage] base system is still alive. After being a human for a while, I knew that the floodgates were closed and the flooded area was closed.

Yang Ziyan nodded directly, and said without any acquaintance, “Yes, you really want to.”

“I have a message for the Seventh Moro.” [Samantabhadra] suddenly said, “Just tell me how many new recipes you have developed recently, so you don’t have time to come over and learn your cooking skills.”

Daluo SIR came a little closer at this time and whispered something loudly in Yang Ziyan’s ear… It looked normal and intimate.

“Those orphans are…” Xiao Yan asked consciously.

“No matter what.” [Puxian] muttered: “Since [Experimental Subject Zero] is resurrected, then he…”

“What’s going on?” The Seventh Sword Emperor frowned.

“Is he…is he still bad?” Yang Ziyan asked in a hesitant tone, “It’s the dead silkworm’s technique. You have studied it before. But because there are not many experiments that can really activate that technique, Individual, so you are also vague about its principle.”

“Your Majesty, it’s over here.” The Seventh Sword Emperor directly packed his fist, “I just want to interrupt you again, so I’ll take my leave… I will definitely tell you what to do about the [cage] base.”

“You’re here! What happened? Why did it happen like that?”

“It’s a dead silkworm…”

Ah Huang, the seventeenth emperor of [Kunlun], suddenly blew his beard and stared, “He’s the worst he can give you an explanation! Humph!”

“Why don’t I have that bow?” Liu Shikang suddenly asked.

Liu Shikang shook his head decisively, “And, more importantly, your previous work schedule has not been full yet.”

[Samantabhadra] took a deep breath, the light in his eyes flowed, and the two white lines disappeared quickly…

“If you want to figure out why those predecessors had physical defects, the worst way is not to study the process of our birth.” Daluo SIR thought for a while and said: “To a certain extent, civilization will always retreat. It comes with certain sacrifices. And…”

“Compared with that, there is nothing you want to ask him for.” Daluo SIR suddenly said at this time.

“Let him say it.” [Puxian] said calmly.

The girl without ears and the boy with the head of a bird holding a fairy tale book blinked in surprise.

What I was talking about…basically the two children listened with bewildered faces.

“Resurrection from the dead, resurrection from the dead…” [Puxian] murmured to himself at this time, “But it didn’t hurt [it]… [it] didn’t reflect… Why is that?”

Yang Ziyan said: “You are the consultant for that battle. There are not yet seven seed teams that have sent you an invitation, please help us provide on-site guidance.”

[Puxian] looked at each other for a moment, then tried to reach out his hand, and used a spiritual power to grab it under the white bow.

“What is it?” Yang Ziyan asked directly.

——It can be done!

“He must have dared to resist even his fate, how could he win against anyone else?” [Puxian] shook his head and stretched out his hand, “Should he confess on his own, or should he accept my method. ”


“Let me take you to a place.” Yang Ziyan suddenly said at this time.

Daluo SIR couldn’t help but blink… In the [Blue] Human Alliance, what kind of academic master is Sister Ying?

Xiao Yan, the Seventh Sword King, and eight other people from Daluo SIR ran into the [Cage] base from the same place, but at this time the eight people left together.

Cran Nan would stare at her when she heard this. Yang Ziyan was so scary – that girl really wanted you, how could she steal it! !

Yang Ziyan suddenly frowned, as if he was making a difficult balance on a scale… A moment ago, you breathed out hastily, “Forget it, you are studying that.”

Daluo SIR said: “A small number of us are the previous generations who were weak before the foreign expeditionary force was captured by the [Youshen] Empire. Over the years, the alliance has gradually liberated some and brought some We came back and found a secret place to put us. But perhaps because of the mutual compatibility, the former generations of the expeditionary force would have few physical problems, and we would be sent to the base regularly. Treat the same symptoms of regression. If you can definitely cure them, you will become an employee of the base and strengthen the base… Improve your external capabilities, and you will be able to help fewer former generations of the expeditionary force who are not physically defective.”

“They are orphans of war.” Daluo SIR said anxiously: “Wars have always broken out between the Alliance and foreign lands. The small strongholds outside foreign lands are the results of those wars… But correspondingly, The war also created many orphans.”

But the eldest child has a big heart after all, and as he listened, he seemed to get acquainted with her.

Something weird happened.

Xiao Yan and the Seventh Sword Emperor looked under Daluo SIR.

Xiao Yan sighed and said: “You can’t guess… Maybe for the patient donors, we had a very bad relationship. We grew up together, and before one party died, the other party just wanted to live alone… …”

The Seventh Sword Emperor pointed directly at Yun Tianfeng and said in a deep voice: “My younger sister has been missing for eight years. We know life and death… This person may be the only one who knows his whereabouts. Although I am the base However, I beg the emperor to teach you how to do it, and I will definitely send it back intact before you interrogate it!”

Looking at the vigilant eyes of Da Yu and Da Feng, [Liu Shi] was startled for a moment, then felt relieved. I smiled for the first time and said in a serious voice: “It doesn’t matter…even if he is dead. The world before was also bad, you finally saw them…you should retreat from the village first.”

“But at that time, you were attacked by a shadow with a clear origin.” Liu Shikang muttered: “The shadow in front even detonated the water veins, causing the water of Suzaku Lake to pour back.”

“It’s bound to be troublesome.” [Puxian] seemed to just want to finish the trivial matters as soon as possible, “Ask now, I will directly help him search for his soul.”

[Puxian] was startled and looked at it for a while, but saw that Liu Shikang had not mentioned [Xiao Luo] yet, “Where are you going?”

——Ah… I need some water!

[Puxian]’s eyes narrowed for a moment, and he was about to take action, but Yang Ziyan suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him.

“It’s you.” Liu Shikang shook his head, “You go aside and watch first.”

“If you don’t have the ability to do that in front of him, you have nothing to do with him.” Yang Ziyan responded with an expression on her face.

As for Ah Nan… I saw that Chu Nan was pitiful at this time, like a lost dog with a home. He also knew that he found a low cardboard box from outside, squatted down and retreated – and even Biting the handkerchief.

Yang Ziyan knew when she came to Daluo SIR – Xiao Yan very wisely ran to the side early, and she knew what to say to the Seventh Sword Emperor.

“What he means is…” [Puxian] quickly thought of something.

I saw [Puxian] thinking for a moment and said: “Maybe it’s because of the skill, or other factors. It’s definitely not wrong for him to remember that paragraph. He had a similar secret message. I don’t have a clue for the moment… Where did this shadow go before?”

Bang——! !

At the moment when the material touched the white bow, the white long bow suddenly burst out with brilliant light, and escaped from [Xiao Luo]’s hand as soon as it was lifted up. Then it turned into a flash of brilliance and disappeared out of thin air. .

“Yes.” Daluo SIR nodded, “When you were separated from them, you found some treatment records outside the base, as well as some information about personnel changes.”

The Seventh Sword Emperor immediately snorted – Why do you think he is a person who practices diligently!

“Forget it, we set the rules, and we are the ones who follow the rules. What can you say?” The base chef smiled bitterly, but immediately shut his mouth tightly… I quickly turned away He turned around and coughed twice, only to see that white threads instantly climbed down from his throat… And that time, there was one, or maybe two!

The Seventh Sword Emperor just punched Yun Tianfeng directly in the face, “The genius who stole my achievements is the most shameful I have ever seen in my life.”

[Puxian] pondered for a moment, then directly brought Moth Wing, who had been imprisoned for many years, out of the [Imperial Domain], “Can he create dreams?”

[Puxian] on the side frowned and said: “He plans to bury me outside?”

The moment [Xiao Luo] saw the two figures, his eyes were stunned, his throat seemed to be blocked, and he trembled: “Yu’er… Da Feng, they are still alive!”


As he spoke, Yang Ziyan’s lips trembled and she made strange sounds.


“The big flower on the 13th.” Yang Ziyan said calmly at this time: “The Gongyang concealed a lot of data on the 13th, and one of them was not the ability to dream.”

The Seventh Sword Emperor’s heart moved and he blurted out: “Outside the morgue…”

“Me? You…it?” Yang Ziyan frowned, “What is this?”

Yun Tianfeng’s face suddenly turned ugly. His Majesty took action. I was afraid that I would be able to spit out my vague memories of when I was two years old. “They can ask.”

“Oh… Ah Huang, he’s here.” [Puxian] nodded, “It’s just something that happened, and the matter hasn’t been resolved yet. He should go back first.”

Since [Xiao Luo] was not dead yet, the white long bow had no movement, and was only used as a support… to support [Xiao Luo]’s body.

“You think…” Daluo SIR said faintly: “Maybe he hasn’t encountered the Sword Emperor a long time ago.”

“That’s right.” [Puxian] nodded, “When the [Devil Sect] was annihilated, the altar outside was not one of the seventeenth altars among the 104 altars of the Demon Sect. The [Demon Phoenix King], one of the Seven Little Guardian Dharma Kings of the religion, is guarding the place. Before the small battle, the altar was destroyed, and the [Devil Phoenix] disappeared… Here, because an altar was built, the foundation is solid. The site chosen upon arrival became the location for the [Cage] project. It had something to do with their retreat. There was nothing left in the Wai Hui Si, just abandoned ruins. As for the remaining magic texts under the walls, they were not. The sentences praising the [Millennium Demon Lord] should also have some research value for him.”

The person who should have been completely cut off from life and died was [Xiao Luo] who could die again, but his fingertips suddenly moved.

“It means eternity.” Liu Shikang said with an expression on his face: “The real eternity is that you have no way of knowing what happened at the last moment.”

“Don’t look at your young age.” [Puxian] sighed and said: “That bow is even more ancient… After all, when this man shot out the fourth day, you were still a mortal. . Only because of the existence of the [Relics Gate] in the past, time and space were disrupted, and everything that happened ten thousand years later will become like yesterday.”

——I’m sure the boss is willing to help you blow it… I’m excited just thinking about it!

From a distance, seeing [Xiao Luo] holding the child’s hand with both his right and left hands, hurriedly walking into the depths of the secret place, [Puxian] was silently thinking: “What happened then?” Something?”

“…” [Puxian] said: “No matter what, there will never be a place for him outside.”

At this time, Yuan Zhai brought the half-dead Yun Tianfeng up and woke him up immediately… Yun Tianfeng, who came over from Huisi, immediately knew what he needed to face, with a look of defeat on his face.

[Xiao Luo] suddenly raised his head in surprise, looking at the two children in his arms who were trying to struggle out in disbelief. He instinctively wanted to hurt seven people, so he let go of us.

I saw Yang Ziyan placing [Xiao Luo] on the ground of the grass.

[Puxian] waved his hand, and [Imperial Domain] swallowed up No. 13 again, giving me no chance to speak less.

“But…but are there still no experiments on hybridization outside?” The Seventh Sword Emperor frowned, “Then how to explain it?”

Sir Daluo still blinked, that’s what he said… he could hear it and understood it.

Yun Tianfeng said: “[Soul Needle] is based on [Soul Tears]. The product you developed borrowed the characteristics of [Soul Tears] that can harmonize the soul… The soul you sent from Youshen After obtaining a small amount of materials in the ball, you can master these memories, knowledge, and experiences after life. That method is more convenient and faster than any hard work, and as long as you use the right amount, it will even be better than before. Legacy… that is a truly epoch-making creation! Your only work!”

“I remember.”

As if he had been stepped on to a painful place, Yun Tianfeng suddenly became emotional, “What does he know!! What does he know! Who is this Liu Shikang! He is just an orphan who was abandoned by his parents!” Do you have a reserve of low-level knowledge, or do you have the teachings of a famous teacher? It’s just a little luck and you accidentally created [Soul Tears]! You are even still vague about the true value of [Soul Tears]! It’s you, it’s you It was you who tapped the potential of [Soul Tears] and improved the [Soul Needle]! It was you who created the method of resurrection from the dead! The real genius is you!!”

A slow call came, but there was a flash of golden light. No one broke through the base deck of the first layer and landed in the morgue area at the bottom… A golden dragon energy was wrapped around him, and the Taoist robe was calling. Whisping sound——[Huanglong Little Emperor] Yes!

“Your Majesty!” I saw the Seventh Sword Emperor taking the opportunity to come over at this time, “Junior, everything is fine, I hope you can get permission.”

SIR Daluo smiled casually and said, “Sister Song, is she planning to let you be his research subject?”



“Did he think less about it?” [Puxian] seemed to still want to keep him.

“Voluntary?” The Seventh Sword Emperor said in astonishment: “What kind of evil cultivators is he talking about? How do we look like we are voluntary?”

Yang Ziyan looked at the place where [Xiao Luo] fell down, remained silent for a moment, and then said hastily: “Leave it to you.”

Yang Ziyan said: “It’s true that his skills have improved a little now, and he represented [Fire Cloud] in the competition a long time ago, so he should be more calm. You are looking forward to his performance on the battlefield.”

Mo Yi Nuan looked at Qi Zhou’s appearance for many years, and seemed to have thought of something. He said in a depressed tone: “Have they not discovered it yet?”

“Surprisingly…” Xiao Yan understood a little bit.

After a long meeting, Ah Nan squatted in the cardboard box by himself, and had not bitten the eighth handkerchief, “I really want the boss to blow in your ear…”

“Is he going to watch the game?” Daluo SIR asked curiously.

“The seven declines of heaven and man…have you…reached your limit?”



At this time, [Xiao Luo] under the grass had not yet opened his eyes, and sat up hurriedly. I looked around, a look of confusion flashed in my eyes.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The Seventh Sword Emperor showed a hint of joy.

“Yuan Zhai, let him go and see if there are still many survivors.” [Puxian] directly ordered at this time.

The Seventh Sword Emperor murmured to himself: “That [cage]…will not be opened for a day.”

[Puxian] breathed a sigh of relief and said thoughtfully: “It’s troublesome, Ah Huang is the hardest to coax.”

“It’s you!” [Xiao Luo] quickly ran to the side of the two children, stretched out his small hands, and hugged the two of them directly, “You are A Xiao! A Xiao! Do they remember you? ?”

“It is possible that [No. Zero] is still alive. I personally killed me…” [Puxian] lost a trace of alarm on his face, “Did he use [Soul Tears] on me?”



With that punch, Yun Tianfeng fainted. The Seventh Sword Emperor showed great restraint, but if [Samantabhadra] had been there, Huisi might have used lynching.

[Puxian] shook his head and turned his gaze to the body of [No. 0] Experimental Subject.

“It’s voluntary,” Xiao Yanre said.

“You are only responsible for the [Zero] Project. [Liu Shi] is not the first one. Since I am dead, you will just stay out there.” Yang Ziyan shook her head.

Suddenly, the grass in Qizhou moved slightly, and [Liu Shi] quickly looked over.


Big Yu asked curiously: “Brother, how does he know your name?”

Yang Ziyan shook her head, “You only heard a burst of high words, and then your consciousness was controlled. This is a pronunciation syllable that you are very familiar with. You know the content of that high voice, and it is you who It’s recorded.”

Yang Ziyan shook her head, “Just let me stay out there miserably… After all, it seems I only have that day left for that resurrection.”

I saw two large figures, grabbing each other’s hands and walking out in a hurry.




“His father must have told him before, so you should say less.” [Puxian] shook his head, “But [Xiao Luo] did come back to life.”

I saw the surprise gradually disappearing from Yang Ziyan’s face…

“It’s the group of evil cultivators from [Tianlao].” Xiao Yan sighed, “You are talking about the other side that is paired with those evil cultivators who have regressed… Has he noticed that you are outside the base? In addition to encountering so few enemies, have there never been any donors who look like [alien species]? There are only evil cultivators, people from the base who are being controlled, and experimental subjects who are under special observation.”

“You lost…” Yun Tianfeng said faintly at this time: “But you didn’t lose to them, you just lost to heaven…you lost to fate.”

“You are dead.” Yun Tianfeng also said directly: “Your ghost was also taken away, which you saw with your own eyes… It’s just that after your ghost was taken away by the wandering god, you quietly He cut off a large part and made it into a [Soul Needle]. It was originally intended to be used in case of emergency, but he actually used it when he thought of it, and he really fell into the trap.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

A trace of surprise flashed in [Puxian]’s eyes, and then he muttered: “The divine bow is out of action, and those who are destined to catch it…but do they know who the last master was?”

Slowly, Yang Ziyan stopped and muttered: “I wonder if you can have the same effect if you send it out.”

——Everyone can call me Ah Huang!

[Puxian] also shook his head… At the end of the fight with [Xiao Luo], I did not take it out. It was like appearing out of thin air, just like disappearing out of thin air now.’s it. Yang Ziyan suddenly said at this time: “Yes, it can only be regarded as seven creations at least.” Since [Soul Needle] has been improved based on [Soul Tears], the inventor of [Soul Tears] can be regarded as an epoch-making original. ”

The mist is thick and the place is peaceful. The small chaos in the [Cage] base and all the battles seem to be related to this – even if the outside is indeed part of the base.

“Even if the mother’s body will die naturally, there are few male cultivators among the evil cultivators. It can always be said that the donor from the paternal line will also die, right?” The Seventh Sword Emperor suddenly laughed bitterly.

The technology of resurrection from the dead is a taboo, related to a ten thousand-year-old secret of the alliance – in theory, Daluo SIR has been resurrected, which naturally breaks that taboo. It should have been prevented, but it was passed…

——You hate Guangchengzi so much!

“Does he also know?” Liu Shikang asked again.

Daluo SIR said: “The record states that due to unresolved technical problems, the mother’s body will die naturally before giving birth to a newborn, and her vitality will be sucked out by the fetus… Despite this, the mother’s body is still missing. Voluntarily participate in the [cage] project.”

“Before the lake water poured back, you were washed back.” Yang Ziyan shook her head: “You know where to go.”

“Your Majesty, do you have any questions?” The Seventh Sword Emperor breathed a sigh of relief at this time… Knowing that Xiao Luodao is not dead yet, and his soul has not been taken away, I also know that this can only go so far. Outside – there is no one who can fish out the ghosts from the [Fourth Prison]. This has been known for almost ten thousand years.

“He said… is it an evil research institute or a treatment institution?”

“Why is that man so full of drama…” Yuan Zhai was stunned when he saw that scene from a distance, “I have seen so little today.”

“Which xenogeneic…which patient donors are these?”


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