Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 801: It is a [cage]… but it is also a place of shelter (14) -…


At this moment, Ye Yan was evil and full of demonic nature.

He grabbed the boy’s head again and said calmly: “Go ahead, I’ll wait.”

The young man showed a look of fear and hesitation… But under Ye Yan’s gaze, the young man finally nodded silently, “I need the ring in Yun Tianfeng’s hand.”

Ye Yan didn’t even look back when he saw the half-dead Yun Tianfeng’s left finger next to the Second Sword Emperor break directly, and a purple-gold ring flew out instantly.

Ye Yan grabbed the ring with his backhand, and his spiritual thoughts violently destroyed the mark of Yun Tianfeng on the ring, “Whatever you want, I’ll find it for you!”

“[Soul Tears], there is also a crystal ball.” The young man said quickly, “[Soul Tears] looks like a test tube container.”

The purple-gold ring flashed, and two items appeared in Ye Yan’s hand, “Are they the same?”

“Yes, just leave it to me.” The young man nodded, “I will give you a lively student soon.”

“It’s best to do what you said.” Ye Yan sneered.

“Ye Yan, do you really believe him!” The Second Sword Emperor said eagerly at this moment: “There is no such thing as resurrection from the dead in this world! You destroyed Gong Wuhai’s base, what you saw Don’t you still know what those failed experimental subjects look like! Even if you revive your students, they are nothing more than zombies, sane and bloodthirsty monsters!”

With the crazy flow of blood, the long tail in front of [Ou Ju] dried up quickly… one, two, and in the blink of an eye, the eight long white tails were not completely dry!

I looked at the man who had been imprisoned for many years, frowned, and said in surprise: “Experimental Subject No. 13?”

“Degenerate again…” [Puxian] was slightly absent-minded, but then his expression became quite solemn. He stared at the strange little bow in [Qingdi]’s hand and murmured to himself: “Qian Yi Bow… ”

The sound of heartbeat.

Ou Ju was startled, and then met the eyes of the Seventh Sword Emperor. Chang Sheng just nodded and remained silent.


The white bow sounded, and a huge golden light arrow condensed instantly… But that time, what was absorbed under the arrow was indeed a stream of bright red and translucent breath – it turned out to be flowing from under [Ou Ju] And the blood comes out!

But the young man didn’t respond at all, and just said calmly: “All sufferings are gathered together. Death here gives birth to that, and from that there comes this. Due to the yin of suffering, the circulation is endless… Xiao Yan, yin and yang are separated, and the dead never return. Why should he ask weakly?”

The young man’s face suddenly darkened, and with a flash of light in his eyes, the two emperors suddenly trembled and became confused – but before Chang Sheng came over, the moment Baibai emperor saw the young man, he showed a look of horror. color!

Ah Nan rolled his eyes as he listened – maybe the boss can do some kidney transplants…at least he can meet a vixen!

[Puxian] murmured, “He is this person, how could he understand my arrows…”

Normally speaking, the case may only be investigated or investigated, and can only be hung up and become an unsolved case.

“I see, that’s not the reason why he became the Holy Emperor for ten thousand years!” Xiao Yan murmured to himself at this time: “Double [Xiao Luo]! He actually cultivated two [Xiao Luo] at the same time!”

[Puxian] frowned when he heard this, and instantly isolated the cage so that the voice of many years could be heard. At this time, no matter how many years of screaming, [Qing Emperor] could hear it!

You woke up quickly and saw that you were still being held by Ah Nan, so you frowned and said, “His hand.”

“Oh…just measure the size.” Zunan smiled and quickly put Emperor Puxian up.


Youshen paid no attention.

Not long after, even Moth Wing, who had been imprisoned for many years, his eyes were attracted, looking at the pure white cocoon in surprise.

Shooted instantly, real arrows raining down!

I saw Daluo SIR floating in the air, all the light entering my body. I opened my eyes hastily, and my body naturally floated down.

Landing quickly.

In the cage, I saw that [Qing Emperor] had lost all movement and breath of life at this time. Moth Wing fell to the ground after being imprisoned for many years.

It was too slow, only a stream of light with a large projectile was seen, piercing the air at this time, shooting straight towards the years!

“Sword Emperor, we are friends!” Xiao Yan snorted hotly at this time, “His [Nantianmen], listen to what I do!”

I saw a flash of cold light, and the heads of the two Bai Bai Diyu were split instantly and rolled to the ground.

[Puxian] also seemed to be shocked by [Qingdi]’s actions at this time, and stared at the long bow hitting him… Suddenly, [Puxian] waved his hand to block it, and the huge spiritual power It turned into a light shield and blocked the blow of the white long bow!

The Seventh Sword Emperor suddenly screamed at this time.

The first trace of demonic energy also dissipated from Xiao Yan’s body at this time. The [Holy Emperor Soul] was entangled with mantra chains and was forcibly sent into Xiao Yan’s body again.

“You’re so excited.” Ou Jure laughed.

“[Soul Tears]…” The young man pondered for a moment, then frowned, “Yinhun…Yinhun? Where did the ghost come from?”

I saw Zunan bowing to Qifang at this time to express his gratitude. Then, as if he remembered something, he quickly stretched out his hands to catch Samantabhadra… As for Gongyang Zhenren, he was directly before landing on the ground. A sliding shovel was swept far away by the current.

I saw that [Ou Ju] was covered with golden scales, and even her appearance seemed to have transformed into a dragon… I held a white long bow in my hand, but the long bow always came from behind. Looks like!

But after Ou Ju finished speaking, he no longer paid attention to the Seventh Sword Emperor, but urged him for many years, “It’s better to do it. Do you need to refine his blood with magic fire?”

【Puxian】Suddenly on a whim, I had a weird feeling – I felt like I was working for nothing!

Xiao Yan took out two items from the ring… [Soul Tears] potion and crystal ball!

I was pleasantly surprised by the sudden appearance of [Qing Emperor], but the defeat of [Ou Ju] at the hands of [Puxian] put me in a difficult predicament again.

The golden arrow was finally broken by the double [Xiao Luo]… completely shattered.

I saw that Xiao Yan’s demonic energy was overwhelming at this moment. He stretched out his hand and grabbed my straight knife directly from the seventh sword emperor. The straight knife was simple and elegant, but at this time it was It buzzes and exudes edged sword energy. It is indeed a peerless sword!

“What do you mean?” Xiao Yan suddenly trembled.

So, as long as Xiao Yan wanted to break Da Luo’s body for many years, Xiao Yan could barely endure it.

The last moment, the scene changed, Xiao Yan seemed to be pulled into an unknown space… And in that space, it turned out to be [Samantabhadra] with the lowest will!

“It must be [Song Ying] herself out there, and she might be a little bit wary…” The young man’s eyes narrowed, looking directly into the eyes of [Holy Emperor Soul], “But [Song Ying] is dead, dead If you die, you will be so shameless, and you will just leave… Is it bad to leave the future to the previous generation?”

It seems that everyone is happy at this time… happy because of the recovery of Daluo SIR – but I am not happy at all!

“Mr. Luo, Mr. Luo!” Ah Nan lay directly on the ground at this time, crying sadly on the ground, just like a filial man crying in mourning, “Your Mr. Luo!! He died miserably! ”

“You give me an injection of [Soul Tears] first.” After many years, he gritted his teeth and said: “[Soul Tears] cannot nourish my soul roots. As long as the soul roots are not completely dead, [Soul Tears] will always grow. Let it regain some of its activity.”

I saw the Seventh Sword Emperor squatting next to Daluo SIR. He reached out from under Daluo SIR and twisted a piece of transparent silk thread, “What is that?”

Everyone watched closely.

Nian Nuan breathed a sigh of relief and finished pressing hard with his fingers – at this moment, a sharp sound of breaking through the air suddenly came!

The Dao Dharma Realm can definitely give birth to a domain, which gives you a ticket to the throne. As long as you die in the middle, even if you just wait for time, you can still survive until you become emperor… And that [Xiao Luo], It is the final state of the Taoist realm!

The Seventh Sword Emperor was immediately furious. He felt that Xiao Yan was worse than the demonized Xiao Yan… Although he was often vicious and deceitful, he was less hateful than the demonized Xiao Yan now!

——It’s so happy!

The Seventh Sword Emperor said directly: “The direct murderer has not been killed by my teacher. As for the mastermind behind it… Nuo, that’s it. I have my revenge.”

Ye Yan sighed.

The young man sighed anxiously, “Have you ever thought about it, originally I just wanted to give them some exercise, but ended up like that… Ou Ju, he should be vague, [Song Ying]’s Holy Emperor Soul , he still has no ability to control it. He is not possessed by the devil yet, and he will be invaded by the Holy Emperor’s soul in the next step. At that time, he will be the one to control it, but he will become its puppet.”

“Reincarnation…” Ou Ju couldn’t help but lose consciousness and muttered to herself: “[Cang Lan], where is the reincarnation… there is no reincarnation at all… Could it be said that they are…”

[Puxian] looked around at this time and saw that there were many corpses in Qi Zhou, among them were the personnel of the We base. He sighed, “It seems that the [Cage] base is going to be reformed in a bad way… ”

“Mr. Luo, he…he died miserably!!!”

I heard Ming Chunan say slowly at this time: “It’s a dead silkworm, [Xieyue Mountain] Welfare, can’t be resurrected from the dead, you have seen a disciple of [Xieyue Mountain] with your own eyes, because of that kind of skill , he came back to life before he died – but that’s impossible, he actually retreated into a state of suspended animation.”

The Seventh Sword Emperor patted Xiao Yan **** the shoulder as a gesture of condolences.

My voice attracts everyone.

——It’s Kaisen!

Ye Yan didn’t care, “Let’s survive first. If he’s crazy, I’ll cure him. If he can’t be cured, I’ll find a crazy woman to give birth to a baby and leave him a legacy!”

The air suddenly became quiet, as if the passage of time had been forgotten… Everyone has only heard of the magical skill of Dead Silkworm, but there are many people in the world who can witness it with their own eyes.

The Seventh Sword Emperor did not speak.

At this time, the power condensed under the golden arrow is terrifying just by feeling it from a distance! The words about destroying the base are true!

This was the only depressing thing I had in that hell-like base.

Xiao Yan could feel that the [world] was filled with limited vitality… but there was no vitality, but no living things. It was as if there was always a layer of invisible gauze, blocking the final evolution!

That guy has followed the Lord [Yu Jingshan] for ten thousand years. As the first disciple of Tianzun, he has not been able to achieve the title of Holy Emperor so far. No matter how he thinks about it, he feels right!

Even [Samantabhadra] has heard of it a few times in his ten thousand years of Taoism… but has never witnessed it with his own eyes.

“Xiao Yan!” When the young man saw this, he frowned and shouted.

Said, waiting for someone to respond to me, Ou Ju slowly walked towards Daluo SIR, stretched out her hand… but dared to touch it, for fear of breaking it.

When Xiao Yan saw this, he let out a warm groan and smacked it with his palm… However, with my current strength, I was unable to scatter the projectile!


His Majesty cut off the two Imperial Domains so slowly, and the internal smell of the killing was too strong. At this time, I am afraid that the two Daouju can control it from behind, which may involve the [Fourth Prison] Some of them…

The field of Taoism is just a large area, and [Xiao Luo] is like a world… At this time, [Puxian]’s [Ou Ju] and even Chang Sheng are a broken world!

“That teacher of yours…is really qualified.” Xiao Yan muttered first, “Sorry…”

Ou Ju dared to ask Xiao at this time, but she became calm.

But I saw Daluo SIR shaking his head, “You are from [Xieyue Mountain], and you also know what kind of technique it is… That was when you were a child, and you accidentally fell onto the cliff. A skeleton was found outside the cave…”

But seeing [Samantabhadra]’s hands clasped together at this moment, a golden light ball rotated rapidly in the palms of his hands.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed for a moment, but he activated the power of the [Holy Emperor Soul] in his body to the minimum… [Samantabhadra] was always weak, so weak that it filled me with demonic nature and I also felt a sense of fear. !

As I said that, I pinched my fingers and recited the incantation silently.

“Come back!” The young man said as if he was in heaven.

The young man returned to his original appearance at this time. With a heavy sigh, he stretched out his hands and touched Ou Ju heavily. I said loudly: “You are the one who should say sorry.”

“Demon!” [Samantabhadra]’s body suddenly turned into a hundred-foot giant. Then he pointed out his finger, and a loud voice boomed, “Destroy!”

But the Seventh Sword Emperor can vaguely feel that we are actually still there.

It was actually the result of being imprisoned for many years!

The seven of them are young brothers and have a tacit understanding. They greet each other with any greeting, and after saying seven words, they separate and run in two directions at the same time.

In my current state, I was very nervous and could see through the contents of the crystal ball.

“Is it wrong? It turns out he is from [Xieyue Mountain]?” The Seventh Sword Emperor was quite surprised at this time.

At this moment, under the low wall of the morgue, a wall suddenly cracked, and then a huge stream of water washed out… At the same time, only a few figures were seen, emerging from the stream of water. Was thrown out hard!

“Since I am following the advice, then…” [Samantabhadra]’s eyes turned cold and indifferent, “He who was supposed to be born should just return to the dust.”

The Seventh Sword Emperor also nodded, “It seems to be broken.”

The Seventh Sword Emperor is forbidden to move his face. Even if Xiao Yan makes trouble and [Qing Emperor] goes crazy… Even if the [Cage] base is made like that, the emperor is not really angry… even less seems to be There is nothing you can do.

Ou Ju slowly came up from the gourd and walked to the young man’s side. There was no white line on the young man’s neck, slightly protruding from the collar. Something is dirty.

At the last moment, Xiao Yan felt like he was being pressed down by millions of tons… I continued to resist with the power of [Holy Emperor Soul].

The Seventh Sword Emperor said: “I don’t have the ability. He beat the emperor to death, so you can let him go. You are in charge of whatever he likes to do! If he is going to be beaten down, everything he says will be in vain!” ”


Those words were obviously urging Moth Wing for many years.

Outside the morgue, time seemed to pass a lot faster… The Seventh Sword Emperor didn’t even feel like his mind was stagnant.

The Seventh Sword Emperor hesitated to speak… and finally stopped.

However, Ou Jutian waved his palms and made a silencing gesture. He ignored it and subconsciously walked towards the Seventh Sword Emperor.

“Seventh Sword King, stop me!” The young man was willing to show off his strength and shouted directly, “Even if the Seventh Sword Emperor is out there, he will stop me!”

“Say it again! Let go of the big flower!”

At this moment, in the passage, an old man was sitting on a huge gourd and flew quickly… It was Ye Yan, the medical officer outside the base.

I immediately slapped the palm of my hand towards [Puxian] for many years.

“Is it a dead silkworm?” Emperor [Puxian] was also stunned, looking at the strands of silk emerging in disbelief, “This boy… didn’t have such a chance!”

I saw divine light flowing in mid-air, like electric sparks… The last moment, the young man hugged Ou Ju and appeared in the sight of the Seventh Sword Emperor again.

“It’s true. Even what he picked up is bad, and what someone taught him is also important. Those are all important!” Xiao Yan directly hugged Daluo SIR with a small force at this time, “It will be bad when he comes back. ”

“There is a way.” [Puxian] sighed again, “Other things are always up to him… except for things that reverse life and death, you can’t agree… that is taboo.”

A crisp sound.

“His student died just now, and his body is still warm. My soul should still be separated, and Ou Ju has not appeared…” Ding, who has been hot for many years, said: “Perhaps the crystal ball can be used.”

Seeing this, Ye Yan subconsciously turned his spiritual power into his hands and fished back Gongyang Zhenren. Before that, Ye Yan wanted the young man to continue to consume his power, so he drove the wine gourd beside him and rushed directly to the wall. At the rupture of the body, the wine bottle is constantly absorbing the water… It can really absorb it. Obviously the content space is normal and small!

“Let the big flowers bloom!”

The flames were beating, reflected in the pupil of the one remaining eye of Ziyuan Ziyi… Ziyuan Zijin raised his eyelids slightly, as if he felt the terrifying aspect of the demonic fire.

But seeing Xiao Yan create a terrifying sword energy at this time, he immediately rose into the air, “He just cares about that guy and does what he should do!”


“No more work.” [Puxian] nodded complicatedly, waved his hand, and a spiritual power turned into a cage, instantly imprisoning the flying years.

“The Seventh Sword Emperor!” Xiao Yan snorted angrily.

Xiao Yan looked at her wordlessly.

After enduring the severe pain in my body for many years, the syringe has not yet touched Daluo SIR’s wrist, but he dared to take a step back, “So, you’re done?”

“Is that… a ghost?” Upon seeing this, the young man imprisoned the ghost directly with a move of his hand, “Youshen, what’s going on?”

At this moment, Xiao Yan faintly noticed that there was another weak aura in [Xiao Luo]… I was shocked. As the inheritance of [Ou Ju], as long as you are willing to open it [Holy Emperor Soul], it is rare to understand that it only takes an instant, and it will be clear in one point.

Sitting on the double function of [Xiao Luo], the shadow of [Holy Emperor Soul] in front of Xiao Yan roared crazily, trying to break free of those mantra chains!

It seems that he was really beaten and tamed by Xiao Yan.

I saw [Puxian] Chang Sheng strike out with a palm, directly hitting [Qingdi] between the eyebrows, instantly smashing his skull to pieces.

I saw many years standing tremblingly at this time, and it was so desolate. I burst into tears and my voice was hoarse: “Ah Xiao… we are all dead! Da Feng… Big Fish… Xiaojia, Xiaojia They are all dead…”

A sound of ancient rhythms, accompanied by the young man’s loud singing at this time, ended up pouring into Xiao Yan’s body… The thicker demonic energy was frantically drawn out, and the phantom of [Holy Emperor Soul] It’s also becoming more colorful.

For many years now, my face has been ashen, and my head is high and silent.

It’s complicated, but it’s precious.

I saw a young man appearing in mid-air in the morgue with a solemn expression… [Samantabhadra], Your Majesty!

“That is a very stupid road.” The young man’s voice sounded in that world, “Among the seventeen emperors, although you are the earliest to get started, your talent is actually the worst. There is no harm in passing, and everyone has no destiny. It’s just a law… Do you know why you let him see those [Xiao Luo].”

“The donors who escaped from the East District have not been recaptured yet.”

Double [Oju]!

This is just the intuitive feeling of the Seventh Sword Emperor. Even [Puxian] Ye Yan, who was watching from a distance, had a strange expression at this time.


Everyone watched that scene in silence. The Seventh Sword Emperor only felt that he was not physically comfortable. He had never heard of Emperor Samantabhadra. After all, I also graduated from the Academy, but I had never interacted with him… So Daluo has quite a lot of connections?

Suddenly, Xiao Yan moved slowly… The speed was much faster than when he was under demonization, but it was still too fast – I was slowly looking for something in the ruins, and even very slowly he came out of the ruins. Among them, a purple-gold ring was found!

Xiao Yan’s face was ashen at this time, he raised his head reluctantly, and said in a hoarse voice: “Your Majesty… you can’t give up the inheritance of [Ou Ju], Chang Sheng wants the [Holy Emperor Soul]… but please He asked you to save me…please him, please save me!”

At this moment, the stagnation feeling suddenly disappeared.

The golden words turned into chains and instantly wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body!

In the palm of his hand, the strong killing intent instantly turned into blue-white demonic fire.

“It’s still until he knows.” [Puxian]’s face darkened a little, “This case is open, but it is related to… In short, if he continues to be stubborn, I can’t stop him.”

“Yes.” The young man nodded and said thoughtfully: “Gongyang should have concealed some of my ordinary abilities, or maybe because of well-known reasons, I myself have degenerated and then hid them again. Even The Rams themselves are vague…you hope for the worst to be the former.”

“Spare my life!!!”

“Meditate!” [Samantabhadra]’s Dharmakaya appeared instantly, “Listen to your Taoist song!”

“Return the big flower…” [Qingdi] But his arms naturally dropped, and the long bow was directly inserted into the ground, supporting my body. After saying this, my head lost any support. Then he hung down.

Obviously, Ou Ju has not been idle in the past time. He alone controlled nearly one-seventh of the base area, but he went to deal with these rioting evil cultivators.

——If I had known that guy was going to die…why did he spend so little money to help Xiao Yan purify the demonic energy and create a sealing package?

“Your Majesty!” The Seventh Sword Emperor’s brows jumped… Was His Majesty struck by a golden arrow of light?

Puxian Emperor squatted directly next to Daluo SIR, silently watching my face, but saying nothing.

——What happened to that man?

“Life or death.” The young man sighed, “Thousands of years ago, when he looked back from the beginning, everything was just casual… But [reincarnation] can really be damaged by this.”

On the contrary, [Ou Ju]’s originally stable mood was instantly ignited, and the long bow in her hand turned in an instant… I pulled the bow string, and thousands of golden light arrows appeared in front of me at the same time!

The wrist that had been held for many years was instantly knocked open, and the syringe was immediately thrown far away!

Far away, seeing Daluo SIR waking up, Emperor Puxian quietly clutched his chest, closed his eyes, breathed out… and finally regained his heat-clearing appearance.

But at this time, a shrill cry suddenly came, and it was seen that Tan Nan had not changed out of the full set of mourning clothes…even [Samantabhadra] had not noticed it!


At this time, Xiao Yan woke up quickly… The moment I opened my eyes, I sat up suddenly, took a deep breath, and subconsciously covered my heart… Memories after fainting The tide came, and I just felt dizzy in my cerebellum.

Ou Ju’s eyes lit up instantly, and she saw the pure white cocoon suddenly split open, a hand suddenly stretched out from the cocoon, and then tore the cocoon open. At this time, Da Luo SIR’s body was hanging in the air, The body is full of splendor.

The long bow split from the middle and turned into the shape of [x]… A ray of golden light arrow has not yet been loaded into it. Under the arrow, the spiral absorbs wisps of brilliant light!

At the same time, [Qing Emperor] also loosened his bowstring!

Bang——! ! !

I saw that [Puxian] took a deep breath at this time, and the thin white threads on his neck disappeared quickly. Ou Ju and I said, “What’s the matter? It’s just that the physical exertion is less.” That’s all…Does he think [Holy Emperor Soul] is so bad at sealing? That’s [Song Ying].”

At this time, Ye Yan directly mentioned the unconscious Gongyang Zhenren, and while waking him up, he asked in a deep voice: “Sister Song, can you tell me what is going on… Gongyang, why did you do this? Like that?”

Unexpectedly, the gourd suddenly stopped and moved at this time. [Puxian] frowned, and saw that the magic beads used to plug the gourd’s mouth suddenly shattered, and a figure escaped from the gourd in front of him!

“Really, alive…” Xiao Yan smiled.

“Then… the little tutor, you will cry when you see him, so help him.” Ah Nan’s expression was stern at this time, and then he said quietly: “In the past, you covered all his tears. ”

“He also has the ability to take care of you now.” Xiao Yan Changsheng said.

The double [Xiao Luo] turned into two spheres at this time, attracting each other, circling each other…spirals! The spheres entangled and interfering with each other contain the power of annihilation!

That shocking arrow was actually able to penetrate the double [Xiao Luo] force field… It was [Ou Ju] who knew that [Puxian] was suffering from bad things at this time and that he was aging slowly. And it’s a bad feeling!

Double [Xiao Luo] hadn’t wiped out half of the light arrow at this time, only to see [Qing Emperor] roar at this time, gave up on drawing the bow and shot the seventh arrow, and instead directly swung the white long bow , hit [Samantabhadra] head-on!

But the young man frowned at this time.

“That’s why I got him.” [Puxian] shouted in a deep voice, and the whole [Xiao Luo] was instantly filled with countless golden mantras!


“You know that!” Ah Nan, who was dressed in a filial man’s uniform, suddenly turned around and immediately vomited out Bai Bai Diyu again, “Those two guys brought it, we and Yuntian After the wind comes the accomplice.”

At this time, Nuan Nuan took out a syringe, extracted soul tears from the test tube, and then stabbed Daluo SIR’s wrist.

I stared straight into the air with blinking eyes – the moment [Ou Ju] arrived, both Emperor [Samantabhadra] and Ou Ju disappeared from my world in an instant. It’s like it’s disappeared!

“Chang Sheng.” Ou Ju showed the first and smallest patience and nodded with an expression on her face.

Daluo SIR looked confused at this time, looked at his hands subconsciously, and muttered to himself: “How could you…”

At this time, in front of Ye Yan was the puppet, Daozhen, who had retreated into a fighting state.

The Seventh Sword Emperor was stunned, that Xiao Yan was really crazy… He was so embarrassed, what was that tone just now?

The two long tails in front of [Qing Emperor] also dried up directly at this time, and [Qing Emperor]’s body was also aging rapidly, as if all the brilliance and time of his life had been poured into it. Got under that arrow!

Unexpectedly, a lot of silk threads appeared under Daluo SIR’s body… and they continued to increase, just like silk.

“That is the weakest bow in the sky, the Qianyi Bow, but he used it as a hammer. It’s really…” [Puxian] sighed at this time, “It’s a pity that he is the real person, otherwise you would How could I catch that arrow…”

“As long as he gives up the idea of ​​resurrecting his student.” [Puxian] said solemnly: “Who is that for… When he can really obtain the broken soul of [Ou Ju] Holy Emperor, and become a new generation of Song Ying, he will understand.”

“I’m numb!” The Seventh Sword Emperor gritted his teeth and ducked in an instant, arriving behind the moth wing that had been there for many years!

Suddenly, a normal cry of grievance suddenly sounded!

“I think he is really crazy.” The Seventh Sword Emperor sighed, “It is taboo to reverse life and death… Labor and management have no control over the things you did before!”

“What if you say you are willing.”

“Da Hua?” [Puxian] said in a deep voice: “[No. People.”

The bodies of the two emperors were pulled apart instantly and fell heavily together!

“Why should he help you?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes.

“Who knows.” Xiao Yan waved his hand, “No matter how it was in the past, you are only vague about what you want to do most now. That is not your current idea. I must say less to you. If you call him “Your Majesty”, it’s an insult, so just stay and watch.”

I saw Ou Jutian walking to the Sword Emperor, but what he really saw was the body of Daluo SIR that was moved by the Seventh Sword Emperor and placed next to him… and Xiao Yan was next to him.

Scenes of past events flashed through [Ou Ju]’s mind.

Crannan froze for a moment as she was shaking… She actually stopped, raised her head, and looked blankly at Emperor Samantabhadra – those words were said by Emperor Samantabhadra.

Ye Yan seemed to be in a hurry, and his clothes were torn.

“Is it a dead silkworm?” Daluo SIR opened his mouth in confusion at this time.

“It’s bad.” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head. I sighed, looked back at Daluo SIR lying next to me, and said quietly: “I told you that you would find me in your last life… But all your life, you wanted to help me collect my body, but you thought about where my hometown was.”


[Samantabhadra] stretched out his hand to grab the gourd, imprisoning it in mid-air, and muttered: “That guy is not in trouble yet.”


Everyone first heard a cry that was either joyful or frightening.

That is the emperor, the real emperor. Since the [Seventeen Kunlun Emperors], no one has ever been able to explore the depth of the strength of the first emperor!

Emperor Puxian breathed out urgently, and then said with an expression on his face: “Who killed me?”

“Let me go!!” But seeing [Qingdi] stop completely, “Otherwise you will destroy that place and let them lose everything!”

At that moment, [Puxian] frowned.

A shrill wail came from the complete crystal ball. At the same time, a gloomy mist slowly dispersed, and a shadow emerged from the crystal ball. , the appearance is distorted, as if crazy!

“Ah Xiao! Save you!”

“An old actor.” Xiao Yan looked up and saw the young man, and smiled warmly: “How could the dignified chief of the Seventeen Emperors be injured so easily? He even had to entrust two seniors to do the work. .”

“Your Majesty, those years are probably not the initiator of that incident.” The Seventh Sword Emperor mentioned the years that seemed like mud, “Leave it to him.”

“What is that for?” Xiao Yan pointed at the seventh item – the crystal ball.

“Why bother.” [Puxian] sighed, but stretched out his hand, “Let him come on.”

“Your Majesty, Xiao Yan me?”

“Master…” Ye Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly at this time, with a hint of panic flashing in his eyes.

Finally, the silk under Daluo SIR has not yet formed a small cocoon.

Cardiac resuscitation!

Xiao Yan was directly in front of the young man at this time, “Your Majesty…take away the inheritance under your body, you just want to save me!”

Unexpectedly, [Puxian] snorted deeply at this time, directly interrupting the two emperors’ words, “Born into the [Fourth Prison] emperors, the Nether Clan actually had an affair with someone inside and secretly Yinhun, if he violates the alliance’s petty taboo, behead him.”

“Dahua…” I saw that [Qingdi] was slightly absent-minded at this time, suddenly shook his head, and then said in a deep voice: “Save him immediately! Dahua!!”

Xiao Yan stabbed straight at this moment, but [Puxian] blocked it with his palm!

“What did he say…” Xiao Yan lost consciousness for a moment.

Ou Ju suddenly blew his beard and glared. Emperor Samantabhadra could only mess with people’s minds for a day or two.

[Puxian] released his hands at this time, and Ou Ju’s body seemed to be put into the flowing water, flowing rapidly towards the Seventh Sword Emperor.

[Puxian] directly unfolded [Xiao Luo], swallowing up all the terrifying arrow rain!

Ou Ju said something.

“Wake up.” The Seventh Sword Emperor Changsheng greeted.

[Qing Emperor] is so wide-eyed at this moment!

Ye Yan sighed and glanced at Qi Zhou. Seeing this miserable situation, he sighed again, “It seems that the matter is over… Then he is not the initiator.”

At this time, the arrow was under the string, and the power gathered was enough to move [Samantabhadra]… but that was not yet the real thing, capable of reaching the power of the throne!

“Is it really the Silkworm Death Kung Fu?!” The Seventh Sword Emperor was even more unbelievable, “[Xieyue Mountain] secretly passed down a metaphysical resurrection coin in everyone’s hands? That is actually true, is it a lie? A human legend?”

“Wandering God.” The young man frowned. Seeing that Emperor Samantabhadra seemed to be unconscious or awake at this time, he thought for a moment, and when his fingers were pressed together, a ray of divine light shot out and injected into Emperor Samantabhadra’s body.

“Your Majesty, have mercy on me! Your Majesty, have mercy on me!” Knowing that they could escape, the two emperors in Bai Bai quickly knelt down and begged for mercy, “You were just serving the city…”

Quietness… In the long silence, something suddenly sounded again.

“You are asking for it.” Xiao Yan said calmly: “You are taking it. If you take what you want, no one can stop you.”

“You’ve heard of dead silkworms.” Xiao Yan said solemnly: “You mean, I…can recover, right!”

——It’s so happy!

“Look who dares to stop you today!”

An arrow shot out like a meteor in an instant!

In mid-air, four long white tails were twisting continuously like spiritual snakes… A breath of horror spread out immediately!

It seems that Xiao Yan wants to do the same thing regardless of whether he is demonized or not.

“Who set the taboo?” Xiao Yan laughed warmly, and his demonic nature exploded instantly.

I saw Emperor Puxian walking slowly to Xiao Yan’s side, snatching the crystal ball from my despairing hand, and then smashed it with force, “That is not the so-called resurrection from the dead!”

“Oh my god, I can actually witness the efficacy of dead silkworms with my own eyes…” Old Man Ou Ju couldn’t help but marvel, “It’s an anecdote for the ages, it’s worth it!”

“Puxian!!!” Xiao Yan suddenly became extremely happy, and the demonic energy surged out of his body crazily… forcing it out, “Kill him!!!”

“My condolences.” It was acquaintance with Daluo SIR. The Seventh Sword Emperor could only say loudly, “Emperor Puxian.”

A wave of tiredness made Xiao Yan’s consciousness drowsy, and he seemed to faint again immediately… But I suddenly bit my lip and said sternly: “Your Majesty!”

“The [Holy Emperor Soul] has not been resealed yet.” The young man said calmly at this time: “Chang Sheng, that is their [Nantianmen] treasure, you will take care of it.”

“Why…that doesn’t have those things! The power of revenge…doesn’t only have those things!!!” I roared angrily: “Liar! That liar!”

The Seventh Sword Emperor secretly sighed in his heart and glanced at Daluo SIR subconsciously… What a pity for that guy – I actually have a bad opinion of Daluo SIR, but he hasn’t waited for a real fight with me.

“Did you see it? That’s not the secret of resurrection from the dead.” Ou Jutian sighed at this time, “It’s complicated to say, but it’s just about living forever. We plant the ghost into the body of the deceased, and through [ The nourishment of “Soul Tears” allows the ghost soul to fit into the new body, and then uses Changsheng’s method to ensure that the body is corrupted, making it look like it is resurrected from the dead… but it is actually just a trick.”

“Wow ah ah ah… help!!!!” A man with short hair screamed at this time. When he was about to fall to the ground, his body suddenly turned 880 degrees. Then your feet landed firmly on the ground, and you instantly opened your hands, “Full marks! Thank you, thank you Xiaojia!”

“You just want him to get ahead of the difficulty.” [Puxian] sighed, “[Song Ying]’s inheritance is Yi, that’s his chance, but it’s too early… Xiao Yan, listen Then, I will be there, wash away his demonic nature, and seal the [Holy Emperor Soul] under him As the strength increases in the past, the seal will be lifted step by step… But not like that , he can perfectly withstand the power of [Holy Emperor Soul]… Do the other two families have that kind of treatment?”

“I’m stupid, he didn’t save me!” A gentle voice sounded, and it was the voice of Emperor Samantabhadra… You looked directly at Xiao Yan at this time, and said in a deep voice: “That so-called His resurrection from the dead was a lie!”

“Xiao Luo.” [Puxian]’s eyes flashed at this moment!

“Forget it, Ruda’s child has always been like that.” The young man shook his head, “You are born without love.”

At this time, Moth Wing, whose body had been seriously injured for many years, was even able to resist, but the Seventh Sword Emperor directly grabbed his arm and pressed it to the ground!

Xiao Yan was slightly startled. In a stunned moment, the projectile light suddenly split into two streams, one rushed towards Xiao Yan, and the other directly hit the wrist that had been there for many years!

But the Seventh Sword Emperor was cursing in his heart – that guy was treating me like a son, he just wanted to give it to me, but now he is asking for it, obviously he is waiting for someone to serve him! Yuntian Fengtai is a perfect match!


From a distance, Chan Nan knelt directly on the ground, sliding towards him, but he accurately heard the side of Emperor Puxian, and stood beside him, “Why did he leave then…Baby’s heart is broken It’s so painful! The man misses his teachings every day, but he still hasn’t had time to express his gratitude to him for his small kindness!! Why is he so cruel, why!! God is jealous of Yingcai…Heaven is jealous of Yingcai!! ”

I pointed to Experimental Subject No. 13, who had been imprisoned for many years.

I saw that the gourd tied around my waist burst out with bursts of light and shook wildly… It even broke the tether as soon as it was pulled up and rushed into the sky.

Da Luo’s life is not all there yet, it’s just a corpse, so I’m not worried about what he will do in the years – because the situation can be more exciting.


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