Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 803: Head 7


On the island in the center of the Suzaku Lake, the fairy spirit curls up.

The young man was carrying a food box and walking slowly among the mountains and forests on the island – finally, he came to a pool in the center of the island.

A young man in white clothes was sitting cross-legged on a stone at the edge of the pool – meditating.

[Puxian] looked at the young man, lowered his head slightly, and called softly: “Master, I brought breakfast for you.”


The boy in white took small bites of the pastries in the food box. He ate slowly and chewed each bite thirty times.

“…This is what happened.” [Puxian] breathed out slowly at this time, “The incident at the [Cage] base this time was all due to the disciple’s neglect of supervision. The disciple is willing to shoulder the responsibility. .”

The young man said: “Since the first experimental subject escaped, I led the Dharmakaya down the mountain. Today happens to be the sixth day… You said, [Xiao Yan] has the last day left?”

[Puxian] nodded, “It seems so.”

The young man muttered: “There used to be a saying about [First Seven], which said that after a person dies, the soul will return to the soul on the seventh day. The night of the seventh day is also called the night of soul return, but he was there on the seventh day. Only then did he really die.”


In front of the door is a space similar to a computer room, with dozens of giant differential engines located in it – but they are all moving.

“Let’s go…” Duo Nan was startled, “Where are we going?”

Gurgling, there was a knock on the door.

Probably because he has experienced a lot of things, he is familiar with it. The Seventh Sword Emperor nodded at this time, breathed out and said: “Actually, you haven’t run out of guesses yet. After all, he is missing. It’s been so long, but until the truth is revealed, there is probably no chance…”

That place was commonly known as the Woman’s Speed ​​Bump—but when the Seventh Sword Emperor came, He Xin simply temporarily changed its name to the Fierce Girl’s Speed ​​Bump.

I saw Chan Nan suddenly narrowed his eyes, then suddenly bent over, then reached out and hurriedly pulled on his collar… Everyone subconsciously narrowed their eyes and stopped breathing for a moment.

A ball of light quickly floated out from the body of [Imperial Domain] and fell into Boss Luo’s palm like a orb.

“Give it back to you!” [Duo Nan] suddenly acted coquettishly.

“Bad, then come!”

There was a pneumatic sound, and the heavy steel door was opened hastily. Duo Nan looked around furtively, and then slowly stepped away.

Is that… a dream?

[Puxian] shuddered violently, turned into light and ran away, “Brother, I still have to deal with matters at the base, so say goodbye!”

A certain Nan was still squatting outside the carton at this time. It seemed like you were really abandoned – you even fell asleep, and then you were woken up by the sound of digging.

[Puxian] was startled and said in astonishment: “Master means that what the disciple saw was that [Xiao Yan] was not truly resurrected… His death was actually six days ago?”

So, women’s slow happiness is not that complicated and… cheap.

At this moment, a voice of exclamation came.

Ah Nan yawned at this time and stretched hard – your waist is really thin.

“Hey, what are you digging out there? You’ve been digging for so long!”

Yuan Zhai sighed at this moment, and then threw an evil cultivator directly into the confinement room – those evil cultivators had many donor deaths and injuries, and the ones captured now are still half of what they used to be. , when the base is repaired and the [Cage] plan is reopened, it will probably be returned from the [Tianlao] again.

The Seventh Sword Emperor suddenly frowned, exuding an aura of vigilance, which was quite terrifying!

Since Gong Youhai’s base is still being detained outside [Nantianmen], the lower level may be in charge of this matter.

Because there are not too few materials, it seems that only the [Pingtian] Group can produce it, especially the central mastermind of the base. Only the technical apes of the [Pingtian] Group are unable to repair it.


Although Xiao looks shorter and stronger than anyone else there, it didn’t affect the boy [bullying] me at all.

“It turns out that it is really a scripture from the [Youtian Heart Sutra].” [Samantabhadra] took a deep breath at this time, “When the disciple heard it, he didn’t make any guesses, and quickly secretly activated [He Xin] to The influence of the scriptures must be eliminated, otherwise I am afraid that the weirdness of the [Youtian Heart Sutra]… will leave a bad influence on the people present.”

We walked to that bright place and talked about something with us…it seemed like an unfinished topic.

Outside the morgue, employees have also finished digging… Due to the landslide, the cold storage where the bodies were stored was also buried.

The impact of the 13th has not been eliminated, but the base was really hit hard. It will probably take a long time to repair it – even in multiple places, you need to find a contractor to come and take care of it!

That day outside.

Didn’t he immediately go back to [Nantianmen]? Instead, he came outside to rest for a while – probably also to discuss what happened before and how to report it.

Everyone immediately rolled their eyes and continued digging.

“Could it be somewhere else? Did he try somewhere else?”

[Duo Nan] did not wake up.

The Seventh Sword Emperor pondered: “But how do you explain the Dayao you met later?”

Ah Nan suddenly felt a chill, opened his mouth, and swallowed the syringe directly… Then [Soul Tears], you can **** it by yourself, you need a few more to hold up the next one The unit’s [source of alien bodies]!

“Even if he activates [Xiao Yao], there will be no problem.” Baiyi suddenly shook his head for many years, “Those people, especially those around Xiao Yan, do not have the power to protect me.”

“He turns out to be brainless!” Xiao Yan said exaggeratedly.

It was expected that when the needle had not penetrated the skin, it had not yet been grasped…taken away by someone’s hand.

“It’s really weird things happening one after another…” Yuan Zhai couldn’t help but rub his chin, feeling that he had learned too little today!

[Duo Nan] shrugged, “I’m bored, come out and get some air.”

[Puxian] felt nothing for a moment, and looked towards the forest in the pond. He saw a Taoist with a fairy-like appearance, a girl with a male appearance, and his appearance was a little more graceful than [Puxian] himself. Come.

The needle flicked twice, and [Duo Nan] inserted the needle directly under his arm.

The Seventh Sword Emperor gave a complex explanation, “…According to the information obtained from Gong Youhai, that Dayao did come out of the [Cage] base, and I am afraid that he was originally disposed of as a corpse. It was smuggled out and then injected with other ghosts through Yun Tianfeng’s technology.”


“I have met Master.” The Taoist bowed his head and then looked at [Puxian] again, “I have met Senior Brother.”


Is that a dream?

That was a dream.

Did the Sword Emperor continue?

“You can do it if you want, right?” Tan Nan laughed again, and then gave Duo Nan’s buttocks a hard slap, “Let’s go when you wake up. It’s time to close the door later.”

“You know if there is no backup room.” [Duo Nan] narrowed his eyes at this time and laughed again – but [Duo Nan] came to that place not to get the information from that place.

I have done He Xin in [Holy Emperor Soul] before, but can we still compete with him now?

“…Slowly, slowly close the confinement room!” Yuan Zhai suddenly trembled and ordered quickly!

I pinched the light ball with my fingers. Under the simulated sunlight, the outside of the light ball was bright. It was a dreamy outdoor lunch.

“A fight?” The Seventh Sword Emperor snorted.

“Teacher!” [Duo Nan] suddenly narrowed his eyes and showed a lot of relief, “He is a lecturer on morality!”

“Let him take it as such.” Baiyi waved his hand and said, “Xiao Yan’s matter has no fate of my own. You must have interfered too little.”

Walking to the tree, he looked at the smiling [Imperial Domain], Da Luo, leaning in the shade of the tree… Boss Luo looked back at the group of children who were cheering.


“He is talking about this thing about Bai Ying?” Baiyi said for many years: “What Song Ying heard was a section of the [Youtian Heart Sutra] of the [Millennium Demon Lord]. Could it be that you were able to memorize a large section of it?” , I am truly worthy of being Luda’s man, he is equally unexpected.”


Xiao Yan glanced at Daluo SIR at this time, but did not care that Daluo SIR did not hide anything about Dayao – the student was even willing to block a fatal blow for him, and there was nothing he could do Forgiven.

He Xin and Ma SIR2.0 asked curiously.


“It’s bad, but it’s not like that anymore.”

“Good students have bad credibility~”

“A Xiao, that one is for him!”

He Xin also rolled his eyes and said: “That’s a shame. It’s fine for the alliance to do some bad things behind the scenes, but it has to do all the good things secretly, making everyone cry for beatings, and then the whole world will condemn it. Is he the only one who is in a precarious situation? Just ask him, if the base is really an evil place, how should he deal with it?”

“He really went to play the check-in game, didn’t he?” Nan Nan said with an animated voice.

I just want to find a quiet place where no one will disturb me.

Suddenly, Chen Nan pulled the collar to the extreme, revealing a small piece of protective soft armor.

The children seem to be Xiao, a newcomer from outside [the village].

The Seventh Sword Emperor shook his head, “No matter what, that matter has been transferred. At that time in the base, the Emperor asked you to ask Yun Tianfeng, it was not a small concession…I’m afraid, I will let you ask about even fewer things, especially the various technical issues derived from [Soul Tears].”

“But according to what they said, that Dayao’s behavior was abnormal, and it was not the same as the behavior of these irrational hybrids in Gong Youhai base.” I thought to myself: “It would be that kind of technology. In fact, Is it not possible to adjust the individual who is injected with the ghost? For example, if it is not necessary, make it only know how to fight and keep it individual?”

The Seventh Sword Emperor hit a few sandbags casually.

“You don’t have that for you yet, share it with him!”

“Go back to Qifang Pavilion!” Ah Nan said directly: “Are you going to get rid of him?”

On a tree in the secret realm, a figure came hurriedly.



“Bad dream.”

That is the reserve center of the [Cage] base. It will only be temporarily activated when the main brain of the center is truly paralyzed.

“It can be considered a contribution to the cleanliness of the city.” Xiao Yan couldn’t help but smile.

“Senior Brother~”

“Still thinking about Sister Yang?” Daluo SIR looked at the Seventh Sword Emperor and asked proactively.

“When did you run out?” Zu Nanre Ding asked.

“I know. Mr. Yuan Zhai asked you to dig in the distance. If you definitely see a test tube-shaped container and a crystal ball, bring it back to me. But you have been digging for a long time. I just found the crystal ball, not the container.”

Ma SIR2.0’s eyes suddenly widened, he sat up and took a sip of wine, then thought about it and said: “Yes, I really thought that the base on the ground of the Shen Nong Pharmaceutical Factory turned out to be a treatment institution. You thought you could expose the alliance’s dirty laundry.”

We were eating small pot rice, and everyone gathered around, discussing something happily… The rear was bright, normal light, [Imperial Domain] looked at the place where he was missing, smiled slightly, and raised his consciousness He raised his legs and walked towards the children.

“Disciple, I obey.” [Puxian] nodded.


“Ah Xiao, it’s time to eat!”

[Puxian] suddenly rolled his eyes, “You are the one who slowly steps back the coffin with half a foot, so he is more worried… Find Ah Huang or Ah Cheng, we are still young.”


“The damage rate has reached nearly 10%…that’s a lot less taxpayer money.”

“Senior brother, I didn’t miss you.” The handsome Taoist asked seriously at this time.

At this time, Bai Yiyi swept his clothes, stood up, and waved his hand, and Experimental Subject No. 13, who was imprisoned in [Xiaoyao] of [Puxian], was instantly captured. Then he followed Baiyi for many years and flew directly through the air.

Yuan Zhai looked around consciously and saw a figure. At this time, he slowly rushed out of the small door of the prison cell… It was surprisingly one of the batch of evil cultivator donors with an extremely low safety index. 【Demon Devourer】!

Hearing the sound, all the base personnel stopped and looked.

In the base of [Cage], everyone is busy.

“The place is wrong.”


“Who is Dayao?”

“My teacher is returning.”

[Puxian] nodded. I had not thought of that result, so I did not mean it. “So, the [Little Holy Land of Netherworld] involved in that incident… By the way, two people You Shen hasn’t been executed on the spot yet, but we should be just following orders. I don’t know… the city lord we mentioned must have guessed correctly, it should be the city lord of [Wine Death City].”

Before the confinement room was locked, the [Demon Devourer] outside finally stopped, but he lay directly on the ground, foaming at the mouth… Who knows what I have experienced?

Everyone was stunned!

“Be still, don’t be impulsive!” Ma SIR2.0 said quickly at this time: “It’s what you ordered!”

I saw Ma SIR2.0 holding a box of [Kunbeer] at this time. The two bottles pried open the lids of each other, “You are so powerful. You are investigating the local people in the small streets every day.” Apart from finding hundreds of mouse nests, I gained nothing! Huh!”


“So…they were pretty ordinary those days, huh?”

“Slow…slow down, the horse over there is about to collapse, find someone to reinforce it!”

“I know.” Baiyi said calmly for many years: “This matter will be handled by the teacher association.”

Slowly, [Duo Nan] found a place to do it, then pinched his sleeves, got a rubber band, tied his arm directly, and then took out a syringe, and… …[Soul Tears]!

That was a dream.

“Can [Holy Emperor Soul] resist [Youtian Heart Sutra]?” [Samantabhadra] was stunned for a moment… Even if the [Holy Emperor Soul] can do it, I can. Sure – what’s more, what’s inside Xiao Yan’s body is not broken?

At the front, the dignified [Demon-Eater Lord] was bouncing off the ground. He was stunned to hit a bank and crash directly into a cell in a solitary room – extremely accurate!

Crannan blinked his eyes at this time, as if he was thinking nothing.

“Learn to give injections when you are older, and you will get better when you are young! It’s good!” Channan rolled her eyes at this time, “Look at his unfamiliar technique, tsk tsk, how many more will you inhale from now on?” ”

Ah Nan frowned, shook his head a few times, and saw Duonan suddenly woke up, murmuring as if in his sleep, “Teacher? Where were you… You remember that you were on your way to check in, and then… …”

But seeing that [Demon Devourer]’s body seemed to be under control at this time, before rushing into the small door, he hit the wall in a roundabout way – then it seemed to be ejected to the ground again, and then to the ground. Under the ceiling, it’s like a rubber ball!

“Nothing happened yet.” [Puxian] suddenly said.

“Yuan…Yuanzhai villain! Look!”

[Duo Nan] was immediately dumbfounded. Whose shape is the teacher’s body? Why do you dare to put anything in it… Are you just afraid of taking it out?

He Xin took the bottle and weighed it again, “Let’s have a drink.”

Ma SIR2.0 was stunned for a while, “You are wrong, you accept the punishment, you did half a box, they do whatever they want!”



Braised elbow, soy sauce beef, stir-fried snails, cold vegetables… there are enough peanut tubes to set up a full table – and there is not even a box of [Kun Beer].

Tao Nan, who had just woken up, turned slightly red and said softly: “You were just checking in! Did you do anything strange?”

[Puxian] was silent for a while, then said hurriedly: “Cihang, when did he come back?”


Baiyi thought to himself at this time: “As for the reappearance of [Youtian Scripture] and the mysterious white shadow, leave it to me to investigate.”

The young man in white shook his head, “The matter of [Xiao Yan] is over here. However, the [Cage] base cannot be abandoned, and the reconstruction matter is still left to you.”

Ah Nan stared at Suspiciously, [Duo Nan] had a fierce look on his face, and then his eyes gradually became lighter – before Nan Nan could react, [Duo Nan] suddenly fell down .

——Li sale? !


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