Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 556: Part 8 of the Grand Festival: Transmission


Last URL: “Look! That’s what I call a hole!”

A group of ragged but energetic people appeared at the destroyed street corner at this time – the youth and his party, as well as Chu Xin.

“Sure enough, a powerhouse that has never been seen before appeared… Such a big fight, such a big fight!”

Everyone’s scalp tingles.

The power exuded by the Maharaja of [Thousand Tribulations] and the [Red King] made people feel uncomfortable and almost nauseous… But the obsession with leaving quickly made this group of people adapt quickly.

“But…but how do we reach the height of the cave?” [Ding Xiu] frowned. With his cultivation, he can naturally fly up, but the brothers who share weal and woe beside him, not every time Everyone has this ability.

It’s not too difficult to simply reach it… The difficulty lies in the fact that they need to fight against the pressure of two peerless powerhouses. Is it no less than ordinary people moving forward under an umbrella in a typhoon of level eight.

Moreover, if there are too many people, such a climb to the sky will definitely attract the attention of the [Thousand Calamity] Maharaja and the [Red King]. What if these two peerless powerhouses throw a light bomb at random…

“We can use that!”

I saw the young man pointing at this time with a decisive expression.

“That’s…” [Ding Xiu] subconsciously followed what the young man pointed at, and his eyes lit up immediately, “The defensive crossbow of the Scarlet City!”

“That’s right, we can shoot the brothers who can’t fly to that height!” The young man said quickly at this time: “The city is in chaos now, and the guards in the city are too busy to take care of themselves. As long as we are careful, we can take down the two giants Crossbow launch tower!”

This is a good idea, and it was instantly recognized by everyone.

[Ding Xiu] even sighed: “These days, you are the only one who perseveres in sneaking into the city… It seems that your efforts are not in vain.”

“Master Ding, let’s talk about it after we leave safely.” The young man waved his hand.

[Ding Xiu] nodded and said: “Okay! If I can escape from reincarnation this time, I will invite everyone to drink, even if I drink bankrupt labor, I will admit it!”


“Life or death, it’s all up to his sister!”

[Crimson City]… The residents of Shangcheng District, the naturalized people, the home of Shen Zhongtang, a human race.

A group of Jinyi, following Yuhuatian’s order, found a way to leave Chicheng, and found a safe place to hide—but before that, Ding Xiu temporarily changed the route on the way.

It’s not that he wants to obey others, but before fleeing outside the city, Ding Xiu intends to go to a place – to return to Shen Zhongtang’s home again.

At this time, the mansion was empty.

Shen Zhongtang’s family went out early to participate in the grand ceremony, and it seems that they never came back at all… But now, the two powerhouses in [Red City] are facing each other. Looking for a place to hide?

The brocade clothesmen are rummaging through boxes and cabinets in this mansion.

At this time, Ding Xiu was sitting in the front hall, but his expression was serious, and there was anxiety in his eyes… After a while, he saw a man in Jin Yi quickly enter the hall.

“My lord, I found it! Sure enough!”

Jin Yi lowered his head and handed an ancient scroll to Ding Xiu with both hands.

“This is…” Ding Xiu’s eyes lit up, he quickly took the scroll, and couldn’t wait to open it, and read the contents. Incomparably exquisite, even in today’s rush, it can hardly be compared with it…Shen Zhongtang is indeed the formation master of Qingqiu Kingdom in the early days…no, he is the master!”

“My lord, as long as you have this [Tiangonglu], the internal ancient defense of Qingqiu City will be as easy as picking something out of your bag!” Na Jinyi smiled at this time and said: “This It is also luck, it is said that this volume of [Tiangonglu] has already been lost with Shen Zhongtang’s disappearance, but we never thought that we would meet him here…we found this [Tiangonglu]!”

“You did a good job!” Ding Xiu laughed, and patted Jin Yi’s shoulder, “Not only did he recognize Shen Zhongtang, but he also found this catalog! Great work! Great work!”

“My lord, the catalog has been found, so shall we…”

“Empty all the valuables in this house! Come out, you can’t let the brothers get nothing! Hurry up, and then we will leave the city immediately!” Ding Xiu ordered without saying a word: “Wait outside the city Master Yu!”

Jin Yi has always acted swiftly and resolutely… Even though the innumerable reincarnations in the past have almost wiped out their reason, when they are awakened by the hope of “birth”, the white steel brocade clothes that young people are familiar with , are back.

Some people are exploring the way in front, and some are behind to protect them.

“Xiaoxin, the person you said you were waiting for just now is your employer in [Qinghua Pavilion]?”

“Yes… yes.” Chu Xin nodded cautiously.

“Are you still waiting for him?” The young man asked directly.

Chu Xin was troubled and didn’t know how to start… First of all, she didn’t know Chiho Kaguya’s situation at this time, and she couldn’t guarantee that Chiho Kaguya would escape smoothly in the end—she took ten thousand steps back and said, she and Chiho Kaguya Chiho Kaguya has successfully escaped from [Red King Tomb], will Chiho Kaguya get angry at himself and leave without permission afterwards?

——In other words, Kaguya Chiho… The master has already walked out of the temple at this time, but because he did not see himself, he is anxiously looking for…

She would always think of Chiho Kaguya’s caring gaze towards her during this time.

“Can you write to him, or send a message to tell him about your situation?” Seeing Chu Xin’s hesitant expression, the young man asked again in a low voice.

“No, Lord…he seems to be in a disturbed place.”

“What is your boss’ cultivation level?” the young man asked again.

Chu Xin answered quickly this time: “The Dao Law Realm is high-level!”

After speaking, she paid attention to the expression of the young man.

But the young man looked calm and said at this time: “A strong man in the high-level Taoist realm, it seems that the employer you found is really good, you are lucky, Xiaoxin.”

Chu Xin could only subconsciously smile wryly, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart…Brother Huai’an doesn’t seem to care much?

“I’m not as good as him.” The young man suddenly murmured.

Chu Xin raised her eyes to look at him, but saw that the young man still looked as usual, only the cross scar on his face seemed to be crying blood, she said in shock: “Huai, brother Huai’an, your face seems… to be bleeding?”

The young man frowned, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch the scar on his face. The tentacles were wet and sticky, and his fingers were stained with a deep red… But at this time, the front of the team stopped.

On the dilapidated street, it was eerily quiet at this moment.

On the dilapidated street, [Ding Xiu] saw another self.

At a corner, they went to seize the fort of the giant crossbow, and they went to escape from the city… It seems to be some kind of joke, and it seems to be some kind of necessity, they and the end of the route they finally chose , was actually the same.

The difference is that although they look dusty, at least they are dressed in fresh clothes, while they are ragged and look like prisoners.

“Ding…Master Ding, why are these people the same as us…!”

A fearful voice sounded slowly, and everyone could hear it clearly in an instant, because the surroundings were too quiet!

It was so quiet that Ding Xiu seemed to be able to hear the heartbeat of the guy opposite him who had the same appearance as himself, but with a scar on his face.

“Fake…fake!” Ding Xiu shuddered, a kind of fear that seemed to come from instinct made him lose his mind in an instant, “This must be Chicheng’s trick… This place is too weird! This must be fake! It’s a trap… no, it’s an illusion! Step… crush these illusions! Kill them all for me!!”


In an instant, led by Ding Xiu, Xianyi’s brocades pulled out Xiuchun’s sword!

Facing Xiao Sha, [Ding Xiu] just sneered… He was holding a knife, but the scabbard was already withered, and it was just wrapped in a piece of rag.

At this time, the cloth strips were shaken, and a Xiuchun knife full of gaps was slowly displayed… Although it was damaged, the surface of the knife was smooth and clean in the mirror.

He cherishes his knife very much.

“I originally thought that I had to wait until I left this ghost place to be able to kill you group of shoddy things that took everything from us…” [Ding Xiu] took a deep breath, and the palm holding the knife trembled slightly He said, “I said that I must live to the day when I kill you group of people with my own hands, haha…hahahahaha!! Today, even if labor and capital cannot survive, they will die well!”

“Kill!” Ding Xiu on the opposite side yelled violently, as if there was a certain voice in his heart shouting crazily—he is the real one, as long as he kills the one in front of him, then he is real and the only one. Be the one and only… be everything!

The light of the sword escapes, and Ding Xiu’s sword skills enter the room!

Yuhuatian is a master of swordsmanship. In the entire Baigang mansion, except for the sword repair brigade, every Jinyi is a master of swordsmen.

At this moment, Ding Xiu’s attack is the ultimate move at the bottom of the box. He just wants to kill this [person] who looks like himself in front of him… he is not willing to stop for a moment!

At the same time, [Ding Xiu] also killed the dragon and snake in an instant!

On the long street, two sword lights collided in an instant, bursting out countless sparks…In an instant, the two had already exchanged no less than thirty moves…The moves were the same, the moves were tied, and unexpectedly No one was able to take advantage of it.

“Who are you! Why are you pretending to be me! Why are you using my sword skills!” Ding Xiu was furious at this moment.

“I am your ancestor!” [Ding Xiu] laughed loudly: “Grandson, grandpa shot you to death today!”

“You m…”

Fight again!

At the same time, as if Jinyi received a signal from both sides, the people from the two sides collided into a group instantly, and the swords flashed continuously… But it is obvious that [Ding Xiu] has more people on the side…at least Ding Xiu One side is more than half the size.

“Huai…Brother Huai’an, what’s going on, why are there so many…” Chu Xin nervously grabbed the young man’s sleeve at this time, but he didn’t see another man in the brocade clothes on the opposite side. A Zhao Huai’an couldn’t help quietly heaving a sigh of relief.

“This group of people should be the Baigang Jinyi who entered the [Red King’s Mausoleum] with you.” The young man said with a calm expression at this time: “That is the target that your boss wants to attack, maybe there are others I am also somewhere in this [Red City] at this time, but they got separated.”

“Another…another, one…one?” Chu Xin said in horror, “Brother Huai’an, is everything you said true?”

Until now, after seeing it with his own eyes, Chu Xin had no choice but to believe what the young man said—this [Red City] can eat people and copy people…

“Xiaoxin, let me ask you, have you really seen Master Yu?” The young man suddenly asked.

He didn’t step forward to make a move, because the number of people on his side already had an advantage… There was not much more than him, so he simply pulled Chu Xin to the side.

I saw the young man put his hands on Chu Xin’s shoulder, “You must tell me seriously, you can’t hide it from me.”

“I…I haven’t seen it with my own eyes.” Chu Xin shook his head: “We followed the prompts along the way… The leader of the Jiazi Army seems to have bought a spy in Jinyi… But Master Qianfeng, no, Huiye Qianfeng told me that this spy may have been arranged by the Lord Baigang, because the assassination of Yuhuatian was originally an action he secretly instructed the Lord of the Jiazi Army…”

“So, Yuhuatian is really here, right?” The young man seemed to ignore those antecedents, and only cared about whether Yuhuatian was there.

“Yes, it should be.” Chu Xin nodded: “Huiye Qianfeng hired a group of low-level killers from Kowloon Island to assassinate Yuhuatian along the way, so that Yuhuatian can relax his vigilance.”

“Pretending to be smart.” The young man shook his head, “If he could really relax his vigilance, he wouldn’t be the master of Jinyi… However, since Master Ding’s clone also appeared, presumably…he has already Where is it?”

“Ah…I, I don’t know.” Chu Xin said subconsciously, and then his heart moved, hesitatingly said: “Brother Huai’an, according to what you said, is there another one who is exactly the same in the city at this time?” …you?”

“Who knows.” The young man shook his head, and immediately gave him a comforting smile. He reached out and stroked Chu Xin’s beautiful hair.

Instinctively, she dodged a little.

The young man didn’t care, as if nothing had happened, he pointed to the scar on his face, and said in a relaxed tone: “Even if two Zhao Huaian are standing in front of you now, you will definitely be able to be the first Recognize it at once, don’t you?”

Chu Xin opened his mouth, a feeling of suffocation slowly flowed out of his heart.

She didn’t dare to look at the pair of clear but dark eyes in front of her.

“I…I will definitely recognize it.” She said slowly.

“Be careful behind you!” The young man’s face changed slightly at this moment.

Chu Xin instinctively turned around in horror, only to see behind her the wall of the alley where she was hiding… A heavy blow landed behind her at this time, Chu Xin lost consciousness instantly and fell slowly.

The young man quickly supported her, hugged her, and quickly left the chaotic long street along the alley——soon, the young man walked into an inconspicuous residential house, and put Chu The core is placed on top of the bed.

He sat by the window and stared silently for a moment before he took out… two things from his pocket.

A white jade slip, and a pendant… a crescent-like pendant.

He hung the pendant on Chu Xin’s body, and stuffed the jade slip into her hand.

“You will be able to leave safely…at least, when this city disappears, you will also appear in another door…that is [the gate of common people], the gate of life.”Young Youyou Authentic: “It will guide you… to find her.”

The fierce battle on the long street has become fierce. The two sides confronted each other and did not stay behind. Dozens of figures have already fallen on the street… Both sides have been damaged.

Ding Xiu gasped for breath. In a short period of time, he had used what he had learned all his life, but he was still unable to defeat his opponent—he was already wet with sweat, but it was only an obsession that forced him to continue fighting .

It seems that only one of them is destined to survive.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on for long, right? Let’s be slaughtered, there is no need to struggle to the death for fake and inferior things!” Ding Xiu’s voice was stern.

“Joke, can I know how much you weigh?” [Ding Xiu] also had a confused breath, and the Xiuchun knife in his hand had added several gaps at some point, maybe one more, this handle Knives do break.

At this moment, a brilliant saber light suddenly flashed behind Ding Xiu.

Ding Xiu sensed that the danger was approaching, he immediately strengthened his spirit and defended with all his strength… But the timing of the saber light was so perfect that it directly broke through Ding Xiu’s defense, and the saber light fell on Ding Xiu’s back. There was a terrible **** on his face.

He groaned in pain, his eyes were red, and he swept out the long knife with his backhand. Repair] beside.

“Zhao Huaian?” [Ding Xiu] frowned, looked at the young man who fell in front of him, and said coldly, “Where did you die!”

“Master Ding, let’s kill your counterfeit first.” The young man waved the long knife in his hand, “I’m still waiting for you to invite me to drink.”

“Are you that reserve?” The serious injury on his back, the severe pain crazily stimulated Ding Xiu’s memory, and in just a moment, he already had the impression, “You actually hid your strength and hid in the reserve… …No, no! You are not him! You are all fake! You are all monsters! Monsters!”

A force of qi and blood suddenly erupted wildly from Ding Xiu’s pores.

“Hemolysis?” [Ding Xiu] snorted coldly, “Is it only you who knows…today either you die or I die!”

The same power of qi and blood erupted from [Ding Xiu]’s body at this time, directly forcing the young man back, and then bullying him!

Two powerful qi and blood forces collided, and in an instant, the battle escalated.

The young man frowned and said, “Inexplicable self-esteem… Wouldn’t it be nice to fight two?”

At this time, a black shadow appeared outside the [Red City]… It slowly spread from a distance, as if it was the darkness coming from the end of the earth at sunset.

Darkness will eventually swallow the last ray of light on the earth… The young man raised his head at this time with a solemn expression, “Is this reincarnation coming to an end…”

Darkness moves.

The moment it passed the city wall, the city wall became a magnificent and majestic appearance.

It continues to spread into the city.


He breathed a sigh of relief, then sat down on the ground, raised his head, and stared blankly at a thing made of many gears in front of him.

“It looks like…” The Scrap Witch frowned at this time and looked at it, mainly looking at the ground to see if there were one or two gears missing, “It doesn’t look like anything?”

It really doesn’t look like anything.

The picture engraved on the plate of power is flat, and the gear structure [Tiangu] Lao Zhang built according to his memory is obviously flat…a complex, irregular plane that is ten meters long.

Also, none of the gears are turning at this time.

“Why don’t you turn?” [Tiangu] suddenly frowned, as if he was a little uncertain: “Did I remember wrong?”

I saw Kaguya Chiho walked up to the gear creation with a look of disdain at this time, stretched out his finger and pressed one of the gears, and said with a sneer: “If you don’t turn it, just add some force to it?”

With a swipe of the finger, the gears started to rotate in an instant… The gears were now carrying gears, and the transmission continued, and the gears began to rotate one by one.

I just waited for a long gear at the very edge is actually motionless.

Kaguya Qianfeng couldn’t help frowning, as if he didn’t believe in evil, he exerted force with his finger again… Swipe away with one finger, the force of his finger is enough to open a mountain!

The first gear rotates crazily, and even crazily stirs the airflow… The whirlwind can be seen, but the gears on the edge still haven’t rotated.

Kaguya Chiho said in astonishment: “I didn’t expect that the combined transmission of such a pair of gears can be reduced to such a terrible level?”

Qian Fengzai, who didn’t believe in evil, felt that he couldn’t hold back, gritted his teeth, and turned the outermost gear… But this time, Qian Fengzai even broke out the Taoist battle pattern, so he couldn’t push it.

“Impossible! Old man, are you pretending to be wrong!”

I saw the scum witch sighed at this time, “I told you to believe in science, but you insist on cultivating immortals… what kind of immortals are you cultivating, look! You have cultivated yourself into a fool.”

… That book of immortals was also given to you, okay?


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