Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 561: No. 10 of the Grand Sacrifice: The Fool of Fate


Latest URL: Yes, four terrifying forces, like the four poles of the sky, collided with each other in the sky above [Red City].

The air was filled with the sound of crushing bamboo, and the fingertip-sized gravel shattered naturally because they couldn’t bear the pressure… The arc swam away, the fire flowed, and the wind howled.

The living people are even more anxious at this time, the blood flowing in the blood seems to be out of control, gradually speeding up, the pain makes the heart exceed the limit, and the heat poison is emitted from the inside out.

[Thousands of Tribulations] After the majesty’s terrifying fire impact, the ripples scattered from the center of the great festival venue almost covered most of the capital.

The houses have been blown down, the huge bricks on the street are flying, and people are buried under the rubble… There are constant screams all around. Climbing out of the ruins, he saw this doomsday-like scene.

An old man knelt down on the ground in panic, “[God], what did we do wrong to cause such a disaster…”

The old man wept loudly because his lifelong lover was buried in the collapsed house in front of him.

This is the case everywhere.

Booming… The large stone slab was pushed away, and the blood-stained man staggered out with a long knife at this time—at the same time, an overwhelmed stone pillar not far away was also pushed away at this time. Open, and standing up is another man who has the same appearance as the man.

The only difference is that when he walked out from under the stone slab, he had an obvious cross scar on his face… [Ding Xiu]!

And he is Ding Xiu from Jinyi.

There is no doubt that this was a tragic duel, but the duel was terminated at the end because of the terrifying impact of flames that swept across the city.

[Crimson City] Above the four poles, four terrifying forces are raging, and everyone can feel their scalps go numb… But in the **** light in the four poles, they saw an all-too-familiar one at the same time figure.

“My lord!” Jin Yi Ding Xiu blurted out with a surprised and happy expression.

“Yuhuatian?” The other [Ding Xiu] frowned deeply, and immediately felt relieved, “Yes, since the counterfeit pretending to be me appeared, then the counterfeit pretending to be him must also…”

The desire to kill will only increase.

Hate, disgust, despair… the murderous intent, as thick as sticky silt, rushed towards Jin Yi Ding Xiu in an instant like an overwhelming mountain.

He couldn’t do anything, he could only support his extremely tired body to meet him, because… there was also a voice in his heart that drove him to kill the other party.

This showdown, which seems destined to only survive one person, begins again.

Not far away, the young man hid among the ruins, watching the fight of fate through the gap… He looked unwillingly at the huge hole in the sky.

Originally, that was the purpose of everyone leaving the underground living place.

However, fate seemed to make a joke. When they walked to the ground again, the fakes that occupied their lives appeared together.

This gave them a reason not to leave for the time being.

In this way… [Red City] seems to be like a curse, keeping them all the time.

“Rest in peace brother.”

The young man sighed and lowered his head. In the same ruins, two corpses fell side by side. The Xiuchun knives in their hands were sharp and rusty, but at this moment they had already stabbed each other. into each other’s heart.

“Darkness has arrived, and all this will eventually return to the beginning.”

The young man climbed out of the ruins and looked at the darkness that had already crossed the city wall… He suddenly looked at a corner of the city in the distance, and muttered to himself: “You will be safe soon…at least Temporarily.”

When the darkness is completely shrouded, that is, when the other side of the [Gate of the Common People] appears… The [Red City] is just an empty city… probably.

This time the [Crimson City] grand ceremony was different from any previous ones. His intuition told him that this might be the one arranged by fate, or it might be the only hope of breaking the game.

But what to do?

“All ignorance and blindness in the world are the root of turmoil, and only eternal darkness can bring…peace.”

The young man suddenly felt as if his heart was being gently held by a palm. When the low melancholy sound sounded, a sense of horror made him instinctively search for its source.

The youth’s child hole gradually opens, and what is reflected in the child hole is a dark mass of…matter.

The long street seemed to suddenly become a muddy quagmire that could eat people, and a figure was slowly rising from the black mud.

“How come…” The young man showed disbelief and fear.

Just because he could clearly see the appearance of the figure that emerged…the one who was sleeping in the depths of the cave, with disabled legs, and a lifeless ambush.

The long black hair almost fell to the ground at this time…in pieces, not in strands. There are only black eyes without the whites of the eyes, the pale body is almost perfect, and the legs that should have been amputated have grown again. .

There is a strange sense of beauty circulating in this person.

When the young man was staring at him, the hunter also slowly turned his face… The moment they looked at each other, the young man’s heart was once again held tightly, and his breathing stopped for an instant.

A black streamer of light flashed, and the stalker was already suspended in front of him—the air seemed to be water, and the stalker was the person swimming in the air.

The young man looked pale, but he couldn’t speak.

The ambush hunter slowly stretched out his hand, and his fingertips brushed lightly over the scar on the young man’s face… But the moment he touched it, the ambush hunter quickly retracted his fingertips as if he had been electrocuted .

The next moment, the hunter waved his palm, and a terrifying force instantly lifted the young man into the air. The long street crashed into several buildings before stopping.

It felt very caring, as if all the internal organs were shattered in an instant, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and the young man almost passed out from this blow, but his extremely tenacious spirit barely kept him awake.

But what came with it was a pain that was too painful to die.

“He seems…can’t remember me…”

Amidst the severe pain, his thinking began to function abnormally, and every nuance after the appearance of the ambushes was constantly replaying in his mind-in the end he came to a terrible conclusion .

The Volunteer seems to have regained his life, but he has forgotten everything…

But when he left, the concealer had already… In this short period of time, what happened to the concealer?

Be sure to figure it out!

An obsession emerged in his heart. Enduring the severe pain, the young man struggled to climb out…Holding on to the collapsed wall, he walked out of this place step by step, walking towards the fate he had to face.

The palm of the hand pressed against the remaining half of the pillar, and the young man gazed at the unknown place in front of him, but he never saw the polyhedral stone beside the palm, who did not know when it fell here… the dice.

Gritting his teeth, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and resolutely ran out at full speed.

“Brother Huaian, where are you…”

Under the broken city wall, a staggering figure was walking forward… When the darkness was about to swallow her arranged hiding place, Chu Xin escaped.

She should have believed what Brother Huai’an said in the jade slip, but when the darkness that swallowed everything came, her instinctive fear made her unable to let herself go deep into it.

Fear and run away.

This seems to be the easiest thing for her to do, she doesn’t even need to think, she doesn’t need to resist, and she can just obey. Staying there made her quite uncomfortable.

She hoped to find Brother Huai’an again, but she didn’t know the reason, maybe it was because she didn’t think it through well, or maybe it was because she was indecisive and made another fearful escape.

But what she saw on the road aggravated Chu Xin’s inner fear… The destruction of the capital completely exposed many things that should have been hidden before her eyes.

She saw a corpse falling out of the wall, a corpse whose head had been dug open.

Some were dug out under the flowers and soil in the yard, some were in the cradle… some were sitting quietly at home.

The extreme fear caused this ordinary girl to finally collapse, hugging her body tremblingly and curling up, her trembling lips could not even utter a word.

In the dilapidated corner of the street, it seems that everything has nothing to do with her… Maybe take a risk, and just be stunned and swallowed by the darkness here?

“Hey…Yi…Ah…Oh…Si…Si Guo…呵…”

Chu Xin raised her head subconsciously.

It seemed to be the voice of a child when he was babbling… A beautiful face appeared in front of her – it was a woman in a white dress, as white as snow, with long fluorescent green hair slender girl.

Barefoot, the girl walked alone on this broken street… She held a clay document, opened it, and seemed to be looking at it seriously as she walked——that tooth The sound of learning language comes from this.

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Chu Xin opened her mouth gently, as if she wanted to call the girl to stop.

But the girl seemed to have not noticed Chu Xin’s existence at all, holding a clay tablet document, never looking at the road…the road did not bump her, just walked past Chu Xin like this.

Seeing that the girl was about to leave, an inexplicable impulse made Chu Xin stand up quickly… There seemed to be something about the girl that attracted her, attracted her…to move forward.

Four poles and four corners.

There are [Thousand Tribulations] and [Red King] fighting both sides, there is Raphael who is holding a black knife and wearing an indescribable helmet… and, amidst the **** light, is holding the instant white steel brocade coat Lord Yuhuatian.

Looking at each other from a distance, the moment their wills collided, there was an unprecedented loud noise in the air!

However, at this time, amidst the loud noise, there was another loud roaring sound that soared into the sky, and a figure with four pairs of cicada wings, a strong body, and an insect-like shape rushed straight into it. high altitude.

Surprisingly, it was Sikong Ju who was split hundreds of meters by Raphael with the power of [Red King Kai]!

At this moment, on Sikong Ju’s chest, there was a bone-deep, meter-long terrifying wound that was healing at a high speed… He slowly exhaled a mouthful of blue mist, and the violent breath in his body instantly disturbed The four auras had originally reached a certain balance.

“What a mad dog.” Raphael frowned.

She doesn’t care about the life and death of this group of people. What she cares about is the record beads thrown into [Red City] by that guy—for this thing, acting with the twin sister along the way is also very tiring.

But she finally activated part of [Red King Kai], so what she has to do is to immediately search for traces of the recording beads—but before that, if she wants to find the beads with peace of mind, she still needs to get rid of the group of people who invaded her home. guy.

It can be done with only half a set of [Red King Armor], and Raphael himself has no idea… At the most damning moment, the other sets of armor were stolen by that **** up!

What’s the use of stealing it?

Without the authority of Abrielle’s family, it’s just a bunch of decorations, just a more beautiful model!

“The one who replaced me as [Red King] should have been arranged by that guy…” Raphael’s thoughts changed sharply at this time, although he hated the one who took away [September] in front of him. guy, but she had to make calculations based on the current situation.

But this【Red King】doesn’t look very smart.

Raphael shouted directly, “Red King!”

“I am the king! The scarlet monarch, the invincible king!”

“…” Raphael pointed directly at Sikong Ju, “This guy invaded [Red City] and violated your people. It is the root cause of the turmoil! King, destroy him!”

“I am the king! The invincible king!” Seeing [Red King] growled at this time, “Kill… the invaders!”

Sikong Ju’s eyes focused, and he saw that [Red King]’s huge body, which was even more exaggerated than his, was rushing towards him like a rocket, “Smelly woman, sooner or later… I will eat you!”

It was too late to swear more, the tyrannical power displayed by [Red King] made him pay attention… Sikong Jujie received a punch from [Red King] solidly, and was instantly bombarded by the punch It was hundreds of meters away!

And the [Red King]’s fist wind instantly removed the dust on the street hundreds of meters below!

At this moment, the energy and blood in Sikong Ju’s body surged, it was incredible: “Is this guy so strong?”

He only saw [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja and [Red King] fighting inextricably, and felt the huge aura of the two from a distance, but only after receiving this punch, did he realize the terrifying strength under this huge aura !

“Isn’t it because you are too tired?”

Just as Sikong Ju was gloomy, the mysterious voice from beyond the void rang in his ears again…it was the voice of the Lord of the Ice Flame Polar Circle.


“What is the source of your strength? It’s fear. The [Egg of Fear] was given to you. It’s a waste. It can swallow everyone’s fear, but you’ve exhausted yourself because of your cheap hatred.” The increase in strength… It’s better to give a piece of trash than to you.”

Mocking, mercilessly mocking.

“I’m not trash!!”

Sikong Ju roared in vain.

Rage drove his body to swell again, and at the same time, thousands of silk threads were released from Sikong Ju’s body—hair-thin rays of light instantly poured into the [Red City].

I saw those [Crimson City] people falling down one after another, showing pain one by one.

Sikongju’s body swelled a bit again, and it was faintly out of the shape of the [Red King] at this time, and the violent aura increased crazily.

In the shadows, a pale flame kept shaking.

“That’s right, that’s right…I’ll be able to project soon…Come on, tsk tsk…”

A twenty-sided dice slowly rolled under this flame…but it just watched Sikong Ju who was devouring fear and improving himself, and let out a gloomy and proud sigh smile.

A white-haired girl next to her frowned, as if she had noticed the polyhedral dice rolling quietly…

“The taste of fate…”

The white-haired beautiful girl focused her eyes slightly, and with a thought, the polyhedral dice shot into her palm instantly… The moment she touched it, the white-haired beautiful girl was first surprised, then solemn, and then suddenly revealed A look of horror. The weight of fate carried in this small dice was too much for her to bear.

It’s not that I can’t hold it, but I don’t know that after holding it, even a **** as powerful as her…it can only live in a daze, whether it is good or bad.

The reason why gods are gods is because gods can control everything absolutely and precisely.

The next moment, the white-haired girl flew out the dice without a sound—it voluntarily gave up the unknown.

As long as you don’t touch it… trouble will never come to me!

“But you touched it.”

The moment the dice flew, the white-haired girl relaxed…but at the moment of relaxation, a joking voice sounded in her ear.

It’s like…

“The mockery of fate…”


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