Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 555: Part 7 of the Grand Sacrifice: Destiny, it passes quietly



The latest URL: “Ah Ju, it’s me, I’m Dad!”


The blood feathers behind Sikong Zheyue suddenly slapped and jumped up.


“No matter what you become, you are still my child…It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought you to this place…Ah Ju, I will definitely find a way to help you get back to your original state.”


In mid-air, Sikong Ju remained motionless, watching Sikong Jieyue approaching silently.


Get closer.


Sikong Jieyue looked at Sikong Ju at this time with an extremely heartbroken gaze… He stretched out his palm, trembling, wanting to touch his son’s cheek, “It doesn’t matter what you look like.”


Finally, with his palm on Sikong Ju’s cheek, Sikong Jieyue seemed to be relieved… But the next moment, Sikong Jieyue locked his hands tightly!


“Ah Ju, you…”


“How many times have I said it, I really please you, you call me like this…”


Sikong Zhaiyue lowered his head instinctively, only to see an arm with yellow and black stripes, which had directly pierced his abdomen at this time – this was Sikong Ju’s arm.


He didn’t seem to have thought at all that this child who had been raised for decades would actually do anything to him… It was so unbelievable and at a loss that Sikong Pickyue couldn’t give any reaction at this moment.


He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but the severe pain began to spread, and every moment there was a pain of suffocation… Sikong Ju sneered, and suddenly pulled his palm away!


The flesh and blood at the wound instantly turned outwards, and Sikong Jieyue vomited out a mouthful of plasma, and saw Sikong Jue directly raised his hand at this moment, and slashed at Sikong Jieyue’s body with a knife!


Bang——! !


The floor of the temple shattered once again… The temple pillars that were already full of cracks were even more crumbling at this moment.


“Since you faked your death and forced me to leave the room, you have been involved all the way, and I have been tortured by the white steel brocade clothes… Damn old ghost, why are you not dead yet?” Sikong Ju’s eyes appeared at this moment There are countless grids, like a bumblebee, “It’s good that you are dead, it’s good that you are dead! Go die!”


Sikong Ju stretched out his palm in an instant, and in the palm of his palm, a huge poisonous needle behind the tail of a hornet… shot out from where a stream of black energy converged!


But I saw an extremely fast figure passing by, directly scooping up Sikong Zhaiyue who was lying on the hidden floor, and successfully took Sikong Zhaiyue away at the moment when the terrible poisonous needle fell.


It’s… Zhao Huaian!


“Although it is not unreasonable for a son to beat his father, it is against ethics for a son to kill his father.”


At this moment, Zhao Huaiyuan supported the pale and gloomy Sikong Zhaiyue with one hand, and said calmly: “Although this old man has a bad personality, it’s almost enough to beat him to such a half-dead appearance.”


“The last time I let you go, you still dare to appear in front of me.” Sikong Ju sneered, “Today, everyone here can’t leave!”


After finishing speaking, Sikong Ju opened his hands instantly.


In an instant, a tornado-like black mist surged down from the gap above the temple, which was actually composed of countless black bees and insects.


Zhao Huaian frowned, and the black bee had already rushed towards him, like a huge black palm.


Xiuchun’s long knife in Zhao Huaian’s hand danced instantly, as if it was airtight. Whenever the black bee insects approached, they would be smashed into **** by the light of the knife in an instant… The individual bee insects are not terrible, what is terrible is just their number!


It is even more desperate than the flying ants entangled on the lamppost in the rainy day.


“Senior, this is your own son, why don’t you play the family card again?”


Sikong Zhaiyue, who vomited blood and was sluggish, vomited out a large amount of blood after hearing this, and breathed heavily like he was panting.


Zhao Huaian was shocked, “Senior, don’t die at this moment! You have to be strong!”


“I… I’m a ghost, the first… the first one won’t… no, I won’t let you go!” Sikong Jieyue sucked in the medicine at this time, his face turned blue for a while, but at the same time, his The flesh and blood in Sikong Ju’s abdomen that directly pierced through began to surge… The blood stopped, and blood threads were growing from the wound, slowly connecting together.


“Wow, you are indeed a master, I knew you would not burp so easily.” Zhao Huaian was surprised and happy at this time, and then surprised again: “But I can’t take it anymore!”


No matter how dense the wind and rain are, there are moments of omission.


I saw that the Xiuchun long knife in Zhao Huaian’s hand was actually billowing with thick smoke at this moment… the blade was actually full of bee venom.


The venom is corroding this impressive weapon! Zhao Huai’an waved it around, but there was only half of the long knife left.


“I can’t help it.” Sikong Zhaiyue’s expression darkened, “Ah, once he loses his temper, no one can hold it back. Only when he’s done venting can he speak properly. I’m used to it.”


“Do you think your son’s current situation is just losing his [temper]?” Zhao Huaian was very concerned, and he couldn’t help showing surprise at this moment… What kind of giant baby did this old man raise his son? ?


“Ah, he was not like this when he was a child… very cute.”


“Since his mother left, has he become like this?”


“You… how do you know?” Sikong Zaiyue was startled, “You…”


Zhao Huaian rolled his eyes and said: “The problem of the original family, which one is not about leaving the wife or the husband? Master, my knife is no longer good, it’s up to you.”


After finishing speaking, Zhao Huaian flashed behind Sikong Jieyue like a ghost, and pushed him out.


“Doggy stuff!”


Facing the terrifying and highly poisonous black bee, Sikong Zhaiyue was also dripping with cold sweat at this time.



“Sister, there are too many of these things, I can’t kill them all!”


On the other side, the twins teamed up to build a line of defense, but faced with endless attacks, the two sisters were gradually unable to do what they wanted.


Qing Yan frowned, and glanced away from the corner of his eyes, but saw Sir Xiao Lin still sitting cross-legged on the ground at this moment, with slight sweat oozing from his forehead, and the light smoke of birds emitting from the top of his head, which is obviously the key to his performance… I don’t know how far this guy has recovered.


“Raphael, think of a way?”


At this time, the blue smoke rang out as Raphael, who was the [Sky God Race].


“Please?” The woman narrowed her eyes at this moment, indeed she looked gloating – but the next moment, Raphael looked uncomfortable, and the Wuding Flying Ring instantly tightened her neck.


“Forgot to tell you, my flying ring is intertwined with my life and loves me very much. Once I die, it doesn’t intend to live. It will definitely go with me.” My sister sneered, “and will definitely help me Pull a padded back, afraid that I will be alone below!”


“Give…give me…power…board…” Raphael said in pain.


“You tell me the steps, I’ll do it myself!” The elder sister was extremely domineering, “Ziyan, Duobao, you stand up to it!”


“The middle house goes up, up and down, up and down, left and right, ba…”


Holding the board of power with both hands, my sister quickly moved the modules on it, “Then… what is that that pops up?”


“Choose the third one!” Raphael said directly without thinking, “Hurry up!


“I chose!” My sister was also decisive at this time… a decisive move.


Seeing that the pop-up screen of the Board of Power disappeared in an instant, and then it flew out of the elder sister’s hand… The elder sister was stunned, and immediately glared at Raphael, “Are you cheating on me?”


The flying ring instantly shrank to the point where Raphael was in pain… She opened her mouth with difficulty, but she couldn’t make a sound, and her eyes were bloodshot and reddened.


At the same time, the Board of Power stopped in mid-air, emitting a glimmer of gold.


The light is not strong, but it is enough to attract Sikong Ju’s gaze…and Sikong Jieyue’s gaze.


“This is…the Board of Power?” Sikong Jieyue was astonished, “How could it be in your hands… Could it be that you were the ones who stole it from the [Yu Clan]?”


But seeing a golden light suddenly shot out from the board of power at this time… As if echoing it, the temple also glowed with the same brilliance at this time!


At this time, under the reflection of the brilliance, the raging black bees retreated one after another… Everyone suddenly lost their pressure and took a breath… No one cared about Sikong Jieyue’s exclamation at this time.


The next moment, countless golden rays of light converged from all around, and something seemed to emerge from the air… A golden light soared into the sky, and the huge beam of light instantly shattered the dome of the entire temple.


“What is this?”


Sikongju frowned, only feeling that there was an aura in the brilliance that he hated extremely… The flickering brilliance made him feel even more uncomfortable.


It’s not physical discomfort, but mental discomfort!


“Hmph, no matter what it is, I am…” Sikongju summoned a huge black poisonous needle with both hands at the same time, “…God!”


A strange black air hovered above the poisonous needle, spinning crazily and shooting out in a spiral.


However, when the poisonous needle touched the golden beam of light, it broke instantly as if it had hit the strongest rock! Sikong Ju couldn’t help being taken aback, his expression was uncertain, and he didn’t act rashly!


Ever since he twisted open the bottle and swallowed that black seed, Sikong Ju hasn’t encountered anything that would frustrate him… During this journey, he almost pushed sideways, his confidence surging like never before.


However, once he suffered a few setbacks, based on A Zhai’s nature, Sikong Ju instinctively fell into self-doubt… Doubt, doubt is followed by tension and restlessness.


The uneasiness made his mental state instantly unstable, and even his body, even the naked eye, became more and more divorced from the concept of [human], and the traces of alienation became more and more intense.


“Whatever it is, break it for me!”


Sikongju let out an angry roar, and actually forced the black bee to rush forward frantically like moths to a flame!


Like a black torrent, it will eventually melt into the beam of light… no matter how much!


At this moment, a ray of fresh air penetrated into the lungs, Raphael gasped in horror, and the flying ring on his neck had returned to its original width.


“It’s really useful, but what’s in the beam of light? I seem to see some dark shadows.” At this time, the elder sister seemed to have happened, and pulled Raphael up casually, ignoring the other party’s words. Hateful eyes.


“Don’t you want [Red King Armor]? It’s there, get it yourself if you have the ability!” Raphael’s voice was hoarse at this time: “But only qualified people can control [Red King Armor] Wang Kai]!”


“Qualifications?” My sister frowned and said, “Are the military ranks you promoted for us considered qualified?”


Raphael sneered: “[Red King Armor] has different standards, it will choose a host that suits itself… In history, no one has ever been able to drive it except [Red King] himself. But even so , [Red King] only released less than half of its power.”


At this moment, a crazy cry sounded.


“[Red King Armor]…[Red King Armor] is mine!”


I saw a pair of broken blood feathers vibrating in the air, his whole body was full of tendons and flesh, and the wounds he didn’t even know were suitable and had been completely healed. At this time, Sikong Jieyue burst out at an incredible speed and went straight towards the beam of light.


“Dead old wild! What are you going to do!”


“Ah Ju, everything is for it… everything is for it!” Sikong Zhaiyue’s eyes were full of madness, “As long as I can get [Red King Kai], I can rescue your mother!”


Sikong Ju, who was about to separate his hand to plunder and kill Sikong Jieyue, heard that his translucent gray palm froze suddenly, “What are you talking about…my mother? My mother is already dead!”


“I’ll explain it all to you, but not now.”


I saw Sikong Jieyue standing in front of the beam of light at this time… Amidst the shimmering gilt light, a huge [humanoid] shadow could be vaguely seen, but it was impossible to peek into its true panorama.


“I’ve been preparing for this moment for too long.” Sikong Jieyue muttered to himself, “Ayue, wait for me…I will definitely bring you out of that ghostly place!”


After finishing speaking, Sikong Zhaiyue formed a triangular seal with his hands at this time, pointed at the [humanoid] giant shadow in the beam of light, and shouted: “Domokesamo… Domokesa Lamo…Domok Salamo…”


Like some kind of spell.


Accompanied by Sikong Jieyue’s repeated voice, the temple trembled crazily at this moment.


“What is he doing?” My sister asked hastily.


“Activate the voice of [Red King Armor]…the spell.” Raphael said calmly.


“How could he know the spell?” My sister frowned.


“How would you know?” Raphael sneered and said, “Although the [Yuzu] has served the [Queen of Heaven] since ancient times, they are also followers of the [Red King]. How would he know? Of course it was at the beginning [Red King] The details of activating the battle armor have been recorded by [Yu Clan]. And this guy, as one of the most talented high priest candidates in the history of [Yu Clan], has naturally been passed down this paragraph… This spell.”


The shaking of the temple grew stronger.


“Could it be that he can really activate [Red King Armor]?” My sister looked serious at this moment.


“Ah, ah, ah.” Raphael waved his hand, “Even if he broke his throat, it’s useless.”


My sister was dubious, but seeing that Sikong Jieyue had completely fallen into an absolute frenzy at this time… and as the mantra he recited became more and more rapid, the golden beam of light seemed to really respond, shining brilliantly It actually became more and more powerful – even reached a certain extreme!


“Domok Salamo! Domok Salamo! Shine, you, Scarlet Sovereign!! Ah——!!!!!!”


The ultimate brilliance disappeared in this instant, and Sikong Jieyue, whose heart was beating wildly, opened his hands at this moment, as if to embrace everything that came next.


Then a black pig’s head the size of a basketball smashed at him in an instant.


Sikong Jieyue instinctively stretched out his hand to put the black pig’s head into his hand, and saw the pig’s head exploded suddenly, and immediately the colorful fireworks salute slowly spread over Sikong Jieyue’s head Sprinkle…


“Where is the red, red king’s armor?”


Sikong Zhaiyue’s eyes were lost for a moment, and he muttered to himself…




But seeing an iron fist hit Sikong Jieyue’s back in an instant.


“Old ghost, are you kidding me?” Sikong Ju punched violently.


Sikong Jieyue was instantly blasted and fell down… fell to the ground, slipped out of a long pit of more than ten meters, and just stopped – but Sikong Jue’s figure flashed, and he had already caught Sikong Jieyue again Lifting his head, “You’d better explain to me…what you just said! My mother…isn’t dead?”


“[Red King Kai]…[Red King Kai]…Fake? All of this is fake?” Sikong Zheyue spat out blood, but it was like a soulless shell, “No, no It’s gone… everything is gone, it’s gone… it’s over…”


“Old Wild!!”





Something fell from Sikong Jieyue’s body… When it fell on the ground, it bounced and moved like a glass bead… Finally, the falling potential energy was completely exhausted, and it rolled to a stop on the ground.


Duobao blinked, and casually picked up a polygonal perfectly cut little thing that rolled to his feet.


He blinked again, opened his mouth, and stuffed it directly into his mouth.


“How many times have I told you that you can’t eat the things you pick up on the ground!” At this time, the twin sister snatched the polygonal pebbles with one hand, and threw them just don’t listen! “




Like a glass bead, the small stone was thrown out, and bounced and rolled out of the temple from the crack… It bounced down the steps, and the potential energy that was about to be exhausted seemed to be regained in an instant Filled like.


After falling down the steps of the temple, it rolled onto the square in front of the temple—and in front of it was the stage of the grand festival.


At this time, a girl with bright green hair came slowly, and the moment she stepped on it, the girl didn’t care… She just looked at the dilapidated temple thoughtfully With one glance, he left straight away.


Just like that, it stopped on the ground.


Above the many faces, a few heads suddenly flashed.


Sikong Jieyue, Zhao Huaian, the giant lizard, Duobao, Ziyan, and the girl who left…【God Princess】.


Flash away.


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