Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 553: Part 6 of the Grand Sacrifice: Lin Sir’s Daoist Domain


Latest URL: A ray of light shines down from the smashed hole on the top of the temple… The light of war flames flickering in the sky is reflected like neon spotlights.

It is reflected in the huge, wild… huge two-headed lizard that gives a sense of brutality.

The strong sense of oppression made everyone frown.

“How could it be here!”

But Raphael’s voice suddenly rang in my sister’s ears… My sister subconsciously looked at the woman who claimed to be “God Race”, but she saw that the other party was silent at this moment. It’s a look of bewilderment.

“You know this thing?” My sister asked in a low voice.

Raphael opened his mouth, then shook his head immediately.

“What do you mean?” My sister recited the spell silently, and the Wuding Flying Ring began to shrink, which was simple and rude.

Raphael was almost out of breath, so he could only hurriedly say: “I don’t know much, I only know that its weak point is on the third piece of scale armor above the tail joint on the back.”

“That’s not much?” My sister rolled her eyes, she felt that knowing the dead spot was equivalent to knowing everything!

Of course, although the woman’s voice was not loud, everyone present obviously did not miss it… Obviously, everyone’s eyes seemed to be looking at the tail of the double-headed monitor lizard at this moment.

“Qingyan, what is the origin of this woman?” Wu Yazi turned his head slightly at this time, and asked in a low voice while maintaining his vigilance.

The twin sister who was about to speak suddenly exclaimed, “Master, be careful!”

After a roar, under the flickering flames of war, the two-headed monitor lizard suddenly rushed into the temple… Everyone in this line, the worst is a super-level base, the reaction is extremely Quickly, they all avoided at this time.

The giant lizard jumped into the air, and landed on all fours, but it directly smashed the floor of the temple, and even the beams and columns trembled a little for it… A little bit of fly ash landed on Sir Xiaolin’s shoulder As soon as he focused his eyes, he heard a clang, and a ray of sword light pierced out, directly stabbing at the weakness of the monitor lizard that Raphael said.

The main reason is that this guy was thrown into the big river by Uncle De to practice in the killing mode.

“Why did Brother Lin suddenly become so murderous?” The younger sister, Jianxin, opened her mouth in amazement.

The third scale on the tail joint!

The sword light full of killing intent pierced the scale armor in an instant, and the powerful force instantly exploded the scale armor of the monitor lizard… I saw the monitor lizard raised its head and let out a terrifying After the roar of filial piety, he remained motionless… straight down on the ground.

“Useful?” Sir Kobayashi frowned at this time, the quick resolution of the battle was quite unexpected.

“Everyone, be careful.” Wu Yazi remained steady, holding the magic weapon fairy sword, and slowly approached… She first raised her hand and threw a flame spell.

The fire talisman was ignited directly on the monitor lizard, and the raging fire rose up, but the monitor lizard remained motionless… The fire talisman burned for dozens of seconds before it went out, but the monitor lizard was covered in scales and armor. No damage, but some steam.

“Sanwei Zhenhuo has been burning for so long and there is no response. It seems that he is really dead.” As the base material for refining, it will definitely be able to create extraordinary fairy clothes.”

Seeing a flash of greed in Wu Yazi’s eyes, she swung her sword and stabbed directly at the monitor lizard’s body – she planned to completely peel off the lizard’s skin.

Sikong Zhaiyue shook his head and said, “This prodigal woman has never changed her nature for decades… No, Wuya, be careful!”


The fairy sword has pierced through, and pierced directly into the gap in the scales of the giant lizard… However, the tip of the sword was smashed away by the solid skin. At the same time, the head of the giant lizard lying on the ground The eyes on the top…two heads and four eyes, opened instantly!

At this moment, the motionless tail suddenly swept and whipped.

Wu Yazi’s reaction was also extremely fast. He raised his hand to block a light shield in front of him, but he didn’t expect that the power of the giant lizard’s tail whipping was far beyond imagination. The light shield broke instantly, and Wu Yazi was directly whipped by the tail middle!


The prodigal woman spat out a mouthful of old blood, her body was swept out, and directly hit the wall of the temple.

“Didn’t you say it’s weakness?!” At this moment, my sister turned her head and stared at Raphael bitterly.

“I…I don’t know…” Raphael watched the huge monitor lizard get up in astonishment at this time, “Could it be that it has evolved again in the past few hundred years to make up for its own shortcomings? ?”

“This weakness is hundreds of years ago?”

“Three…Three or four hundred years? Probably…”

“I’ll settle the score with you later!” My sister gritted her teeth, and while waving her hand, the golden ring on Raphael’s neck flickered for a few moments. Keep it immobile, “Don’t even try to take advantage of the chaos to escape!”

The woman suddenly lost her center, and fell to the ground like a caterpillar, wronged Bara, she felt that she might die in this appearance… What if she was stepped on by a monitor lizard?

“Everyone, it seems that we have to solve this big trouble before we can continue our chat.” The elder sister took a deep breath at this time, and looked directly at Sikong Jieyue and Zhao Huaian.

“I’m an old man, cough, cough, cough…” Sikong Zhaiyue is shameless.

“Senior, you are so muscular.” Zhao Huai’an squinted his eyes and smiled slightly, “You’re always going to be strong… Take the lead!”

Just finished speaking, Old Zhao made a lightning move and pushed Sikong Jieyue with his palm, pushing him directly…to the monitor lizard.

“You tm!!”

The little old man cursed loudly, but at this moment the monitor lizard had locked on to him completely, so the little old man couldn’t help but immediately drew out his dagger to deal with it.

I saw the tattered blood feather on Sikong Jieyue’s back flapping a few times, and seven afterimages of him instantly appeared in the midair, and then seven cold lights suddenly appeared, slashing, and unexpectedly landed on the giant lizard. Seven sparks were drawn.

“So hard!”

The old man stopped, his face was gloomy, and he saw that the dagger in his hand was worn out and no longer sharp.

“Senior, attack its eyes on the left side!” Sir Xiao Lin shouted directly at this moment.

Sikong Jieyue once again flashed seven afterimages, and based on instinct, he directly killed the monitor lizard’s left head… At the same time, Sir Xiaolin violently rose again, and went straight to the monitor lizard’s right head, “All Don’t be idle, hit whatever you feel like a weakness…do it first and then talk!”

The three young emperors of [Xianyue Mountain], apart from Duobao who has no sense of nervousness, the elder sister and the younger sister are more reliable, and immediately acted upon hearing the words.

The elder sister directly took the position of the chest cavity under the double heads of the monitor lizard, and the younger sister’s sword light flashed, stabbing towards the monitor lizard’s abdomen.

At this moment, Zhao Huai’an’s gaze was fixed, and he drew his knife, and once again slashed at the monitor lizard’s tail… the wound on the joint that was stabbed by Sir Xiaolin.

“How dare you hurt me!”

Wu Yazi climbed up again, and a rose-like pattern appeared on his face… Taoism battle pattern!

I saw her stand up on the ground, with her hands slightly open, a green light spread out, and in an instant, hundreds of green lights shot out from the ground… It turned out to be vines covered with thorns!

The vines entangled and pulled the monitor lizard all over.

The pattern on Wu Yazi’s face began to grow more thorns… The thorns were able to pierce her skin and absorb the blood flowing from her cheeks.

Hundreds of vines tightened immediately, pulling the giant lizard forcefully to the ground!

At the same time, everyone attacked together.

Sword light, knife light, cold light.

At this moment, Sir Xiaolin seemed to see the blood bar on the monitor lizard’s head disappear in an instant—of course this was his illusion—mainly because it was more refreshing to imagine this way.

Who doesn’t like the art of disappearing blood bars?

Accompanied by the painful howl of the monitor lizard, after one round of attack, the monitor lizard was dizzy, but unable to move, struggling like a trapped animal.

“Those gangs that illegally poach the monsters are probably the same as us.” Sir Xiaolin rang the scene when he had previously arrested some gangs that illegally poached the monsters.

“Don’t be careless, this guy is thick-skinned and extremely cunning!” Wu Yazi shouted in a deep voice at this moment: “Don’t stop until you’re ashamed… Hurt me?”

The moment Wu Yazi’s expression became sharp, a two-headed lizard suddenly flew towards her.

This is after all the Dao Dharma Realm, and without looking at it, a thorn branch was pulled out from the ground in an instant, and the little alien was pulled directly to its body.


But at this time, Wu Yazi suddenly felt a tingling pain on her feet, she looked down, but saw dozens of small alien species appeared under her feet at some point!

“Look!” My sister exclaimed.

Countless rustling sounds sounded, and the dark things poured in from the gate and the hole above, as if directly covering the inner wall of the temple with a black paint.

“I’ve seen a rat tide… I’ve never seen this kind of lizard tide…” Sir Kobayashi’s scalp felt numb all of a sudden – mainly due to intensive discomfort.

A large number of lizards swooped down.

These lizards may not be strong individually, but their numbers are quite frightening, and they caused great trouble to everyone in an instant—what’s more, these lizards actually began to bite Wu Yazi’s vines.

This prodigal woman has experienced disasters one after another along the way. First, she lost her arm at the foot of the [Four Difficulties Mountain], and then she was imprisoned by the [Red Clan], and after she managed to escape, she was beaten into the old man by the Red Prince. My husband almost hung up, and his mentality exploded instantly.

The patterns of the Taoist battle pattern bloomed instantly, and a violent breath rushed straight into the sky in an instant.

How can someone who can become a Daoist mage uncle in the four colleges of the alliance [Xianyue Mountain] be really incompetent?

At this time, Wu Yazi, whose mentality exploded, simply didn’t care whether he would be discovered by the super strong [Red King] and [Thousand Calamity] maharajas, and he didn’t care whether he would destroy the temple in front of him. She doesn’t care if it will hurt a few junior disciples, she will use it.

“I want you to die!”

A strange green light begins to satisfy.

Sikong Jieyue turned pale with shock at this time, “No, Wu Yazi’s mentality jumped, this woman wants to use the Taoist domain… Hurry up, run! This woman’s Taoist domain attribute is blood sucking, as long as she Within the scope of the domain, all living things will be sucked out!”

“Essence?” Zhao Huai’an said in astonishment, “Could it be… the legendary Fifty Sitting Ground Absorbing Soil?”

“Still poor!” Sikong Zhaiyue vomited blood: “This woman’s Taoism field is extremely weird, it hurts the peace of heaven, and has been forbidden to use it… The main reason is that she can’t distinguish between friends and foes! When she uses it, she can control it No way!”

Zhao Huai’an planned to have another mouthful, but he saw that his legs were already entangled by strange thorns and vines… Like poisonous snakes, the vines kept entangled and climbed up, and the thorns pierced into the skin, unexpectedly He started to frantically devour his blood, and his vitality began to flow away at this moment. ,

Old Zhao’s eyes were fixed, and the strength in his body shook, and the blood vines on his legs were instantly broken… But soon, the blood vines grew again.

Hahahahahahaha——! !

At this moment, Wu Yazi is like a bewitching queen of a foreign land, floating in mid-air, pushing her hands away, laughing ferociously, countless **** lights in the air are rushing into her body crazily.

Accompanied by the screams of a large number of small alien species in the field.

At this time, while dealing with those little alien species, everyone had to cut off the wounded blood vines at the same time, which was a bit overwhelming.

“Miss Ziyan, can’t you take care of your own family?” Sir Xiaolin asked hastily.

“It’s also the first time I’ve seen Master Uncle perform this Taoist domain, and I’ve only heard it mentioned before.” The younger sister said helplessly, “Only the Taoist domain can compete with the Taoist domain… but in the Taoist domain… There are very few people who can comprehend Taoism and comprehension. This thing is like buying a lottery ticket, or it is like innate supernatural powers. Imperial Domain.”

“Can the domain compete with the domain?” Sir Kobayashi frowned.

“Yeah, even Uncle Yazi has no domain.” The younger sister sighed, and when she was about to say something, she saw a ray of colorful light slowly spread to her at some point. “This is… Lin, Brother Lin?”

“I seem to have this thing!” Sir Xiaolin let out a breath at this time, and put the long sword in his hand directly on the ground, then closed his eyes, and saw that ray of five-color light coming from under his feet like a Ripples like water ripples.

Among the five-color lights flashing, Wu Yazi’s blood-sucking domain is like ice and fire colliding, and it is impossible to invade… It even seems to be bypassing it!

My sister didn’t care about the shock at this moment, she swept out, stretched out her hand and pulled her sister into the five-color light of Sir Kobayashi, and finally swung out the long whip in her hand, sending Raphael to him rolled in.


“Hey, here we come!”

“This… is really the realm of Taoism?” Old man Sikong’s eyes widened at this moment, and he said with a displeased face: “Who is this person? Could it be that the main body is an old monster, pretending to be tender here, intending to eat young grass and play with sisters?”

“Old man, don’t talk nonsense! You will die!” Sir Xiao Lin replied with a dark face and a dark face, “How dare I play with sisters!”

Sikong Zhaiyue sneered, “Don’t dare doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to… But he stopped talking.

Zhao Huai’an quietly followed behind old man Sikong, “Have you noticed… this young man hasn’t shown his battle marks yet.”

“What?” Sikong Zhaiyue was stunned for a moment, then subconsciously looked at Sir Xiaolin, frowned and said, “Maybe it’s just hidden in the clothes, not showing.”

Zhao Huaian shook his head, noncommittal.

Sikong Jieyue pondered and said: “The domain of Taoism has its own characteristics…Wu Yazi’s is blood-sucking, this young man, what is the attribute of your domain?”

If you don’t know the special effects of this guy’s domain, Sikong Jieyue wouldn’t dare to walk in at will… Once you enter the domain, life and death will be difficult to control!

“It doesn’t seem to have any special features.” Sir Kobayashi thought for a while and said, “It feels like it’s just a ray of light, which looks better. After unfolding, I didn’t feel that the power has increased, and the speed has increased… At most, it’s just a little bit more energetic. “

Sikong Jieyue frowned, “How is that possible?”

“There’s really nothing wrong with it.” The twin sister pondered: “I really didn’t feel any discomfort, but instead felt an indescribable sense of comfort, and my spirit has improved a lot.”

“Could it be a Taoist domain such as buffs?” Sikong Zhaiyue pondered for a while, and immediately made a decision. Rather than being sucked by Wu Yazi… blood, it’s better to take a risk.

Immediately, the old man flapped his wings, knocking back the surrounding blood vines, and flew directly into Sir Kobayashi’s divine light domain… Zhao Huaian groaned for a moment, but he didn’t fall behind, but then…but he was almost the same as the old man flat.

But just as the two of them were about to step into the range of the Divine Light Domain, they saw that the divine light domain suddenly radiated so much light that it abruptly shook Sikong Zheyue and Zhao Huaian away!



The eyes of the two of them showing a look of bewilderment.

At the same time, another bang sounded, and Duobao, who was carrying a cliff, was also directly bounced out by the Divine Light Domain, and he was looking at it with an innocent face…

“What kind of **** is this?” Sikong Zayue spit out a mouthful of old phlegm at this time, “You ghost field, can only women enter it?”

Sir Xiaolin was shocked at this time, looking at the sisters and sisters who had come in, as well as Raphael, and then at Duobao and Senior Youyazi who were thrown away, “Well…it seems, it really is… “

“Brother Lin, you…” My sister looked at it with complicated eyes at this time.

Sir Kobayashi opened his mouth at this moment, but he couldn’t explain it. The main reason is that this thing popped up suddenly during his practice, and he was summoned before he came and studied it seriously.

It’s just that Uncle De also showed quite surprised eyes at that time…


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