Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 549: Part 4 of the Great Sacrifice: Deja vu…



Latest URL: ——After all, long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain, ah no, after all, early training and early enjoyment…


——If you practice, you only regret for a day, if you don’t practice, you regret for a lifetime…


——What are you still thinking about? Tianzun sleeps for a thousand years and turns over for 800 years. Do you think they still have the mind to think about these men and women?


The voice of the witch is like a spell to urge him to die. Even if he puts all his hopes behind him, he still can’t get rid of it, and it will rise in his heart… He has already read the description of the realm in the back of the cheat book .


“It turned out to be a skill that can directly pass through the realm of Tianzun…” Kaguya Qianfeng muttered to himself: “There is such a miracle in the world… that is the price…”


He gritted his teeth several times, hesitating, and finally decided to take it easy—no matter how quick the cultivation method is, he can’t make a qualitative leap within a day or two… Right now, it’s better to start Solved the [Red King’s Mausoleum] matter.


Besides, even if you want to practice, after the preliminary preparation… it always takes a little time to heal your injuries, right?


…How could you make such a move on a whim?


At this moment, Emperor Zhonglao couldn’t help regretting his impulsiveness… There are always times when people can’t control it, it seems that his concentration is too weak, alas…



When the Scrap Witch and Chiho Kaguya came back, [Tiangu] just glanced casually, and didn’t ask any more questions, looking indifferent.


“The old man is really an activist, have you built so much?”


[Miss Lan] can’t help but be amazed, because the old man has already built nearly a hundred pieces of gears in this empty time-of course, the specific outline is still unclear at this moment.


But those cruising fighters who were lured away by Chifeng Kaguya started a new round of gathering at this time.


“Didn’t I kill them already?” Chiho Kaguya realized with an ugly expression on his face.


The crumb witch crazily suppressed: “Kill it? It’s up to you? Qian Fengzi, this batch is new, and the number of mecha soldiers here is more than you imagined… Judging by your appearance, you must be Fang I have been talented for too long, and my legs are weak, let’s rest for now. When a man is not good, he should admit that he is not good. “


Kaguya Chiho’s face darkened instantly.


I saw him grit his teeth, as if thinking of something, starting from the wrist, it was covered inch by inch with a thick armor… He snorted coldly: “Just try the ability of this toy.”


Under the silver-white body, Chiho Kaguya has grown three times as a whole, holding two heavy-duty energy rifles in his hands, he gallops out instantly.


“This seems to be the battle armor of [Red King]… I haven’t seen the style before.” [Tiangu] The old man looked at the witch suspiciously, “You got it?”


“He did it.” The Scrap Witch blinked her eyes, looked at Chiho Kaguya’s back, smiled and said, “Isn’t it good to be active?”


[Tiangu] shook his head, this woman might not be the kind of concubine who could destroy the country in ancient times…


Small Nan said at this time: “Old man, then this 【Restart Gate】… just leave it like this?”


“If you dismantle it, it will be gone.” [Tiangu] pondered: “If you don’t dismantle it, just leave it here, and it will suddenly become useful if you don’t keep it intact… If there is nothing inside , maybe it’s just because I opened it in the wrong way.”


The Witch of Scraps blinked her eyes, and casually looked at the gear she picked up on her hand… In the end, the Witch of Scraps didn’t say anything, but stuffed it into her body quietly, and then put her hands behind her back, With a curious look on his face, he came to the old man’s side.


“I’ll help you squeeze your shoulder~”


“Oh…that’s good power.”



Bang bang bang bang——!


Since wearing this kind of armor called armed, Chiho Kaguya suddenly felt a little different when fighting against the cruising mechs… When these mechas faced themselves, they seemed to react Much slower.


Even after I directly blasted a few of the mechas, the nearby mechas seemed to be unresponsive…or thinking about something.


“It seems that they judge that the armor should be a member of [our side], and their own [thoughts] can’t handle it?”


“Then it’s much easier to handle!”


Kaguya Chiho’s gloomy heart seemed to be a lot clearer because of this discovery, as if he was cutting vegetables, he took the opportunity to frantically destroy the cruising fighters that he could see with his eyes.


The owner’s auxiliary control system in the battle frame can even directly link to his own spirit – he doesn’t need to understand the text information on the display screen, as long as he thinks about it, the battle frame can respond to his thoughts very well.


“The power of this battle armor itself is roughly equivalent to the combat power of a seventh-level monk… For me, it is actually dispensable, but in this situation, it can greatly save my physical strength… …”


But this battle armor is just the leftover bone fragments that the witch [eats]… Recalling the large number of collections in that huge arsenal, especially the few who were called [God Destroyer Armor] by the witch… Chiho Kaguya felt unstoppable jealousy and resentment.


“Hmm… the mecha soldiers came from here?”


In the world of gears, at the entrance and exit like a black hole, one after another cruising mechs keep popping up, replenishing the damaged mechas.


Kaguya Qianfeng’s heart moved, instead of destroying these mechas endlessly, it would be better to go straight to Huanglong and kick the mecha’s [Barracks] directly!


“Automatic combat mode!”


When Chiho Kaguya moved his mind, he saw the armor instantly opened, and he leaped out of it… But the armor quickly closed at this time, and continued to attack in a humanoid posture, attracting the attention of the cruising mecha .


Kaguya Chiho, who was out of the battle armor, instantly showed his Taoist battle pattern, with his hands wrapped around, gathering a powerful force, and immediately struck out.


“Yaoye… Baihuang Fist!”


With a shining meteor tail, the powerful fist bullet slammed into the strange [black hole] fiercely, and the moment it touched, the fist bullet was directly swallowed.


Just when Chiho Kaguya felt ineffective, he suddenly saw [Black Hole] transforming instantly, as if being kneaded and pulled by a pair of invisible thugs… Only a sound of [Boo] was heard, and [Black Hole] was twisted crazily , It suddenly disappeared.


“Very good.”


Kaguya Chiho was overjoyed, and did the same thing, looking for opportunities to destroy the same [black hole] entrances and exits one by one… After this operation, the number of cruising fighters dropped a lot…the ground was all over the place The wreckage of the fighters who were blasted off by the armor.


Among them, there is still a mech flying slowly among the wreckage.


Kaguya Chiho frowned, “This is the one that the witch instigated…Twenty Faces? What is it going to do?”


I saw twenty faces, moving rapidly at this time, suddenly I saw another metal bridge flying down, directly descending to the deeper part of the gear world.


Kaguya Chiho groaned for a while, and with a call of his arm, the silver battle armor instantly returned to his side and opened… Kaguya Chiho who entered the battle armor again did not hesitate at all, but followed the twenty-faced face It also jumped into a deeper position in the gear world.


“Is it you?!”


Controlling the armor, Chiho Kaguya was soon level with the Twenty Faces, maintaining the same falling speed.


It’s just that Twenty Faces didn’t respond at all.


Kaguya Qianfeng said angrily: “I know it’s you…don’t pretend to be dead!”


The silver light of the twenty-faced face flashed, and then I heard an electronically synthesized witch’s voice slowly sounding: “It’s nonsense if you know it.”


“Did you find something?” Chiho Kaguya asked ponderously, “What’s down here?”


“Don’t know.”


“I didn’t know you were here?”


“There’s something down here calling for the twenty faces.” The witch’s voice sounded slowly: “I’m in a hurry, come down and have a look.”


“…” Chiho Kaguya opened his mouth, the witch’s reasons are always so speechless.


“Almost there.”


Kaguya Qianfeng instantly became serious.


As if piercing through something, as if entering the deep blue sea, ice blue radiance glowed all around, in the countless crystal-like huge deep pits, Kaguya Qianfeng saw a A colossus never seen before!


One, a hundred times as large as an ordinary cruising mech… a thousand times as huge as a mecha!


“Good guy, so there is a big treasure hidden here.” The witch’s voice was slightly surprised.


The huge mecha soldiers in the abyss were motionless, and their surface was not as shiny as ordinary mecha soldiers, but instead seemed to be covered with a layer of stone skin, dull and dull.


Kaguya Qianfeng said disapprovingly: “A huge body means that you can hit anything… Big means nothing.”


“What do you know?” The witch said disdainfully: “For the technology side, hugeness is justice… The bigger something is, the more things can be packed inside it. When the stations are connected in series, the energy they can provide is unimaginable!”


Kaguya Qianfeng frowned, and pondered: “According to what you said, wouldn’t it be a big trouble if this guy is awakened?”


“They seem to be inside.” The witch said suddenly.


“They?” Kaguya Qianfeng’s heart moved, subconsciously said: “You mean those girls who were sent to Weiyang Palace with you?”


Not long ago, it was even this witch who deliberately released a young girl to give him the opportunity to enter this underground world.




After Twenty Faces sent a witch’s response, it suddenly increased its speed, and suddenly entered a bridge connected to a huge cruising fighter.


At the end of the bridge is the body of the giant mecha… which seems to have an entrance.


At the entrance at the end, Chiho Kaguya couldn’t help hesitating——Twenty Faces can enter without hesitation because he knows that the witch is not in Twenty Faces at all, and this game is broken No, it doesn’t have any influence on the witch, but I am a real living person…


Do you want to go in?


“If you are afraid, just stay outside and wait for me. It’s okay.” The witch’s voice sounded again, “Since I promised you to help you reach the top, I will help you, even if there are good things Drop yours!”


“Wait, I’ll accompany you in!” Kaguya Qianfeng gritted his teeth, and resolutely drove the armor to keep up!


The internal structure of this huge mech is obviously countless times more complicated than that of ordinary mechas. If the internal space is large enough, as the witch said, the number of things stuffed here is also huge… …But so far, nothing dangerous has happened.


“Are you looking for a way to control this huge mech?” Chiho Kaguya asked with a twitch in his heart.


At this time, Twenty Faces didn’t react at all, but just went straight in – soon, Chiho Kaguya appeared in front of the flashing metal door.


At this moment, the silver light of Twenty Faces flickered in front of the door for a few times, and then the metal door sounded pneumatically and slowly opened.


A gust of cold air spewed out slowly, but it was not a serious problem to Chiho Kaguya… He followed behind Twenty Faces, and stepped cautiously into the back of the metal door, but was caught by the scene in front of him. Shocked!


It feels like being at the bottom of a well for a moment… surrounded by high walls like ice crystals.


“They are here!” Kaguya Qianfeng’s voice sank, subconsciously said: “Why are there so many?”


The ice-crystal-like wall is surprisingly composed of crystals about two meters high… There is a young girl in each crystal.


What’s even more weird is that these girls are wearing a strange helmet on their heads… Kaguya Qianfeng has never seen such a weird scene before, and he was speechless for a while.


“Why are these girls brought to this place?” He stared at Twenty Faces, as if seeing a witch in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “Do you know something?”




The silence made Kaguya Chiho unbearable anymore, “Speak!”


“Me too…” The voice of the Scrap Witch slowly sounded, “It’s hard to say.”


“Don’t you claim to be omniscient and omnipotent?” Chiho Kaguya sneered.


“That’s my real body.” The Scrap Witch said indifferently: “The avatar of me you summoned is discounted, who made you so poor?”


Kaguya Chiho felt irritated when he didn’t come, and said directly: “Since they are placed here, there must be some special meaning… But no matter what the meaning is, it must be a good thing for me, the intruder .Anyway, I don’t know what it is, so there’s nothing wrong with destroying it, right?”


“Your thinking is right.” The witch affirmed Kaguya Chiho once, “I will leave it to you to destroy this place!”


“You think I dare not?” Chiho Kaguya snorted coldly, immediately raised the energy rifle of the armor, and fired an energy light cannon without saying a word.


The flickering energy light bullet hit the ice crystal wall instantly… But after seeing the surrounding shaking for a while, the light bullet has disappeared.


Kaguya Qianfeng frowned, and attacked a few times, but nothing worked, “What’s going on?”


“There is a special layer of material on the surface of this wall.” The witch pondered: “It seems to be a material that can absorb energy flow, and it seems to be a safety mechanism to prevent damage.”


I saw Kaguya Qianfeng walking out of the battle armor at this time, the Daoist battle pattern appeared, and a simple bronze sword was held in his hand… The next moment, a brilliant sword light swung out instantly!


On the ice crystal wall, except for the slightly larger shaking at this time, it is still intact.


Kaguya Qianfeng’s expression was shocked… The sword just now had 70% of his skill, “How could it be like this…”


“Yeah, how could this be…” The witch also muttered to herself.



“How did this happen?”


[Tian Gu] suddenly stopped, and looked at the Witch of Scraps suspiciously.


Smalls, Nan pinched her stomach expressionlessly, and said, “I found that there seems to be an extra layer of fat on my stomach. How could this be? I’ve been restraining recently? This year’s swimsuit And **** clothes, how can I wear them!”


“…boring.” [Tiangu] didn’t believe it at all, but he didn’t ask further. At this time, the new gear had been built with a rough outline.


Scrap Witch looked at [Tiangu] old man’s [work], she seemed to be quite focused-but her mind had already wandered too far away.


How could this happen?


…I’ve seen such a scene somewhere…


…Isn’t this the [Final Giant Beast]’s…


…【Book of Gaia】…


Maybe…just a similarity.



“What are you going to do?” Kaguya Chiho couldn’t help asking in a deep voice as the twenty faces moved suddenly.


The twenty-faced face moved to the center of the space, and then landed directly, completely connected with the floor… The next moment, the floor suddenly rose.


Under the too high floor, there is a cold seat.


“The more you look, the more you look like it?”


“What are you mumbling about?” Chiho Kaguya asked hastily.


The voice of the Scrap Witch sounded through the twenty faces again, “Qian Fengzi, sit on it, put on this helmet and have a look… Don’t worry, since I promised you, before you reach the peak, I promise you It won’t die, even if it becomes disabled, there is a way… Well, there will always be a way!”


“I don’t sit!”


“Oh.” The witch sighed, “I’m doing it for your own good, why are you so disobedient?”


In an instant, the silver armor suddenly opened, and Kaguya Qianfeng who was caught off guard was suddenly spit out by the armor… and fell onto the metal seat all of a sudden…


“You…” Chiho Kaguya was startled, at this moment, a black helmet suddenly appeared on his head, “What is this!”


He instinctively wanted to take off the helmet, but he couldn’t take it off all at once, and he turned pale with shock.


“Calm down! Do you feel anything?” The witch’s voice was slightly urging.


Kaguya Chiho subconsciously defended himself with his spiritual sense, guarding his own soul, forced himself to calm down, and carefully perceived, “No… nothing… Wait, there seems to be something! What’s the sound? “


“What sound?”


“I don’t understand!” Chiho Kaguya murmured, “I’ll repeat it to you.”


As he spoke, a series of syllables spit out from Kaguya Qianfeng’s mouth… How powerful is the memory of a Taoist monk, what he read is almost exactly the same as what he heard.


As for the accent…not a problem at all.


The problem is, Xiao Nan understands the meaning of this syllable.


“Calvin system…Principal Calvin?” The Scrap Witch couldn’t help muttering to herself at this time, “… Could it be that [Book of Gaia] is actually true to some extent?”


“No! I’m a pig head! I’ve already said it’s a [diary]… Naturally, it’s something that records the [truth]!”


At the moment when the Scrap Witch was shocked, the helmet on Chiho Kaguya’s head suddenly fell off, and then the metal seat shone with lightning.


After Kaguya Chiho snorted in pain, he stood up from his seat in an instant… The electric light had already made him numb all over, and if a low-level monk was placed on it, he might have been electrocuted to death. He hurriedly inspected his body, as if he was afraid of some hidden wound, “What’s going on, why did the helmet suddenly peel off?”


“It means that you are not qualified to sit on it.” The crumb witch seemed to let out a sigh of relief, “Leave this big guy’s body, come back.”


“What did you say?” Kaguya Qianfeng said in amazement, “Just left like this?”


“The things here… you’d better not touch them.” The witch said indifferently: “Of course, I’d better not touch… who knows?”


As he said that, the twenty-faced face seemed to sink to the bottom and lose its luster, completely unresponsive.


“Witch! Witch! Make it clear!” Chiho Kaguya said angrily, “Witch!!”


I saw that the battle armor suddenly rushed to Kaguya Qianfeng, swallowed him in, and then shot out, rushing out of the body of the huge mech in an instant…


(End of this chapter)


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