The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7144: Imitate Dao Pattern



In the world of immortality, it is already a gathering of heroes at this moment. As Jiang Yun thought, because of the actions of the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance, it caused dissatisfaction and anger in most of the Taoist worlds who joined the Hongmeng. Therefore, not only did no one obey the orders of the leader of the Hongmeng League, but the strong forces in the Taoist worlds ,


They all rushed to Daoxing Tiandi and asked Hongmeng Alliance Leader Xingshi to ask the guilt.


Nowadays, there are more than 20 origin powerhouses from dozens of Taoist realms, all gathered outside the world inhabited by the lord of the Hongmeng Alliance.


The weakest of these strong origins are the middle level origins.


An old man headed by him is faintly about to enter the peak of his origin.


The old man put his hands behind his back, looked at the world in front of him with cold eyes, and said coldly, “Lord, please let us come to listen to your orders and attack the real realm.”


“Now, we are here, but you come out and meet us!” Not far away, a middle-aged woman, with a sneer on her face, continued: “The lord of the alliance killed our companion that day. When he was young, he was very majestic, but now he is like a tortoise with a shrunken head, hiding in its shell and not daring to come out?


It turned out that the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance had already set up a formation around the world he was in, and he would never appear again.


Everyone knows that the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance has a very high level of formation.


In addition, the time when everyone came to Daoxing Tiandi is also different. At the beginning, there were only a few people, so they did not dare to take risks and attack the formation.


Nowadays, the number of strong people who have come has reached more than 20 people, making everyone feel that their strength should be enough, so this is the reason why they surrounded the world together.


If the leader of the Hongmeng does not appear again, then they will forcibly take action, break the formation, and find the opponent.


And they don’t even know that in the world, the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance and the Immortal Emperor are playing chess!


The leader of the Hongmeng Alliance had a calm face, just staring at the chessboard, holding a chess piece in his hand, thinking about the next move.


The Immortal Emperor turned his head to look at the direction where the monks from outside the territory gathered, and asked a little puzzled: “Why don’t you let me take action and kill this group of people?”


The Alliance Leader of Hongmeng smiled and said, “Senior Immortal Emperor, are you sure about dealing with these people?”


The Immortal Emperor smiled proudly and said: “A group of rabble, there is no one-shot enemy!”


The Alliance Leader of Hongmeng nodded and said, “I think so too. They are not worthy of the senior’s action at all, so wait.”


“Wait until everyone is almost there, and the seniors will make another move. It’s enough to solve them all at once.”


Obviously, in the eyes of the Alliance Leader of Hongmeng, there was no need for the Immortal Emperor to take action from the mere twenty people outside.


As for them trying to break the formation, it is also impossible.


Because the eye of this formation is the Immortal Emperor!


The Immortal Emperor said indifferently, “I haven’t had anything to do recently, so I’ll stay with you for a while.”


“By the way, will the **** tree come back?”


The **** tree of stems and branches has long since left the Daoxing world with the Lord of Heavenly Stem and others, and even the leader of the Hongmeng does not know when and how it left.


The Immortal Emperor came here this time, also wanting to see the sacred tree of stems and branches, but he never thought about it, but he couldn’t see it.


The leader of the Hongmeng smiled slightly: “It should be looking for Jiang Yun.”


“I have also sent someone to look for Jiang Yun, so as long as we can find Jiang Yun, we can find the sacred tree of stems and branches.”


“Even if I can’t find it, Immortal Emperor can rest assured that the **** tree will definitely come back here again.”


Outside the realm of the righteous path, Jiang Yun sat stealthily behind the darkness, staring at the barrier condensed by the Dao patterns of the peak of the source in front of him.


As for the role of this barrier, Jiang Yun speculates that it is not only used to remind other peak powerhouses of the source, but also has the ability to protect.


If there are monks who are not in the realm of the righteous path and want to enter the realm of the righteous path and touch this barrier, I am afraid they will immediately be known by the peak source powerhouse.


It doesn’t matter if it is someone else, even if they are known, the source peak will not be idle to carefully check every cultivator who does not belong to the realm of the righteous path.


But Jiang Yun’s identity is different.


If the other party knows about him, once he is discovered, it is unlikely that he wants to escape.


Therefore, Jiang Yun must think of a safe way to enter.


Dao Rang’s voice sounded: “Let’s change the Dao world!”


“Not every Dao realm will be occupied by the powerhouses of the peak of origin.” “As for the magic weapon you are looking for, let’s not say whether it is in the realm of the right path, even if you find it now, you will also take your The big brother and others brought them here from other time and space, but it is of no benefit to you or them!


“Their strength is too weak, not only will they be useless after returning, you will have to be distracted to take care of them!”


Dao Rang originally didn’t mind Jiang Yun coming to the realm of the righteous path. Anyway, it could absorb the power of the Dao in any realm.


But it didn’t expect that the realm of the righteous path would be occupied by the powerhouses at the peak of its origin. It would be a waste of time to stay here, and it would be better to go to other realms.


Jiang Yun said solemnly, “Actually, I came to this realm of the righteous path, not only to find the magic weapon, but also to break through the realm here.”


“Also, what surprised me even more is that, occupying the peak of the origin here, the power of the evil way is actually practiced. This is a godsend for me, so I have to enter the realm of the right way no matter what.”


Dao Rang said suspiciously: “Why do you want to break through the realm in the realm of the right path?”


“Your Dao is the guardian, not the right way. This realm of the right way has nothing to do with you, and can’t provide you with any help at all!”


As Dao Rang, who specializes in cultivating the Great Dao, he really cannot understand Jiang Yun’s thoughts.


Jiang Yun smiled and said, “You’ll know when the time comes.”


“Anyway, please believe me, senior, I can’t make fun of my cultivation.”


Just when Dao Rang wanted to ask questions, a ripple suddenly appeared above the barrier.


A figure emerges from the ripples.


Jiang Yun’s eyes and consciousness were immediately locked on those ripples.


The figure is naturally a monk in the realm of the righteous path. With supreme strength, he did not discover the existence of Jiang Yun. After breaking away from the barrier, he immediately went to the depths of the boundary.


And then, every once in a while, cultivators in the realm of the right path will pass through the barrier, and Jiang Yun will always sit on the side, watching intently.


Dorang also gave up the idea of ​​asking questions, and just waited to see how Jiang Yun planned to enter the realm of the righteous path, and how to break through the realm in the realm of the righteous path.


In this way, nearly three days passed, Jiang Yun suddenly stretched out his hand, and lines appeared in the palm of his hand.


The shape of the dao pattern varies, but most are more complex.


In the eyes of people who don’t know it, it looks like a bunch of threads, piled up in a disorderly manner.


The dao pattern that appeared in Jiang Yun’s hand at this moment was naturally his guardian dao pattern.


However, the streaks began to spread out at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon turned into a straight line.


Then, the straight line seemed to have life and turned into a snake, and began to twist and twist until it finally formed another shape.


Dao Rang suddenly realized: “Are you using the power of assimilation to imitate the Dao pattern of this peak source powerhouse?”


The power of assimilation, that is the power that the Earth Venerable masters.


Jiang Yun also mastered it, and at this moment, he transformed the power of assimilation, which belonged to the category of rules, into the way of assimilation, and even further used the way of assimilation to imitate other people’s Dao patterns.


As long as it is successful, then Jiang Yun will use the Dao pattern to cover his body, and naturally he will be able to hide the barrier of the Dao pattern and enter the realm of the right path.


Naturally, for the past three days, Jiang Yun has been observing those ripples, that is, identifying the Dao patterns on them.


Dao Rang exclaimed: “How did you do it?”


This is almost impossible for others to do, but it is not too difficult for Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun also gave the answer: “Tracing the source and simplifying the complex!”


These are the eight characters that Jiang Yun’s grandfather Jiang Wanli taught him when he was a child.


After successfully imitating the lines, Jiang Yun’s speed increased. It took a day to condense enough Dao patterns, wrapping his body, and walk towards the Dao pattern barrier of the Right Path Realm!


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