The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7145: The Great Way


When Jiang Yun’s body touched the layer of Dao pattern barrier, the Dao pattern wrapped around his body began to melt instantly, just like encountering high temperature snow.

Although the dao patterns melted extremely fast, before all the dao patterns disappeared completely, Jiang Yun’s body had already passed through the barrier and was in the realm of the right path.

Obviously, Jiang Yun succeeded.

With the dao pattern imitated by oneself, the detection of the dao pattern on the barrier is offset.

Standing in the realm of the righteous path, Jiang Yun’s figure was also hidden in the darkness again, and his spiritual consciousness was released at the same time. After spreading only ten thousand feet, he quietly stepped in one direction and moved to ten thousand feet. outside.

After making sure that no one noticed his entry and that there were no other dangers around, Jiang Yun stopped and continued to let his consciousness spread in all directions.

But at this moment, Jiang Yun also noticed a sense of incompatibility, mixed with a pressure of repulsion, covering himself.

Jiang Yun is not surprised by this, knowing that this is the self-protection of the righteous world.

Because I don’t belong to the realm of the righteous path, and I don’t have the aura of the realm of the righteous path, the realm of the righteous path is disgusted with myself, and even wants to kill myself.

However, with Jiang Yun’s current strength, the pressure spontaneously generated by the Taoist world did not pose any threat to him, so he ignored it.

As soon as the divine sense was released, a look of surprise appeared on Jiang Yun’s face: “There is still an unexpected harvest!”

Dao Rang asked incomprehensibly: “What’s the harvest?”

Jiang Yun looked in one direction and said, “I sensed my Dao mark!”

Jiang Yun’s answer, not only did not let Dao Rang clear his doubts, but made him even more surprised: “In this realm of the righteous path, is there your Dao seal?”

“Yes!” Jiang Yun nodded and said, “Back then, before I entered the vortex space, I met a few monks from outside the realm.”

“I didn’t kill them, I left my guardian dao mark in their body and controlled them.”

“When I came out of the vortex space, I didn’t sense my guardian Dao seal, I thought they were dead.”

“Unexpectedly, they did not die, but returned to the realm of the right path!”

At that time, when Jiang Yun met those foreign monks, he only knew that they were from the orthodox sect.

Although he also thought about it, the orthodox sect might be located in the orthodox realm, but he couldn’t be sure.

At this moment, he sensed his own guardian Dao seal, so Jiang Yun could finally be sure that the orthodox sect originated from the orthodox world.

“In this way, it is a lot more convenient. Finding those few people can save me some unnecessary troubles.”

Jiang Yun really doesn’t know anything about the realm of the righteous path.

Finding a part of the Great Wilderness Sundial here is a lot harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

But now there are a few monks from the righteous path to help, at least it can save Jiang Yun some time.

Moreover, with the Guardian Dao printed on it, Jiang Yun doesn’t have to worry that those few people will betray him.

“You’re lucky boy!” Dao Rang said lazily: “Okay, since you have successfully entered the realm of the righteous path, then I will leave you alone.”

“I’m taking a break to replenish my strength.”

Jiang Yun nodded and said, “Okay!”

Jiang Yun knew very well, Dao Rang said he didn’t care about himself, but if he really encountered danger, it would definitely help.

As Dao Rang’s voice ceased to sound, Jiang Yun’s attention was completely focused on the observation of the realm of the right path.

The area of ​​the entire Righteous Path Realm cannot be completely covered by Jiang Yun’s consciousness, so he doesn’t know how big it is.

The realm of righteousness also has dark seams and worlds large and small.

However, the world here is completely different from the world in Daoxing Heaven and Earth.

All worlds are shaped like spheres, and even the smallest ones are huge, and they are always in constant rotation.

And this rotation will not affect the creatures living in the world.

After looking at the realm of the righteous path for a long time, Jiang Yun walked in the direction where he guarded the existence of the Taoist seal.

This repulsion force became stronger and stronger, which affected Jiang Yun’s speed somewhat.

Jiang Yun pondered: “It seems that the most urgent thing is to find a way to get the recognition of the righteous world.”

“It doesn’t matter if my actions are affected by a little bit, but if I encounter a strong enemy, I can only exert nine points of my strength at most, and there will be danger of death.”

This is the first time Jiang Yun has entered other Taoist realms, and he does not know how to gain the approval of Taoist realms.

But the easiest way is to let yourself have the breath of the righteous world.

“I can also use the method I just passed through the barrier to imitate the Dao pattern of the Right Path Realm, cover it on my body, and I should be able to hide it from the Right Path Realm.”

“It’s still not a long-term solution, but that’s the only way it can be for now.”

The imitated Dao pattern does not mean that Jiang Yun can master the corresponding Dao.

After making up his mind, Jiang Yun stepped into a world where monks existed.

Standing above the world, Jiang Yun couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

In the gap between the boundaries, Jiang Yun’s sense of the aura of the Dao in the realm of the righteous path is not very strong.

But after entering the world, Jiang Yun could clearly feel the strong aura of the Great Dao blowing towards him.

As a Taoist cultivator, in such an environment, it is naturally extremely comfortable.

Jiang Yun’s consciousness swept through the world, and soon found the most powerful monk, a supreme.

This also reminded Jiang Yun of the situation when he first met Taoist Qingxin.

At that time, Taoist Qingxin summoned thousands of Supreme Beings at will, which made Jiang Yun is amazed.

Supreme, in the Daoxing world, even after two wars, it is still extremely rare.

But in most other Dao worlds, even if the Supreme can be considered a strong person, it is not uncommon.

With emotion, Jiang Yun quietly appeared beside the Supreme Being of the Righteous Path and directly searched his soul.

Jiang Yun needs to understand the Dao of the other party’s cultivation in detail, so as to imitate the same Dao pattern.

There is no restriction in this supreme soul, Jiang Yun’s consciousness entered the other’s soul unimpeded.

Because the memory of the Supreme Being is extremely huge, Jiang Yun had to bring the other party into the dream again, and asked the other party to take the initiative to send out the memory of his practice by asking questions.

After getting the memory he wanted, Jiang Yun let go of this supreme being, and found a few fake venerables, the real emperors, and searched their souls one by one.

After half a day, Jiang Yun had already left this world, and while continuing to rush in the direction of guarding the Daoyin, he recalled the Dao of these foreign monks’ cultivation.

“The right way, in the broadest sense, is not just the right way, but something that has a positive and positive meaning.”

“This means that the righteous way is not a real existence, but is similar to the way of love and my way of guardianship, both of which are illusory.”

“In other words, this way is the way of emptiness.”

“Furthermore, everyone’s understanding of the right path is different, so the way they practice is also different.”

“But the only thing in common is that they all believe in their own way, which is positive.”

“My way of protecting is also positive and positive.”

“Then can I take advantage of this and directly let the realm of the righteous path recognize my way?”

In terms of practice, Jiang Yun has a good habit, that is, once he has an idea, no matter how bold he is, he will do it.

So when he had this idea, he immediately found a world without people, ready to try it out.

Observing his Dao Rang secretly, he said with emotion: “It’s a miracle that this kid can survive until now!” “Should I tell him, once this idea of ​​his is put into action, it is the result of the Dao.” Fight!”


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