The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7143: The power of the evil way


Everyone, including Jiang Yun, naturally looked in the direction of the voice.

Especially the monks who are responsible for guarding this star map flashed their bodies one after another and rushed to the star map

Everyone can clearly see that the original complete star map has a large hole in the size of a hundred feet, and there are at least dozens of stars in the shape of spheres, which have disappeared without a trace.

And next to the big hole, stood a scrawny middle-aged man.

The man’s body exudes a violent aura, and there is a strong anger in his eyes, and he is looking around at the people around him.

He also held a large white flag in his hand. On the flag surface, there were streaks of golden light.

It is not difficult to see that the man was sent here from his star map.

Before stepping out of the star map, the man had already shot angrily and attacked the star map.

Jiang Yun naturally didn’t know the man’s identity, but the man’s state reminded Jiang Yun of the powerhouses who were stronger than him a few days ago.

What they all have in common is anger.

Originally, Jiang Yun thought that the reason for the anger of those powerful sources was that their companions died in the real domain. But at this moment, seeing that this man should be the primary level of the source, and hearing what the other party just said, Jiang Yun frowned slightly, and secretly said in his heart: “Their anger is not aimed at the real realm, but at Hong Hong. Alliance

Leader? “

At this moment, the cultivator who was about to collect Jiang Yundao’s Yuanshi before said coldly to the man, “This fellow Daoist, this star map belongs to my literary and Taoist world.”

“And I have not joined the Hongmeng in the world of literature and Taoism, and have nothing to do with the world of Taoism where the leader of the Alliance is located.”

“If you want to deal with the Hongmeng leader, you should go to the star map they guard, why did you come to us and attack our star map.”

This cultivator from the literary and Taoist world is indeed a bit low in strength, just a pseudo-respect.

If he had enough strength, he should have shot at the man, instead of arguing with the other party here.

Hearing the monk’s words, the anger on the skinny man’s face suddenly froze, and he blinked and said, “This, isn’t this the star map of the soul world?”

The Dao Realm where the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance is located is called the Soul Dao Realm!

“No!” The cultivator in the Wen Dao world was also taken aback and said, “You must have run the wrong star map!”

The thin man flipped his wrist, and the flag in his hand had disappeared.

And he also hurriedly clasped his fists and cupped his hands to the monks in the literary and Taoist world: “Misunderstanding!”

“I was originally going to the star map of the Soul Dao Realm, but I didn’t expect to go to the wrong place under my anger.”

“I come from the Shuiyun Dao world, and today’s affairs are all my fault.”

“Don’t worry, everyone, I will naturally compensate for the loss of this star map, and I hope you can help me.”

Listening to the man’s explanation, everyone was amused.

Who would have thought that the dignified cultivator of the source realm would go to the wrong place.

However, the attitude of the other party’s apology is indeed extremely sincere, and he is willing to compensate for the loss, so although the people in the literary and Taoist circles are still angry. But it didn’t go well either.

The monks in the Wendao world could only change the subject and said, “Shuiyun Daojie is also a member of the Hongmeng. Why do fellow Daoists want to take the initiative to your alliance?”

“Bah, **** Alliance Leader!” The skinny man’s expression became angry again: “The worst thing I did in the Shuiyun Dao Realm was to join this Hong Alliance.”

“I’m afraid you still don’t know. The leader of the Nahong Alliance not only ordered our Shuiyun Dao Realm, but also dozens of other Dao Realms to bring our Dao Realm to Daoxing Heaven and Earth.”

“Furthermore, he even shot and killed my people from the Shuiyun Dao Realm.”

“Even, he also said that if anyone dares to withdraw from the Hongmeng, he will destroy the Taoist realm where the other party is.”

“He clearly wants to be king and hegemony and make all other Taoist worlds submit to him.”

“I really can’t stand this breath, so I’m going to Daoxing Tiandi to take revenge for the monks who died in my Dao world and seek revenge for the leader of the Nahong Alliance.”

The man’s explanation caused an uproar in the surrounding people, and all of them looked surprised.

Especially Jiang Yun frowned, and finally understood why the powerhouses he had met before were all angry.

Obviously, their anger is indeed not directed at Daoxing Tiandi, but at the Alliance Leader of Hongmeng.

It’s just that although Jiang Yun understood this, he couldn’t understand why the Hongmeng leader did this.

Because, the price of this approach will inevitably arouse the resentment and hostility of most Hongmeng members, and then deal with him in turn.

The leader of the Hongmeng Alliance, together with the Soul Dao Realm behind him, even if a transcendental powerhouse has been born, no matter how strong the overall strength is, it is definitely not a wise move to offend so many Dao Realms at the same time.

Jiang Yun said to himself: “However, this is good news for me and Daoxing Tiandi.”

“Now, their Hongmeng has had internal strife, so they won’t be staring at Daoxing for the time being.”

“Furthermore, this kind of infighting is bound to be fought and killed, and it will also weaken their strength.”

“Under this situation, the chances and odds of winning the world will be even greater.”

Looking at the many enthusiastic monks, Jiang Yun quietly turned and left.

Since the star map has been partially destroyed, it is temporarily unavailable.

Jiang Yun doesn’t need to stay here any longer, he hurried to another star map.

Naturally, no one cared about Jiang Yun’s departure at all. They all surrounded the skinny man and carefully inquired about the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance.

In this way, Jiang Yun quietly left here. It took a few days to find another star map. After a month, he came to the realm of the right path.

In Jiang Yun’s imagination, the other Dao world should be a vast space that anyone can enter at will.

However, when Jiang Yun saw the realm of the righteous path, he found that the realm was not only shaped like a world, but also enveloped in a layer of light in all directions, surrounding the entire realm.

This is not an ordinary light, but some kind of Dao pattern condensed, with such powerful power that standing outside the light, neither consciousness nor eyes can see the situation inside.

Jiang Yun looked at the light in front of him and said: “It seems that the outside world is also extremely chaotic, and even the Taoist world must be so carefully protected.”

However, Dao Rang suddenly opened his mouth and said, “This was not the case in the realm of the righteous path before.”

“The barrier formed by these Dao lines is not the power of the righteous way, but the power of the evil way.”

“If it’s not bad, there should be other Dao world’s source peak powerhouses who have come here to compete for the right to become a detached powerhouse!”

“The reason why these rays of light envelop the entire Righteous Path Realm is this Origin Peak, which is used to remind other Origin Peaks with the same mind.”

“This Dao Realm has already been occupied by him. If others don’t want to do it, they can change their target!”

Jiang Yun suddenly realized: “Is it possible that the source powerhouse here is from the Soul Dao Realm of the Alliance Leader of Hongmeng?”

Dao Rang replied: “I don’t know, anyway, as long as it is a Dao world that has been born out of the strong, it is possible.”

“I only know that this Origin Peak cultivates the power of the evil way, and his situation is somewhat similar to yours.”

“Since ancient times, righteousness and evil have been incompatible, and he clearly wanted to use the opposite power of righteousness to merge with his own power of evil.”

“The combination of good and evil makes the great road.”

“You’ve come to the realm of the righteous path, and you’ve come to the right place. If you can understand the merger of good and evil, then naturally you can also merge yin and yang.”

Jiang Yun naturally understood the meaning of Dao Rang’s words.

The combination of good and evil and the fusion of yin and yang have the same purpose.

However, what Jiang Yun is a little puzzled about is that his own yin and yang fusion is the one that generates the Tao, and how can the opponent’s combination of good and evil be able to become a detached powerhouse?

Dao Rang continued: “However, you still have to think of a way to enter this realm of the righteous path!”

“If you want to break through, you will definitely be discovered by the other party.” “But if you don’t break through, you won’t be able to enter the barrier formed by the power of this evil way!”


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