The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 211: Ten kinds of flowers 25

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Chapter 211 Ten Flowers 25

Huo Weilou’s originally dark eyes were as dark as cold ink, “Princess An Ning has been sick since she was a child. I have already met your Majesty and the Queen Mother. Now that the evidence is in sight, they have no choice but to believe it.”

Feng Qin smiled and shook his head, “Master Hou, why should I deceive myself? Not to mention that the identity of the county owner of Anning is different, and she should not have done the autopsy on behalf of the Yamen couple. Even if she found out, she herself is the patient. Who knows if she will She went crazy for a while and made a mistake in the test. Whether she is sick now, your Majesty and the Queen Mother will know after a little verification.”

He said lightly, “Master Hou has watched the eldest princess since he was a child, and he knows that when a person is crazy and stupid, no matter what he says or does, he cannot believe it.”

The eldest princess and Bao Ruoyou are Huo Weilou’s closest relatives and loved ones. Anyone else would probably be furious because of this, but Huo Weilou has been through so many storms, how could he be offended by his few words of argument.

“It seems you don’t intend to confess truthfully.”

He said slowly: “When you murdered Princess Anyang and Feng Yu, in order to prevent others from discovering the truth, you pretended to be deeply in love and grieved for them. Later, you were afraid that people would find something strange, so you put the coffins in early. From that time on, , you started to commit evil. You expected this day, so you hid the bodies of their mother and son in the underground palace. You never thought that even if you erased all evidence of crime, the most critical evidence would be on her two bodies. ”

Feng Qin also stared at Huo Weilou, “I understand the pain of County Master Anning.”

He circled back to Bao Ruoyou, “Back then, she and her younger brother were taken away by gangsters, but she was the only one who came back in the end. Although she was just a child, she was an older sister. Although everyone didn’t blame her, they could She must not be able to forgive herself, and that’s right, that is her biological brother, how could she leave her biological brother alone?”

The cell room suddenly became quiet, and the other embroiderers were as silent as cicadas. Huo Weilou rubbed the knuckles of his fingers with a little force, but his face was still as calm as an ancient well.

Seeing Huo Weilou’s sullen face, but not showing any joy or anger, Feng Qin continued: “I heard that she was so crazy that she didn’t even recognize her parents. Later, her parents died, which was really pitiful. At that time, I divined for her. After testing the hexagram, I found that she actually ordered Rick’s father to suppress his mother, which was quite vicious. I advised the Marquis to stay away from him, lest he lose his power and life by her in the future.”

“My whole family died because of her. If I were her, I would stay crazy and stupid for the rest of my life, so as not to blame myself, feel guilty, and be disgusted. But I didn’t expect that she would return to the capital.”

Feng Qin threw away the examination in his hand, relaxed his tense back, and leaned on the back of the chair without restraint. At this time, his eyes flickered and he saw the dark roof of the cell. Ten feet deep underground, there is a piece of damp, dark mold on the top. Only a damp place that cannot see the light can produce such a pickled thing.

Feng Qin looked away, looking calm.

Huo Weilou said at this time: “There was indeed a Taoist priest who said that her fate was not good, but it coincided with your prediction.”

Feng Qin smiled and said, “Then this Taoist priest must also be a person with profound magical power, and he can divine the truth.”

After a pause, he said calmly: “I want to see Your Majesty and the Queen Mother. I can explain everything that happened back then.”

Huo Weilou looked at him expressionlessly.

He has been in charge of the prison for several years, and no matter how tough-talking corrupt officials and gangsters are, he is no match for him, and he knows better that during interrogation, the words that come easily from the mouth of a suspect are always the most insignificant.

Huo Weilou only saw Feng Qin’s malice toward Bo Ruoyou.

When Bao Ruoyou escaped from him, she was already a threat. If Bao Ruoyou hadn’t gotten sick at a young age and everyone in the capital knew that she was crazy, perhaps he wouldn’t have let her go so easily.

Thinking of this, Huo Weilou’s expression became even more unpredictable.

His silence made Feng Qin uneasy, and Feng Qin straightened his back more and more, “Does the Marquis want to convict me just based on this certificate? The Lord of Anning County is a patient, and so is she. The Marquis was a relative of the victim back then and was engaged to her. Logically speaking, even the Marquis had to avoid suspicion in this case. Now based on this testimonial, does the Marquis want to deprive me of my right to see His Majesty?”

Huo Weilou raised his chin, as if waiting for him to have any more quibbles.

Feng Qin was caught by his prey-like gaze. He leaned further and further into the chair and said, “The Marquis has a reputation of being fair and strict. Could it be that for the sake of Princess An Ning, he wants to frame him for the crime?” Me? Although I don’t have an official position, I am personally conferred a title by His Majesty. The Marquis does not allow me to see Your Majesty, for fear that it will be against the rules.”

Hearing these words, Huo Weilou’s interest waned, “Are you done?”

Huo Weilou’s indifference made Feng Qin anxious. He nodded, “It’s impossible for the Marquis to cover the sky with just one hand, right?”

Huo Weilou laughed briefly, “Of course that’s impossible.”

A faint light flashed in Feng Qin’s eyes, and his expression became more determined. There is no one in this world who is not afraid of death and knows that if he confesses, he will die. It is impossible for a person with Feng Qin’s temperament to make any mistakes in his testimony.

He refused to admit it. With his hereditary title and the Queen Mother’s love for him, he might be able to survive.

Huo Weilou saw clearly, “People who practice Taoism are actually afraid of death?”

Feng Qin narrowed his eyes and Huo Weilou said: “Your family has been cultivating Taoism for generations, and you have done everything you can to cultivate Taoism. Do you want to seek immortality? Or do you want to become a heavenly master and a holy master? If there is someone in the sky, True God, you will go to **** for your evil deeds. In hell, there are your wife, your eldest son, and the children you murdered. They all died unjustly. I remember that Taoists have too much resentment. There is no talk of reincarnation, but you are not afraid at all.”

Feng Qin’s shackled fists were slightly clenched, and Huo Weilou continued: “I wonder what Feng Ye would think if he knew that his mother and brother were murdered by his biological father. Maybe Feng Ye should be happy and happy. His birthday is not an auspicious day, otherwise, even he will become an unjust ghost in your hands.”

After Huo Weilou finished speaking, he looked at him for a moment. Apart from clenching his knuckles, there was not much emotion in his eyes. He was actually quite indifferent to his only son. Seeing this clearly, Huo Weilou knew that today Not easy to handle.

He changed the subject and said, “Your family has been practicing Taoism for generations. Before marrying Anyang, you must have joined the Taoist sect.”

Feng Qin hooked up with Wang Qingfu earlier than expected, which is enough to show that he was infected with **** before that time. Huo Weilou continued to ask: “Your father Feng Yuan, his yard has a weird shape, it seems to be according to Taoism It can be seen that he also started to believe in the Qiankun Bagua early and has studied a lot. Is what I said right?”

The corners of Feng Qin’s eyes trembled strangely, “It’s not surprising that a family from the capital believes in this.”

“It’s not surprising, but you have heard and seen it. The reason why you believe it must be because of your father.”

After Huo Weilou finished speaking, Feng Qin no longer answered fluently, but lowered his eyes to avoid Huo Weilou’s scrutiny.

Feng Qin believed in evil ways and committed crimes and harmed people for this reason. He should be quite enthusiastic about Shintoism in his heart. However, when Huo Weilou asked him about the reason why he joined Taoism, he stopped talking and his expression became particularly depressed. Obviously, Entering the Taoist Gate was an unpleasant experience, or in other words, a past that he didn’t want to recall.

Feng Qin not only harms people, but also murders Anyang and Feng Yu. Now he shows little concern for his only close relative, Feng Ye. A person actually has a past that he doesn’t want to mention. Huo Weilou’s eyes sharpened instantly.

“Belief is indeed a family habit. I have given a lot of charity outside the city in the past few years, which can be considered as a good deed. I must have done a lot of investigation earlier.” When Feng Qin spoke again, his voice was tense. stand up.

Huo Weilou asked: “Does Ling Ci also believe it?”

“Believe it, my mother also believes it.” Feng Qin spoke faster, “Everyone knows these things, even the Queen Mother and Your Majesty know that it is just a common thing for me to believe it, but it is only because of my feelings for Anyang and Yu’er I can’t give up. It’s really unjust to be accused of such a serious crime for hiding the body. And if the Marquis insists on insisting that I am the murderer, then I have nothing to say. I want to see Your Majesty and the Queen Mother. If the Marquis really thinks that the evidence is conclusive , why should we avoid confrontation in front of His Majesty and the Queen Mother?”

Huo Weilou’s eyes wandered up and down his body, and the more patient he was, the more impatient Feng Qin became. He gradually became restless. At this moment, an embroiderer walked to the door of the cell. Made a gesture.

Huo Weilou understood, he glanced at Feng Qin, stood up and left the cell. Feng Qin didn’t know what happened, but as soon as Huo Weilou left, the room became quiet again and he could hear the needle drop. His heart started beating wildly. The uneasiness lingering in his heart was getting stronger and stronger at this moment.

Huo Weilou walked out of the cell door and saw Lu Ke standing a few steps away. Knowing that there was new news, he walked over with a solemn expression.

Lu Ke also took two steps forward and said, “Master Marquis, the Taoist priest has invited me, that courtyard is really weird.”

Huo Weilou stared, “Say.”

“The Taoist priest said that the layout of the garden is the same as that of the Taoist temple outside. It is indeed in the same direction as the Eight Diagrams mentioned by the Marquis, and the location of the upper room is the apse of the Taoist temple. Usually there are many apse in the apse. Worshiping the Three Pure Gods is the most noble **** in Taoism. The Taoist priest said that the original owner believed in Taoism and later regarded himself as a person like the Three Pure Gods. He practiced Taoism and was enshrined in his own house. Most of this person was a cultivator. I’m obsessed.”

There weren’t many surprises on Huo Wei’s floor. When he saw the layout of the room today, he guessed, “Is there any news from the Yamen?”

Lu Ke immediately nodded, “Yes, I interrogated several old servants of the Hou Mansion. They said that the old uncle did not die of illness that year, but was caused by taking pills for many years. However, Feng Qin suppressed this matter and did not allow them to discuss it. Therefore, the public is not aware of this matter.”

Did Old Zhongyi Bo actually die from taking elixirs?

Huo Weilou has narrow eyes. The old loyal uncle’s name is Feng Yuan. He met Huo Weilou when he was young, but now he can’t remember his appearance. It is not uncommon for Taoists to take elixirs, but wealthy people all know some pharmacology. Feng Yuaneng rarely took anything made from gold and stone. Feng Yuaneng died from taking elixirs. He was considered a fanatic. He built his own courtyard into a Taoist palace and claimed to be a true god. He was even more insane.

“Is he being worshiped in his own courtyard? Who is he worshiping?”

Lu Ke looked in the direction of the cell, “The old servant of the uncle’s house said that the old uncle’s yard was also a forbidden area in the past. Ordinary servants were not allowed to enter. Only Mrs. Uncle and Feng Qin could enter and exit. Feng Qin has often followed him since he became the governor. By the old uncle’s side, the old uncle was very strict with Feng Qin, often beating and scolding him and locking him in a dark room. His subordinates guessed that if he was worshiped, he was being worshiped by Feng Qin and his mother.”

“Furthermore, the old servant also said that Feng Qin’s mother passed away before Feng Qin got married, and she was unconscious when she died. Moreover, the old loyal uncle lived alone in the yard, and his wife only occasionally stayed there for three or two days. Who could I don’t know what the couple was doing in the garden, but the mansion said that the old uncle was a monk and had a clear heart, and his relationship with his wife was quite indifferent. Later, the wife and the old uncle passed away one after another, and Feng Qin replaced many servants in the house. The servants are not allowed to discuss the old affairs of the uncle and his wife in private. Except for a few old servants, everyone thinks that the uncle and his wife are very affectionate.”

“My subordinates thought that the old man was building that palace and wanted people to worship it. He didn’t dare to publicize it in the capital, and he didn’t dare to let his servants know about it, so he started with Mrs. Bo and Feng Qin. The servants in the mansion Ever since Mrs. Shuo married the old uncle, she has obeyed his advice. Later, she followed the old uncle to practice Taoism, but she didn’t know how to practice, and she became unconscious at first.”

Huo Weilou frowned more and more as he listened. Lu Ke added: “Feng Qin later practiced Taoism and became a demon. Maybe he was influenced by the old man. As for what happened in the middle, my subordinates are not sure. Later, Feng Qin became a demon. When Qin grew up, outsiders only knew that he often followed his uncle to do good deeds in Taoist temples outside the city, and they thought he was just practicing Taoism.”

Huo Weilou thought of Wu Xiang’s previous investigation at Feiyun Temple. Most of the aristocratic families in the capital believe in Buddhism and Taoism, and Uncle Zhongyi has been a believer in Taoism for generations. However, how many people here are doing good deeds and accumulating virtue, but secretly have delusional thoughts? Evil desires arise, and even worse, demonic obstacles arise in the mind, and they commit evil acts for this purpose.

Lu Ke added: “Also, after the Marquis left, our people found several runes hidden in the four corners of the room. They just showed it to the Taoist Priest. The Taoist Priest said that Runes are things that suppress evil spirits, and the place where the runes are hidden suppresses the original owner of the courtyard. In other words, it suppresses the old man’s soul.”

Feng Yuan’s Taoist cultivator went crazy and considered himself the Lord of Heavenly Master. Later, he ate the elixir and died. Needless to say, this rune was naturally placed by Feng Qin. Why did he use the rune to suppress his father’s soul?

Huo Weilou originally didn’t understand Feng Qin’s motive for committing the murder, but when he heard this, he saw some traces. Earlier, he suspected that the murderer was involved in evil ways. Everyone went to Feiyun Temple to suspect, but they forgot that at the beginning of the rape, most of them started from Relatives taught him, and just now he asked Feng Qin why he joined Taoism as a young man. His strange behavior also showed that something unpleasant must have happened to him back then.

The old man who is obsessed with cultivating Taoism and becoming an immortal, and the uncle who follows his advice and practices Taoism together, what about the young Feng Qin back then?

Huo Weilou’s eyes changed slightly, and he finally caught a glimpse of the secret to breaking through Feng Qin.

He turned around and returned to the cell with Lu Ke. As soon as he sat down, he met Feng Qin’s wary eyes.

Huo Weilou sneered sarcastically, “You must have had a hard time as a child, right?”


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