The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 210: Ten Flowers 24

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Chapter 210 Ten Flowers 24

At dawn, everyone entered the city with two coffins. They parted at the city gate. Sun Zhao followed Huo Weilou into the palace to meet the saint, Wu Xiang sent the coffins to Yizhuang, and Bo Ruoyou went home first to wait for the news.

Now that the evidence of the crime is complete, there is no need to worry about being unable to accuse Feng Qin, but with Feng Qin’s temperament, I don’t know how to quibble. And if Your Majesty and the Queen Mother provide guarantees, it will be difficult for Huo Weilou and the Chief Envoy to preside over the case. Huo Weilou entered the palace now to express his feelings to His Majesty first, so as to avoid Feng Qin’s various excuses during the confrontation in court.

When Bao Ruoyou returned home, it was just dawn. She was so exhausted that her feet and hands were so cold that she could feel nothing. She first bathed in hot water and changed clothes, and then asked Auntie Liang to bring some hot soup to eat, and then she did not dare to sleep. , I only found paper and pen to write the examination form.

Examinations are only used during court proceedings, but this case involves so much, Bo Ruoyou always feels uneasy. She can only feel at ease after doing everything she can.

Cheng Yunzhi knew that she was busy working on the case these days. When he saw her writing the testimonial, he came over to read it. Before he finished reading it, he knew that the case had a result, “You really think he is a loyal uncle?”

Bo Ruoyou took two sips of strong tea, cheered up and said: “It was just speculation earlier, but now we can conclude that when Princess Anyang and Feng Yu died of illness, Feng Qin personally arranged the funeral arrangements. They died like this It’s weird, but he kept silent. If it’s not his fault, it really doesn’t make sense.”

Cheng Yunzhi’s wrinkled face was full of confusion. Everyone knew that the loyal uncle was indifferent to fame and wealth and doted on his wife. But in the end, the death of his beloved wife and eldest son was actually caused by his hands, not to mention that he was familiar with Feng Qin. People, even Cheng Yunzhi, feel illusory.

Bao Ruoyou looked at Cheng Yunzhi and said, “Is your adoptive father confused? In fact, I have never figured out why he committed such a murderous attack. Now, judging from the time, Feng Yu was the first person he murdered. He didn’t The pursuit of career fame and fortune was not due to his deep love for Princess Anyang, so why would he murder his own children?”

Cheng Yunzhi was born in the Cheng family in the capital, and he had some knowledge of Uncle Zhongyi’s house, but at this time, he couldn’t think of a reason why, “As far as I know, Feng Qin really doesn’t care about official career. In order to marry Anyang, he is willing to do A rich and idle man, if he is said to be haunted by demons because of Anyang’s death, I believe him, but if he is said to be for something else, I can’t think of it.”

His cloudy eyes narrowed slightly and he tried to remember, “The uncle’s house has been prosperous for generations, and the old uncle is also a kind person. They only have Feng Qin under their knees. Feng Qin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. What else does he ask for?” ”

He even did not hesitate to murder his wife and children for this reason.

Bo Ruoyou only knew about Feng Qin when Cheng Yunzhi said that he had a deep love for Anyang, but she knew very little else. However, she firmly believed that there are many reasons for a person to do evil. To know why Feng Qin did evil , we can only continue the investigation from Uncle Zhongyi’s Mansion.

With a glance, she saw the paper boat placed on the desk. There was no writing on the newly folded paper boat. She had worked **** the case in the past few days, and she had no nightmares or such weird behavior. , although she doesn’t believe in ghosts, her brother’s spirit in heaven may be able to see her efforts for this, and now, the real culprit will finally be punished!

After writing the test report, it was already bright. Bo Ruoyou rested exhaustedly. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep. The exhaustion of her body made her unable to dream, but she only felt that she had just fallen asleep outside. There was a knock on the door.

She endured her impatience and woke up, then heard her good aunt outside saying: “Miss, miss, wake up quickly, someone is coming from the palace——”

Bao Ruoyou woke up with a start. She looked out the window and saw that the sky was bright outside. It was almost noon. She quickly changed her clothes and got up. When she opened the door, Aunt Liang said: “Miss, someone is coming from the palace. , said to invite you into the palace, His Majesty wants to see you.”

“Is the chamberlain here to summon you?” Bo Ruoyou asked.

Aunt Liang shook her head, “Unlike the chamberlain, she carries a knife.”

Bo Ruoyou’s eyes turned and he understood, he turned around again and took out the written examination form, and quickly walked out of the yard.

The people who came to summon Bo Ruoyou into the palace were the Imperial Guards from the Palace Front Division. They treated Bo Ruoyou respectfully. The man explained his intention, and Bo Ruoyou followed him out and into the palace.

She walked through the royal road to the palace. The last time she was called to the palace for a marriage, she was worried all the way. But at this time, she was quite calm and collected. The ink on the examination in her hand was dry, and every word was, They were all crimes committed by Feng Qin. In this world, people’s hearts are complicated, and the minds of those in power are even more unpredictable. But like every case that has been solved before, the evidence on the corpse is always the most convincing, even in front of the emperor. , she also has the confidence to move forward.

The carriage stopped in front of the palace gate, and Bo Ruoyou followed the imperial army into Xuanwu Gate. It was dark when he entered the palace last time, but today it was almost noon, and for some reason, the weather that had been gloomy for many days finally cleared up, and the clouds The warm sun cast a golden light, illuminating the cramped palace.

Bao Ruoyou was brought to Zhaoyang Palace.

“Your Majesty, the Lord of Anning County has arrived.”

After a low report, Bao Ruoyou was called into the palace. As soon as she entered the door, several eyes in the palace fell on her, either threatening or questioning. There was only one gaze, which was gentle. , Bo Ruoyou quickly raised his eyelashes and looked over, meeting Huo Weilou’s obsidian eyes.

She walked to the hall with her eyes closed, and saluted Emperor Jianhe and Queen Mother Song who were sitting on the couch in front of the window.

“Are you Princess Anning? What are you holding in your hand?” Queen Mother Song had a kind look on her face, but her tone of questioning at this moment was stern.

“Going back to the Queen Mother, what the girl is holding is the examination certificate.” Afraid that the Queen Mother and Emperor Jianhe would not understand, Bo Ruoyou added: “It is the result of the examination of the remains of Princess Anyang and the eldest son of the Feng family.”

The Queen Mother and Emperor Jianhe were obviously a little surprised. Emperor Jianhe said: “How did you know that you were summoned to ask you about the autopsy?”

Bo Ruoyou said respectfully: “The Marquis entered the palace to present the case to the Holy One, and the daughter of the people was asked to do the autopsy. Your Majesty and the Queen Mother announced that the women of the people had entered the palace, so naturally they wanted to ask about the autopsy.”

Emperor Jianhe said: “Send the test report.”

” How?”

Emperor Jianhe hesitated for a moment and did not show the medical examination to the Queen Mother. The details he wanted to ask about were all in the medical examination. Caused by external force cracking, can you guarantee that your test results are correct?”

Bo Ruoyou nodded, “A civilian woman can guarantee that.”

Emperor Jianhe glanced at Huo Weilou and said, “If you make a wrong test and wrongly accuse someone, it will be a serious crime.”

Huo Weilou was about to speak, when Bo Ruoyou said: “Prison matters should not be more important than the restoration, the restoration should not be more important than the first love, and the first love should not be more important than the examination①, the examination determines life and death, you should be cautious, the daughter of the people The autopsies have been conducted for several years, and so far there have been no mistakes. If the autopsy is wrong this time, the daughter is willing to bear the blame.”

Seeing that Bo Ruoyou didn’t even look at Huo Weilou, and seemed to be really sure and unafraid, Emperor Jianhe had a look of admiration in his eyes. He looked at the Queen Mother, “Mother, Anyang and Feng Yu were indeed harmed by others. , after Anyang and Feng Yu’s accident, a funeral ceremony was arranged for him personally, but he never mentioned that the two died of abnormal illness. There was no one else but him as the murderer.”

The Queen Mother seemed unwilling to accept this fact, but Emperor Jianhe saw the examination and believed more firmly in Huo Weilou’s report. She just didn’t believe Huo Weilou, how could she still doubt Emperor Jianhe’s judgment? Soon, She clenched her hands at her side, “Feng Qin…why is Feng Qin? He loves Anyang the most, how could he kill Anyang? And Yu’er, who didn’t say that Yu’er was extremely talented back then? , he will definitely be granted the title of Marquis and Prime Minister in the future, how proud and proud he will be then!”

Emperor Jianhe took another look at the examination, and was also stumped by this question, “The queen mother and I don’t know the reason, and we have to rely on the envoy to interrogate him. I also want to know why he came here. So much!”

He looked at Huo Weilou and said, “Go and get the person, do it neatly, and don’t want to spread rumors in the capital.”

Huo Weilou breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. Emperor Jianhe took a look at the situation, raised his hand and threw it to Sun Zhao who was standing aside. He went to see Bo Ruoyou again. The last time he saw her, he thought she was quite a lady. Although he looked like that, he felt even more courageous today, “I heard that your brother was also killed in this case. Would you do anything for him?”

Huo Weilou frowned immediately, and Bo Ruoyou also raised his eyes to look at Emperor Jianhe, and said seriously: “My younger brother was killed, and as a relative of the people, I want to find the perpetrator and avenge him. As a widower, the people Women also need to detect clues and seek justice for the victims. There is no conflict. Moreover, only by finding the real murderer can the spirit of the younger brother be comforted. Therefore, women will only treat this case with more caution.”

Emperor Jianhe smiled. The empress dowager still sighed with red eyes when she thought of Feng Qin’s murder of Anyang Princess’s mother and son. Emperor Jianhe did not give many instructions and ordered the Yamen and Zhishisi to investigate the case seriously.

Huo Weilou took Bo Ruoyou out of the palace and went outside the palace gate. Huo Weilou comforted him and said: “The matter is now over. It is impossible for Feng Qin to escape. Lu Ke has surrounded Uncle Zhongyi’s house and will send him back later.” Sent to the prison for interrogation, you can just go home and wait.”

Yan Bi shook her hand and felt her fingertips were cold, “You have just recovered from a serious illness. You were tired and caught a cold last night. Go home and drink some **** soup. Don’t catch the cold. The case has reached this stage and there is nothing more to do. There is room for change, you can rest assured.”

The evidence is irrefutable, not to mention that Feng Qin fell into the hands of Zhishisi. Bo Ruoyou believes that Huo Weilou will be able to find out the truth.

After Bao Ruoyou left, Huo Weilou rode towards Uncle Zhongyi’s mansion. The door of the uncle’s mansion was closed tightly. The embroidered clothes envoy came up to call the door. The person who opened the door was also the embroidered clothes envoy. Huo Weilou entered the house and it was a short journey. Ke came out.

“Have you met Your Majesty, Mr. Marquis?”

Huo Weilou nodded, “Take Feng Qin to the sky prison to await trial, search the entire residence inside and outside, and take all the servants of the residence into custody and send them to Jingzhao Yi Yamen for interrogation.”

In response to Lu Ke’s reaction, the deathly silent Uncle Zhongyi’s Mansion suddenly became noisy.

Huo Weilou stood under the ice-covered eaves. Not long after, he saw Feng Qin being twisted out. His injuries had not healed, and he was restrained by the embroidered clothes master at this moment without any resistance. When he saw Huo Weilou, Feng Qin Qin’s eyes were dark and stern, but he did not struggle and roar, and was quickly sent out of the house.

There was no mistress in the uncle’s house, and there were not many servants. Everyone was taken away in an orderly manner. Only Feng Ye kept crying out for injustice. The embroiderer raised his hand and cut his arms behind his back, crying out in humiliating pain. Among them, Feng Ye was taken away.

Not long after, Sun Zhao arrived at the uncle’s house. Huo Weilou ordered him to interrogate the servants of the uncle’s house in the government office. He was not in a hurry to go to the prison to interrogate Feng Qin. The entire uncle’s house was searching for evidence inside and outside. Huo Weilou specially stayed In the mansion.

This uncle’s mansion located outside the imperial city has a history of a hundred years. After two expansions, the mansion is as majestic and vast as a marquis’ mansion. Huo Weilou looked at the continuous eaves covered with ice and snow, and was very curious about this mansion. What kind of secrets are hidden in this place? This is the place where Feng Qin has lived for more than forty years, and all his sins will leave traces here.

Huo Weilou first went to Feng Qin’s main courtyard. After Lu Ke asked about it, he said: “This is where Feng Qin lived after Princess Anyang passed away. The old servant said that Feng Qin was afraid of seeing things and missing people, so he changed Find a place to live.”

If you don’t know the truth, you would certainly think that he was afraid of seeing things and missing others. But now that he knows that Anyang was killed by him, then he has a guilty conscience.

The interior of the hospital is quite elegant and simple, indeed like a place of ascetic cultivation, and there are many things from Taoism. In Feng Qin’s study, in addition to Taoist scriptures, there are also many Buddhist and shamanistic scriptures. Huo Wei Lou walked forward, flipped through two books, and wondered: “When did he start to believe in the ways of gods and Buddhas so much?”

Lu Ke said: “When I was waiting for the Marquis just now, my subordinates asked the old servants who had been with Feng Qin for many years. They said that the Feng family believed in it for generations. Not only Feng Qin, but also the old man believed in it.”

Huo Weilou looked deep into the inner courtyard, “Continue searching and see where Princess Anyang lived.”

The Embroidered Clothes Envoys were scattered throughout the residence, but after a search, no suspicious objects were found. Although Princess Anyang’s residence is still preserved, most of the furniture inside has been replaced, and it is covered with dust. Clues, Feng Ye’s courtyard is even more unusual. At this time, Lu Ke stepped forward and said: “There are still the last ancestral hall and the courtyard where the old man lives that have not been searched.”

Huo Weilou pondered for a while and chose to go to the ancestral hall in person. The ancestral hall of the uncle’s house is not big. It is in the most secluded place in the northwest corner of the house. It is surrounded by towering pines and cypresses. The snow has not yet melted, and the branches are covered with green branches. When you arrive at the main hall of the ancestral hall, you will see that there is a place for worship, with curtains hanging on all sides, and runes and prayer flags hanging high. It looks like you have entered a solemn Taoist temple somewhere.

The futon in front of the memorial tablet was half old, and it seemed that people often came here to kneel and worship. Soon Lu Ke came in and said: “People in the mansion said that Feng Qin is in the mansion, and he comes here to worship his ancestors almost every two days. He came back last night Later, I also came here to worship.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an embroiderer came quickly from outside and said, “Master Marquis, I found something in the old uncle’s yard. Go and have a look.”

Huo Weilou raised his eyebrows and said as he walked out: “If I remember correctly, the old man passed away in the tenth year of Jianhe, and it has been twenty-one years now.”

Lu Ke responded, and the group left the ancestral hall and headed southwest along the corridor. Soon, they arrived at the courtyard where the old man lived. As soon as they reached the entrance of the courtyard, Huo Weilou felt that the courtyard was a little weird.

This courtyard is located on the west side of the mansion. There are three entrances in total. It is placed in the uncle’s mansion. It is larger than the courtyard where Princess Anyang and Feng Qin live alone. The courtyard walls are square and square, facing south and facing south, with east and west sides. The wing rooms are not like ordinary houses that are scattered due to different uses, but are absolutely symmetrical. Huo Weilou stood still and took in what he saw. Soon, he found out what was wrong.

“Master Hou, what’s wrong?”

“This courtyard is larger than an ordinary courtyard.”

Lu Ke said: “The ancestors of the uncle’s house have meritorious service. Back then, the reward was given based on the Marquis’s mansion. Later, the uncle’s house was expanded and rebuilt, and it has the current momentum. Their ancestors were also very prosperous, and such a scale is considered ordinary. .”

Huo Weilou shook his head, “This courtyard is built according to the Bagua directions. Qian Nan Kun North, the main house is on the central axis, the left and right are the sun to the east and the moon to the west, and the distance is symmetrical -” He marched when he was young During the war, I had a little knowledge of the Bagua astrology, but it was difficult to study it in depth. “Go to Sanqing Temple and find a Taoist priest.”

After giving the instructions, Huo Weilou walked into the courtyard. There were many pines and cypresses in the garden, which was dense and quiet. However, unlike the courtyard that Huo Weilou thought was already remote, this courtyard was actually quite neatly taken care of. He just reported that The embroidered robe envoy said: “Master Hou, we found several magical artifacts and a bright yellow robe in the main room that we entered second.”

The bright yellow color in Taoism is attributed to the Holy Master of Heavenly Master. Huo Weilou quickly walked to the house he was talking about, and he saw several imperial bells, swords and other objects. The furnishings in the house were different from ordinary houses, even under the wall on the north side of the main hall. , there is also an altar, there is no statue of the true **** on the altar, it is empty, and the robe was searched out from the secret cabinet under the altar by the embroiderer.

Huo Weilou instantly understood where this courtyard was.

Twilight has arrived outside, and it gets dark very early in winter. Night will fall in a few moments. Huo Weilou calmed down and said: “Continue searching. When the Taoist priest comes, let him take a good look at this yard to see if there is anything weird. I am Go to the Yamen.”

He turned around and went straight to Jingzhaoyi Yamen.

Feng Ye and others were brought to the Yamen Prison. Sun Zhao came back from the palace and had been interrogating them. When he heard that Huo Weilou was coming, he hurriedly welcomed him out. When he saw Huo Weilou, he asked: “What did the interrogation reveal? ”

Sun Zhao said: “There are only five people who have been in the uncle’s house for more than ten years. They were also replaced in the early years in Zhuangzi outside the city. They don’t know how Princess Anyang died. They only know that Feng Qin personally served as Princess Anyang. Wearing a shroud.”

Huo Weilou nodded, then said: “Ask if anyone knows how the old man died back then.” Yan Bi added: “Prepare a copy of the testimonial and the case file, I am going to go Trial Feng Qin.”

Sun Zhao immediately went to prepare, and soon delivered it to Huo Weilou. Huo Weilou took the embroidered clothes to make the royal horse leave, and arrived at the Tianlao in less than half an hour. Feng Qin was taken to the Tianlao after noon. He had been locked up in the dungeon for five hours now. The dungeon was damp and cold, without any daylight, and because he was deep underground, he could hear the sound of a needle dropping. Feng Qinxian could endure it at first, but as time passed by little by little, he Inevitably, he became anxious.

When Huo Weilou showed up with people, he felt no fear, but felt like he had been saved.

He was dragged into the interrogation cell like cargo, and the shackles on his hands and feet were heavy and harsh. Facing Huo Weilou after the criminal case, he still wanted to pretend to be calm, “Master Hou really did everything for the Lord of Anning County.” Extremely, I dare to ask the Marquis, Your Majesty and the Queen Mother have forgiven me, is it true that I secretly hid the remains of Anyang and Yu’er, and it has become a serious crime to be sentenced to heavenly prison?”

Lu Ke didn’t say much when he took the people there. He didn’t know that they had examined the bodies of Anyang and Feng Yu. Huo Weilou said in a cold voice: “Hiding the corpse privately is certainly not worth going to jail, but murdering his wife and The eldest son is different.”

Feng Qin’s eyes trembled slightly, and just as he was about to defend himself, Huo Weilou took out the examination certificate and asked the attendant to hand it to him.

Feng Qin didn’t know why, but when he saw clearly what was written on the paper, his fingertips began to tremble. The further he looked down, the more uncontrollable the trembling was, but his back was as tight as a bowstring. Huo Weilou was able to watch it leisurely. He doesn’t rush.

After Feng Qin finished reading, his eyes were still on the paper. He lowered his head, his face blending into the shadows. No one in the cell could see his expression clearly. After a long time, the lamp in the corner The candle dimmed a little, and he slowly raised his eyes. His usually clear and gentle eyes were now covered with frost, and there was a sinister sneer between his eyebrows.

“Is this what the Lord of Anning County has verified?”

Huo Weilou’s expression was the answer. At this time, Feng Qin suddenly sighed with great regret and said calmly: “For a person suffering from madness, can everyone believe what she has tested? ”


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