The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 212: Ten kinds of flowers 26

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Chapter 212 Ten Flowers 26

Feng Qin didn’t know what Huo Weilou heard after leaving the cell, but this question made his eyes flash while he was trying to stay calm.

Huo Weilou did not wait for his answer and continued to ask: “How did your mother die?”

Feng Qin’s cloudy eyes were half-narrowed, and his withered face trembled slightly from clenching his teeth. He changed his posture and sat, folding his hands in front of him and clasping them tightly.

Huo Weilou stared at him, “Your father practiced Taoism and proclaimed himself the Heavenly Master and Holy Master in his house. Your mother obeyed his words and worshiped him as a true god. And you also followed him in practicing Taoism at a young age. After receiving his true message, it was nothing for you and your family to practice Taoism. But then, your mother died.”

Feng Qin swallowed hard, his eyes slightly narrowed with anger, and he didn’t want to hear this.

Huo Weilou’s voice became more and more interesting, as if he was talking about something very interesting, “I heard that your mother had been delirious before she died. You should be very aware of the words and deeds of a delirious person, so when you know The Lord of Anning County suffered from madness and stupidity after returning to the mansion when he was a child, so you breathed a sigh of relief. I guess that your mother’s madness and stupidity are probably inseparable from you.”

I don’t know where these words hit Feng Qin’s pain point. He grabbed the robe at his knees with both hands, and the shackles made a crisp sound. The veins on the back of his hands loomed, as if he was struggling to restrain himself.

Huo Weilou’s words became more and more sharp, “Although your father thought he was the true **** of heaven, he never committed any evil. You got his true inheritance, but you are more vicious than him. What did you do to your mother? The first one The person whose blood you sacrificed is your mother?”

Hearing this, Feng Qin could no longer suppress the anger in his eyes, and said word by word: “Master Hou, do you know what you are talking about? I cannot bear the crime of matricide!”

Huo Weilou didn’t care, and his expression became more contemptuous, “You can attack your married wife and eldest son, how can you care about your mother? Your father has a deep understanding of Taoism and even wants to establish a sect. You practice with him. , saw that he had achieved the Tao, and felt jealous. In order to cultivate the true God Dharmakaya as soon as possible, he began to dabble in evil ways! Either you tricked your mother into sacrificing yourself to help you cultivate the Tao, or your mother knew that you were doing such evil things. My heart can’t stop you, and I’m going crazy because of my depression.”

What Huo Weilou said was naturally just words. Feng Qin was able to use runes to suppress the soul of the old loyal and righteous uncle, so he must have hated him deeply. And when the uncle passed away, Feng Qin was not even ten years old, so he was probably the same as him. He has little to do with it, he wants Feng Qin to defend himself.

“It’s ridiculous, because of me?! How could it be because of me?” Feng Qin stared at Huo Weilou, his eyes bloodshot, especially angry, “My mother is basically——”

The words he was about to blurt out came to an abrupt end. Feng Qin regained his consciousness on the edge of defeat. He looked at Huo Weilou warily, suddenly realized, leaned forward and leaned back on the chair, and turned his face to the chair again. His anger subsided.

“The Marquis is trying to trick me.”

Feng Qin’s acumen did not disappoint Huo Weilou. He knew that this direction was right. His reason could help him once, but could it help him a second time?

So he said quietly: “You only deny that your mother died not because of you, but you do not deny that you murdered Princess Anyang and Feng Yu. Let me guess, your mother did not die because of you, then it must be It’s because of your father.”

Feng Qin pursed his lips tightly, his eyes were still red, but he stopped talking.

“You left the runes to suppress the dead souls in your father’s yard. According to Taoism, you didn’t want him to be reincarnated. It shows that you are quite jealous of him. Let me guess again, you You have followed him since childhood and have been controlled by him. The same is true for your mother. What’s more, your father may have been quite cruel to your mother. You witnessed your mother being tortured by him and suffered a lot at his hands. Therefore, you are very cruel to your mother. He hates——”

“Later, you watched your mother lose consciousness and die of a serious illness, and your hatred became even deeper.” He looked at Feng Qin, “You failed to protect your mother. What’s more, you were afraid of your father and had to Stand with your father and watch your mother suffer.”

Even though Feng Qin had made up his mind not to speak again, Huo Weilou’s words still involved many past events. He didn’t want to think about it, but every time Huo Weilou said another word, more memories came flooding back, making him think again. Nightmarish fear.

He suddenly raised his eyes, “Didn’t you never protect Duke Dingguo?”

Huo Weilou’s father, Duke Dingguo, was forced to death by the eldest princess. This was widely circulated among aristocratic families. As one of the royal relatives, Feng Qin naturally heard about it. He stared at Huo Weilou intently, thinking Huo Weilou looked guilty.

But Huo Weilou didn’t even raise his eyebrows, “You admitted it.”

Anger and fear can make people lose their minds. Feng Qin cannot do it without leakage. When his anger reaches a certain level, he will want to fight back. But in front of him, this young man in his early twenties has extraordinary ambition and means, and is almost invulnerable, so he thought of him Same sad family thing.

His words were indeed a disguised admission that he had never protected his mother, but how could his mother ever protect him?

More and more memories came flooding in, and Feng Qin was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t control the expression on his face. At this time, Huo Weilou said coldly: “You can’t protect your mother, but you can’t defeat your father. It’s so easy. You had a beloved wife, but you took her life with your own hands. Your eldest son kept calling you to be his father, but you killed him. You are more vicious than your father.”

“I’m not!”

This last sentence was unacceptable to Feng Qin, and he shouted angrily.

His chest heaved violently, his eyes were red, and the corners of his lips twitched a few times. He couldn’t help but defend himself, “You don’t understand what kind of person he is. He is the most heartless and unjust person in the world. , my mother was originally a virtuous and virtuous lady, but because of her love for him, she was willing to follow him to practice Taoism. He wanted to be a heavenly master and true god, so my mother obeyed him and worshiped him like a real god, but he still didn’t He is the one who is satisfied! He is the one who is not satisfied with the teachings of monasticism. He wants to achieve the great achievements of Shinto, Taoism and Buddha. He is the one who first used his mother’s blood to refine the art of death. He is the most ruthless and unjust man. No, he is not worthy. A man is not worthy of being a father. Only the most incompetent men will use a woman’s admiration to torture her——”

“He has attained the Taoism but is worldly, but he can’t give up the power of the uncle at all. He can only torture the people closest to him! My mother was tortured to death by him, and I also suffered deeply. What’s the crime?”

His breathing was messy, and his fingertips were trembling uncontrollably. He knew he should stay calm, but his mind was endlessly stuck in the past, and Huo Weilou’s accusation seemed to be the last straw that crushed him. How could he be better than Is your father cruel?

“What are you guilty of? You followed in his footsteps!”

The words Huo Weilou were written loudly and resoundingly. These words were like sharp swords piercing Feng Qin’s critical defenses!

“The laceration on Anyang’s skull was caused by your own hands, and the blow was fatal. Feng Yu was even fabricated by you as a human sacrifice. He was only five years old when he died. You said he had the plague. He must really feel that he is suffering from the plague, and you want to use his blood. Perhaps in order to make you happy, he will let you take the blood without crying or making a fuss. He must be the most well-behaved child you have ever murdered. There is no innocent child. Young children will reject their father.”

Feng Qin’s face couldn’t stop convulsing. Huo Weilou’s description was so vivid that it actually brought out those scenes that he had deliberately sealed away. It seemed as if there were invisible shackles on his shoulders, which made him unbearable. Bending down, he buried his face in his palms, as if he could escape Huo Weilou’s accusation.

“You couldn’t resist your father, you hated your father, but you eventually became him, even more cruel and ruthless than him, killing your own children with your own hands, and killing so many people similar to Feng Yu’s age. Children, every time you kill one, another pair of parents will be in pain. Are you jealous of those children who had a happier childhood than you? You still use the blood of children to continue to practice evil ways, even if these evil arts once made you and your mother The pain is excruciating, you are more insane than your father!”

Huo Weilou frowned as he looked at Feng Qin who was on the verge of collapse. He understood Feng Qin’s hatred for his father, but he didn’t understand why Feng Qin could continue to practice evil, even worse than Feng Yuan.

“He…even if he dies, his ghost will not spare me and my mother. And I can only be out of his control if I practice better than him. I also want to protect my mother, and I also want to protect my mother.” I want to protect my wife and children…”

Feng Qin spoke tremblingly, with frightening fear in his voice. Huo Weilou raised his sword eyebrows, which was unbelievable. When he thought about it more deeply, he felt a chill running down his spine. He was controlled by his father at a young age and witnessed My mother was tortured, but she also witnessed and heard that her father practiced Taoism and became a demon. Although she later hated her father, she really believed that there was magic in the world and wanted to surpass her father in magic!

What a terrifying inner demon this is!

At this moment, Huo Weilou didn’t know whether to pity him or hate him.

“I…I don’t want to kill Anyang——”

He raised his head, his face was wet, and his eyes were empty and pleading, begging Huo Weilou to believe him.

“It’s her. She knew that I asked Yu’er to help me practice Taoism. She was frightened. She wanted to go to the palace and tell the Queen Mother… I… I didn’t want Yu’er to die either. The art of death should have allowed her to live. But I felt sorry for him and he just took some blood, but I didn’t expect that he was really sick and weak. After Anyang left, he also went there…”

At this point, he suddenly looked crazy, “It must be him, he must know that I used runes to suppress him, he didn’t let me live easy, he took away my Anyang, he wants to It was my mistake to take away all the people who were dear to me and loved me…I was indeed wrong. My mistake was that I had not cultivated the great road to make his soul fly away!”

“It’s him…it’s him who keeps pestering me. If I don’t keep practicing, he will take Ye’er away and take away everything from me. What can I do?”

Feng Qin is over 40 years old. He used to be so celestial and courageous in front of the world, but now his hair is disheveled, his face is full of tears, and his eyes are empty and desperate. It seems that if he says another word, he will be completely destroyed. The rout was out of control.

Huo Weilou just wanted to break through his defenses. Seeing that his expression was getting more and more crazy, he quickly asked: “Those children, how did you choose and commit the murder?”

“Child?” Feng Qin was trembling all over, and he was trying to recall what he said, but soon, he frowned in agony, shook his head but did not answer, as if his mind was being dragged into the dark abyss by an invisible hand. , never come back.

Huo Weilou stood up, walked quickly to Feng Qin, and grabbed his collar, “I am asking you, how did you choose those children and commit murder? Ming Guilan, Bo Lanzhou of the Bo family, and There were four people who were later murdered by you. Apart from them, did you also harm anyone else?!”

Huo Weilou’s sharp voice forced Feng Qin to look up at him, but Feng Qin seemed to see something else through him. His empty eyes were suddenly replaced by fear. He subconsciously curled back, unable to hear clearly. Huo Weilou’s question, seeing him like this, Huo Weilou was anxious and angry, raised his hand and landed his fist on his cheekbone.

“Feng Qin, wake up!”

The pain brought back Feng Qin’s consciousness. Seeing his pupils shrinking, Huo Weilou asked again: “Do you remember how you kidnapped Ming Guilan and how you harmed Bo Lanzhou?! Those children behind, How did you murder me?!”

“Bo——Bo Lan——”

“Yes, Bo Lanzhou! What happened that night!”

Feng Qin’s brows wrinkled together in pain. Hearing Huo Weilou’s shouting questions, his expression suddenly sobered and then confused. Huo Weilou was worried, “Let me ask you again, what happened that night?! You were more than happy that night!” The kidnapping of one person is the only time in all the cases where two people were kidnapped, but you let one of them escape, you must remember it!”

Feng Qin was captured by the terrifying power of Huo Wei Tower. Several fragments flashed through his mind, and he finally vaguely recalled that long-standing memory.

“Yes, there is a sister and a brother. In that ruined temple, I…my goal was my younger brother, and I didn’t want my sister to survive…then…then that sister…”

Huo Weilou knew in his heart that Feng Yu was going to say “that sister abandoned her brother”, so he couldn’t help but show disgust on his face. He had heard such remarks several times, and every time he said the word “abandoned”, he could Thinking of Bao Ruoyou’s guilty and blaming look.

“That sister is so smart——”

“She…she hid her brother in the cabinet and tried to lure me away with herself. I…almost fell into the trap. I chased him out and was stabbed by her before I realized something was wrong. I was too lazy to deal with her and went back to the ruined temple. , I thought my brother had run away, but who knew…”

“Unexpectedly, my brother was so scared that he hid in the cabinet and didn’t move… When I caught him, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to cry, but he kept calling “sister” and “sister” , It’s so pitiful. I caught him back, and when I tried to find the sister again, it was already too late. She…she had escaped to no one knows where…”

Huo Weilou almost suspected that he had heard wrongly, but when he saw Feng Qin showing anger as he spoke, he suddenly understood everything!

The fingers holding the collar suddenly tightened. Huo Weilou lifted Feng Qin up, knocked over the chair, and hit the wall behind him. A loud bang made Feng Qin cough violently. Wei Lou held his hand on his neck and could crush his neck bones with just a little force, “You made Li Shen make a false confession!”

The words were like thunder, and he closed his knuckles. Others in the cell could even hear the rattling sound of Feng Qin’s bones. Lu Ke had never seen Huo Weilou so angry before, so he took two steps forward, ” Lord Marquis, please calm down!”

Huo Weilou was indeed furious. Bo Ruoyou’s illness had already recovered, but it relapsed after listening to Li Shen’s testimony. Bo Lanzhou’s life was weighed on her shoulders because of the false confession. She felt guilty for causing her to lose consciousness. Abnormal, almost turning into another eldest princess. Feng Qin has been afraid of Bo Ruoyou from the beginning, not only because she escaped from the ruined temple back then, but also because she is now a slave of the Yamen!

Killing a person will not only kill her, but also make her crazy and stupid. At that time, who will believe a madman’s words? !

Killing intent flashed through Huo Weilou’s eyes, this was Feng Qin!

He only picks on the weakest children when he commits crimes. In order to escape the blame, he will do whatever it takes. The inner demons caused by Feng Yuan are just an excuse. He is vicious to the core, and he is torn into pieces. It’s not an exaggeration!

Lu Ke and the Xiuyi Envoys had never seen Huo Weilou like this. He was full of violence. Everyone knew that he had murderous intentions. Lu Ke did not dare to persuade him, and the others did not dare to breathe. Feng Qin’s face turned red, and he struggled in vain. Just when everyone thought that Feng Qin was going to die today, Huo Weilou suddenly threw Feng Qin to the ground.

Feng Qin fell out like a piece of cargo. He gasped for air, coughed and curled up into a ball. Huo Weilou stared at the wall in front of him for a moment. When he turned his eyes again, the anger in his eyes had faded by three points.

Lu Ke breathed a sigh of relief with lingering fear, “Master Hou——”

“The trial, continue the trial, use my token to invite an imperial physician. He must not go crazy or die. He must live and explain clearly the circumstances and consequences of each case.”

“Yes! I understand!”

Huo Weilou took out the brocade handkerchief from his sleeve, wiped his hands, and strode out of the cell.

He walked all the way out of the sky prison. When the cold wind outside blew in his face, he stopped at his feet. It was already late at night, and there were no stars or moon in the sky. I don’t know when it started to rustle again outside. It’s snowing. If I go to see her now, where will I see anyone?

But Huo Weilou didn’t stay long. He went out, got on his horse, and headed straight for Cheng’s house in Changshoufang. The swirling snow foam wet his temples, but he was very anxious and scared.

On such a long night of wind and snow, Bo Ruoyou might be struggling in a nightmare.


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