Technological Supremacy Chapter 274: Here we go, semiconductor technology!


During the two days when Luo Jia was resting, the whole world was in a state of turmoil.

Level 3.5 autonomous driving technology, like a shot in the arm, has been injected into the body of European and American auto companies, which has completely excited Western public opinion.

Since the beginning of this global auto war, those auto magnates have been in a passive position, being beaten dizzy by Star Technology with a series of black technologies.

Even the powerful scientific research system in the West is miserable. They are busy chasing the footsteps of Xingchen Technology. Xingchen Technology is engaged in Karmen Vortex Street power generation, and they also do it.

After really not understanding the operating principle of the power generation array, they gnawed at the hardest bone in the energy field, controllable nuclear fusion, and tried to overtake in a corner.

Anyway, until now, the West has been impatient from scientific research to enterprises, and then to the ruling authorities, and regards Huaxia and Xingchen Technology as thorns in the flesh.

Finally, the West has gained a huge lead in the field of autonomous driving, so it must be publicized, and it must be publicized with great fanfare.

At present, China’s best self-driving technology is Baidu Group’s Apollo system.

After the search engine was defeated by Xingchen Technology, Baidu Group learned from the pain and devoted itself to researching autonomous driving technology.

It should be said that a lean camel is bigger than a horse. As one of the three Internet giants in China, Baidu is still very powerful. They have also achieved good results in the field of autonomous driving.

The only pity is that they unfortunately met Bell Labs, a world-renowned super scientific research institution, which directly distributed the Global Watch program developed for the military to the civilians, and launched a dimensionality reduction strike.

The emergence of L3.5 autonomous driving technology has caused an uproar in the global public opinion.

“Let those Chinese people see our true strength!”

“Yes, we are the best in scientific research!”

“This is just the beginning of a series of counterattacks. The Ross Laboratory invented the atomic bomb back then, and they have now fully turned to controllable nuclear fusion research!”

“Latest news! Oak Ridge Laboratory is preparing to release carbon fiber technology with the same strength as Star Technology! Huaxia’s leadership will not last long!”

Western netizens and media cheered excitedly, even happier than Christmas.

However, only forty-eight hours after the announcement of Level 3.5 autonomous driving technology, Stellar Technology officially established the autonomous driving plan.

According to rumors, after the Chinese New Year, Xingchen Technology will hand over the autonomous driving technology to its partners for testing.

As a result, the whole world exploded once again.

It turns out that as early as two years ago, Star Technology began research on autonomous driving when it was researching the electric balance car project.

The company has always had a secret research team responsible for collecting data and developing related hardware and software.

The current situation is that Bell Labs has collected the research results of Western giants such as Tesla, Denso, Apple, and Volkswagen, and coupled with its own global watch project, it has come up with a level 3.5 autonomous driving .

But so far, this technology is still being integrated, and it should really enter the real world in the middle or second half of this year.

Bell Labs’ autonomous driving technology is futures, and Star Technology is also futures. Everyone is in the same boat, and no one has officially completed it. It is still unknown which company’s technology will be put into production first, and which company’s technology is stronger.

“Have you seen it! It’s not certain who will win the battle!”

“You have self-driving technology, and Star Technology also has it!”

“Secret pre-research two years ago, Xingchen Technology is prepared for a rainy day, Xingchen Technology is mighty!”

The Chinese netizens are happy. The West finally came up with a leading thing, but they were only happy for forty-eight hours. Xingchen Technology immediately came up with it!

The headache-wrenching noise suddenly fades away and becomes a tiny beeping sound.

This feeling is like coming from a noisy machining workshop to the side of the road suddenly. Although there is still noise around, the sound is much quieter, and a refreshing feeling arises spontaneously.

Luo Jia let out a long breath, feeling finally relieved. He sat up from the bed, picked up a glass of water on the table, drank it, and then quickly closed his eyes.

In his mind, there was a brand new folder. After opening it, Luo Jia suddenly showed an expression of ecstasy.

The reason why Luo Jia is so excited is because this time the golden dome has sent him the most needed existence at the moment, elementary computing technology.

Listening to names may seem like math, but it’s not.

In this highly valuable folder, there are a large amount of technical information, especially the knowledge about the field of semiconductor manufacturing, which is simply tailor-made for Luo Jia.

In this world, the semiconductor manufacturing industry is known as the pinnacle of technology.

Take the lithography machine as an example, gather the power of the whole world, and finally only create the only enterprise in the world that masters extreme ultraviolet lithography technology, ASML in the Netherlands.

From the wavelength of 193 nanometers of ultraviolet light to the wavelength of 13.4 nanometers of extreme ultraviolet light, it is a huge progress, which enables the continuation of Moore’s law and makes it possible for the semiconductor process to advance to 1 nanometer.

But as a price, the EUV machine with a power of only 250 watts consumes an astonishing 30,000 degrees every day! Huge waste has been generated.

Through the technical data of the golden dome, Luo Jia can find out the reason for such a huge waste, and make improvements to increase the photolithography efficiency.

For another example, modern semiconductor manufacturing has always used silicon as a raw material, from the micron level to the current nanometer level.

The biggest problem facing scientists is, if one day we want to break through the nanometer level and enter the picometer level, what materials should we use?

As we all know, traditional silicon wafers cannot support picometer-level precision.

Scientists have always believed that graphene will be the next-generation semiconductor material to replace silicon wafers. However, graphene, as a semiconductor material, has a fatal flaw, that is, the width of the energy gap.

If you want to solve this problem, you need to work **** graphene raw materials, carry out complex modification and re-characterization, how to modify the energy gap width of graphene, reduce the cost of graphene materials, all can be obtained from the golden dome Find the answer in your knowledge!

In addition to graphene, Luo Jia also discovered a more amazing material, silicene extracted from silicon!

All in all, this folder has the super power of a nuclear explosion equivalent to the improvement of the entire earth’s technological level, and it took nearly three days to transmit all the technical data.

Luo Jia browsed through it roughly. Although the knowledge has been obtained, he still needs to learn and integrate the knowledge before he can finally use it with ease.

Having not been to the company for three days, Luo Jia took a short rest, then put on a down jacket, left the meditation center, and went to the Xingchen Research Institute to find An Ran.

An Ran sent a WeChat message to Luo Jia last night, asking when Luo Jia would return to the company. He wanted to talk to Luo Jia face to face about something.

This is very strange. Given the relationship between the two of them as close friends, what things can’t be said on WeChat, but must be discussed in person?


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