Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and twenty-two chapters Gaynor


Without stopping all the way, they soon came to the vicinity of Paradise.

This place is extremely remote. Except for those who go to the Paradise to cultivate, almost no one else can be seen. Even if there is a disaster at this time, no one will run here.

Now, the night is thick, and in the dark jungle, the Paradise is shining with a faint brilliance.

From a distance, the paradise looks like a paradise outside the world.

However, when I got closer, I discovered that the brilliance that represents the Pure Land from a distance is actually an energy shield, which seals the place where the Paradise is, without any dead ends, without leaking a trace of breath.

As if the inside and outside of the energy shield were completely two worlds.

Angol originally thought that such a large-scale energy shield might involve the application of the magic energy array, but when he really got close to the paradise, he realized that the energy shield and the magic energy array were completely irrelevant.

It is said to be an energy hood, but it just looks like it. The essence is actually far from the energy hood. It is more like a sealed space.

Similar to the former tidal world, it is isolated by a special force, and ordinary people cannot find it at all.

But the blockade of the tidal world is not unsolvable. The tidal world has a “door”. Although the door is small, it is a door after all. This means that the tidal world and the wizarding world are still connected. That is to say, although it is impossible to find the tidal world, as long as you know the coordinates of the tidal world, you can still shuttle in with the plane.

But the place where this piece of paradise is located is different from the tidal world. Every part of it is blocked.

Furthermore, it is covered with a special power of space, which means that as long as you break this seal, even if you know the coordinates of the paradise, there is no way to transmit it directly.

In this comparison, the blockade of the tidal world does not seem to be very good, but this also needs to take into account that the tidal world is a world, and the paradise is just an insignificant small area.

Blocking this area is much easier than blocking a huge world.

And the paradise is small, and it is even more difficult to find flaws when it is blocked.

At least, Angel has not found any breakthrough after observing for a while.

At present, he can only confirm that the power to seal the Promised Land belongs to the power of the space system.

“So, the person who restricts the paradise is most likely a space wizard?” Doakes whispered, “Or some kind of space blockade prop?”

Doakes thought for a while, then looked at Kael: “The only space master present, can you see any clues?”

Kael is used to Doakes’ ridicule, silently ignoring the so-called ‘Master’ title, and carefully looking at the seal of Paradise.

After a while, Kael said softly, “Space energy with a strong personality.”

“Personality? Space energy has personality?” Doakes looked at Kael in confusion. Personality generally refers to anthropomorphic character. Space energy has no life. How does one get personality? It was the first time he had heard such a statement.

Kael explained: “It can also be understood as a trait, but I prefer the personality that the mentor says.”

Pure energy and impure energy can be called properties. Personality, however, refers more to impure energy.

It’s like the element of “wind”, it can be a breeze or a gust of wind, but it’s pure wind, a trait, not a personality.

But if the wind combines with sand and dust and becomes a desert tornado, that’s “impure energy,” which can be said to be a trait, or a personality.

Characteristics can contain personalities, but personalities cannot contain traits.

Because of this, the public actually recognizes the term characteristic more. However, Kael’s mentor, Aesop, the “Void Walker”, prefers to use the term personality. This is purely a matter of personal preference.

Kael briefly explained the meaning of “individuality”, Doakes pondered after hearing this: “According to what you mean, the space energy in this is actually impure?”

Kael nodded: “Yes.”

Impurity does not mean weak. For example, many elemental creatures are also impure, such as “Sandstorm” Sandstorm, the monarch of the Tooth Extraction Desert, “Falling Earth” Chenir, the monarch of the Wild Rock Wasteland, and “Magic Fire” Midir, the monarch of the Fire Region… If classified by “personality theory”, they are not pure, but they can become elemental monarchs, which is enough to explain their power.

Ka El paused for a while and continued: “According to what I know, generally speaking, this kind of space energy with individuality basically comes from the space ability of some extraordinary creature.”

In other words, the seal here is most likely from a space wizard or a space creature.

As for whether it will be some kind of special space prop? It is possible, but even if there are space props involved, there must be space-based extraordinary creatures as support.

Doakes sighed: “That’s right, this kind of powerful ability, it is estimated that only space wizards can make it out. However, the other party’s actions are so amazing that they don’t even leave any gaps, why is this? do?”

Doakes looked at Kael: “You… have a solution?”

Doakes actually doesn’t think Kael can break the space seal. However, Kael’s mentor is a well-known space wizard in the southern region after all. As his single disciple, even if he can’t break the space seal, theoretical knowledge There should be, right?

As long as they have theoretical knowledge, they may be able to cooperate with Kael to break the seal.

However, to Doakes’ surprise, Kael shook his head: “I, I can’t help it.”

The ability of this kind of space seal is comparable to his mentor, how could he break it. However, through the residual personality of space energy, Kael vaguely felt that the wizard who cast this space seal was not like a murderer.

If the other party really wants to kill the Quartet, there are too many places to write articles on the space seal. If you randomly create an undetectable space gap near the space seal, at least 90% of the people near here will die.

The other party didn’t do this, at least in Kael’s view, it was more conscientious.

——You must know that outside the small laboratory where Kael himself stayed in the Sandworm Market, space traps were arranged. These space traps are very simple for Kael to set up, and they can take effect almost as soon as one’s mind moves. Therefore, even apprentices can set traps so easily, and formal wizards are even simpler. The wizard who can arrange the space seal does not arrange any traps on the periphery. In Kael’s view, this is a manifestation of “gentleness, goodwill and conscience”.

However, Kael just thought about it in his heart and didn’t say it. After all, this is just a guess, and the other party inexplicably seals the paradise, which is also contradictory to kindness. Therefore, Kael did not dare to say more.

“How about I try to force it open?” Doakes whispered.

“It may not be able to be forcibly broken, and it may also cause a riot of space energy. Not only will people in the paradise be attacked, but there may also be space collapse outside the paradise.” Kael said.

The most important thing is that even if the people in the paradise are wiped out because of this, there is a high probability that the space wizard will be fine. It is very likely that before discovering that the space energy is not right, it will directly escape into the gap between the planes. And once the other party escapes into the gap between the planes, as long as he wants, he can leave at any time.

This is the power of the official wizard of the space department.

Doakes: “You can’t even make a strong attack. Is there really no way to break the seal of this space?”

Kael hesitated for a moment, then said: “Perhaps, Lord Chaowei has a solution?”

Angel? Doakes pondered for a moment and then understood what Kael meant. Angel did have a strong background in space science, but knowledge is knowledge, and it is still difficult to turn knowledge into practice. Just like Doakes also knows a lot of alchemy methods, but he can’t learn alchemy himself, which is the embodiment of typical knowledge that cannot be transformed into ability.

Angol is an illusion wizard after all. Is there really a way to break the seal arranged by the space wizard?

Doakes looked at Angel, who had been silent, but did not speak, but the questioning in his eyes was already obvious.

Angol thought for a while, and under the gaze of Doakes and Kael, he said, “…I can try.”

At first, Angel felt at a loss when he saw this space seal, but as he observed deeply, he came to the same conclusion as Kael.

The wizard who released the space seal is quite friendly.

There are no space traps and no hidden gaps, and a space seal is directly placed without any harm to the outside world. In Angel’s view, this is simply a rare research object.

He got a lot of spatial knowledge from Dalmatians. Most of this knowledge is vain, and very few can really settle down.

It’s not that Angel is unwilling to settle, but a lot of knowledge needs to be combined with practice.

Ingres has few opportunities for direct practice.

And now, after confirming that this space seal has no traps, he can use it as a practice object to digest those vain knowledge.

Even though Angel still doesn’t think he has a way to break the seal of space, as long as the knowledge is digested, he believes that he will definitely find a way to break the seal.

But this digestion process takes time. Moreover, this time can be short or long. In a short time, it may be possible to find the key from the vain knowledge in a few minutes; in a long time, it may be possible for a few days or a few months.

In the current situation, let alone months, it may not be possible to wait a few days.

But it’s impossible for Angel to do nothing.

So, all he can say now is “he can try”. Angel is just looking for good luck now. It is naturally the best to break the seal in a short time. If it doesn’t work in the end, it can only be regarded as unlucky for quickness…

When Angel began to try to break the seal of space, Vai and Earl Black followed the Bilos family to the arena.

When the group of them received the tip and hurried over, all they saw was a rubble.

When Angel left the dead woods, there was no movement in the arena, and it was true… Because there was hardly a single intact building here, and 90% of the buildings were destroyed by Huo Huo, Even the Sky Tower branch where Sky Mechanic City stayed here was mostly destroyed.

All that was left for the Bilos family was the smoke and countless rubble.

A man with a pale mask and purple hair almost lost his footing when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Who is it, who is it… who did it!” The front was still muttering in a low voice. When he reached the last sentence, a powerful aura scattered from his body, and even the surrounding gravel was scattered. All flew out.

“Gainuo, calm down.” The person who spoke was a woman wearing a green mask. The mask did not completely cover her face, but just like a mask, it covered her chin and mouth, revealing her silent expression. Forest-like green eyes.

If you are familiar with the Bilos family, you can recognize her identity by seeing her eyes… “Yusen” Shaina Heling.

Shaina comes from the Forest of Nightwhisper, a rare elemental wizard who possesses both the power of water and the power of nature. A hundred years ago, he came to the Bilon Tree Court from the Forest of Night Whispers to settle down. Not long after that, he married the deputy chief of the Bilon Tree Court.

And the deputy patriarch of the Bilon Tree Court is the purple-haired man wearing a pale mask: “Purple Fire” Gaynor At the same time, Gaynor is also responsible for the external affairs of the Bilos family. Negotiating wizards, business districts, living quarters, and arenas are all within his jurisdiction.

This is why Gaynor is so angry when he sees the Arena in ruins.

Gainuo heard his wife’s voice, and although his heart was still full of anger, he still forcibly suppressed his outward momentum.

However, just as Gai Nuo restrained his breath, a somewhat yin and yang voice sounded from the side.

“Shaina is right, who is showing anger now? Anger is just an expression of incompetence.”

Gainuo turned his head sharply, looked at the man who was speaking, and gritted his teeth: “Dress!”

“Why, now you’re going to take me as the target of anger?” The man called Dress sneered and walked up to a burly old man: “Lord Shu, why don’t you come and judge, Am I wrong? His incompetence and rage now is only a joke.”

The burly old man was a little displeased that Dreis was provoking Gaynor at this time, but when he heard the phrase ‘only to be seen as a joke’ by Dreis, he seemed to think of something, using Out of the corner of the eye, he glanced at Wai who was not far away.

Immediately afterwards, the burly old man said lightly: “Gainuo, now is not the time for an internal conflict. This is the end of the matter. The most important thing is to find the attacker. Your anger, I allow you to vent on the attacker.” /

Gainuo squeezed his fist and wanted to say something, but after seeing the burly old man’s eyes, he finally held back: “I understand.”

After the burly old man gave Gaynor a lesson, he turned to look at Deres: “Deres, don’t say a few words. The people present are not fools. Everyone knows what your purpose is. I Again, you’d better not create internal conflicts at this time.”

(End of this chapter)


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