Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and twenty-three night tree


After reprimanding both sides, the burly old man slowly said, “Yeshu, come out.”

When the voice fell, in the dark shadow, a green plant broke out, and in the blink of an eye, it grew into a lush tree.

And on the lush canopy of the big tree, there is a shadow that looks like a ghost.

“Yeshu No. 9 has seen Elder Shu.” An ethereal voice came from the shadow’s mouth.

“Number nine? Why are you? How about number three to number five?” The burly old man, who is also the chief elder of Bilon Tree Court, asked with a frown.

“Number 3, Number 4, Number 5 went to Elder Yue this morning and never returned.” Number 9 said.

“Elder Yue? She…” The burly old man frowned and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t continue to ask, “Forget it, what’s the specific situation here?”

No. 9 Yeshu nodded and quickly told everything he knew and saw.

And as he spoke out, the expressions of everyone became more and more ugly.

Even, even the yin and yang of Dress, who was eccentric before, began to turn pale.

The arena in front of you is only one of the disaster-stricken areas. In the guild area, a large number of guild buildings have completely collapsed, and countless people have died.

Also, the place where the Shallow Sea Lux first appeared was the Giant Tree Plaza!

The Square of the Giant Tree is not a district, but it is more important than any district, because it represents the face of the tree garden of Bilon!

The transmission hall, the clan tree, and the signal tower for external communication, these three important buildings are all adjacent to the Giant Tree Square.

Almost every once in a while, there will be guests teleported from other wizarding fairs and wizarding organizations. After they come out of the teleportation hall, the first place they see is the Giant Tree Square.

The Square of the Giant Tree is the gateway to and the face of the Bilon Tree.

There are a lot of people there all year round!

But it was in this most crowded place that a shallow sea wrestler appeared wanton destruction.

Even if the Shallow Sea Lux did not cause too many casualties in the Giant Tree Square, it was a slap in the face of the Biron Tree Court and the Bilos family.

It can be said that as long as he is still a member of the Bilos family, he will not be indifferent to this news.

After Number Nine finished speaking, the air fell into a deadly stillness.

It took a while before someone broke the silence.

“Now… where did that Shallow Sea Lux go?” It was Elder Shu who spoke, and his voice was very calm. All could feel a pent-up fire.

It’s a flame of rage ready to burst into flames!

Yeshu No. 9 whispered: “Shallow Sea Lux disappeared after causing extensive damage to the arena. Currently, he has no whereabouts.”

Elder Tree: “It is impossible for Anhai Lux to disappear inexplicably. There must be someone behind this. Can you investigate it?”

No. 9 Yeshu nodded: “No. 10 has been on duty at the clan tree today. Therefore, he experienced the whole commotion at the Giant Tree Square. According to his observations at the scene, he locked down these people. .”

Night Tree No. 9 said that at this moment, the whole person suddenly turned into mist, the mist lingered around the big tree, and after a while of tumbling, it gradually formed several real images similar to illusions.

There are three pictures in total. The common point of these pictures is that they all take place in the giant tree square. The shallow sea Lux is roaring in the sky, and the scene when everyone is fleeing, looks like a picture of all beings under the disaster .

The protagonist of the first picture is a woman leaning lazily on the door frame of a certain store. She is smoking a cigarette and watching the Luxuries in the distance in the distance, without the slightest fear, as if she is watching a play.

Backed by the fleeing beings, her unique aloof temperament is out of tune with her surroundings. This is also the first object of suspicion after Yeshu No. 10’s observation.

The protagonist of the second picture is a weak woman sitting on the ground crying. At first glance, she looks like an innocent citizen affected by the disaster.

The reason why Yeshu No. 10 paid special attention is because the place where she fell was near the place where Anali Lux appeared. The most important thing is that she was not dead or injured in the end.

This is where Night Tree 10 feels weird.

The protagonist of the third picture is a young man standing on the terrace at the top of the signal tower. He looks very gentle in a suit and leather shoes.

In fact, there were other people on the terrace. They were all attracted by the loud noise of the shallow sea Lux outside and came out of the signal tower to check the situation.

But Yeshu No. 10 cares most about this young man in a suit. Because compared to other people, he didn’t seem curious, suspicious, or panicked at all. He looked down at the people fleeing below, but a smile appeared on his face.

This is also where Night Tree 10 feels something is wrong.

“These people are the three suspects that Yeshu No. 10 captured immediately when the disaster occurred in Giant Tree Square.” Yeshu No. 9: “However, who is currently The real culprit behind this disaster is still uncertain.”

No.9 said this, paused for a while, and continued: “One more point, after No.10 discovered the abnormality of these three people, he sent their situation to No.6 who stayed in the logistics support department. .”

“According to No. 6’s investigation, it was found that these three people had been in the vicinity of the logistics support department. It is basically certain that they may have come out of Fanxing Street.”

“Fanxing Street?” Elder Shu frowned slightly: “Have you asked Lucia, what did he say over there?”

No. 9: “Lucia left Fanxing Street and is now on No. 6… However, he did not reveal the information of these three people.”

As soon as No. 9’s voice fell, Gaynor couldn’t help roaring: “Is Lucia going to rebel?”

Dress sneered at the side: “They were going to rebel. Why, don’t you know?”

Lucia belongs to the Didia family, and they stayed in the Guman Kingdom to rebel.

Gainuo naturally knows this, but the rebellion he said refers to the rebellion who built the ‘Bilon Tree Court’, not the Guman Kingdom. Dresses must also know what Gaynor meant, which is obviously a deliberate twist of his words.

Gainuo wanted to open his mouth to refute, but was stopped by his wife, Shaina, who shook her head gently at Gaynor.

Gaynor closed his eyes and finally held back his breath.

At this time, the tree elder said coldly: “Dress, have you forgotten what I just said?”

Dress was taken aback: “It was Gaynor who spoke first…”

Elder Tree: “I’m not deaf. I understand what he means. I understand what you mean.”

Gaynor is angry, and the object of his anger is outsiders; while Dress is speaking backwards, but the object of his anger is inward. This is what Elder Tree is dissatisfied with. He has already said that there should be no internal conflict at this time, and Dress is still sneering, which obviously does not take his words as words.

Dress opened her mouth and wanted to refute, but in the end, under the indifferent eyes of the tree elders, she still lowered her head: “Yes… I was wrong”

Elder Shu didn’t speak, but looked at Yeshu No. 9: “Where are those three people now, do you have any information?”

Night Tree No. 9 shook his head: “Now the intelligence system of the entire Bilon Tree Court is paralyzed, a large number of people have fled, and there is no way to accurately trace them.”

“What about Seahawk and Aki?”

Seahawk and Aki are both official wizards who did not follow the Garden Labyrinth ruins.

Yeshu No. 9 bowed his head: “After the elder tree and the patriarch left, they were approached by elder Yue, saying that they wanted to use their power to conduct some research.”

Why is it you again? The elder tree frowned, a haze flashed in his eyes.

Elder Shu was silent for a moment, then turned to Dress and said, “You are now following No. 10 to find Anhai Lux and the news of these three people.”

Dress’s eyes couldn’t help twitching when he heard Elder Tree’s order. This is not an easy task. Whether it is looking for Anhai Lux or the three suspects, it is possible to encounter the author behind the scenes. If you don’t find it, it’s fine. If you find it, you are likely to face a fierce battle.

Dress didn’t think he could deal with the original author behind the scenes, but in the face of Elder Tree’s cold look, he knew that if he refused, it would definitely not be easier. In the end, he still nodded: “Okay.”

Elder Tree: “Let’s go then.”

Dress nodded silently, his body hid in the darkness, and he was obviously not alone in the darkness, there was also a tall figure, this person was Yeshu No. 10!

After Deres left, Elder Tree quickly assigned several tasks to the other wizards.

The last task was assigned to Gaynor and Shaina by the tree elders.

“You two go to No. 6, meet Lucia, and ask about the situation.”

Gainuo nodded heavily: “Okay, leave it to me! I will definitely let Lucia speak…”

Elder Tree looked at Gaynor who was ready to fight, sighed softly, and looked at Shaina: “You have to be optimistic about him, don’t let him fight Lucia.”

Shaina nodded: “Understood.”

Gano frowned and protested, “Why don’t you let me deal with the traitor Lucia?”

“Idiot.” Elder Shu said coldly: “It’s normal for Lucia not to disclose information. This is the rule of Fanxing Street. But Lucia came out of Fanxing Street, which means that he acquiesced to these three people. All from the Starry Street.”

Gainuo froze for a moment: “But…”

“No but, you can ask Shaina on the way.”

Gainuo looked at Shaina suspiciously: “You…know?”

Shaina looked at her lover and couldn’t help but sighed inwardly: “I know something, I will tell you on the way, let’s go to Lucia first.”

Gano wanted to say something else, but Shaina directly took his hand and pulled him into the darkness.

After both Gaynor and Shaina left, only Elder Tree and…Way were left at the scene.

Elder Tree: “Laughing at Lord Black, I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Although the elder tree was looking at Wye talking, but if he looked closely, he would find that he was not looking at Wye, but Wye’s nose.

That is, the clone of Earl Black.

Way is also very clear that the elder tree is not trying to talk to himself, he tightly closed his mouth and did not say a word.

The Black Earl made a low voice by shaking the surrounding aura: “It’s okay, this is a disaster in itself… But then again, doesn’t the elder tree doubt me?”

Count Hei said lightly: “You just came to see us in the Garden Maze, and something happened here, so don’t you suspect that we are behind the scenes?”

Elder Tree: “If Lord Black wants to deal with me, why use this method. However, Lord reminded me that something happened here as soon as we left. There must be something wrong here, maybe someone in us The news was revealed…”

Speaking of this time, the tree elder once again expressed his apology: “It’s our fault to let the adults see such a bad side of the Bilos family.”

The elder tree poses very low.

Because he is very clear, the weight of the Noah family, the weight of the title of Black Earl!

Count Hei: “You are being modest. Even if I don’t say it, you should have guesses in your heart, right?”

Elder Tree smiled, but instead of answering, he changed the subject and said, “In the ruins of the garden labyrinth mentioned by Lord Black…”

Although the elder tree is also very concerned about the disaster in the Biron tree, he is also very concerned about the underground water channel mentioned by the black ear. Moreover, as the host, he always has to stay here to contact Earl Black, and it is not good to keep silent, and the content of what he said is the disaster of Bilon Tree Court, which is not good, so let’s just continue to talk about the underground water channel.

However, Earl Black did not answer the question, but instead motioned Vai to look at the dark place: “The matter of the garden labyrinth ruins can be discussed later. Besides, someone is here now…”

Way didn’t understand Earl Black’s operation at first, but after a few seconds, he saw four people walking out of the darkness.

The two at the front are Gaeno and Shaina, who had just left their forefoot.

And the two behind, one is a man wearing a leafy mask and a green robe, and the other is a boy with white hair and green eyes.

Huapao man, Vay is no stranger to him. He has seen him in the garden labyrinth before. He is the patriarch of the Bilos family and calls himself “Star Leaf”.

When they returned from the Garden Labyrinth to the Biron Arboretum, Chief Starleaf immediately disappeared into the darkness and did not know where to go. At that time, Vai was still wondering why the patriarch of the Bilos family was gone, but he was not surprised when he saw Elder Shu and others, so he didn’t speak.

Unexpectedly, at this time, the Star Leaf Patriarch is back.

Also, I came back with Gaynor and Shaina… But who is that young man with white hair and green eyes?

Wai thought of what Elder Shu gave to Gaeno and Shaina before, and a guess rose in his heart: Could this young man with white hair and green eyes be Lucia in Fanxing District?

Soon, Wye’s suspicions were confirmed.

Gainuo scratched his head when he appeared, and said, “We were just about to find No. 6, but we met the patriarch and Lucia halfway through.”


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