Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and twenty one wind



Although there may be something strange about Ax’s matter, there is no real evidence in the end, and how to deal with this matter is not what they need to make up their minds now.


The easiest way is to tell Earl Black about it, and they don’t have to worry about it.


As for Earl Black, if there were no accidents, he should have returned with the members of the Bilos family at this time.


However, I don’t know if it’s in the arena or not.


The crowd continued to move towards the Arena. With their speed, they should have arrived at the Arena soon. However, after leaving the commercial area, they encountered a collapsed dry forest.


This dead forest is not just dead trees, it also functions as a tree house. A treehouse hotel belonging to the Bilos family, but it specializes in beginner apprentices and ordinary people. Therefore, the protection here is not too strong, at least the ability to resist earthquakes is several times weaker than that of the commercial area.


This also led to the fact that when Anhai Lux walked from the commercial area, the vibration did not cause damage to the buildings in the commercial area, but from here, even if you didn’t step on these dead tree houses, you could pass the vibration of the earth. Or let a lot of tree houses collapse here.


As a result, this became the second disaster-stricken area after the guild area.


They saw many people being crushed by the collapsed tree house along the way. Not only ordinary people, but also many apprentices were unable to escape.


In order to save these people, their speed was forced to slow down.


When it was confirmed that everyone had been rescued, Angel and the others left the dead woods. This is also the reason why the half-minute journey was stretched to a quarter of an hour by them.


“I didn’t expect you to save people?” Doakes whispered after coming out of the dead woods.


Angel: “Why not save it if it can be saved?”


Doakes: “I didn’t say no, but you heard it when we were saving people. There was a constant noise over there in the arena, and there must be people in need of saving over there. We can actually go over there. I’ll save you there…”


There is clearly a logical problem with Doakes’ words. However, Doakes did think so. For him, saving people was never the point, the point was to fight the autumn wind before the Shallow Sea Lux was killed.


Angol: “If you see it, you can save it, and if you can’t see it, I can’t help it.”


Also, most of the people in the arena are superhumans, and even if they suffer a disaster, there is a way to escape. But there are many ordinary people in this dry forest, and they can’t help themselves.


“What’s more, if the people in the arena are saved, can the people here not die? Saving people is not a rigid business behavior, and there is no need for a reason to save people.”


This is also the morality that Angel established under the guidance of Jon.


Murder may need an excuse, but there is no need for an excuse to save people.


He wanted to save, so he did.


As for wasting time? They are not members of the Bilos family, nor are they heroes who have taken the main quest to slay monsters. They are not doing anything in the arena, so what time can they waste?


Angol’s face was taken for granted, but Doakes was a little depressed, because… the movement in the arena had stopped, and it had stopped for five minutes.


This means that there is either destruction over there or the situation is under control.


No matter what the situation is, it is very difficult to take advantage of the autumn wind.


However, although Doakes was a little depressed, he only complained a little, and he agreed with Angel’s actions to stop saving people.


I don’t agree with this kind of value, but I feel that if I follow a white wizard like Angel in the future, at least he can rest assured of his own safety – Angel even saves strangers, and he is sure of his “good friend” Would be better, right?


Angol didn’t know Doakes’s fickleness, but he was doing something else at this time.


Contact Speeding.



Previously, Speed ​​Spirit differentiated himself into wisps of breeze in order to find Kael. Now that Kael has been found, it is time for the differentiated breeze to return.


Ever since he left the council, Angel has been calling for Speed ​​Spirit.


Along the way, Angel also contained a lot of Breeze that differentiated the speed spirit, but the breeze carrying the body consciousness of the speed spirit has not yet returned.


It wasn’t until they came out of the dead woods that the speed spirit’s body consciousness gradually returned.


Angol originally thought that the breeze differentiated by the speed spirit might have been attacked, but now that the speed spirit body came back, he was relieved.


However, the reason why the speed spirit body has not returned has also aroused everyone’s curiosity.


After Angel’s inquiry, he got a piece of information from Su Ling’s mouth.


In order to find Kael, Shuling divided hundreds of breezes and went to the entire Bilon Tree Court. In the process of looking for Kael, Su Ling found that the few wisps of wind that he had differentiated suddenly disappeared.


Shunling thought they had broken into a forbidden area, or had been caught. In order to avoid an accident with the differentiated wind, it rushed to the place where the wind disappeared as soon as possible.


It turned out that it wasn’t the wisps of wind that disappeared, but that they were blocked by an energy barrier.


And this place with an energy barrier is not a forbidden place, nor a private place, but… a paradise.


The Paradise is an open-air venue under the jurisdiction of the Bliss Hall.


In the Paradise, there are no various dark scenes in the Bliss Hall. As “its name”, it is a Paradise of Bliss, or a place of practice.


In Paradise, there are a large number of environments with different elements, such as wind tunnels, lava lakes, volcanoes, ice caves, poisonous swamps, gravity fields… These are all created by the Paradise with countless resources, specially designed for Wizards of different elements provide the most suitable practice venues.


The area occupied by Paradise is not small, but there are not many people there.


Because the consumption is extremely high, but the effect is not large, generally only formal wizards who are not poor can afford it.


Hearing Shuling said that the differentiated breeze was imprisoned in the paradise, Doakes, who had been listening, asked subconsciously, “Could it be that you broke into the special area of ​​the paradise?”


There are no restrictions in Paradise itself, only those elemental environments, that is, special areas, have restrictions. Doakes thought about whether the speedy breeze accidentally entered the ban, and was found, and then closed the ban, trying to catch turtles in the urn.


But Speeding denies this.


It’s not that a special area of ​​Paradise is imprisoning Breeze, it’s that the entire Paradise is enveloped in a field of energy. Moreover, this energy field can neither enter nor exit.


Even if the speed spirit body came to the vicinity of the paradise, there was no way to get in.


“The entire paradise is blocked by the energy field?” Doakes was stunned for a moment: “Could it be that the Bliss Hall is protecting the paradise from being attacked?”


Doakes’ guess was once again denied by Speed ​​Spirit.


The energy field of Paradise is deliberately placed there, as if to limit the actions of certain people.


Shining says this because it uses the ability “Wind Sound”.


The sound of wind is a unique ability of the wind element, which can be understood by wind wizards. It is a level 2 trick. It is possible to detect what happened around in a short period of time by the wind circling nearby.


However, the so-called “detection” here is not to see with the naked eye, but to “listen” with the ear.


Its principle is said to come from the “echo”, if there is no special props, you can only hear the sound within two minutes.


Shining is through the art of wind sound and heard all the sounds for about two minutes. And this also happens to be the time period before those breezes it differentiates disappear.


The voice that Su Ling heard was a male or female voice. Its voice was sharp and frightening, hovering above the paradise.


It started with a “Jie Jie” smirk, and then, it said something very confusing.


“Let’s play a game~ If you win, I’ll let you go~”


The moment the voice fell, the energy barrier appeared, and then all the sound disappeared.


According to the information obtained from “Wind Sound”, it can be determined that Paradise was not blocked by the Bliss Hall, but was sealed off by someone who did not know where it came from, using a “playing game” rhetoric.


And, from the other party’s words, it can be known that the reason why it plays this game is to limit the departure of certain people.


Otherwise it wouldn’t have to say something like “if you win, let you go”.


The above is all the information obtained by the Speed ​​Spirit Ontology.


So far, the Paradise is still blocked, and the speed spirit doesn’t know what happened to the breeze that he has differentiated… Because Angel is calling it, it has no choice but to temporarily evacuate from the vicinity of the Paradise.


After listening to the quick speech, Doakes looked at Angel: “What do you think about this?”


Angol did not reply immediately, but looked at Su Ling: “If there is a problem with those differentiated winds, will it affect your body?”


Compared to others, Angel is more concerned about speed. After all, it was he who arranged for Suling to go out to find Kael. If Suling was damaged because of this, this was something Angel didn’t want to see.


Su Ling hesitated for a moment, then shook his head.


If there is a problem with the differentiated wind, it will not affect its body, but after all, it is differentiated from it, and every wisp of wind represents the energy source of the speed.


If these differentiated winds disappear, the energy source of the speed spirit will be affected to a certain extent.


It can be understood that each wisp of wind is a cultivation base of decades, and one less gust of wind means that the cultivation base of Quick Spirit will also decrease.


There are six strands of the breeze that has fallen into the paradise now. Assuming that each strand of wind has 20 years of cultivation, if all of them are lost, at least one hundred and twenty years of Quicken’s cultivation will be lost.


Of course, this is just a metaphor, but the real situation is not too different from the metaphor. The disappearance of the breeze will not damage the body of the speed spirit, but it will damage its energy source.


Although it is possible to slowly cultivate back in the future, it is certainly not possible to cultivate back in a short period of time.


After all, Shuling signed a 20-year contract with Angel, and it must follow Angel during the contract. It is not so easy to find a place with strong wind elements to practice.


However, Shuling really doesn’t think that these few wisps of wind energy have much impact on it, after all, the lifespan of elemental creatures is very long… a hundred years is also a snap.


So, it seems to be: a little, but not much.


However, in Angel’s eyes, this is very influential.


Quick Spirit is his contract subordinate, even if there is a time limit, but within the time limit, the strength of Quick Spirit must be as high as possible. But now, because the paradise is closed, it is possible to reduce the strength of the speed spirit, which Angel can not do.


This is equivalent to reducing his overall strength!


What’s more, Su Ling’s damage this time was also caused by his orders.


So, Angel said without hesitation: “Let’s turn and go to Paradise!”


It was Dox who urged him to go to the arena. Angel thought that he had nothing to do, and it would be fine to go and have a look, so he agreed to go to the arena.


But now, in the land of paradise, it is about the cultivation of the quick spirit, which is different.


Comparing the two, Angel immediately abandoned the idea of ​​going to the arena to watch a play, and was ready to turn to Paradise.


Whether Doakes is willing or not, that’s his business. Doakes intends to continue to the arena, and Angel does not stop him, but he is definitely going to the paradise now.


Seeing that Angel must go to Paradise, Doakes chose to follow after thinking for a while.


He went to the arena alone, and if he wanted to take advantage, he might not be able to get it. Moreover, the arena has been silent for almost ten minutes, and the Anhai Lux was either caught or went If they go now, there is a high probability that it will be unprofitable.


Let’s follow Angel…


Furthermore, the situation on the side of Paradise is also very strange. It doesn’t appear sooner or later, but the outbreak occurs at this time. It may also be related to the attacker. It may be on the side of Paradise, and there will be surprises waiting for him.


So, the people who had already left the dry woods turned back again.


Although Paradise and Colosseum are not at the two ends of the Bilon Tree Court, they are still far apart. The Promised Land is already close to the edge of the Bilon Tree Court, and even a part of it has been connected to the outside world.


In a sense, Paradise is also an entrance and exit to the Garden of Bilon.



On the way from the Senate to the Arena, Angel was more like a leisurely walk; but now, from the dead woods to the paradise, Angel’s speed is very fast.


“Sure enough, when the interests are at stake, you can’t be exempt.” Doakes snorted.


When Dox said this, he subconsciously regarded Speed ​​Spirit as Angel’s elemental partner. Since it is an elemental partner, the interests of Su Ling are the interests of Angel.


But in fact, the connection between Angel and Speeding is currently only a mere twenty-year contract.


Although saving those differentiated breezes is barely related to Angel’s interests, it’s not a big deal.


At least, if this matter is put on Doakes, he is unwilling to do it… After all, this is just a contract that will break up when it expires. When the return on investment is not seen, it is only by draining the remaining value. is the best policy.


Angol also heard Dox’s muttering, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to it, and just flew forward silently.


On the way to Paradise, Angel was also thinking about the information provided by Speed ​​Spirit.


Although Angel did not personally hear the voice in the wind, the other party’s words gave him a familiar sense of sight…


(End of this chapter)


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