Super Dimensional Wizard: The second thousand nine hundred and ninety-first tea tea mirror


When Angel returned to the Sky Poetry Room, he did not see Aidanis.

However, Angel could sense that there was still some Aidanis breath left in the secret room. From the residual degree, residual position, and degree of disorder of the breath, it can be inferred that after Aidanis left the heart space, she did not stay in the secret room at all, and left immediately.

Besides, you should be in a hurry.

It’s normal to think about it. Aidanis had an oolong this time. With her arrogant temperament, it is estimated that she will not want to meet Angel in a short time.

It’s fine if no one disturbs you, Angel just took this opportunity to refine a new mirror.

He told Laplace that the refinement would be finished in ten minutes, but it took half an hour to actually refine it.

The reason for the timeout is that his plans keep changing.

Originally, Angel only planned to forge a mirror randomly, and then draw strong magic lines. But when he came out, he changed his mind when he saw the half-length mirror floating in mid-air, exuding a mysterious aura.

He wants to experiment with mysterious figurative objects on this bust mirror… In this case, why not modify it and combine it with a new mirror?

As a result, the refining time began to increase a little bit.

Finally, it took half an hour for Angel to finish the new mirror.

The new mirror is also made of ancient silk platinum as the base and kombu silver as the mirror surface. It’s just that this mirror is far from a mirror at first glance, more like a glass marble the size of a thumb.

Glass beads emitting a faint red light are inlaid on the top of the half-length mirror, matching the surrounding beast carvings, and there is no contradiction at all.

The Glyph of Ten Thousand Beasts was created by Angel using mysterious figurative objects.

Its function is more monotonous than those light spots in the heart space, it only has the function of “mosaic”… It can barely be said to have the function of “beautiful”.

The original half-length mirror couldn’t carry other things, but in order to combine the new mirror with the mysterious half-length mirror, Angel made a beast carving as an inlay.

Moreover, the Glyph of Beasts can also be extended in conjunction with the inlaid items.

For example, the inlaid glass bead looks small, but it is just an appearance. As long as Angor activates it, it can be extended instantly to cover the half-length mirror and form a new mirror.

The new mirror is only solid, and has no mystery.

In this way, the new mirror can be used as a connection, leading to the bunny mountain!

Angel looked at this brand-new half-length mirror, but he was still a little dissatisfied in his heart.

There are still some things missing in the half-length mirror. For example, the wings that Angel wanted to test have not been added… Also, the mosaic effect of the “Glyph of Beasts” is just an application of deformation after all. Adding new plug-in effects to mysterious things is still not possible at present.

Perhaps the Psychic Power System of Hante World can give him some surprises, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to go now.

As for the study of avatars… This can be done, but it is very difficult to achieve it overnight.

Anger sighed softly and activated the glass beads.

In an instant, a new mirror appeared in front of Angel. Compared with the original mirror full of mystery, this mirror looked much simpler.

Angel stretched out his hand, and put the thing that the bunny girl had left him to open up the passage on the mirror.

Time is passing slowly.

A few minutes later, the mirror flickered for a moment, and then went completely dark.

The mirror no longer reflected the outside world, but a pitch-black space appeared. Not long after, the timid figure of the bunny girl appeared in the pitch-black space.

At first, the bunny girl hesitated, but after confirming that it was Angel standing outside the mirror, she immediately walked over quickly.

Soon, the bunny girl clung to the mirror, and half of her body leaned out from the mirror.

“Ah, I finally waited for you to come!” The bunny girl showed a rare look of excitement, poking her head out of the mirror, looking back at the half-length mirror: “Is this the mysterious thing? You are too powerful Oh, I was shocked when I heard from Ontology and Granny Astrology that you refined a mysterious thing! I was thinking why you haven’t connected to Rabbit Mountain, but I didn’t expect you to come up with it without making a sound. It’s a big deal!”

Perhaps the rabbit girl was attracted by the mysterious thing, muttering in her mouth, expressing all her thoughts in one brain.

Angel was not surprised that the bunny girl knew about the bust mirror. After all, the bunny girl has always been on Rabbit Mountain. As long as Laplace is in the Sun Mirror Domain, it is very simple for Laplace to contact the bunny girl. A heart-to-heart sharing, and everything that happened will be passed on.

“This is not a mysterious thing, it’s just an ordinary mirror I inlaid. Under the mirror is the real body.” Angle paused: “And even if it is the body, it is not a mysterious thing. The mysterious thing is still some distance away.”

“I said that there is no mysterious aura on the mirror, but there is… no wonder on the frame.” The bunny girl showed a dazed look: “By the way, what is the name of this mysterious thing? I only know that it corresponds to the heart space , Eh, heart space is also a name?”

Angel: “This is not a real mysterious thing…”

Rabbit girl: “So it doesn’t have a name, why don’t I get one? How about a rabbit ear mirror? Actually, a rabbit ear mirror is also fine.”

Angel sighed, he knew it was difficult to tell the difference between a half-step mystery and a real mystery with the bunny girl.

Since you can’t tell, forget it.

However, the bunny girl also raised a question that Angel needs to think about.

What should this mirror be called?

Angel felt that the rabbit girl’s suggestion was not very useful, and the rabbit otoscope was purely false. Also, Tutu mirror, reduplicate words and so on, are too childish.

But when it comes to rabbits, Angel unconsciously thinks of Rabbit Chacha.

Perhaps, this mirror can be called… tea tea mirror?

“How about it? Is the name I chose okay? If the rabbit ear mirror and the rabbit rabbit mirror are not good, the rabbit mirror is also fine, or the white rabbit mirror, the little white rabbit mirror?” He looked at Angel eagerly.

Angel did not answer, but asked, “Is the mirror connected to Rabbit Mountain?”

The bunny girl nodded: “It’s connected. In the future, you tap the mirror with a secret signal, and I will come…or send my little rabbit to come.”

Angel: “Now that the connection is complete, let’s go here first. I also want to test other data of the mirror.”

Anger sounded as if he was about to issue an expulsion order.

The bunny girl turned her head back into the mirror with a full face of reluctance, but before she left, she still did not forget to ask: “You haven’t told me, what is the name of this mirror?”

Angel was silent for a moment, and said softly: “The official name is Bupoxinjing, but it can also be called… Chachajing.”

The bunny girl tilted her head: “Tea tea mirror? Why is it called tea tea mirror?”

Angel: …Why do you only pay attention to Chachajing, didn’t I say that the official name is not a heartbreaking mirror?

Although he was complaining in his heart, Angel still replied seriously: “The reason why it is called the tea tea mirror is because when I was refining this mirror, I met a rabbit who helped me a lot. Chacha.”

The bunny girl’s eyes lit up: “Rabbit? Chacha?!”

Seeing the rabbit girl’s expression, Angel knew that she wanted to continue asking about Rabbit Chacha, Angel quickly stopped: “I want to know about Rabbit Chacha, I will tell you when I go back to Rabbit Mountain. Now, I have other things to do.”

The bunny girl thought for a while, then nodded: “Okay, tell me about Bunny Chacha next time!”

After speaking, the bunny girl slowly disappeared in the mirror.

However, just before the bunny girl disappeared completely, her voice came out again:

“Ontology told me before that your name picking skills are poor, but I think she made a mistake this time… Cha Cha Jing sounds very nice, I like it very much.”

The sound became softer and softer, and finally completely disappeared.

Angel was silent for a moment, and then said helplessly: “This is not a heartbreaker!”

However, the bunny girl had already left, and no one answered.

Angel murmured to himself in a low voice: “If I knew it, I would just say that I can’t break the mirror before. This name probably fits the effect of a half-length mirror. However, the tea tea mirror is actually not bad…”

In the heart space, Laplace summoned a mirror with converging energy.

The mirror is just facing her.

She waved lightly to her figure in the mirror, and the ‘Laplace’ in the mirror also saluted back, and then, ‘Laplace’ walked out of the mirror.

The ‘Laplace’ that came out of this mirror looks exactly the same as Laplace himself, the only difference is that although her pupils are also green and orange, their positions are switched. From left green to right yellow, changed to left yellow and right green.

If you don’t look carefully, it’s actually hard to spot these details.

And this ‘Laplace’ is the mirror spirit clone made by Laplace.

Laplace had also created mirror spirit clones before, but those mirror spirit clones were all the size of a palm, and hundreds of them could be created in an instant. They were more used for investigation and had no intelligence themselves.

But the ‘Laplace’ in front of him has wisdom.

And this wisdom comes from Laplace himself.

It is equivalent to saying that one mind has two purposes.

Precisely because he was doing two things at once, Laplace didn’t even need to open his mouth to order. As soon as he thought about it in his heart, the mirror spirit avatar began to control the heart space, and began to swim in the sea of ​​​​empty mirrors, looking for real things.

At the same time, the mirror spirit avatar also took out a photo stone from the side to record the reflections around it.

The photo stone was left by Angel to record the reflections of other worlds when he was not around.

Leaving the mirror spirit clone to manipulate the heart space, Laplace made a sofa and sat down. Silently waiting for Angel’s test outside…

Laplace did not know whether Angor’s test had started, but after waiting for half an hour, Laplace did not wait for the change in the heart space due to the test, but from the side of Rabbit Hill. , got an interesting news.

“Tea tea mirror?” Laplace murmured the name in a low voice.

If you want to say it sounds bad, it doesn’t seem to be enough; but if you insist on saying it sounds good, you can’t say it.

If it is not combined with the bunny girl’s saying that “the story behind Cha Cha Jing originated from a rabbit named Cha Cha”, then the name is not very meaningful.

“However, although the name is a bit strange, it is still better than Dream Crystal.” Laplace thought secretly.

She originally thought that Angel would choose a serious name, something like ‘Mirror of Firmness’, ‘Mirror of Soul’, ‘Mirror of Eternal Mind’… and so on. Unexpectedly, such a rather playful name would be chosen.

When Laplace savored the name ‘tea tea mirror’ with great interest, he had no idea that Angel gave the mirror an official name, and the official name was very different from what Laplace had guessed. near. The bunny girl knew it, but she just ignored the serious name. Anyway, Angel also said that this mirror can be called a tea tea mirror, so it must be called a tea tea mirror!

Time passed, and another twenty minutes passed.

Laplace suddenly frowned, stood up from the sofa, and looked at the sky above the heart space.

In mid-air, there is a faint eye, which is slowly opening.

Laplace is very familiar with special spaces, and similar things have happened before, so he can tell at a glance that the eyes that are opening represent the opening of the mirror channel.

An outsider came in from the tea mirror? Is it Edanis?

Idanis broke into the heart space through the tea mirror before, but because of some misunderstandings, she ran away in a hurry.

But running away doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t come back.

Now that the mirror passage is reopened, Laplace naturally thinks that the person who came may be Aidanis.

Laplace restored the opaque state of the heart wall and the ground immediately, preventing Aidanis from discovering that the heart space was swimming in the sea of ​​empty mirrors.

After doing all this, Laplace frowned, waiting for the arrival of Aidanis.

However, half a minute later.

Aidanis did not appear, but the person who appeared was… Angel with a confused face.

A few minutes later.

“So, you just tried to enter the tea mirror, so you came in?” Laplace asked in surprise.

Angel nodded: “That’s right, by the way, Cha Cha Jing is just a nickname, its correct name is…”

Laplace frowned: “Ordinary magic can’t interfere with the mirror surface, did you use other types of energy?”

Angel was still explaining the name of the tea mirror, but was interrupted by Angel, and his thoughts were led to Laplace’s rhetoric.

“That’s right.” Angel nodded, “It’s not pure magic, it’s a combination of some other energies.”

Combined with other energies? what energy? Laplace just wanted to ask, but he stopped immediately when his thoughts changed.

This has obviously involved Angor’s secrets. Since Angor didn’t continue, it would be rude to ask.

Laplace did not continue to ask Angel about the energy used when entering the mirror field, but said with a serious face: “Entering the mirror and entering the mirror field are two different concepts, and the degree of danger is also completely different. .Moreover, there are subdivisions here, whether it is energy, entities or living things that enter.”

“Among them, if living things enter the mirror, unless it is a special mirror surface, there is a high probability that the mirror will collapse instantly, and it will be difficult for living things to escape.”

“And this is just entering the mirror, entering the mirror domain, the difficulty will be higher, and the danger will be greater.”

“I don’t know how you got in, but as long as what you have is not aggregated energy, you’d better be more cautious next time to do this kind of experiment of entering the mirror domain through other means.”

Laplace is not intimidating, but the Mirror Realm and the wizarding world are two worlds after all.

Angel’s behavior is called cross domain.

Any kind of cross domain is dangerous.

What’s more, Angel entered the world inside the mirror from the absolute material world.

Generally speaking, there is no creature in the mirror to stabilize the space with aggregated energy. When Angel enters the ‘mirror’, the space will disintegrate due to the lack of carrying capacity in the mirror. The corridor, came to the mirror field.

So, in Laplace’s view, Angor’s test was too reckless.

It can only be said that Angel is very lucky to be able to stand here.

The entire process of connecting the heart space to the outside tea mirror is very stable, including the ‘inside’ of the tea mirror is also very stable, enough to carry the volume of a living person, otherwise, Angel would have died.

Generally speaking, this kind of channel will not be so strong. It can only be said that the ‘solid’ feature of the tea tea mirror is really too heaven-defying under the blessing of mysterious power.

But this can only be achieved on the tea mirror.

If Angor is replaced with another mirror, there will be basically no exit.

However, then again, this is also because Angel is so special, he has mastered a kind of energy that can interfere with the mirror surface, so he has the opportunity to enter the mirror.

Switching to other wizards, it is absolutely impossible to interfere with the mirror surface, let alone enter the mirror field.

This is actually a kind of protection for non-mirror domain creatures.

Angel scratched his head: “I, I understand. Next time I do this kind of experiment, I will be more cautious.”

Looking at Angor’s blushing expression, Laplace sighed softly in his heart, and said, “However, you’re doing it wrong this time. If you can enter the heart space at will in the future, it’s a good idea.” It’s much more convenient, otherwise you would have to find the heart space every time you enter the mirror domain.”

“As for the firmness of the channel of the tea mirror, let me test it. Whether you can enter the heart space freely, I will give you the answer later.”

(End of this chapter)


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