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Actually, to Angel, he didn’t care that much about whether the boy in the pot was a star attendant. What he cares more about is the miraculous things.

It does not specifically refer to this wishing book, but the system of wonderful things that can be seen through the back of the wishing book.

Before, when Angel heard about the wonderful things, he didn’t feel much, because he had never seen them before, and he couldn’t tell whether they were beautiful or ugly just by hearing them.

But when he really saw the wonderful thing with his own eyes, his heart was filled with indescribable surprise.

The abilities recorded in the wishing book are indeed not very powerful, but there are too many types! There are not only direct attack, indirect attack, control, assistance, but also the production of potions!

And these abilities are all integrated by the wishing book.

As a wonderful thing, the wishing book is born out of nowhere and is concrete. Maybe the power of thought can be counted as a support, but the power of thought can at most act as an energy source. If you look at it without thinking power, it’s like… imaginary alchemy!

Yes, it is exactly the imaginary alchemy that Angel muttered in his mouth when he applied it to mysterious concrete objects before!

Angel was not very interested in wonderful things at first, but this time he was slapped in the face.

When he uses mysterious figurative objects, he can only produce effects by means of structural combinations, and there is no way to make the effects come into being without evidence. It is said to be “fantastic alchemy”, but it is actually just a vision that Angel said he did not know the way forward.

But the appearance of the wonderful thing made Angel seem to see the future of fantasy alchemy!

If mysterious figurative objects can also be integrated through figurative abilities, and even come up with mysterious figurative object versions of wonderful things, will the mysterious figurative objects produce some special effects without proof?

If this idea is true, then there is no doubt that this is the right path for fantasy alchemy!

Of course, Angel also knows that fantasy alchemy is unlikely to replace real alchemy. But this kind of plug-in ability that can add footnotes or supplementary characters to mysterious things will definitely play a huge role in the future when he really approaches and interprets the mystery.

Angel’s eyes are bright, as if he has seen a wonderful world and is waving to him…

No, someone really waved in front of him.

“What’s the matter with you?” Laplace saw that Angel had been silent, his pupils were bright but dull, and subconsciously waved his hand.

Angel gave a sudden jolt, and the runaway Italian horse and the howling heart ape instantly regained their composure.

Angel: “No… nothing. I’m just thinking about something wonderful.”

“Thinking about wonderful things?” Laplace handed the wishing book to Angel casually: “Is it a wonderful thing, not just a wishing book?”

Angel nodded and took the wishing book.

Laplace stretched out his fingers, curled the hair that fell to the side, and speculated: “You think of alchemy from wonderful things?”

Angel smiled: “That’s right. I have some ideas about the system of wonderful things, and maybe they can be integrated into alchemy.”

After a pause, Angel looked at Laplace: “Will the Tooth Fairy have knowledge of the construction system of wonderful things?”

Laplace shook his head: “I don’t know. However, even if there is, I don’t think that knowledge is suitable for you.”

Angel: “Why?”

Laplace: “I don’t know how deep your curiosity about wonderful things is, nor how far you want to study them. But if you really want to learn from wonderful things Get some inspiration related to alchemy, whether you are in the mirror field, or in the wizarding world… you will not be able to get the answer you want.”

Angel: “You mean… go to the world of Hante?”

Laplace nodded: “Yes, you can only understand what a wonderful thing is if you personally experience the rules of the Hante world and why wonderful things can be born under such rules. The knowledge found in the mirror field and the wizarding world is just knowledge, and it does not involve the essence of another world at all.”

“Just like when I told you about the wonderful things before, you were not that interested. But after you actually saw the wishing book, you have a new experience. This is the same reason.”

Anger also understood what Laplace meant.

The knowledge he learned in the wizarding world must be based on the rules of the wizarding world itself, so even if he only knows how to retreat and accumulate without practicing, this knowledge will be accommodated in himself.

But the knowledge of other worlds is different. You think you understand it, but you don’t, it’s just ‘you think’. If you want to truly understand it, you must overcome the “acclimatization” of knowledge.

Either the knowledge has accumulated to a certain level, and it is possible to analyze every link of the knowledge of the other world from a high-level view.

Or go to another world in person to see what knowledge really looks like under the water and soil there.

Angel didn’t think he had achieved the former. Moreover, if you want to reach the former level, you also need to really experience various worlds and have a lot of experience before you can achieve a high-level analysis.

Anger can’t do this, so if he wants to truly see the essence of the wonderful thing, he must go to see the land that bred this ability for himself.

If you want to modify what you can borrow for your own use, you need to understand and practice it yourself.

So, Laplace’s suggestion is: If Angel really wants to understand the wonders in depth, then the best way is to go to the Psychic Realm and see for yourself.

Angel also understands this truth, but he has a lot of things to do now.

There are unfinished things about Tidal Realm and Germination before, and the upcoming Peach Heart Theater, and the land of Xinnai is still expanding silently near the barbaric cave… These things are all on the bright side of the barbaric cave, Moreover, the tidal world and the place of heart are closely related to Angel, and it is impossible for him to leave whenever he wants.

Moreover, these things are only part of it, and there are many small things that Angel also needs to consider.

The tea party is about to begin, and the new city of the wilderness of dreams also needs his backing. Even if he doesn’t have to show up publicly, he still has to make arrangements for things including love searches.

There are also such things as going to the Nightmare Realm to explore Greya’s body, establishing diplomatic relations with Castle Black, the press conference of the R&D Institute, etc…

Of course, Angor can choose to ignore most of these things. After all, except for the press conference of the R&D Institute, he is not really the leader.

But there is another very important thing about Angel, and that is self-precipitation.

All the things mentioned above can be done when he is self-precipitating. That way you won’t delay anything at all. But there is a necessary prerequisite for this: temporarily unable to leave the wizarding world.

“Can’t stay away from the wizarding world for the time being?” Laplace didn’t know why Angor couldn’t stay away from the wizarding world for the time being, but since Angor mentioned that, it meant that he had a reason to stay, there was no need to ask.

“If that’s the case, then you can actually consider… clone.”

What Laplace means is that the main body stays in the wizard world, and the avatar goes to the mind power world.

It’s not that Laplace is aimless. She has seen countless reflections of the wizarding world, and she has also seen many wizards practicing avatars.

For example, some alchemists believe that their aesthetics and design are not good enough, so they create a clone and go to some art academies opened by mortals for further study. It even goes so far as to go to other worlds to learn different styles of aesthetics.

As long as the avatar is recovered at the end, those knowledge, memories, and feelings can be returned. Then, the main body takes a while to absorb slowly.

After hearing this, Angel pondered for a moment: “Avatar is indeed a good choice, but there are more or less problems with the avatar-like spells in the Southern Territory.”

It is like the most common shadow avatar technique.

There are a lot of small problems: lack of shadow energy, learning ability problems, and rigid thinking problems.

There are also many major problems: the shadow avatar is out of control, the shadow avatar betrays, or there are problems when it is recovered by someone under the wrong hands. .

Although there are many problems with the shadow clone technique, it is indeed a good helper to save worry and effort, as long as you don’t clone yourself for too long.

However, if you study across the world, the shadow avatar technique is a bit of a stretch.

Of course, there is also a clone technique like tearing the spirit body into an alchemy puppet, which can be cloned for a long time, but the tearing of the spirit body will cause abnormalities, and the spirit body is easy to be discovered by others, and it may be cursed in turn ontology.

As far as Angel has learned about the technique of clone in the Southern Territory, Earl Black’s clone technique has some merits.

On the premise of retaining a certain strength, the avatar also has the consciousness of self-thinking, which can greatly improve the learning ability, and also has the ideological stamp of never betraying the main body.

However, Earl Hei has thousands of clones, and he is not afraid of problems if he is away from the body for a long time. The biggest guarantee factor is——

The Black Earl’s body is too strong.

Even if someone uses Earl Black’s avatar to cast a curse, the avatar can’t stop it, but it can be weakened. The weakened curse can be dealt with by Earl Hei’s strength, which is also at the scratching level. Even if it is not weakened, it will not be able to deal with the Black Earl, and may even be targeted by the Black Earl.

The most important thing is that even if Earl Black’s avatar dies, there is no need to worry about memory loss, but the memory returns directly to the original body.

So, even if Earl Black’s avatar has flaws, but Earl Black’s body doesn’t have too many flaws, then it’s fine.

Angel can actually learn about the secret of his avatar from Earl Hei. On this point, Earl Hei himself agreed to Angor, and will communicate with Angor after he leaves.

But Angor’s strength is not as strong as the Black Earl, and the Black Earl doesn’t think it is a flaw, but it is a big flaw to Angel.

So, in Angel’s view, it is not suitable for me.

Facing Angel’s emotional expression, Laplace said: “If you think the avatar spells from the outside world are not good, create a spell that suits you.”

Creating spells is actually a difficult subject in the wizarding world. The more powerful the spell, the more difficult it is to create.

Whenever there is a new path and a new technique is born, it may even cause visions. From this, we can know how difficult it is to create spells.

Laplace said it very plainly, mainly because of the difference between the wizarding world and the mirror realm.

The energy of the mirror field is aggregation energy, which is a more active energy, and it is much easier to create new abilities. But this also makes the ability of the mirror field more difficult to cast in some worlds full of inert energy, and it is more suppressed.

The original magic power of the wizarding world is inert ability, its creation is more difficult, but the suppression in other worlds is also smaller.

Laplace can easily create a lot of abilities in the mirror field, but in the wizard world, it is not necessarily the case.

However, Angel did not refute when he heard Laplace’s words.

“Create…?” Angel squinted his eyes, and the silent inspiration was like a gushing spring, constantly bringing new ideas to his mind.

These thoughts gradually changed from unknown and incomprehensible to understandable messy pictures.

Dark void, long corridor, train whistle, iris, dagger…

Void traveler in a golden birdcage, tentacles piercing between eyebrows, woof…

Absolutely ideal thinking, a passage beyond dimensions, and a door shining with endless brilliance, as well as the back view of entering the door…

Angel understands what these pictures mean, because they are all things he has personally experienced.

But what do they represent? Could this be the inspiration for creating the doppelganger?

How can it be created?

Anger closed his eyes, slowly organized these images into a logical line, and remembered them in his mind.

A lot of things don’t need to be understood right now. Since the inspiration has given inspiration, perhaps, we can really use this to find the answer.

“Create without it.” Angel muttered in a low voice, “This is a feasible way.”

The test is almost over, and Angel also plans to go back to reality first, to test more parameters of the half-length mirror, and by the way… re-refining a mirror.

After all, the refined bust mirror is now connected to the heart space, and it is difficult to be used as the entrance to Rabbit Mountain.

“If you still want to refine the mirror, you should restrain yourself a little bit. Actually, the entrance to Rabbit Mountain doesn’t need to be so grand.” Laplace hesitated and said.

After finishing speaking, Laplace felt that what he said was a bit wrong, and added another sentence: “However, if you have inspiration when refining, you don’t need to suppress it. Just pretend I didn’t say it.”

Angel smiled: “I understand, this time it was an accident. Next time the mirror, I guarantee that the refining will be completed within ten minutes.”

Laplace: “The heart space, how do you plan to arrange it?”

Angel said indifferently: “You guys make arrangements.”

As soon as Angel’s voice fell, Gleipnir said: “I won’t get involved, I have to go to Charles Palace to discuss with them about the login device… After all, it won’t be long before the circus will pull People. I don’t want to go to the show again.”

There are good reasons for Gleipnir’s words, but Angel can actually feel that this is Gleipnir’s concession.

After all, Gleipnir was very concerned about the ownership of the heart space before.

After the “secret talk” with Laplace, and Gleipnir’s witness that Angor reshaped the heart space in a short period of time, adding various magical functions, Gleipnir also saw clearly up.

To reconcile with Angel, timely stop loss is the best choice.

Immediately afterwards, Gleipnir bowed lightly to Angel: “Later, I will go to the Crystal Field of Dreams with little Laplace to clean up the remaining scavengers. After finishing speaking, Graipnir left the heart space.

Only Angel and Laplace remained in the heart space.

Laplace was silent for a moment: “Leave the heart space to me first. Before you find a more suitable person, I will try to use the mirror spirit avatar to manipulate the heart space to cruise in the sea of ​​empty mirrors, looking for more The real thing.”

Angel: “Then I will trouble you.”

Paused, Angel said again: “By the way, I plan to test the lower body mirror outside later, and it may affect the heart space.”

Laplace: “…?”

Anger didn’t continue to say how it affected the heart space, but Laplace always felt that Angor might bring new changes to the heart space.

This change may be a surprise…or a shock.

(End of this chapter)


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