Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 2988 Wishing Book



Contrary to Angel’s imagination, the search for the real thing this time is not all about luck.


Because Laplace directly assigned hundreds of slap figures to help find them. These villains look exactly like Laplace, with long silver hair, green and orange pupils, and they are as delicate as porcelain dolls. Even the disdainful look in his eyes was exactly the same, a complete copy of Laplace.


The only difference is that these elf-like slap figures have much weaker aura than Laplace.


From the perspective of energy level, it is somewhat similar to the feedback of the previous shark tooth scale.


Approximately the level of a second- and third-level apprentice.


Although the energy level is not high, these slap-stick figures can drift with the current in the sea of ​​empty mirrors and move with the tide, so as to expand the scope of finding objects.


That is to say, the heart space can only wander around in the sea of ​​empty mirrors to see if it can find the real thing.


But now, with these slap men, it is equivalent to having a targeted range radar.


The efficiency of finding objects has been greatly improved.


However, these slapstick figures also have flaws, and the relatively small flaws are probably: the visual distance is short; the energy cannot be used in the sea of ​​empty mirrors, that is to say, they cannot fly, they can only drift with the current; the information that can be transmitted in the sea of ​​empty mirrors The range will be greatly reduced, at most within the range of 10,000 meters in the center, that is, if it exceeds 10,000 meters, it cannot be controlled by Laplace.


However, these flaws can be made up for by the number of slapstick figures. Its real and biggest shortcoming is actually: it cannot be immune to the waves of the sea of ​​empty mirrors.


Slap Man has no memory, so the wave cannot wash away its memory, but the wave can wash away its internal energy.


Once the slap man’s energy is washed away, it will disappear completely.


Generally speaking, a slap man can only last three to five minutes in the Sea of ​​Mirrors.


Thus, although the efficiency of finding objects has improved, the improvement is limited, and it only increases the chance of hitting the big luck a lot.


Although this search is not all about luck, it still depends on luck in the end.


Under the continuous consumption and exile of the mirror spirit clone—that is, the slap man—after half an hour, they finally encountered a real thing.


It was a black leather booklet.


After discovering the black leather booklet through the vision of the slap man, Angel immediately manipulated his heart and moved towards the booklet.


Compared to Laplace’s control, the grinding and chirping movement is different. Angel’s control can be said to be smooth and smooth, and the limbs outside the heart space are like real four feet. Very harmonious, moving very fast.


Looking from the inside to the outside, with the naked eye alone, the movement of the limbs is almost like an illusion.


It took only one minute to run two kilometers away.


This speed is not too fast for everyone present, but this is in the sea of ​​empty mirrors. To have such a moving speed, and to go against the tide, is already very frightening.


Most importantly, this is not the limit.


Although Angor’s manipulation is smoother than Laplace’s, it is his first manipulation after all, and he is still a little novice. After getting familiar with it, he will be able to use more mental energy to enter black and white light spot manipulation, speed will continue to improve.


Because the essence of the front and rear limbs is mysterious power, and in practice, the limit of mysterious power is infinitely high.


In the future, if multiple people can divide the labor or cooperate to operate the black and white light spots, so that the black and white light spots can accommodate more mental power, the speed will also increase without limit.


So, even though the current speed is not too fast, its potential is quite deep.


About two and a half minutes, the heart space stopped near the black leather booklet.


At this moment, Angel could already vaguely see the words on the black leather booklet.


It’s just that he doesn’t know this kind of writing, and can only vaguely feel that this kind of writing seems to contain an emotional force.


“… wishing book.”


While Angel was still thinking about the possible source of the text, Laplace’s voice came from next to his ear.


“Wishing book? Is this the word on this booklet?” Angel asked curiously.


“Yes.” Laplace nodded, with a slightly strange expression: “This is… the text of the Psychic Realm.”


Psychic Realm again?


Angel frowned. Could it be that this wishing book belonged to the boy in the pot?


Thinking about it, it seems impossible, after all, they found the gemstone lid and teapot body in this area before. The black leather booklet is also in this range, and it is not too difficult to accept that it belongs to the young man in the pot.


Anger didn’t think too much about it, and focused his attention on the black leather booklet.


“Wishing book… so these words mean this.” While muttering, Angel manipulated the heart space to approach: “Although I haven’t studied Hantewen systematically, I heard that their Words are double-ideographic.”


The so-called double ideology can be understood as: a piece of text not only contains the meaning of the text itself, but also contains meanings other than the text.


And this “beyond words” meaning, generally speaking, refers to emotions.


For example, write a letter in this double-ideographic script:


When you ask your lover: “What happened last time, are you angry?” Your lover answers: “No.”


The “no” here can be determined through the second expression in the letter to determine whether your lover is really not angry, or if he says “I am still angry in my heart but I don’t say you have to understand it yourself. If you can’t understand it, let’s go Finished” and so on.


Double ideographic text can save a lot of communication costs.


This is a unique writing system in the Psychic World, as long as you write with true feelings, you can feel it.


It is a power of the mind.


In the eyes of people in other worlds, it looks a bit extraordinary, but in fact, ordinary people in the world of mind power can also do this. Perhaps it is the soil of the mind power world that gave birth to this more expressive spiritual power.


“Yes, the words in the Psychic Realm have double meanings. Although they haven’t broken through the extraordinary limit, the double meanings are contaminated with the power of the mind, so they will be washed away by the waves of the sea of ​​empty mirrors… Moreover, one wave can completely clear it.” Laplace said lightly: “But now, the spiritual power on this wishing book has gone through many waves and has not been completely washed away. It can only be said that the power contained in it The power of the mind has reached the extreme. It has definitely reached the extraordinary level, which is very rare…”


“Generally speaking, only characters or languages ​​that have evolved to a triple or higher level of expression can have a supernatural level. This wishing book, with just a few characters, has broken through the supernatural level, and it must be extraordinary.”


Angel: “This is very much in line with the ancient tooth fairy’s point of view. Items that can appear in the sea of ​​empty mirrors are basically difficult to appear in ordinary things.”


While talking, Angel has brought the heart space to the vicinity of the black leather booklet. As the heart space approaches, the mysterious force begins to play a role.


You can’t see any changes inside the heart wall, but if you look outside the heart wall at this time, you can clearly see that the black leather booklet is slowly shrinking.


This is to fit the size of the heart space.


It’s like when they want to enter the reduced heart space, they will also be close to the heart space, and their bodies will shrink proportionally.


Although this reduction is visible to the naked eye, it does not actually affect the physical body of the person being reduced.


For example, if the black leather booklet is viewed from the outside at this time, it is shrinking. However, if it leaves the vicinity of the heart, it will gradually become larger.


It looks like it has shrunk and grown, but in fact, taking the black leather booklet as the origin, it has not changed in any volume. It can only be said that strong observation does not work on the heart.


After all, the heart space contains a kind of illogical power, and this is also a mysterious power.


When the black leather booklet entered the range of action of the heart space, Angel immediately began to operate one of the forelimbs. Slowly lower the forelimbs, and the flytrap-like bag on the upper end of the forelimbs is opened.


The black leather booklet was immediately flushed into the bag.


Immediately afterwards, the forelegs slowly lifted up from the tide, aiming the direction of the mouth of the bag at the stamen of the morning glory.


The black leather booklet then slipped and entered the “object collector”.


The whole process looks a bit cumbersome, but in fact… it is indeed a bit cumbersome.


However, this cumbersome process is mainly for increasing mobility when receiving physical objects.


The first draft of the morning glory design has already fixed its position, and there is almost no mobility in receiving real objects. Therefore, the forelimbs are needed to cooperate.


The mobility of the forelimbs is large, and the range of control is also large, which can quickly lock onto the real object.


It will be more convenient to let the object fall directly into the morning glory than to control the morning glory to change its position constantly.


Of course, Angor can also choose to add mobile tentacles to the morning glory, but this is a matter of design choices.


After seeing the black leather booklet disappear into the morning glory, Angel withdrew his mental power. I don’t need him to care about it from now on, and now it depends on whether the physical object collector can automatically divert the flow and send the black leather booklet into the heart space.


In about ten seconds, a long tube protruded from the heart wall and entered the heart space.


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the black leather booklet slipped from the pipe and fell to the ground.


Seeing this scene, Angel breathed a sigh of relief.


First test of the Object Collector… SUCCESSFUL!



“This is the function of morning glory? It filters from the outside and automatically sends the real thing into the heart space. This saves a lot of work.” Graipnir nodded in approval.


Neither she nor Laplace was too surprised, because for them, after discovering the real thing, they could go out and take it in directly, so the function of morning glory just seems to save some work.


But for Angel, he didn’t dare to step into the sea of ​​empty mirrors at will. Obtaining external items directly from the inside is a necessary step.


Otherwise, every time you discover something in the future, do you have to ask Laplace for help?


At this time, Laplace understood the functions of all the light spots. Although there were some failures, overall, she was very surprised.


Angel’s “alchemy” ability is completely beyond Laplace’s imagination… This kind of ability to refine half-step mysterious things and then patch them, Laplace never thought, I have never seen it before!


Angel can be said to have created a miracle again!


Laplace even had some doubts: Could there be a miraculous creature hidden in this small body?


Of course, Laplace also knew that this idea was false. But Angor can continue to create miracles, and each miracle is unique, which already shows Angor’s potential.


Even, Laplace felt a wonderful emotion at this time: rejoicing.


She is glad that she and Angel… are friends.


She doesn’t care who she becomes an enemy with, nor does she care whether she makes friends or not. But for Angor, it’s different.


She didn’t want to be enemies with Angel, but she was lucky to be friends.


While Laplace was feeling emotional, on the other side, Angel was thinking about how to improve the mysterious figurative object.


In fact, there is room for improvement in the physical object collector and limbs, but after thinking about it carefully, Angel decided not to move them.


Although there are some flaws, it can be used to make do with it, and any improvement is just a little streamlining and beautification. From the perspective of efficiency improvement, it is not too big.


The real thing to improve is the wings.


There were many thoughts in Angel’s brain, and soon, a large number of design drafts emerged.


Different wings, different structures, and countless gear structures are constantly being sorted in Angel’s mind.


Anger integrated beauty, practicality and difficulty, and began to rank different wing configurations.


He intends to design these wings and try them out.


However, he currently has no plans to install wings in the heart space. He is going to try all of them first, find the most suitable solution, and then install it.


The test also requires an experimental product. Apart from the heart space, the most suitable experimental product is… the mirror he just refined.


That is, the half-length mirror that also has mysterious fluctuations and solid properties on the real side.



Angel’s imagination didn’t last long, and was interrupted by a ghostly fire.


Yes, it is the will-o’-the-wisp. Or rather, phosphorus fire.


This is not uncommon in reality. It is a very common natural phenomenon and does not involve extraordinary power.


But this will-o’-the-wisp floating in the heart space Then this is not ordinary.


A light blue flame swayed up and down in front of Angel.


Through the firelight, Angel could even see the shadows of some facial features, as if there were ghosts hiding in the unusually colored flames.


If it is an ordinary person, it is estimated that it will be shocked.


But Angor’s mood didn’t fluctuate too much. First, he could feel that the fire light was normal, and he had no evil thoughts; Deliberately created visual dislocation. When the flame burns, there will be a boundary between flickering fire and flickering light and shadow, simulating a kind of facial features.


Secondly, he has discovered the source of the fire.


It is from the black leather booklet he salvaged from the outside world.


Wishing Book!


(End of this chapter)


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