Super Dimensional Wizard: The second thousand nine hundred and ninety-two return to the surface


“From here, it is the most surface layer of the underground waterway, which can directly reach the ruins of the outside world.”

The One-Eyed Great Treasure was speaking, it opened a hole in the ceiling above its head, a dark shadow came out of the hole, and pointed into the hole: “I have checked the surface just now, and no one is nearby, You can go directly there.”

Dox’s eyes widened: “Are you letting us pass through your body?”

“Body?” Dabao froze for a moment, then quickly shook his head: “No, this is just a passage I opened up. Only by going out from this passage will you not touch the underground magic circle.”

“But, isn’t this your body.” Doakes clearly remembered that the holes made by the one-eyed family in the wall were all alive and belonged to the other party’s physical body in the physical world.

“No, it’s not…” Dabao didn’t know how to explain it at this time, because this channel does have the characteristics of its body, but its core has left the channel, so it shouldn’t be considered a body. Shouldn’t the body be core and physique rolled into one?

Doakes: “Sure enough, this is your body, you are a big treasure, I didn’t expect to have a hobby of cannibalism.”

Doakes looked unreasonable.

This big treasure was too anxious to speak.

Seeing this scene, Angel sighed in his heart, and said angrily: “Dox, if you don’t want to leave, you can stay here. If you want to leave, you’d better shut up.”

After speaking, Angel looked at Dabao: “Geng Gui, ignore him.”

After a pause, Angel looked back at Kael and the others: “Let’s go first.”

Regardless of Doakes being dumbfounded, Angel flew into the hole first…

Anger is now on his way out of the underground waterway. After he left the heart space, he returned to the Hall of the Wise Men immediately.

At that time, facing the excited or doubtful eyes of the crowd, Angel didn’t say anything, and directly stated that he had gained something in the process of alchemy, and was going to find a place to settle down and meditate.

Although Angel’s remarks were a bit abrupt, everyone was not surprised to think that Angel had refined a suspected ‘mysterious thing’ not long ago.

Whether it is a mysterious thing or a half-mysterious thing, after Angel refines it, he must have comprehension and harvest. Seize the time to settle down and use the acquired knowledge thoroughly for your own use, which is absolutely the most critical.

So, even though everyone was full of curiosity about the props made by Angel, they didn’t ask, but signaled Angel to do it themselves.

In their minds, Angel would probably still settle down and meditate in the Clear Sky Poetry Room, but what they didn’t expect was that Angel didn’t even think about staying in the underground waterway.

He even said that his so-called precipitation was just casual talk, and his real purpose was to find an excuse to leave the underground waterway.

It’s not that I hate underground waterways, or that I’m afraid of being ruled by a wise man.

It is purely because he will be in and out of the Mirror Domain for a long time and needs a place of absolute secrecy. Although the Clear Sky Poetry Room is good, it is impossible for Angel to stay in the Clear Sky Poetry Room all the time. After all, he did not come alone. No matter Doakes, Kael, Wai, or Black Earl, they all have their own affairs. You can’t always let them follow you.

Of course, Angel can also let them go first, but after they leave, especially when Earl Hei returns to Noah with Aidanis, the jurisdiction of the Clear Sky Poetry Room may also be taken away by the wise man.

At that time, every place in the underground waterway will be monitored by the wise master at any time. Even if the wise master has no malicious intentions, Angel will not be able to bear such “precipitation”.

So, he must leave the underground waterway as soon as possible.

As for where to go, it’s not too late to say later.

After Angel expressed his intention to leave, the wise master didn’t stop him too much. There was a mantra book between them, so the wise master didn’t worry about the information leaking out here.

The only thing that makes the wise master feel a little regretful is that he wanted to exchange his alchemy experience with Angel, but he had no choice.

Angel’s reason is too high-sounding, and the wise master has no way to stop it.

However, to the comfort of the wise master, Angel gave a method of contact.

Angel did not hide his relationship with Laplace. He said that because of his research on sweet dreams and the subsequent alchemy, Laplace looked at him differently, had some in-depth exchanges, and established a friendly relationship.

If the wise master has something to ask him, he can ask Laplace to pass the news on his behalf.

The wise master was not too surprised by this. After all, when Angel was alchemy before, Laplace personally blocked Aidanis. From this, we can see the friendly relationship between Laplace and Angel.

Although I am not surprised, the mind of the wise man is still very complicated… Others don’t know Laplace’s identity, nor do they know Laplace’s “uniqueness” in the day mirror field, but the wise man is very clear . Originally thought that he and Laplace were the only ones who had the closest relationship, but now Angel appeared.

It’s complicated, but the wise man is also a rational person. He knew very well that it was a good thing for Laplace and himself in a macro sense for Laplace to befriend Angel.

Besides, the wise master has self-confidence, and Laplace will trust himself even more. After all, he was also Laplace’s savior, and in this level alone, Angel couldn’t compare.

However, what the wise master doesn’t know is that Laplace has confirmed him as a benefactor, but after so many years, the kindness has been repaid a lot. And it’s basically impossible for him to restrain Laplace by kindness alone.

The relationship between Laplace and Angel is completely different from that of the wise man. Angel is the only friend Laplace recognizes. Also, the first friend Laplace made on his own initiative.

In terms of the stability and tenacity of the friendship, the wise master is inferior to Angel.

Because there was a way to contact Angor, the wise master didn’t keep Angor too much. After he confirmed that he wanted to leave the underground waterway, he arranged for Dabao to lead everyone to leave.

After getting out of the hole opened by Dabao, everyone came to an empty underground square.

On the wall of the underground square, there are many fluorite lamps emitting a light green light. Under the illumination of the lights, the square is not dim.

From the style of the wall lamp, we can know that this is definitely not the style of thousands of years ago. Moreover, the quality of fluorite is also very low, and it will usually break down in a few decades. At this time, the fluorite can still light up, so you know that there should be routine maintenance here.

This is obviously not the work of a wise man.

It is estimated that it was created by the explorers of the ruins of the garden maze, or the traveling merchant organization.

No matter who it is, if they can see obvious artificial traces, it can be known that they have come out of the underground waterway covered by the magic circle.

“Go straight along this road, and you will reach the exit. However, there are people guarding the exit. If you don’t want to be discovered, you can also break through the ground and leave.” Dabao’s Geng Gui poked his head out of the hole, Everyone knows.

“If there is nothing else, I will go first.”

Seeing that everyone did not speak, Dabao left first.

After Dabao left, Angel looked at the stone slab in mid-air, which was Earl Hei.

He could feel that Earl Hei’s mental power was sending some kind of information to the void.

“Master Black Earl is contacting the main body?” Angel asked.

Black Earl: “Guess?”

Angel: “…”

Seeing that Angel was silent, Earl Hei smiled and said, “Why don’t you take out the mysterious thing you refined and have a look, and I’ll tell you if I have contacted the main body.”

Angel: “It’s not a mysterious thing.”

Black Earl: “I know, but it’s half-mysterious, and it’s almost mysterious.”

Angel: …Can this be called similar? It is much worse! A difference of one step is a world of difference, this is the gap between a half-step mystery and a real mystery.

Angel: “It’s okay to show it to adults. But, are you sure you want to watch it here?”

Although the unbroken mirror is not a real mysterious thing, the mysterious aura on it cannot be faked. Now there is no underground magic array to help suppress it, once it is taken out, the breath will definitely overflow.

Maybe it will attract the peeping of outsiders.

Hei Earl thought for a while, and said, “Where are you going to settle next?”

Angel: “The real precipitation, I will definitely have to go back to the barbaric cave. But now I just have an inspiration, and I plan to find a secluded place nearby to settle.”

Angel thought for a while and said, “Just Bilon Grove… or the Sandworm Market.”

The Bilon Grove is near the ruins of the Garden Labyrinth, which is the nearest wizarding market. Although it is not too big, it is no problem to find a secluded place.

The sandworm market is in the Duchy of Laxum. The reason why Angor mentioned this is because they all came from the Sandworm Bazaar. Kael must go back to the Sandworm Bazaar, where his research nest is; although Doakes decided to follow Angor Er, but the sandworm market and the bar he opened, I still have to check it out. Moreover, Angor also gave Doakes a choice. Doakes could follow him back to the Savage Cave, or he could stay in the Sandworm Market.

Anyway, no matter what Doakes chooses, the Sandworm Bazaar is the place to go.

“It’s better to transform the inspiration in a timely manner. It’s easy to dissipate the inspiration by running around.” At this time, Doerka said deadly: “My suggestion is to go to Bilon Grove first.”

Anger shrugged indifferently: “Anything is fine.”

The Earl of Black: “Since you are going to Bilon Grove, wait until you find a place to settle down, and then let me see the mysterious thing you refined?”

Angel: “Don’t Lord Black rush back to the Noah family?”

Hei Earl: “Don’t worry, I still have something to do here.”

Anyway, he has already left the underground waterway, and he can return to the Noah family whenever he wants, and no one dares to think of him anyway.

Angel: “So, didn’t Lord Black contact the main body just now?”

If it is the contact with the main body, it is certainly impossible for Earl Black’s avatar to show such leisure.

Hei Earl smiled and said: “I haven’t contacted yet, I plan to confirm the addresses of other Noah people first, and then contact the main body.”

The so-called ‘other Noahs’ here are the hollow Noahs who were once thrown into the sea of ​​empty mirrors by Idanis to erase their memories.

These hollow people were all saved by the wise man, and some of them have survived to this day. Earl Hei intends to continue contacting the wise master in the near future, first to delineate the location of all these hollow people, and then contact the main body.

And Angel chose to stay in Billon Grove, which also allowed Earl Hei to contact him nearby. He didn’t forget the promise he made to Angor… After he left, he would talk to Angor about the avatar.

Angel: “Didn’t contact the main body? Then you were just…”

The Black Earl: “I was just contacting Edanis.”

When Earl Hei said this, he paused, and looked at Angel with puzzled eyes: “Speaking of which, do you know what happened to Aidanis?”

Angel: “Huh?”

The Earl of Black: “Idaness entered the mirror box after returning from the Sky Poetry Room. I can feel that she has not left, but no matter how I contact her, she does not answer.”

“By the way, she went to find you on purpose, but she disappeared when she came back. Could it be, what did you do to her?”

Angel: “…”

Black Earl: “I mean, did you do something to her with the mystic?”

Angel: “I didn’t do anything.”

However, Angel knew why Aidanis did not reply. Probably, he was embarrassed to see him and silently pretended to be dead.

Angel couldn’t explain it well, so he could only shrug his shoulders: “Perhaps, Edanis has her own things to do, after all, she spends most of her time in the world inside the mirror, and in the world outside the mirror. It is estimated that the disturbance is not very concerned.”

“Is that so?” Earl Hei muttered in a low voice, feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t refute it, so he could only temporarily put it aside.

Since they decided to temporarily retreat in the Bilon Tree Garden, everyone left the underground square without any delay.

However, they did not follow the direction of the underground passage, but asked Wai to create a ‘earth elevator’ to break through the earth and rocks and reach the ground.

After coming to the ground, Vai used another earth wave to perceive the surrounding situation.

“Hey, it’s a bit strange… It’s noon, why is there no one within a kilometer around?” Through the feedback of the ground fluctuation, Wai clearly sensed that there was no one within a kilometer.

In normal times, around the ruins of the garden labyrinth, there are a large number of mortals hunting for treasures here.

Now, it is daytime, but there is no one there. This seems a bit strange to Wayne.

“Don’t be surprised, the Traveling Merchant Organization has confirmed a new underground passage, coupled with the various encounters of the Gray Merchant and his party underground, the Traveling Merchant Organization will definitely have countermeasures. The people nearby must have been evacuated , No one is normal.” Doakes put a hand on Wai’s shoulder: “This is the most basic response to common sense. It will really become stupid.”

Wai put aside Doakes’s hand, and said angrily: “You seem to understand it very well, so tell me, where are the people from the Traveling Merchant Organization now?”

Doakes rubbed his chin with his right hand, and said in a deep thought: “Where are they now, I don’t know. But I know that it won’t be long before someone will come to us… Maybe they are already on the way. “

Way’s eyes widened: “Really?”

Doakes shrugged: “Intuition.”

Others said ‘gut feeling’, and Wai may have to hesitate, but Doakes said ‘gut feeling’, which is basically the same as the truth.

At this time, Earl Hei, who was floating in mid-air, said lightly: “Doakes is right, they have already come. Moreover, there is more than one person who came.”

The Earl Hei said with such certainty, obviously he did not rely on intuition, but really felt it.

Angel: “Is the gray merchant in there?”

Earl Black: “Yes.”

Angel muttered in a low voice: “That’s good.”

After speaking, Angel turned to look at Doakes: “I still have something to do, you stay here first, and help me deliver this thing to the gray merchant.”

Angel took out a cut crystal from the bracelet and handed it to Doakes. There was a black figure on the cross section of the crystal, which was the important memory that Gray Merchant had lost.

Doakes looked at Angel with a confused face: “You, are you planning to abandon me?”

Angel: “I need to settle down immediately, I leave this to you. Angel has already sensed that Laplace’s message appeared on the Unbreakable Mirror, so he plans to start Withdrawn.

Doakes: “Why me?”

Angel patted him on the shoulder: “There is no reason, don’t you want me to help you refine the red sword? Maybe I will have a feeling after this precipitation?”

At first, Doakes was still dissatisfied, but when he heard Angel’s words, his eyes lit up: “Okay, no problem, leave it to me!”

Doakes grabbed the crystal, as if he was afraid that others would **** it away.

Angel chuckled, “I’ll be waiting for you in Bilon Grove.”

After speaking, Angel directly summoned the Illusory Gate, ready to leave.

Before leaving, Angel suddenly turned his head and looked at Doakes: “By the way, after seeing the gray merchant, you can tell him a word for me…”

(End of this chapter)


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