Super Dimensional Wizard: The 3040th chapter Benson



“My name is Benson, and I’m a… zombie.”


Under the leadership of Doakes, Angel and the others walked in the cave for about half a minute, and finally saw a man sitting under the wall, gasping for breath.


He wears a white mask with white gauze wrapped around his exposed skin.


This person is the sorcerer apprentice that Doakes said was integrated into the blood of the Earthfire Salamander.


He calls himself Benson and is a member of the Bilos family.


“Zombie?” Kael looked at Benson suspiciously. Is this a nickname? Weird nickname… a stiff corpse? Frozen corpse?


Benson nodded: “Yes, zombie.”


While speaking, Benson took off the white mask on his face, revealing his true face.


His appearance is very ordinary. At first glance, it looks similar to an ordinary person, but if you look closely, you will find that his skin has a stony dullness, and it does not have the oily luster of normal skin, just like dead skin that has hardened. general.


Kael didn’t know what happened to Benson’s skin, but he secretly guessed that maybe it was some kind of transplanted monster skin, or maybe it was Benson’s unique talent after integrating into the blood of the Earthfire Salamander?


Just when Kael was thinking about it, Doakes suddenly said: “This should be a disease, right?”


Benson glanced at Doakes in surprise. Unexpectedly, Doakes saw his condition at a glance. But after thinking about it, he felt that it was normal. He saw Dox’s appearance in the atlas collected by the family, and knew that Dox was a blood-side wizard active in the Principality of Laxum.


Most importantly, Doakes is a wandering wizard.


Although wandering wizards do not have an organization or family background, they are often the ones who have the most contact with the people at the bottom and know the real situation of the people at the bottom best. On the contrary, the wizards organized are more metaphysical.


Benson didn’t deny it either, nodding and saying, “Yes, I’m a scleroderma.”


Scleroderma, a rare disease, is rare even among the lower classes. Its pathogenesis is still unclear, and its most obvious external symptoms are that the skin loses its flexibility, loses elasticity, and becomes hard and thick.


From the perspective of an extraordinary person, the hardening of the skin caused by scleroderma is more like a benign symptom, which can strengthen the resistance. But for ordinary people, scleroderma is a terminal disease with almost no cure. As the skin gradually hardens, the vascular lumen will also become narrow, because it is oppressive, and the organs will also be affected. damage. Over time, it will eventually lead to organ failure, disease and death.


Unfortunately, Benson was just a normal person when he had scleroderma. Through various methods, I have endured for five years, but it has come to an end, my life has been frustrated everywhere, and I have no hope at all.


Benson was fortunate again, and as he was about to face the pain of death, he met a wizard. The sorcerer who called himself Elder Moon told Benson that he had the blood of his kinship descendants. In a sense, Benson was a stray child of the Bilos family.


Generally, these scattered children are basically descendants of mortals, and the chances of becoming talented are not high. Therefore, the Bilos family is too lazy to look for these descendants.


Benson was lucky enough to meet Elder Moon. And his mental strength value reached 11 points, he has the background of becoming a gifted person, and it is a manifestation of luck.


After being brought back to the Bilos family, Benson began his relentless practice.


After becoming a wizard’s apprentice, the strength of his internal organs was boosted, allowing him to finally get rid of the adverse effects of scleroderma.


In addition, the tough and hard skin is still preserved, which has also become his heritage, giving him stronger defense capabilities and resistance.


Under the guidance of Elder Yue, Benson fused the blood of the Fire Salamander, further strengthening the skin. It can be said that from the point of view of resistance, Benson can already be compared with the blood-side apprentices of the same level.


But the price…is that the skin is even harder than that of ordinary people, causing his whole person to seem to freeze, except when talking and moving his eyes, he is completely like a puppet or a dead person at other times.


To this end, Benson put on a mask and wrapped himself with white gauze to avoid the strange eyes of others. In this way, although he doesn’t look like a zombie, he looks like another species similar to a zombie… a mummy.


“Scleroderma? It’s really rare.” Doakes murmured in a low voice, then looked at Benson carefully: “Hey, you merged into the blood of the ground fire salamander to match the scleroderma, right? This is a very Genius idea.”


Benson’s scleroderma is not completely cured, and the indiscriminate use of scleroderma to be beaten has strengthened the resistance, but it has also made the skin more and more hardened.


Although I can’t see the bad things right now, but in the long run, if the hardness of the skin exceeds the upper limit of Benson’s internal organs, the aftermath of scleroderma will be overwhelming.


And Benson’s choice to integrate into the blood of the ground fire salamander is a dual strategy that can not only strengthen the hard skin, but also solve the later problems of the hard skin.


The earth fire salamander has strengthened its hard skin. At the same time, the earth fire salamander has specially developed the tolerance of its organs, which is comparable to some high-level monster bloodlines.


Strengthening the blood of the fire salamander is equivalent to strengthening the scleroderma and organs together. It can be said that this is Benson’s best solution to scleroderma.


As Dox, it is estimated that Benson will also choose to integrate into the blood of the Fire Salamander.


Benson said with some embarrassment: “This is actually the suggestion that Elder Yue gave me.”


Dakes, who was originally focusing on Benson, was stunned when he heard the name “Elder Yue”: “Elder Yue? It’s Elder Yue, the tree, the third elder, and the third elder of the Bilos family. ?”


Benson nodded: “Yes, my ancestor used to be Elder Yue’s younger brother, so Elder Yue took great care of me. I was able to come to Paradise to cultivate, and it was also because of Elder Yue’s honor.”


Benson’s sentence is very informative, and it is also deliberate.


Although he knew Doakes, he also knew that Doakes had nothing to do with the Bilos family in the past. But who can be sure that there is no hatred recently?


For the sake of his own life, all Benson can do at the moment is to reveal his relationship with Elder Yue, and then point out that Elder Yue is nearby to strengthen his courage.


Doakes also heard Benson’s overtones, but he didn’t care. He even secretly memorized this method of “transferring contradictions and pretending to be a tiger” in his heart, so that he could use it in the future.


He really can’t be beaten. In the future, he can also say that he has a very good relationship with Angel, and Sanders is even more invincible. The three ancestors of the Savage Cave are his backers… This method is very good. , in the southern region, it should work.


Anyway, he has to follow Angel in a short period of time, to get some benefits verbally first, so he can’t say anything about him, right?


Aside from the fluttering thoughts, Doakes turned his eyes to Benson again: “You mean, Elder Yue is in the paradise? The person who said he wanted to play the game before, actually dared to do it here?”


Benson: “Did your lord say…the masked man?”


Doakes: “The Masked Man? Who is the Masked Man?”


Benson looked puzzled: “Your lord doesn’t know the masked man? How could your lord be in the ‘Mud Puppet Labyrinth’?”


“I came in from outside.” Doakes didn’t hide it, he said directly.


Benson’s eyes lit up: “Outside? Has the seal of space outside Paradise been broken?”


Doakes shook his head: “It wasn’t destroyed, I got in by other means.”


Doakes didn’t say why he came, but instead said: “Do you mind telling me what happened to you tonight? Masked man, mud doll labyrinth, what are these?”


Disappointment flashed in Benson’s eyes when he learned that the spatial seal of Paradise had not been broken. But in the face of Doakes’ inquiry, he still did not hesitate, nodding.


These are no secrets. There are many people in Paradise. Even without him, Doakes can find others to ask. Therefore, Benson did not intend to hide it, and told the experience during this period in detail.


Just over half an hour ago, Benson followed Elder Yue and meditated silently in the moonlight on the top of the mountain.


But at this moment, a masked man wearing a cloak suddenly flashed over the paradise with a strange smile.


Every area in the paradise is protected, especially the area with people, outsiders will not choose to step in after seeing it.


And this masked man, not only came in, but also laughed out loud, showing his existence and looking very strange.


Elder Yue noticed something was wrong and chased after him.


What happened after that, Benson didn’t know, because he stayed on the top of the mountain and didn’t catch up.


But not long after Elder Yue chased the masked man away, he heard a strange laughter that spread throughout the paradise——


“Let’s play a game~ If you win, I’ll let you go~”


Benson is pretty sure that this weird laughter came from the masked man from before.


Before he could figure out why the masked man was so noisy, the entire paradise was enveloped by a huge space seal.


Then, space partitions separated the paradise into multiple different sites.


When Benson and other supernatural beings around him found something wrong, he couldn’t leave here.


They can only look around to see if they can find some cracks.


Next, someone found a huge rock with a human face on the top of the mountain.


This stone was also present before, but without a human face. Now, the appearance of facial lines is very unusual.


The faces on the rocks tell them that this is a game of survival in the name of escape. As long as they can clear two games, they can leave the land.


Immediately afterwards, the names of various games flashed in the eyes of the human face, asking everyone to enter the game.


At the time, Benson had no intention of getting into the so-called game.


After all, Benson is self-aware and knows that he is not strong enough to be involved in such a bizarre incident.


There are many people who share the same thoughts as Benson, but in the end…they are forced to participate in the game.


Because some people agreed to participate in the game, and the face tattoo informed that the lack of numbers would lead to a sharp increase in the mortality rate of those who participated in the game. The higher the number, the higher the survival rate.


And the person involved in the game is an official wizard.


He directly ordered that everyone on the mountain must participate in the game.


Just like that, Benson entered the game half-pushed.


However, everyone who participated in the game on the top of the mountain seemed to be invested in different games. Benson came to this game called “Mud Puppet Labyrinth”, and the number of people who participated in the game with him was… zero.


Maybe there are other game participants in the Mud Puppet Labyrinth, but at least the starting point where Benson is, no one else.


The starting point of the labyrinth where Benson is located also has a face pattern, but it grows on the wall.


This face pattern seems to exist to explain the rules of the game. It tells Benson that the mud doll maze is a maze that has been transformed into a mountain. The way to clear the level is to find the exit of the maze.


In the process of finding the exit, Benson needs to pay attention to two things: First, there will be special mud doll monsters in the mud doll maze. These mud doll monsters will attack the player, but the mud doll’s strength will not over a third level apprenticeship.


It sounds like the Mud Puppet is not strong, but in fact… it’s not. But there are so many of them, as long as you walk near the swamp, groups of mud puppet monsters will appear.


For this reason, every time Benson sees a swamp in the passage, he will subconsciously stay away.


But as he kept circumventing the quagmire, Benson found that… he seemed to be spinning in circles, unable to find a way out.


Therefore, it is very likely that the real exit must follow the quagmire.


Second, there are many poisonous mushroom monsters walking in the mud puppet maze. These mushrooms will emit poisonous mist spores, causing a large number of places in the maze to be covered with poisonous mist, and you need to pay attention to protection.


This point, Benson didn’t care too much, his hard skin cooperated with the blood of the fire salamander, so that the large particles of poisonous mist could not penetrate the body.


All in all, what the face print told Benson was the danger of monsters in the mud doll labyrinth.


But in fact, in addition to the dangers brought by monsters, there are many other dangers in the labyrinth.


For example, wall damage.


Benson has attempted to destroy the wall so that the exit may be found faster. But after several experiments, Benson found that there are space traps hidden inside part of the wall. Once destroyed, it will backlash.


Benson was almost split into two by a space crack, and since then he has never dared to break the wall at will.


In addition, there are many trigger-type traps.


Now Benson is hiding here and gasping for breath, because he triggered a series of traps before, which resulted in the collapse of the entire passage and the spatial trap caused by the destruction of the wall.


In order to escape, he carried out the implementation and bombarded with energy, which stimulated the potential in his body, and finally escaped.


Benson found a quiet place to restore the source of magic and repair the wound, and it was here.


What I didn’t expect was that Doakes would find his location because of the ground fire salamander blood in his body.


(End of this chapter)


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