Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and thirty-nine chapters jumping off


“This face pattern is not necessarily related to the Bewitching Banshee, but since the Bewitching Banshee can use the power of the contract to be vicious, it means that there must be some way to simplify the process of concluding the contract, or to hide the identity of the contract. Conditions.” Doakes said this, and glanced at the man’s face: “So, no details should be underestimated.”

Kael: “…you’re right, but when you were in the underground waterway, you didn’t see such detailing?”

When I first started exploring the underground waterways, it was more dangerous than it is now.

Doakes snorted softly and said in the tie: “It’s not the same.”

Angel: “What’s the difference?”

Doakes said with a look of course: “When I was in the underground waterway, the inspiration did not give me a ‘be careful contract’ prompt. It must be different.”

Angol: “…” Sure enough, don’t expect Doakes to be able to analyze the doorway more rationally.

But I have to say, his inspiration is too powerful.

Like this time, even though they haven’t determined whether the face print will bind them through a contract, after Dox’s inspirational fight, they really convinced Angel and Kael.

Kael is already thinking at this time: the face tattoo side should avoid communication, so as not to be fooled, so what should they do next?

This kind of thinking has actually tacitly agreed that what Doakes said is true.

“What should I do next?” Facing Kael’s question, Doakes stretched out his right hand and rubbed his chin, pondered for a moment, and finally shrugged: “Anyway, don’t communicate with the face print, Don’t play any games, the rest should be fine.”

In this small space separated, Doakes only sensed the change of inspiration on the face tattoo. Other places are normal, and no problems have been found for the time being.

“But the only way to go to the next area is through the face tattoo.” Kael muttered in the heart tie.

It’s not that they haven’t looked for this area. Except for the big banyan tree where the human face pattern is located, they can’t see any other clues.

“This… I think you’re right.” Doakes: “But I have no other way, or, in other words, are you willing to sign an unknown contract with the wizard behind the scenes? Don’t forget the ruins A lesson for coolies.”

Cail naturally doesn’t dare to sign an inexplicable contract at will, but are they just doing so much now?

While Kael and Dox were at a loss, Angel stared at the space barrier and fell into a moment of contemplation.

Half a minute later, Angel said in the heart tie: “Actually there is another way.”

Doakes: “How?”

Angol: “I just checked the parameters on the space diaphragm and found that the parameters are the same as the entire space seal shrouded in the paradise.”

When Angel said that, Doakes didn’t understand it yet, but Kael, as a space wizard, already understood what Angel meant, and his eyes lit up: “My lord means that the space is separated from each other. Is it one with the space seal?!”

Angel nodded: “That’s right.”

Doakes also recalled at this time: “So, you can directly make holes in the space diaphragm here and enter other areas?”

…holes? Are you taking me for a groundhog?

Angle complained in his heart, but he also knew that Doakes was simply having a problem with his expression, so he nodded to agree with him.

Doakes: “That’s great! As long as it doesn’t involve facial lines and enters other areas through other means, it’s fine.”

After determining their next direction, they immediately moved away from the face pattern.

Perhaps because of the trigger mechanism, the Human Face Pattern did not force them to stay, but silently watched them leave, and finally it closed its eyes as if it had fallen asleep.

And Angel and others came to the other end of the space barrier.

They have found a direction where the speed spirit has the strongest sense of the clone, and they are going to open the door to other areas here.

Because Angel has already cracked the space seal of the outside world, and with the same parameters, he doesn’t even need to calculate, so he can easily open a new door.

However, although the door was open, it was pitch black inside, making it impossible to see the bottom at all.

“What area is behind this diaphragm, why is it so dark?” Kael asked in confusion.

“Who knows where it is, none of us have been to this paradise. Besides, let’s be dark, I don’t feel any danger anyway.” Doakes said indifferently.

Kael: “That’s right, as long as there’s no danger, the rest doesn’t matter.”

When the two were muttering, Angel silently said: “The dark area you see is not the scene behind you.”


Facing everyone’s doubtful eyes, Angel did not explain, but said directly: “You will know when you go in.”

Angol stepped into the gate first, Doakes and Kael looked at each other and followed.

When entering the gate, Kael immediately understood what Angel meant: “Are we in… the space barrier?”

Anger didn’t give a **** this time and nodded: “That’s right.”

Yes, the darkness behind the door does not mean that the area opposite the diaphragm is pitch black. But because this space diaphragm is very thick.

The dark area they were in at this time, to put it bluntly, was actually still inside the “door”, and they entered the door and hadn’t stepped out yet.

This space barrier is deeper than they thought. They walked dozens of steps in a row, but they didn’t reach the other end of the barrier. They even felt the **** after walking for a while.

It seems that the direction of the diaphragm is not a normal face-to-face, and there is a slope?

Also, this **** is still going up, it seems to be going mid-air?

After walking more than ten steps, they finally saw the other end of the “door”, which was behind the space divider.

Contrary to what they had guessed, the back of the door was not mid-air, but a cave-like place. It’s just that the cave is not dark, and you can see burning torches hanging on the walls.

After everyone stepped out, after careful observation and comparison, it was basically certain… They should be in a cave at this time.

There are mountains in Paradise.

The rocky environment is a place favored by many earth wizards.

So, they are most likely inside a mountain in a rocky environment.

Why is the interior of the mountain behind the space partition? Instead of the external rocky environment?

Looking at the burning torches that appeared at a distance in the cave wall, Kael seemed to think of something: “Isn’t this what that human-faced banyan tree showed in the eyes, a certain game venue?”

Before they saw a lot of information in the eyes of the human face. Such as: underwater fighting, underwater gold panning, bubble world, highland melee… and so on.

It can be seen from this that a certain wizard behind the scenes has transformed the paradise into a game venue.

If that’s the case, they’re probably in a game arena by now.

Thinking of this, Kael frowned and said, “Do we still have to play games with that unknown person behind the scenes?”

When Kael was puzzled, Doakes said softly: “I seem to sense a weak bloodline aura nearby.”

Kael: “Weak bloodline?”

Doakes nodded: “It’s the blood of the fire salamander.”

After a pause, Doakes said in a rather emotional tone: “It’s a familiar aura. When I was an apprentice, I also merged with this bloodline. However, after I merged with the Earthfire Salamander, But the leader in the same rank is completely different from the mixed and weak aura I smell now.”

Doakes: “It’s basically certain that this bloodline aura should come from an apprentice. Most likely it’s not from the bloodline side, otherwise the intensity of the bloodline aura is too low, and I think it’s some mysterious apprentice.”

Dawkes said this, and gave Kael a special look.

Kael opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t speak, he just said silently in his heart: I haven’t merged into the blood of the Earthfire Salamander.

There is no doubt that Doakes is teasing Kael, but his guess is likely to be true.

The characteristics of the bloodline of the fire salamander are its thick skin and resistance to beatings.

Although it is also very suitable for the apprentice of the element side with thin skin, the element side has too many self-defense tricks in the apprenticeship stage, which is several times and dozens of times that of the mysterious side.

So, if you really want to integrate into the bloodline, the element side is more inclined to choose certain bloodlines that have an amplifying effect on the elements.

The pure and thick-skinned bloodline of the Fire Salamander is indeed more of a choice for a bloodline apprentice who prefers melee combat, or a mysterious apprentice with weak self-defense ability.

Since Doakes confirmed that the other party was not an apprentice on the bloodline side, the only possibility left was the apprentice on the mysterious side.

“Go and have a look.” Angel said.

If it’s a full-fledged wizard, they might have to be on guard, but apprentices…don’t worry.

Maybe I can ask the apprentice what happened in the paradise before. And, who is the wizard who said “playing games”.

Doakes will not refuse: “Follow me, it should be nearby.”

Doakes went to the front and started to lead the way. After a while, they walked into the dark…

At the same time, in a huge crypt with a lot of torches burning, there is a dome-covered arena.

Under the arena, a group of people lay down. There are three official wizards here, and the rest are apprentices.

These official wizards who lay down look very miserable, seem to have been ravaged by madness, and even lack arms and legs… The only thing fortunate is that they all seem to be breathing and not completely dead .

However, they still can’t move, and they can’t even get the magic support from the outside world, because they are locked by the space seal around them.

Space seals are like transparent coffins, sealing them inside.

This is also what happens when they lose the game.

All they can do now is to silently cheer for the constantly moving figure on the stage from the bottom of their hearts.

Only after defeating the masked person who initiated the “game challenge” can they escape from the space seal.

And now, the only one who can defeat the masked man is the elder Moon of the Bilos family.

The two figures that were almost invisible to the naked eye on the stage were Elder Yue and the masked man.

Elder Moon and the masked man are both moving quickly, and their attacks are also ready to retreat, all looking for the best time and the opponent’s flaws.

It’s not that Elder Yue wants to choose this kind of close-to-hand combat, but through the previous battles of other people, Elder Yue has determined that the masked man is very powerful in energy manipulation.

Don’t give him a chance to unleash any energy attacks, especially space spells.

And to interrupt the opponent’s shot, you must be faster than the opponent. Therefore, Elder Yue chose to use the power of blood to suppress his opponent, trying to gain the upper hand through hand-to-hand combat.

I don’t know if Elder Yue’s countermeasures will work. But the masked man did give up the energy attack and started this phantom contact battle with Elder Yue.

The more he fought, the more Elder Yue felt that his strategy was right.

Because the venue for this match is limited, the opponent will lose as long as they leave the venue. Chasing at close range can not only interrupt the opponent’s spellcasting, but also prevent the masked person from pulling away.

This is still the rule made by the masked man, but it has also become a shackle to shackle him!


Just when Elder Yue was fighting, she suddenly found that the masked man seemed to be in a trance, and his speed was obviously slow.

She’s pretty sure that the masked man didn’t deliberately lure the enemy.

Then Elder Yue naturally would not miss this opportunity. Without hesitation, she filled her hands with blood and slapped the masked man fiercely.

Even though the masked man reacted, it was still difficult to avoid this violent blow because of the half-second slowness.

Can only turn sideways to relieve force.

The furious slap still hit the masked man, but because it was an arm, the masked man did not fall down immediately.

But he was still knocked back a few steps.

Elder Yue is now in power, so naturally she will not forgive others. She quickly approaches the masked man, trying to continue the previous cycle.

Just as Elder Yue was about to approach the masked man, the masked man suddenly stretched out his finger, and a mask with a spatial nature appeared directly in front of the masked man.

Light Shield of Light.

This is the most commonly used protection technique in the space department, and Elder Moon can naturally recognize it. I just didn’t expect that the other party directly omitted the step of casting the spell and released it.

This is a spell on the sorcerer’s seat!

Before, the masked man had never cast a spell or trick of witchcraft, and now it is finally revealed.

The flash in Elder Moon’s eyes is not It is not difficult to break the light shield, but the process of breaking the light shield is enough for the masked man to condense more powerful attack techniques.

At that time, she may not be able to bear it.

Although Elder Yue already felt bad, she was already on the verge of having to shoot, so she could only quickly attack the light shield, trying to break the light shield before the masked man could use other means.

To the surprise of Elder Moon, the masked man did not cast any other spells, allowing Elder Moon to break his shield.

Even, under the gaze of Elder Yue, he turned his head and looked somewhere.

Is this a distraction? Elder Yue did not look at the sight of the masked man and continued to attack.

At this time, the masked man, who had turned his back to her, suddenly said, “…There are new players entering the game, but they don’t use formal methods. This is not acceptable.”

“It seems that the joke here needs to end first.”

(End of this chapter)


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