Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3237: Dizziness


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I saw Luigi spread out his palm, and a fruit with a strange appearance appeared on the palm. It looks like an apple with a pointed bottom, but the skin of the fruit is covered with spiral patterns.

Angel is no stranger to this fruit, it is a fake commodity sold by parrots.

Its name: pointed fruit.

It is the fruit of the sacred tree cultivated by the tribe of sharp people on the plane of Druna. If you eat the sharp fruit, you will have incredible power.

Different sharp fruits will give different abilities, and the sharp fruits sold by the parrot are the sharp fruits cultivated by the beast language prophet of the beast tribe.

Its effect is not special in the sharp fruit, but at this moment it is very suitable for it to allow non-speaking beasts to have the ability to speak.

Nakebi didn’t learn to speak, that’s okay. Just drop a sharp fruit, and it can break through the barrier of vocalization.

Angel was stunned for a moment, and asked curiously, “You bought this for Nakobi…?”

Luigi stretched out his finger and waggled it from side to side: “No, this is what the parrot gave me after knowing that I wanted to buy Nacoby.”

Luigi showed off quite proudly.

Sent? Angel thought about it from the standpoint of the parrot, and probably understood his thoughts.

The parrot’s request is to leave the mirror area, and the only ones who can help him are Luigi and others. Even if they signed a contract, variables will always exist before they leave the mirror domain.

Especially for a calculating person like a parrot, he is not afraid to second-guess human nature with the worst malice. I am very worried that they will encounter variables, which will cause them to go back on their word.

To appease them, the parrot bleeds a little, which seems normal to him. Besides, it was just a sharp fruit, which itself had no amazing effect, and could only be eaten by wild animals. Just treat it as a favor.

In Angel’s view, the parrot is simply thinking too much.

However, I have to say that the parrot has a very good vision, and the sharp fruit it sent out is very suitable for Nakebi.

“With this pointed fruit, Nacobi can talk. When the time comes, just ask about its relationship with Beamon, or not.” Luigi praised his wit.

Angel looked at the spiral-shaped sharp fruit, and thought for a moment: “Nakeby uses the sharp fruit, which is considered suitable. But the sharp fruit comes from the sacred tree, and the tree species of the holy tree comes from the Outer God. These In the fruit, will there be a dark hand of the outer god?”

Even if the fruit is not for people to eat, but for Nakobi to eat. But Nakobi will definitely stay with Luigi in the future. If the Outer Gods make some small moves through Nakobi, it will definitely not be a good thing for them.

Angel expressed his concerns, and Luigi’s expression became a little more serious after listening. He hesitated for a moment, then turned to look at Laplace.

Laplace has a certain amount of research on the sharp fruit. It was Laplace who judged the type of the sharp fruit at the parrot before. Maybe Laplace knows whether there is a dark hand in this sharp fruit?

Laplace took Jianguo, explored it carefully for a while, and then said, “As far as I know, Jianguo does have some unknown hidden dangers, and it is most likely a back door left by the Outer God.”

“However, the sharp fruits with hidden dangers are all powerful sharp fruits. For example, fruits that can turn themselves into elements, fruits that can change the body’s traits, and those fruits that can directly return to the ancestors as the body of the outer **** beast .”

“The effect of these fruits, to put it bluntly, is that the outer gods have delegated the authority they control. The closer they are to the authority possessed by the outer gods, the greater the hidden danger.”

“For example, the fruit that I just said can return to the ancestors and become the animal body of the Outer God. As long as you eat it, it is basically equivalent to becoming the body of the Outer God walking in the world.”

“On the contrary, if the effect of the sharp fruit itself is not strong, and it is contrary to the authority of the outer gods, then the hidden danger of the cultivated sharp fruit is very small, or even no hidden danger.”

Luigi “Then what kind of sharp fruit is this that allows the beast to speak?”

Laplace “there is a high probability that there is no hidden danger.”

Angel asked with some doubts: “What is the basis for your judgment? Is it because the effect of this sharp fruit is very weak, which is contrary to the authority of the Outer God?”

“This is one of the basis for judgment.” Laplace paused, “The other basis is that I happen to know the outer **** behind this sharp fruit.”

Uma, also known as the Beast Mountain Goddess.

His real appearance is untestable, but in the totem of the sharp tribe who believes in Uma, the image of the goddess Uma is a harpy woman wrapped in a golden whip.

In this totem, the three most important elements are the golden whip, the eagle body and the sleeping woman.

These three elements also correspond to the three kinds of authority of Umma. The golden long whip represents the authority to rule all beasts. The eagle body represents the power of transformation.

The sleeping woman represents the authority of comfort and rest. The three kinds of powers have been transformed into more than a hundred sacred tree species, and are bestowed on tribes who believe in Uma. Among them, the most powerful tribe has obtained three kinds of tree species with supreme authority, and the effects of the sharp fruits cultivated are: beast control, beast body and the power of peace.

As for other weaker tribes, the tree species obtained are the three kinds of subordinates with supreme authority, or the ability to descend to subordinates.

For example, the sharp fruit that represents the hypnotic ability is the lower substitution ability of the rest fruit.

The fruit of dream healing, which slowly recovers from physical injuries in sleep, is the lower substitute of the fruit of rest.

Also, the half-beast fruit is the inferior ability of the animal body fruit, and the animal hand fruit and animal ear fruit are the lower and lower substitutes.

Speaking of this, Laplace brought the topic back to the sharp fruit in his hand, “And the sharp fruit found by the parrot is a lower substitute for the animal language fruit.”

“The fruit of the beast language is the inferior substitute of the beast-controlling fruit.” In other words, this sharp fruit belongs to Uma’s beast-controlling authority, but its power to occupy the beast-controlling authority is less than one-thousandth.

This bottom-level fruit has extremely weak abilities and almost no effect. The only advantage is that it basically has no flaws.

Uma will not waste her divine power, hiding her hands on such a weak fruit.

It’s not that Uma is unwilling, but that Uma’s divine power also needs a strong fruit as a carrier medium, and a fruit that is too weak will be shattered with a little bit of divine power. There’s no need to waste energy on this.

“Because of this, there is a high probability that there is no hidden danger in this fruit.” Laplace “It…is too weak.”

The explanation given by Laplace this time is very long, but he also clearly explained the distribution of the authority of Jianguo. The stronger the sharp fruit, the less you can touch it; on the contrary, the weaker it is, the safer it is.

It was the first time Angel heard of this news, and he benefited a lot. If there is an opportunity to study the sharp fruit in the future, it is best to reverse the authority of the Outer God from the weak sharp fruit; if you want to save trouble, directly use the powerful sharp fruit to study it, and it is very likely that the Outer God will be watching.

After confirming that this sharp fruit has no side effects, Angel will naturally not stop Luigi.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the spiral-shaped sharp fruit was placed in the mouse cage.

The little Nakbi didn’t notice that there was an extra fruit in the cage. It was still running **** the roller, trying to prove its worth.

In order to let Nakobi let go of his obsession with running, Luigi stretched out his hand, reached into the mouse cage, picked up Nakobi’s back neck, lifted it out of the roller, and placed it in front of the sharp fruit .

Nakebi sat on the ground with a dazed expression, looking left and right. Small eyes like soybeans, with ignorant innocence and dazed fear.

Perhaps in Nakobi’s eyes, leaving the familiar wheel, it fell into an unknown dark trap, surrounded by a thunder pool, completely at a loss.

But in the eyes of Angel and others, Nakebi’s dazed look around… is quite cute.

Na Kebi did not dare to cross the thunder pool, and did not move for a long time.

This is not a matter, in order for Nakebi to quickly understand the current situation and eat the sharp fruit. Angel simply threw a slight magic trick, which directly sank between Nakebi’s eyebrows.

Through the magical interpretation, let Nakobi know that the sharp fruit in front of him is edible and “delicious”.

Nakebi finished watching “Magic Theater” in his mind, and hesitated for a long time before walking to Jianguo with his short legs, ready to eat.

But just before Nakobi came to Jianguo, suddenly, Nakobi’s eyes started to spin, and his body also turned around involuntarily.

The next second, Nakebi fainted beside the sharp fruit.

“What’s going on here?” Luigi touched Nakobi suspiciously, making sure it just passed out.

Angel didn’t know what was going on. He was fine before, but why did he suddenly faint? With doubts, Angel turned Nakebi over and faced him face up.

When they saw Nakebi’s expression, everyone silently cleared their doubts. Nakebi’s small eyes were currently spinning up, down, left, and right. If you use a more expressive vocabulary to describe it, it would be…mosquito-repellent incense eyes.

Nakeby fainted.

The direct cause of fainting was seeing the spiral pattern on the sharp fruit. But the indirect reason is… It has been running and running, which consumes a lot of physical energy, and Angel has staged a “Magic Theater” in its mind, which consumes its little mental power. After the two phases were consumed, Nakebi’s mind was completely emptied. After seeing the spiral pattern, he passed out without noticing it for a while.

“Do you want to wake it up?” Angel asked, “Pour some cold water on it, and it should wake up.”

Splashing cold water? Luigi couldn’t bear it, and finally shook his head, “Forget it, it’s at the wish store, and it’s been running all the time, exhausting a lot of energy. When it comes here, it’s frightening, frightening, and fainting It’s just right, let it sleep.”

“For the sharp fruit, put it here and eat it after it wakes up.” Luigi said at this time, looking at Angel “As for the relationship between it and Beamon, let Beamon himself say it.” Right?”

Angel shrugged indifferently. This was the method proposed by Luigi. Now that Nacobi is pitiful, he denied his own method.

It can only be said that Luigi wanted to come out.

It is estimated that Na Kebi will not be able to wake up for a day and a half. Luigi carefully retracted Nacoby into his own space, muttering as he retracted

“Beamon kisses you more, then I will let Nacobi kiss me more. At that time, rely on Nacobi to win Beamon’s heart back….

Angel’s response to this is “…”

He really didn’t want to compete for the “heart” of Bimon or Nakobi in the past, and, if he read correctly, Bimon and Nakobi are both fair…

Nakeby will not wake up for the time being, and then he can only wait for Beamon.

Angel sensed through his mental power that Beamon left more and more pages. Although he couldn’t understand the text on it, according to Angel’s judgment, it should have found a solution. It won’t be long before Beamon can come up with a result.

The facts are the same as what Angel judged.

Five minutes later, Beamon activated the magic ball of light, contacted Angel, and said that he already had a solution.

Angel undid the illusion next to the mouse cage, lifted the cloth outside the cage, and revealed Beamon inside.

Laplace and Luigi also looked over.

They heard from Angel before that Beamon had written a lot of pages, and it was hard to imagine the picture just by listening; now they saw the thick stack of pages in the rat cage, and they realized that, How fast Beamon’s sketches are.

Now, in less than half an hour, Beamon has written nearly twenty pages.

Moreover, there are pictures and words on each page, it seems that they are not scribbling, but have something to write.

It’s fast and dry. At this speed, wouldn’t it be possible to write a book of poems in a day? Luigi was shocked, and looked at Beamon with gentler eyes.

Angel was not surprised by this, because… he had been surprised before.

When Beamon was writing, those two pairs of small hands were so fast that they almost became afterimages. It can even be used with the left and right hands, one for drawing and one for writing. From this point of view alone, the development level of its brain is not low.

However, just being fast is not a big deal, it depends on what Beamon wrote.

Beamon organized the manuscript paper and prepared to hand it to Angel.

However, Angel did not take the papers: “

Just tell me, and your solution will do. You keep the paper for yourself. “

Beamon nodded calmly put down the manuscript paper, and started his speech: “There are indeed many solutions to the transfer of the opening of the gold wire stomach bag, because the time is too short, there are two solutions I can think of… …”

Beamon quickly said his solution.

The first solution, which is also the crudest solution, is to directly add a pipe to the body and connect it to the gold wire stomach pouch to replace the function of the esophagus. And the outlet of this pipe can be placed anywhere on the body, such as the hands, feet, or even the belly button.

This method sounds simple, but the structure of the gold wire stomach bag and the material of the external pipeline should be considered.

In other words, this is already the category of biological modification. It is definitely not easy.

If the external pipeline rejects the organisms, or causes some abnormal phenomena in the organisms, this is a case of failure.

The answer given by Beamon not only includes the solution, but also the structural design drawing of the manufacturing pipeline and the corresponding materials.

Very complete.


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