Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3238 Inspiration Assistant



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According to the solution given by Beamon, the transfer of the opening of the gold wire stomach bag can indeed be solved in the end. It will not cause negative situations visible to the naked eye. On the whole, this is a relatively successful solution.


The only downside is…expensive.


The consumables for making biological pipelines need to use the tentacles of the abyss jellyfish as the main material.


The abyss jellyfish itself is almost extinct, and any materials on its body are extremely expensive. If you use magic crystals to calculate, none of them are less than six figures.


That is to say, the main material consumed by this piece alone is more expensive than the gold wire stomach bag itself.


The solution is very successful, that is, people who can afford the main material, why use a gold wire stomach bag?


Angel refines space props by himself, and the consumables are not necessarily more expensive than the tentacles of the abyss jellyfish. With this spare money, wouldn’t it be enough to just buy better space props?


Although this flaw is serious, Angel did not limit the “price” factor when he gave Beamon’s question just now, so Beamon’s solution is considered a pass.


Besides, Beamon has demonstrated his profound knowledge in this solution, such as biological transformation, material refining, rejection formula, spatial structure…


From these alone, we can know that Beamon has put a lot of effort into invention and research.


Although it is impossible to confirm whether Beamon is stronger than that Pi Feifei, in Angel’s opinion, his knowledge is more extensive than most apprentice wizards.


And when Angel read the second solution given by Beamon, his mind changed again.


In terms of research ability and invention inspiration, Beamon is not only better than apprentice wizards, but can even catch up with many formal wizards.


Because, its second solution is almost perfect.


It is even better than the concept of the golden glove proposed by the Piluxiu scholar on the display stand before!


——An enhanced version of the Golden Gloves. This is the second solution named by Beamon.


As we all know, getting things out of the gold glove itself is a process of getting things out of space.


Spatial fetching necessarily involves three elements: spatial targeting, spatial beacons, and spatial channels.


Spatial targeting and spatial beacons are similar to the starting point and end point of coordinates. And the space channel connects these two coordinates, allowing the items in the gold silk stomach bag to be taken out.


Generally speaking, the key point of the space channel is the exit position of the gold wire stomach pouch.


But if we extend the space channel to the outside of the body… then when fetching objects, wouldn’t it be possible to directly fetch objects from outside the body?


To put it simply, it is to enlarge the space range when fetching objects. Proposing a concept is not easy in itself; after Beamon proposed the concept, he also listed the solution.


How to enlarge the range of retrieval? There are two methods used by Beamon. The first is to change the position of the beacon and stretch the length of the space channel; this method is the most cost-effective, and only needs to slightly modify the parameters of the gold wire stomach bag , you can solve the difficulty of getting things once and for all. The only thing to note is that the spatial fluctuations generated every time you take something may damage your internal organs, so you must take precautions in advance when taking things.


For extraordinary beings, protection itself is not difficult. Apart from the troublesome point, other difficulties can be overcome.


But if you are in a battle, it is difficult to distract yourself from defense. That is to say, when using this method, you can only use the gold silk stomach bag at ordinary times. Once you encounter an unexpected situation, such as an encounter, the gold silk stomach bag is considered half useless.


This is a big flaw.


Another method of Beamon to solve this defect is to set a spatial resonance point outside the body.


It can be understood that there is a resonance point A at the opening of the gold silk stomach pouch, and there is a resonance point B outside the body surface. b.


Similar to the teleportation array, but much simpler than the teleportation array.


You only need to use one kind of “resonance flower” as the main material to realize this scheme.


As for the resonance flower, the price is much cheaper than the tentacle of the abyss jellyfish, but as a space-type material, it requires a superhuman who is proficient in space


Every life comes to concoct.


The price needed to invite the extraordinary life of the space system, combined with the price of the resonance flower itself, is more expensive than the tentacles of the abyss jellyfish.


The above is Beamon’s solution to spatial resonance.


But as far as Angel knows, apart from resonance flowers, there is actually another way to solve spatial resonance.


That is… the magic energy array that resonates in space.


It only needs to draw two resonance magic arrays A and B to perfectly solve the problem of spatial resonance. There is no need for resonance flowers, and the consumables only need a little blood and ink.


Of course, the engraving of the magic circle requires the assistance of a magic pattern warlock, and the price of a magic pattern warlock is also very expensive.


But Angel himself also served as a magweave warlock.


Moreover, it just so happens that he knows this resonance magic array!


That is to say, Beamon provided inspiration, and he can provide technology, without consuming any expensive magic materials at all, and at most consuming some physical strength, it perfectly solved the problem of the opening transfer of the gold wire stomach pouch.


Isn’t this better than biological modification? Isn’t this better than a gold glove?


Of course, Beamon didn’t know about the resonance magic array, but the inspiration it provided made Angel appreciate it very much.


Now, Angel can be sure that Beamon is definitely not inferior to some official wizards in terms of invention inspiration and research ability!


At least, it is much stronger than the Red Sword Doakes.


Before, Angel had no interest in inventing rats, but after Beamon’s test this time, Angel’s interest in inventing rats has greatly increased… To be precise, his interest in inventing rats has greatly increased.


This is exactly an “inspiration” assistant!


For Angel, “research” itself is not difficult, what is difficult is the faint inspiration. If Beamon can provide him with inspiration when researching, isn’t this an “inspiration” assistant?


It’s hard to buy good inspiration with a thousand dollars…but Beamon only spent five hundred crystals. This is simply a big hit.


After listening to Beamon’s narration, Angel studied its background again… It was deeper than Angel imagined.


According to Beamon himself, after it was born, its owner bought him the permission to read the academic library, and its background all came from Piluxiu’s academic library.


Hearing this, Angel’s evaluation of Beamon once again increased in his heart.


By reading and self-studying Pi Luxiu’s academic library, you can reach this level. If you give it the permission of the cloud library in the barbaric cave, and then let it go to Baiouji Academy for further study, wouldn’t it directly become a The mainstay of the academic school?


When Angel was meditating, Beamon asked softly, “Have I passed the test?”


Angel came back to his senses and coughed: “Although both methods have flaws, it’s not your fault. Your vision is limited to Piluxiu’s academics. If you can see more There is a vast world, and more knowledge can be learned, and there are ways to solve these flaws.”


“However, these are things for later. In short, your idea is very good.”


“You have cleared the level.”


Following Angor’s conclusion of “clearance”, Bimon couldn’t wait to climb up the railing of the mouse cage, and looked at Angor eagerly, “Then my Nakbi…”


Angel: “Nakeby… We have already found it in advance when you solved the problem.”


As Angel spoke, he turned his head to look at Luigi, motioning him to quickly take out Nacoby.


On the other side, Beamon’s eyes shone with surprise, looking at Luigi eagerly. It’s not stupid, and you can tell from Angor’s expression that Nacoby should be in Luigi’s hands at this time.


Luigi did not hesitate, and directly took out the mouse cage from the space. Although it was covered with cloth, Beamon could still see the familiar figure in the rat cage through the translucent cloth.


That pure white and soft hair, that golden beard, and that chubby body, there is no doubt that it is the Nakobi that Bimon is thinking about!




What’s wrong with Beamon “Nakebita? Why don’t you wake up with your eyes closed?


Beamon’s expression is a little anxious, as if he wants to break out of the prison


Cage, go and see how Nakbi is doing.


Luigi “It’s fine, it’s just that it has been running the roller before, and the physical exertion is a bit heavy, and it has rested now…”


Although Beamon didn’t know why Nakbi wanted to run the roller, but he was sure that it was fine at the moment, and he felt relieved.


“Can I go and have a look at it?” Beamon asked cautiously.


Angel naturally had no objection to this, and was about to agree, but was preempted by Luigi on the side.


“Nacobi was bought by me. If you want to see him, you have to pass my level first.” Luigi coughed and said with a serious expression.


Angel turned his head and looked at Luigi silently, “…” What are you doing?


Luigi returned a look, and said in the soul belt, “…any precious encounter must go through hardships.”


Angle paused for a moment, “Speak the vernacular.”


Luigi: “You have tested it, and I will also test it.” Angel sighed deeply and remained silent… Is this the game challenge of “Beamon Breakthrough”?


Although I feel that Luigi is a bit cruel, both Nacbi and Beamon were bought by Luigi. Moreover, if Luigi hadn’t insisted on buying it, they probably would have missed such an interesting invention of the mouse.


Angel thought for a while, but he didn’t stop Luigi. He just gave Beamon a “good for himself” look, and silently moved away.


Luigi jumped on top immediately.


Angel valued Beamon’s inspiration for invention, and Luigi also valued its inspiration, but what he valued was the inspiration for writing poetry.


So, Luigi’s test is naturally related to writing poetry. “Since you want to meet Nakbi so much, then you can just write a poem on the topic of ‘love’.” Luigi gave the title.


Beamon was a little confused: “Love? No…Nakebi and I are brothers from the same mother.”


Beamon’s words pointed out his relationship with Nakobi. They are brothers born from the same mother. This is probably one of the reasons why Bimon cares so much about Nakebi.


However, as far as Angel knows, rats have many births at a time. Beamon should have more than one sibling, right? Why do you only care about Nakobi?


There may be other reasons for this.


When Angel was thinking, Luigi said: “I don’t care if you are brothers or what, anyway, the topic I give you is love, with love as the theme, write a love poem. As long as you pass my I will let you out and reunite with Nakobi.”


When Angor gave the test questions before, Beamon didn’t have any pressure at all, but the test questions given by Luigi made Beamon a little anxious.


Beamon “But… I haven’t written poetry.”


Luigi “That’s why I gave you the test question ‘Love’, because love poems give people the most direct and surging emotions. Even if you are not a poet, as long as you have thought about love, whether it is secret love, passionate love or The bitterness of parting, a few words in life, can make people dazzled.”


Hearing Luigi’s narcissistic obsession, Beamon felt like a mouse, he had to bear too much…


Beamon didn’t want to write poetry very much, but Luigi made it clear that if he didn’t write it, he couldn’t get together with Nacbi. Beamon said helplessly, “But, I haven’t experienced love either.”


Luigi “Isn’t that better?”


What is better about Bimon and everyone “…”?


Luigi “You can write beautiful love poems without experience, doesn’t it mean that you have a good talent for writing poems?”


Beamon wants to cry but has no tears… Why should I be talented in writing poetry? Also, are you really a sophistry?


Although Luigi was very embarrassing for Shushu, Beamon still accepted the challenge——No way, he had to accept it.


Under Angel’s pityful eyes, Beamon re-entered the illusion of sound insulation and started his own creation.



Ten minutes later, under Luigi’s urging, Angel sensed the situation in the cage.




Still holding a pen, he sat blankly in front of the small magical table, at a loss.


And on the paper on the table, there are a few lines of words written crookedly: “Love is… the scarlet letters that are bordered in the academic library, the colorfulness of the tooth dye mixed with water, and the intangible things outside the cage. The sky…”


“Love is… the colored cloth sewn on tattered clothes, the inexhaustible remainder of Peter Rum’s law, the long road without you and me…”


“Love is…”


Beamon has not finished writing, but the rows of meaningless rhetoric piled up that Angel saw are completely contrary to its academic research vigor.


Angel looked away helplessly.


As soon as I looked up, I saw Luigi’s inquiring gaze: “How is it written?”


Angel was silent for a moment, and said, “I haven’t finished writing yet.” How much did you write?”


Angel “Two sentences.”


Luigi’s eyes lit up, “That’s not bad, it means that he has inspiration… What’s the level?”


Angel recalled those words, and said carefully: “The standard is about the same as yours.”


Luigi clapped his hands suddenly, “Isn’t that a peerless asset?!”


Luigi has begun to rejoice.


On the other side, Angel and Laplace looked at each other and sighed in a tacit understanding.


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