Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3236 Proof of value


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Whether it is recorded on a holographic tablet or a script or drama created by countries in the southern region, as long as it is related to emotional drama, the classic line is always indispensable:

——Even if you get my body, you can’t get my heart. At that moment, at this very moment.

When Beamon uttered the phrase “All I can give is my willing self”, that classic line was in Angel’s mind.

It’s a pity that the Beamon in front of him is not the bullied woman in the storybook, but a fluffy mouse.

It’s still a male mouse.

Although I think the lines are familiar and a little funny, but from the reality, I have to say that Beamon has paid the greatest price.

It has nothing in itself and can give nothing.

The only thing that Luigi can give, and what Luigi values ​​most, is Beamon’s head, which is suspected to be comparable to Pi Feifei. It is its wisdom and its inspiration.

But the head grows on Beamon’s neck, even if he buys Beamon, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to cooperate. Just like the previous situation, even though Zigua and the Chamber of Commerce behind it got Beamon, Bimon kept pretending to be a fool, and they had nothing to do with it, and in the end they could only sell it at a low price.

And if Beamon can cooperate sincerely and give full play to his extraordinary wisdom and inspiration, then it will be considered that he has really got Beamon.

Otherwise it is just a useless shell.

So, the price Beamon is willing to pay is actually quite good.

At least in Luigi’s view, this is completely acceptable… After all, you only need to spend two crystals to buy Nakbi, and you can get a willing Beamon, which is simply not too cost-effective.

However, Beamon was talking to Angor at this time, so its eyes were also fixed on Angor.

What it wants is Angor’s consent.

After all, Angel was the one who first asked into its heart. Angel did not immediately agree to Beamon’s request like Luigi… Although he also knew that Beamon’s request was actually very simple to them, it was just a matter of two crystals; but whether it was simple or not , It doesn’t matter, Angel wants to take this opportunity to see what Beamon can do.

A willing you, this is a vague answer. I still don’t know your upper and lower limits in all aspects. Angel: “So, if you want me to promise you, that’s fine. But what I need is that you prove your worth.

Angel’s words, not to mention Beamon’s reaction, Luigi first expressed doubts: Does such a simple matter need to be so serious to let it prove itself?

However, to Luigi’s surprise, Beamon not only didn’t feel that it was a burden after hearing the conditions proposed by Angor, but even heaved a sigh of relief.

In its view, if Angelmao agreed rashly, it might not pay attention to this matter at all.

Not paying attention means not paying attention. If something happened to Nakobi, Angel might not even be willing to make a little effort to solve it.

So, to prove your worth and make Angel value yourself more, it is a good thing for yourself and Nakebi.

Beamon said solemnly: “How do you want me to prove it?”

Angel hesitated for two seconds, then suddenly changed the subject, and asked, “Do you know anything about gold silk stomach bags?”

Beamon: “I haven’t touched the gold wire stomach bag, but I have read related papers.”

“As long as you have a basic understanding.” Angel said as he took out the gold wire stomach bag from Pixi on credit from the bracelet.

Then, under the puzzled eyes of everyone, Angel spoke out about his own test: “Not long ago, a scholar of Piluxiu on the display stand showed an inventive concept of his own, which made the golden silk stomach The opening of the mouth is no longer limited to the mouth, but with the help of medium interference, the opening of the retrieval is moved to the hand. The Pilusius scholar called this invention concept – the golden glove.”

Angel gave a simple background introduction, and then said: “I don’t ask you to develop gold gloves, what I need is that you think about a problem. How to transfer the opening of the gold stomach pouch ?”

“You don’t have to do it, you just need to speak your mind.” “There is more than one answer to this question, and there is more than one solution to the golden glove. As long as you can say any solution, even this This solution is difficult to achieve in actual operation, and I will count you as passing.”

After Angel finished speaking, he put the gold wire stomach bag in the mouse cage and handed it to Beamon.

“Before we leave the party, you can give the answer. As long as your answer is qualified, we will help you find Nakobi immediately and bring it to you.”

The implication is that as long as Beamon thinks fast enough, the sooner he can see Nakobi.

After Bimon heard the words, he nodded his head without any hesitation: “Okay.”

Angel lightly flicked a nightmare ball of light into the cage again: “When you touch this ball of light, you can contact me directly. Whether you are submitting the results or you need help, you can Bring it to me through the light ball.”

After arranging the follow-up arrangements, Angel put the cover on the outside of the rat cage again, and also arranged a sound-proof barrier outside the rat cage, so that Bimon had a quieter environment to think.

After doing all this, Angel didn’t care about it anymore.

Because the transaction has been completed, Pierdan and Zigua did not stay any longer, and left the station after saying goodbye. Only Pixi was still by their side. Display area.

Angel crossed his hands, silently watching Piluxiu come up with creative concepts one by one on the stage. There are quite a few creative concepts that even caught Angel’s eyes.

That’s why Angel is still here.

After the new round of concepts ended, the sound of footsteps came from my ears. Looking back, it was Luigi who was gasping for breath.

About ten minutes ago, after finishing business with Zigua and the others, Luigi left alone.

Although he didn’t say where he was going, Angel could guess with his toes that he must have gone to the stall area to look for parrots.

To be precise, it was the Piluxiu vendor who was looking for a parrot boarding house. Nakebi is still in the opponent’s hands.

Luigi was there to buy Nacopi.

Even though Angel and Beamon made an agreement, as long as it completes the test, it will go to Nakobi. But Luigi was always worried that other people would see the extraordinaryness of “Nacobi” like Angel, and they would be intercepted halfway.

Just in case, Luigi hurriedly ran back to the stall area, preparing to buy back Nacobi in advance.

“Have you bought it?” Angel asked casually, looking at Luigi who was sitting back beside him.

Although it was a question, but the tone was casual, as if he was very sure about the result.

The reason is also very simple. In Angel’s view, Nakobi has nothing “extraordinary” at all, and it is absolutely impossible for him to be seen by others. Therefore, it is inevitable that Luigi can buy it,

Facts were indeed as he expected, Luigi patted his chest, and made a “get it” gesture to Angel.

“I played a scene with the parrot, and finally bought it with two crystals. Otherwise, if the shopkeeper knew that I made a special trip to buy Nacobi, he might raise the price.” Luigi said He was quite proud, in his eyes, it was a huge profit to exchange two crystals for Nakebi.

However, in Angel’s opinion, if Nakobi didn’t have the “added value” of Beamon, no one would want to give it away for nothing.

“I’ve installed Nakbi in the space now, and I’ll take it out after Bimon finishes solving the problem.” While talking, Luigi also used his mental power to perceive Nakbi Bi’s situation: “The little guy seems to like the rollers very much. When he was in the shop, he was bullied by the shop owner and forced to run the rollers to drive the surrounding gears to rotate. But now I bought it, and it is still there. Running the roller, it really loves the roller.”

Angel: “Maybe Nakobi just wants to show his own value.” For Bimon, its value lies in its bright mind; but for Nakobi, it doesn’t have a good head. All I can do is run.

In Piluxiu’s shop, it can also eat and drink by running the roller.

Bought by Luigi, it is still confused about its future, and it doesn’t know where Luigi will take it. It only

The only thing I can do is to show the value of my “running wheel”, hoping to win Luigi’s favor.

Luigi thought for a while, nodded and said, “It is indeed possible.”

After a pause, Luigi looked at Angel: “What about you? How is Beamon’s progress?”

When it comes to Beamon, Angel’s expression is slightly weird: “Beamon, I sensed it just now, it has been writing and drawing with a pen. The text used should be Pilu Xiuwen, can’t read it?” I understand it too well, but the pattern it draws is very delicate, and I can see from the pattern that it is improving the design of the gold wire stomach pouch… And, there is more than one design drawing.”

“Although I don’t know the final result, but looking at it now, it is better than I imagined.”

Luigi’s eyes lit up: “So, is Beamon really comparable to Pi Feifei’s intelligence?”

Angel said angrily, “I’ve never met Pie Feifei, how do I know?”

Luigi: “Then, do you think the question you asked just now is difficult? In terms of its level?”

“The transfer of the opening of the gold wire gastric pouch”, this research is quite troublesome in Luigi’s view… Although he should be able to research one or two methods, but he will definitely rely on himself exclusive power.

What Angel asked Beamon to study was definitely not this unique method, but a general method suitable for most people.

If Beamon can be researched, it should be considered good, right?

Angel: “If this topic is difficult, there is a difficult way; if it is simple, there is a simple way. There are many solutions, and it depends on how Beamon chooses in the end.”

Luigi muttered: “Your rhetoric is just like the tooth fairy, you always go around and say it, it means you didn’t say it.”

Angel also ignored Luigi’s complaints: “There is no research result, how do I know? I don’t know how to predict. However, as far as the research method is concerned, it performed well.”

From the draft paper used by Beamon, it can be seen that its research methods not only have the shadow of a professional class, but also have its own original ideas. It does not stick to the form and dares to innovate boldly.

A thoughtful researcher.

It only took five hundred Ningjing to buy a researcher who is pretty good in every aspect, which is indeed not a loss.

“Research Fang***, this is not something that ordinary invention mice can master.” After Luigi finished speaking, seeing Angel looking at him with strange eyes, he quickly said: “Don’t use questioning eyes. Look at me, although I don’t like research, but I have been in Barbaracon for many years, and I still have some experience in research.”

Luigi: “In short, being able to master the research method *** means that Beamon is an inventor with his own ideas. It must be no problem to help me write poetry.”

When Luigi said this, he muttered again: “Speaking of which, I paid for it, but why do you always feel that it is closer to you, and you don’t even look at me.”

Angel: “Probably, I guessed its mind first.”

Luigi sighed and didn’t continue to argue. Anyway, no matter who Beamon is more inclined to, as long as Nacobi is in his hands, he doesn’t have to worry about Beamon not helping him write poems.

It’s just that Beamon’s research ability has been proven, but his poetry writing ability has not yet been determined.

How about, when Angor’s exam questions are over, he will also come up with an exam question? The title is: A Poem of Farewell.

Write poetry in terms of farewell.

If Bimon’s writing is not what he wants, then it and Nakobi can really say goodbye forever.

Anger didn’t know Luigi’s thoughts, and even if he knew, he wouldn’t care. Because of such things as writing poems, seven points for literary talent and three points for interpretation.

If Beamon’s literary talent is not enough, then find someone who is good at understanding to analyze it.

Three-point interpretation, two-point support.

At the end of the day, you can also come up with an avant-garde poem.

Compared to asking Beamon to write poems, he is now thinking about another thing: “What is the relationship between Beamon and Nakbi?”

Beamon cared more about Nakobi than he cared about the entire group of inventor rats.

Or, compared to

The only thing Beamon cares about in the entire invention mouse group is Nakobi.

What attracts Beamon to Nakbi? What kind of connection exists between them?

It’s hard for Angel to imagine how a stupid rat like Nakobi can convince Beamon? Beamon even personally chose a name for the other party… although Nakobi did not accept it.

Angel couldn’t figure it out. Perhaps, the answer would have to wait for Beamon to tell him.

“Actually, there is another way.” Luigi said after listening to Angel’s doubts.


Luigi did not give an answer immediately, but smiled mysteriously, and then took out the mouse cage containing Nakobi from the space.

The mouse cage is also covered with a piece of cloth, but this cloth is translucent, the inside cannot see the outside, but the outside can see the inside.

Even through the transparent cloth, you can still clearly see the clumsy figure in the mouse cage.

The little Nacoby, just as Luigi said, was still running non-stop on the roller at this moment. Judging from its hard-working expression, it seemed completely unaware that he had already Leaving Piluxiu’s shop.

“Don’t you want to know the relationship between Beamon and Nakobi? It’s very simple. Beamon can’t come out for the time being, so we can just ask Nakobi directly.” Luigi announced the answer proudly.

Angel: “Second, your idea is very desirable, but are you sure, Nakobi can talk?”

Nakeby’s appearance is back to his ancestors, but it does not mean his IQ is back to his ancestors.

Other invented mice have already learned to speak, but up to now, Nakobi has not been able to speak.

Luigi: “Of course I know this. If you can’t speak, then find a way to make it learn to speak.”

Luigi smiled mysteriously, and took out another object from the space.

“Look, what is this in my hand?”


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