Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3020: The Art of Continuous Slashing


“Lian Slash?” Angel’s expression showed confusion.

He is very unfamiliar with this word, but from the meaning of the word, it seems to mean… continuous slashing?

Anger thought for a while, gathered several illusion nodes, and transformed into a scene: a man in meditation suddenly opened his eyes, drew his sword, and slashed at the stake in front of him at a very fast speed A flash of sword light. When the man retracted his sword, there were two “swoosh” sounds behind him, and two deep sword marks appeared on the wooden stake.

It was only one slash, but it caused two sword marks on the stake.

This is what Angel understands as a continuous slash.

“What do you mean when you say slash?” Angel looked at Doakes.

Doakes: “It’s not very apt, but you can understand it. But…why are you using me as an example!”

“Even if I use my example, wouldn’t it be better to replace the object with something else? Shallow sea lux is fine. How could it be a stake, and I didn’t even cut the stake, how could it be possible?”

The man who drew his sword and slashed in Angel’s vision was Doakes, and the sword he was holding was also the red sword on his waist.

Angol: “You can understand that I’m imagining you as a mortal.”

Doakes wanted to say something else, but Angel directly ignored his protest and continued to ask: “Why is it not appropriate? What is the real Lianjian? What does Aix’s Lianjian represent? ?”

Doakes: “The scene you are expressing in this phantom is at most a sword and two cannons, and it’s just a slash in the material world. As long as you pass the speed and skill, it’s not difficult to reproduce it. This can be regarded as continuous. beheaded, but it can only be regarded as ‘continuous beheading’ as you laymen understand.”

“The real slash in the eyes of our bloodline wizards is not simply an output to the material world. The real slash is an energy move that can be released multiple times in an instant! Moreover, when attacking, only Use the power of one blow to leverage the momentum of continuous slashing.”

Imagine that the terrifying attack on the bloodline side is released multiple times in an instant, and the consumption is only one blow, how terrible such a continuous slashing ability is, enough to destroy the world.

Doakes: “And this kind of continuous slashing technique is the ability that bloodline wizards dream of, and not everyone can use it.”

Anger understands a little bit. The continuous slashes released by ordinary knights or swordsmen are what Angel had shown in his previous illusions. In a broad sense, this is a continuous slash, but it is not the continuous slash in the eyes of the bloodline wizards. .

In the eyes of the bloodline wizards, even slashing is a powerful ability, and it can even be called a secret technique.

It’s just a single blow, but it brings a continuous slash, and this slash is not only limited to the material world, but also the application of energy.

“Listening to what you said, this slashing technique is indeed very powerful.” Angel sighed and looked back at Doakes: “Then you can?”

Hearing Angel’s question, Doakes’ expression suddenly became embarrassed, and he stammered: “This…a little bit, a little bit.”

Anger knew in his heart: it means a little bit, but no.

Angol: “So, what do you mean, even you can’t even slash, but the man named Aikes can use it…I see, are you jealous?”

Doakes protested in a low voice: “I don’t know, I’m just not proficient!”

“As for being jealous of Ax? How is it possible, I’m not jealous. There are even bloodline wizards who can kill. Do I have to be jealous of each one?”

Anger said suspiciously: “I’m not jealous, then why did you suddenly mention his streak?”

Doakes: “Because he’s not qualified to make a streak.”

“Not qualified?” Angel squinted at Doakes: “Isn’t this jealous?”

Doakes sighed: “You don’t understand at all… Forget it, I’ll show you and you’ll know.”

Doakes borrowed a few illusion nodes from Angel, and then through mental power, quickly simulated the scene he saw at that time——

At twilight, the business district is still as prosperous as ever, with colorful lights emanating from shop signs and low clouds shining brightly.

In this commercial area where the moonlight was covered by neon, suddenly, a loud roar sounded.

The hill-like Shore Lux roared and rushed out of the guild area. Like a blue cannonball, it quickly flew towards the arena.

During this process, the earthquake trembled, and the originally peaceful business district showed the panic of the disaster, and there were fleeing people everywhere.

Although Asakusa Lux did not attack the fleeing people, it did not take the initiative to avoid those in its path.

One of them was a man in a monastic uniform. Because of the constant vibration of the earth, he stumbled and fell directly to the ground. At the same time, Asahi Lux just happened to pass by the place where the man in the monk robe was.

Seeing that the man in the monastery was about to be trampled to death by the Shallow Sea Lux, Akers stepped forward.

He came to the man in the monk’s uniform at a very fast speed, and when the man in the monk’s uniform was about to step on, he pulled out a slender blunt sword and resisted the foot of the monk.

The blunt sword’s blow did not resist the Shallow Sea Lux, and the huge foot was still crushing the man in the monk’s robe.

When everyone thought that the man in the monk robe was sure to die, a sword light appeared again at the feet of the Shiraishi.

This sword light is exactly the same as the previous sword light, which means that he is also from Ax… but Ax clearly did not release the second attack.

Ex came forward and only did two things, the first thing was to draw and swing the sword, and the second thing was to draw the sword and drag the person.

The first sword light didn’t stop Shallow Sea Lux, and Aix began to drag the men in the dharma uniform, so that everyone thought that everything was over, the second sword light appeared.

Ax didn’t do anything in the middle, but the second sword light appeared directly half a second after the first sword light was swung.

In addition, the second sword light cooperated with the first sword light, and the Shallow Sea Lux was shocked by a small step.

Although it’s only a small step, it also gave Axe time to save people…

The above is the scene that Doakes imagined.

When Angel saw the huge footprints in the commercial area before, he once made up the scene at that time, but now that Dox is transformed, Angel is sure that he is basically correct. Even the person who was rescued was indeed the man in the Taoist uniform who had escaped to Fanxing Street.

The only thing Angel didn’t make up for was that Aikes issued two consecutive blocks, not one.

“A very ingenious power, this is what you call a continuous slash?” Angel asked.

Doakes nodded: “Yes, this is the slash.”

Angel: “What’s wrong with that?”

At least Angel didn’t see anything abnormal from the scene in the illusion. The continuous slash displayed by Aix felt no different from the “swordsman chopping wood” originally simulated by Angel.

It’s much weaker than the “Lian Slashing Technique” that Doakes is talking about.

Doakes: “I know what you’re thinking, do you think this combo is not powerful? Actually, I don’t think it’s strong either, but I’m sure he’s using combo. His combo shows it. The power is not strong, but he has actually mastered the essence of the continuous slash.”

Angol: “That is to say, he has gone farther than you on the road of continuous beheading.”

Doakes said angrily: “Don’t always compare me, I’ve said it all, there’s something wrong with his streak.”

Angel: “What’s the problem?”

Doakes: “The slashing technique can be as smooth as his, and even light weight, which is enough to show that his technique of slashing is quite profound. However, his body cannot support him to perform the slashing at all. This is also true. The reason why I said he was not qualified to cast Clash.”

“Why can’t his body support him to perform Lian Slash?” Angel didn’t understand what it meant. Lian Slash had physical requirements?

Doakes: “The real slash, of course, has physical requirements. His blood energy and energy must be huge to more than a measure… This is the basis for learning the slash. At present, my blood energy is only barely It is very problematic that he, a person who is not on the bloodline side, his blood energy is more than a bit weaker than me, but can learn to use it and perform it.”

Ax is not a wizard on the blood side?

Anger had seen Aix before. Anyway, he didn’t judge what kind of wizard Aix was, but looking at his dress and his swollen muscles, Angel guessed that Aix might be A bloodline wizard.

Now it seems, guess wrong?

Doakes said helplessly: “Is it a blood-side wizard, can I still judge wrong? I am also a little famous among blood-side wizards!”

“I can confirm that he is definitely not a bloodline wizard. Unless… his strength has far surpassed me, and the strength of a second-level true wizard may be hidden from me, but do you think he has such strength? ?”

Angol thought about the situation when he saw Aix before, and still shook his head.

If Akers is really above the level of a second-level true knowledge wizard, when he sees Angel, his emotions should not be cautious, but fearless.

So, just in terms of emotional perception, Akers is not like a strong man who can be crushed by the level of strength.

Judging from Angel’s experience, Aix’s strength should be above the official wizard, below the true knowledge wizard, and the level is in the early and middle stages of the first-level wizard.

Angol: “Will there be other learning skills for slashing? Skills that don’t rely on blood and energy?”

Doakes nodded heavily: “Yes!”

Angle thought Doakes would refute, but Doakes admitted it this time.

When Angel was puzzled, Doakes said lightly: “Because there are other skills, this is the point of my suspicion of him.”

“The real slashing technique originally originated from the wild gods of the wild world.”

“If Axe didn’t rely on his blood to cultivate his streak, there is only one possibility. His streak was directly given to him by the wild god… Do you understand what I mean now?”

Hearing this, if Angel doesn’t understand, he’s really stupid.

God, not a race, but a name for the source of religious beliefs in various worlds.

There is no **** in the wizarding world, because in the wizard’s heart, they are gods themselves. But many worlds around the wizarding world have gods.

For example, the demon **** of the abyss, the evil **** of Loft, the outer **** of Druna, the wild **** of the wild world…

Although their strengths vary, in terms of classification, these can be counted as gods.

Among them, demon gods and evil gods are not so coveted by the wizarding world, while outer gods and wild gods are eager to intervene in the wizarding world, and wild gods are the greatest threat to the wizarding world.

It’s evident from the fact that there are so many barbarian hybrids in the wizarding world.

Wild God is currently the most serious foreign **** attacked by extreme sects. Similarly, Wild God is also the most involved **** in the southern region.

Wild sacrifices have been found everywhere, and countless civilians have died, as have countless barbarians infiltrating them.

Up to now, the extremist sects have not been able to completely remove the heads and tails of the wild gods. For example, in the middle of the Ferran Continent, there is even a vast wilderness area, where there are a large number of primitive tribes, and the mixed blood of barbarians and humans can be seen everywhere; it can be seen that How long the tentacles of the wild **** stretched out in the southern region.

If Ax’s streak comes from the wild god, then he is very likely to be the **** of the wild god. Even if he is a human, he may become a spy in the wild world.

That’s why Doakes pays so much attention to Akers: Is there a secret behind Akers’s streak

Of course, Angel believes that Doakes pays attention to Aix, not only to help the extremist sect find spies… After all, there is another factor that the wild **** can stretch out such a long tentacle in the southern region, which is the most important thing for human beings. Go to tease the wild world first.

Moreover, humans have a large number of wizards in the wild world, and 80% of them are wizards from the bloodline side, just to obtain the bloodline of the monsters in the wild world. Even, an extraordinary city was established in the wild world.

So, neither side is actually innocent.

A little kin of a wild **** is not enough for Doakes to wave the banner of righteousness. He must have his own careful thoughts when he pays attention to Aix, for example: to further study the continuous slash.

But no matter what Doakes thinks, if this Aikes slashing technique really comes from the wild gods, this is not a trivial matter.

In addition, Angel also speculated that this Aikes may be related to the attacker.

In this way, the inside story of this attack may not be so simple.

However, Angel still did not completely take Doakes’ guess as the truth. There are still many contradictions in this Aikes, which remains to be seen.

Furthermore, is there really only two ways to obtain the technique of continuous slashing?

After that, you can go to the Wilderness of Dreams to ask someone, or you can directly ask Earl Black.

Thinking of Earl Black, Angel suddenly turned his head and asked, “By the way, Lord Earl Black, didn’t they come with you?”

Doakes shook his head: “No, Wye and Lord Black went to negotiate with the Bilos family, and I came back alone. However, now that the Biron Tree Court has been attacked, the wizards of the Bilos family should have already I got the news, maybe they are already on their way back…Way and the others, it is estimated that they will come back with them.”

(End of this chapter)


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