Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3019: Shallow Ocean Lux


“Is it just intuition?” Angel asked.

Doakes nodded as a matter of course: “Of course, don’t you believe my intuition?”

Angol and Kael were silent, they really couldn’t believe Doakes’ intuition. Had it not been for Doakes’ intuition, they would have been lost hundreds of times just in the underground waterway…

Angel thought for a while, then asked again: “Then what did you observe?”

Doakes’ eyes flickered: “If you didn’t come to us, I should have observed something strange about him…”

Angel raised his eyebrows: “So, I sabotage your observation plan?”

“That’s right.” Doakes replied subconsciously, but as soon as he finished speaking, he felt Angel’s eyes change.

“Then I’ll send you back now?” Angel looked at Doakes: “Don’t worry, I promise to send you back completely in the event that he won’t find out.”

Looking at Angel’s malicious eyes, Doakes immediately understood that this guy has no good intentions!

He hurriedly said: “Actually, it’s not that there is no gain at all.”

Angel: “Oh?”

Doakes pondered for a moment and said, “I found out that this man named Aikes may like men.”

Angol frowned, and Kael on the side was full of surprise.

Doakes continued to recite the words: “My outfit just now was specially changed according to his dressing style, but the guy didn’t look at me from the beginning to the end. What does this mean?”

Angol did not reply, but Kael, who was next to him, murmured in a low voice: “It means that Mr. Aix is ​​very honest.”

Doakes: “No, he doesn’t like women.”

The image of Dox’s female warrior appeared in Kael’s mind unconsciously. Indeed, Muzha’s rope armor and animal skin skirt showed a primitive and wild style. Hair, can be described as full of wild, heroic valiant.

This kind of dress, according to the understanding of normal people, does fit the aesthetics of Aix’s exploding muscular man.

It’s just that you don’t have to do anything to suit other people’s aesthetics.

There are more women who fit Kael’s aesthetic, but most of the time he just appreciates it, rather than strikes up a conversation. Not to strike up a conversation when others are obviously in trouble. Isn’t this causing trouble for people?

That’s the case with Mr. Akers. He is protecting everyone, but you turn into a woman, and you still want others to take the initiative to tease you. How is it possible. Do you still think it’s a vacation when the tree garden of Bilon is suffering and everyone is suffering?

Anyway, Kael doesn’t believe Doakes’ conclusion.

As for Ingres, there is only one sentence for Doakes’ conclusion: “And then?”

Isn’t this a matter of personal style, not to mention whether this information is true or false, even if it is true, what’s the point of your observation?

At least, it has little to do with what Doakes said “My gut tells me there must be something wrong with Akers”.

Doakes thought for a while and said, “Then…that is, he protects us, maybe he is imprisoning people, and he wants to develop imprisonment.”

Angel: “…So he likes women again now?”

After all, Dox’s previous female warrior form was also within Ax’s protection, or “imprisonment”.

Angle looked at Doakes and asked again: “You claim, you should prove it. If you say Aikes has a problem, then you have to prove that he has a problem. I trust your intuition, but intuition It can’t be born out of nothing, right?”

Doakes was silent. He suddenly didn’t know what to say. Indeed, with the current situation shown by Aikes, he really couldn’t say that the other party was at fault.

Save people, protect people, and don’t stop others from leaving. Moreover, among the protected people are the guards of the Bilos family. They can control the magic energy array of the council and can open a hole in the magic energy array at any time. , you can leave without going through the main entrance.

So, if Axe doesn’t solve the heart of the Bilos family guard, his protection is protection, not imprisonment.

According to Doakes’ observation, Aikes really didn’t intend to move the guards of the Bilos family.

Doakes: “You’re right, my intuition did not come out for no reason. In fact, I also observed one thing, but I haven’t figured it out yet…”

Dawkes was only halfway through when he heard a loud noise from outside.

Accompanied by loud noises, there is also the slight shaking of the House of Representatives building.

You must know that the Council Chamber is under the protection of the Magic Energy Array, and ordinary earthquakes will not make the Council Chamber feel shaken. But now, even in the council chamber, they felt a clear shaking, although it was not big, it also explained some problems.

“The source of the wave came from the direction of the arena… It should be the movement caused by the blue gorilla.” Angel said softly.

“Blue gorilla? You didn’t know?” Doakes looked at Angel in surprise, “I heard you and Aix’s question just now, and thought you had doubts about his identity. deceive him. As a result, you really don’t know.”

Angel: “You mean, you know what that blue gorilla is?”

Doakes nodded: “Of course, that’s Shallow Sea Lux.”

“Shallow Sea Lux…” Angel repeated in a low voice, and the memories piled up in the messy thoughts were slowly turned up: “This seems to be a monster from the barbaric world?”

Doakes: “Yes, ‘Lux’ in the barbaric world refers to gorilla-like creatures, and Shallow Lux means a gorilla who can set off huge waves in the coastal waters.”

As can be seen from its name, this gorilla is extremely powerful, can survive in water, and has the property of controlling water.

In terms of individual strength, Asahi Lux is quite strong.

However, although Astragalus originates from the wild world, it does not mean that they are all otherworldly monsters.

Anger remembered that it was also recorded in “Where are the Magical Beasts” that because of its excellent individual strength and its easy-to-develop bloodline, Shallow Sea Lux was introduced by the bloodline wizard at a very early time. to the wizarding world. After generations of cultivation, he has long since integrated into the wizarding world.

Even if it’s an extreme sect, they won’t hold them accountable too much for the Shallow Sea Lux who is born in the wizarding world. After all, Shallow Sea Lux is a bloodline that has been developed very thoroughly. Many bloodline wizards will choose the bloodline of Shhai Lishi to integrate into their own bodies, and it is not uncommon for the bloodline wizards of extreme sects. To deal with Shallow Sea Lux, isn’t it to deal with yourself?

Therefore, it is not possible to simply treat Asuka as a monster from another world.

However, the reason why Angel mentioned “originating from the wild world” was because he sensed the power of the inscription on the hair of the Shallow Sea Lux.

In Angel’s mind, this Shallow Sea Lux, who was only raging in the Bilon Tree Court, was most likely from another world. Since it is the Shallow Sea Lux from another world, Angel’s first thought is naturally the birthplace of Shallow Sea Lux – the Wilderness Realm.

“Looking at you, I didn’t see Analis along the way?” Doakes asked.

Angol nodded. He only saw footprints and hair. As for Shallow Sea Lux… he didn’t even see a shadow.

A flash of excitement flashed in Doakes’ eyes: “Then, shall we go to the arena to have a look?”

Angel: “Are you interested in Shore Lux?”

Doakes did not deny it: “I am very interested. If this kind of wizard-level shallow sea fighter can purify its blood, the price is not cheap, at least 50,000 magic crystals start!”

After a pause, Doakes said: “If it wasn’t for the purpose of observing Aikes, I would have gone after Anhai Lux.”

Angol’s face was full of disbelief: “Listen to your tone, can you single-handedly take on Asalis?”

“That’s not true.” Doakes said frankly: “However, if there are other wizards who will make a move, there is still a chance.”

Angol: “Do you see the appearance of a wizard now?”

Doakes was silent… Indeed, now that Shallow Sea Lux can still cause such a big movement, there must be no wizards. But this is also normal. After all, the official wizard is also guarding me, and I am guarding you. It is definitely impossible to deal with the Shallow Sea Lux together. Moreover, even if multiple wizards deal with the Shallow Sea Lux together, it is estimated that it will be difficult to solve without doing their best.

Doakes: “I didn’t have it before, but now I don’t have it. We can try it.”

“Try and die.” Angel is not as optimistic as Doakes. Unless he shakes people, it is not easy to deal with Shallow Sea Lux with two people.

What’s more, Angel knows that the Shallow Sea Rex is not a separate monster, there is a controller behind it.

It is definitely not as simple as ordinary wizards who can control Shallow Sea Lux.

Doakes: “We can go take a look first, and we won’t do it for the time being. If someone else solves it, we might be able to pick it up.”

Angol: “I guess, all the wizards in Bilon Tree Court now think like you.”

Everyone wants to be a oriole, who is going to be a mantis catching cicadas?

Doakes smiled and didn’t deny it. He also knows that everyone may have this idea, but it doesn’t prevent him from going to see it. The big deal is that no one will get any benefit… If someone really does, in the end, he will be able to rely on his shameless face to deal with the autumn wind.

Angle thought for a while, and finally agreed with Doakes. However, Angel’s idea is really just to “see” and not to do it. Unless he really has great interests and can attract him and make him decide to shake people, he will only be a spectator.

As for whether there will be great benefits here? Angel can’t see it yet.

Since they decided to go to the arena to see the situation, Angel and Doakes had no plans to stay any longer and left the council quickly.

After leaving the council, Angel wanted Kael to go back to Fanxing Street first, but thinking that the attackers came from Fanxing Street, it wasn’t really safe there. After thinking about it, Kael should follow them. If it is really in danger, the big deal is to let Kael stay in the bracelet for a while.

After making the decision, everyone walked towards the arena.

While walking, Angel did not forget to ask Doakes what he had said before.

“You said just now that there was one more thing observed in Akers, which made you intuitionally suspicious, what was it?”

Cael also looked at Doakes curiously. Although he followed Doakes all the time, he did not understand Doakes’s various actions after encountering Aikes.

I always feel that Doakes seems to care about Aix, but there is something about Aix that attracts Doakes, and Kael really can’t see it.

Doakes didn’t answer immediately, but turned around and asked Angel: “Do you think Aikes has a problem? … You should be the same as me, you also think Aikes has a problem? Yes? Otherwise, you wouldn’t suddenly ask Akers what he thought of the attack at the last minute.”

Angel: “Ax may have been hiding something. But I think Kael is right. At least Ax seems to be a good guy.”

“I still look good,” Doakes muttered.

Angel: “You mean, you’re not a good person in private?”

Doakes: “…the definition of good and bad is not that simple.”

Angel shrugged: “That’s why I said that he ‘seems’ to be a good person. At least, he did nothing wrong in saving and protecting people.”

Angle also felt from Aix’s emotions that he really wanted to save people and protect people with sincerity.

However, to say that there is no problem with Aix… Angel also does not believe it.

Because Akers lied about the question Angel asked.

This means that Akers actually knew something about the attack, and it’s even possible that Akers has a relationship with the attacker.

So, Akers may be a good guy, but not a “pure” good guy.

Doakes didn’t expect Angel to have so many twists and turns in his heart. He just felt that Angel’s answer was as tricky as ever… “Rescue and protect I really don’t understand why he did this. But I still feel that there is something wrong with him, and the problem is very big.”

“What’s the problem?” Angel: “Or, what is the reason for your intuition?”

Doakes didn’t go around the corners this time, and said in a low voice: “Because…he can slash.”

Meanwhile, deep underground in the Senate.

Ex, who was patrolling the corridor, suddenly stopped.

Ax frowned, looking at the dim butter lamp on the wall. The flame in the wick is shaking regularly; while the glass lampshade covering the outside is slowly cracking a slit.

“Earthquake?” Aix looked at the cracked ice and murmured in a low voice: “No! It came from the arena… Did Ojado do it?”

Ax had the appearance of a huge blue orangutan in his mind, his brows slightly frowned, and the whole person fell into contemplation.

Finally, his musings were interrupted by a crisp “whoosh” sound.

The lampshade of the oil lamp is broken.

After shaking his head, Akers said softly, “Ojado should be fine… After all, they are here. I still have to protect this group of weak people here and cannot leave.”

Ax murmured to himself as he continued to walk forward, seemingly continuing to patrol the underground corridor.

But after walking a few steps, Ax suddenly turned his head and looked at the glass that shattered into **** on the ground, with a trace of panic in his heart.

“With the members of the Bilos family, there should be nothing wrong with that group of weaklings staying here. I, I… I’d better go see Ojado, it can’t happen.”

Ex subconsciously clenched his fists, then took a deep breath and walked towards the end of the corridor.

(End of this chapter)


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