Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 2871: Shell Lamp


In the Mirror Realm, there is no concept of swaddling. Maybe there are other mirror domains in the mirror world, but this square mirror domain does not.

However, that doesn’t mean Laplace doesn’t know about swaddling.

There are too many ups and downs in the sea of ​​empty mirrors, and there are many scenes in ordinary people’s homes, and it is not uncommon for babies to be swaddled.

Laplace looked at the frescoes in the changing light and shadow seriously and pondered for a long time.

At first Angel said it was a baby, she didn’t associate it with the mural. But as time passed, the concept of swaddling became more and more profound in her mind, and when she looked at this mural again, it seemed that… there was really an outline of a swaddling.

It feels like reading a constellation. Even if ordinary people know several coordinate points of a certain constellation, it is difficult to make too complicated associations. But when the astrologer explains it to you seriously, and connects these points, plus their own brain supplements, the image of the constellation will immediately become three-dimensional.

The change of light and shadow in front of me is the same. When it is not broken, it feels like nothing.

But when I have the concept of “swaddling” in my mind, I can no longer see other images when I look at the light and shadow. No matter where you look, no matter the point in time, it’s a swaddling.

Laplace doesn’t think this is the reason for his shackles of thinking. Since he can only make up the swaddling clothes in his mind, then maybe Angel is right, this is a swaddling pattern.

Just, why is there a swaddling mural on the top of the tree?

Laplace thought about it carefully and found nothing, so he could only put his expectations on Angel.

Anger scratched the wood spirit on his arm to loosen it a little, and then said, “I’ll just say it casually, and I’m not sure it’s a swaddling. But if it’s a swaddling, it can also be understood as a newborn baby. It means that maybe this was the birthplace of some creatures.”

When Angel said this, he unconsciously thought of the tree of spirits recorded in the Earth novels in the holographic tablet.

I don’t know how the author of the earth was affected. Many authors describe the birth of elves as asexual reproduction, or simply the fruit of the tree of elves, the born elves. .

And once the elf tree shows signs of withering, the number of elves begins to morph and decrease.

If this tree is really regarded as a tree of elves, and some “elves” once lived here, maybe this is the place where those elves were born. Or, the place of baptism after birth.

Of course, these are purely Angel’s brain supplements, and he can’t see anything just from this mural.

The most important thing is that Angel doesn’t think that the “swaddling” he deciphered is absolutely correct.

Angel’s attitude is casual, but Laplace is serious. She didn’t really believe in Angel that much, she believed in herself, and what she believed was Gleipnir’s interpretation.

Gleipnir is her, she is Gleipnir. Gleipnir didn’t respond to what Angel said about “swaddling”, and Laplace’s mind was full of babies at this time, and there were no other images, which was abnormal. Kind of like…inspiration, or omen?

In this case, Laplace decided that this was a swaddle.

“The place of birth… may be reasonable, but there is still a lack of more information.” Laplace looked at Angel: “Are you interested in seeing other murals here?”

In Laplace’s view, Angel can decipher the truth of the treetop murals, and maybe the murals in other places can also enlighten him.

Angel: “Of course I’m interested. Speaking of which, I also have some questions for Ms. Laplace to answer.”

“What question?”

Angel: “It has nothing to do with these murals.”

Laplace: “So…is it related to Sweet Dreams? Is your research project down?”

Anger hesitated for a moment: “It is related to the sweet dream, but the research plan still needs to go and see, just need some questions to clarify the doubt.”

“Then if you have any questions, you can ask now.”

Angel: “Don’t worry, since we want to see the murals, we can talk while walking.”

Laplace nodded noncommittally, and as soon as the figure turned, he flew to the edge of the branch. Seeing this, Angel did not hesitate, and immediately followed.

Laplace looked back at Angel, released the technique of flying, and fell to the ground in a free fall.

Angol followed without hesitation.

After a few seconds, Laplace and Angel returned to the bottom of the giant tree.

This time, they didn’t fly up like before, but walked up slowly along the winding tree trunk like a path.

Laplace finally landed, her silver hair fell on the tree trunk, and as she moved forward, she stroked a beautiful streamer.

From a distance, in line with the surrounding environment, there are ancient trees and forests, luxuriant leaves, and mottled light and shadow. Laplace set off like a fairy queen who is about to ascend to the throne.

Angel’s aura was slightly insufficient in front of Laplace.

However, Angel himself didn’t intend to compete for anyone’s aura, and he couldn’t compare to Laplace, and it was normal for the opponent’s aura to be stronger than him.

Angle walked quickly to the front of Laplace, about halfway above his body. It’s not that walking behind is like a small valet, it’s purely because walking behind Laplace, he is afraid of stepping on the ground and dragging several meters of hair.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Laplace looked at Angel.

Angel: “I want to ask a possibly more personal question, does Ms. Laplace dream too?”

Laplace: “You want to ask me, will I be affected by sweet dreams?”

Angol waved his hand: “No. I’m just curious if a creature like Laplace born in a mirror would sleep and dream.”

Although Laplace didn’t understand why Angel asked this question, he still answered seriously: “If I can sleep and dream… In addition to being affected by sweet dreams, I only have a long, long time ago. I did.”

“A long time ago?”

Laplace: “Maybe 2,000 years ago, or maybe 3,000 years ago… I don’t quite remember such little things.”

Angol asked with some doubts: “Did you never sleep again after that, or did you sleep but never dream?”

Laplace: “My body is still sleeping.”

In other words, Laplace was able to sleep, but never dreamed again.

Angol pondered for a moment, then said: “Is this a unique situation, or a general situation?”

Laplace wondered: “What do you mean?”

Angol: “Dreaming. Is it only Ms. Laplace who hasn’t dreamed for a long time, or is it that all the creatures in this Mirror Realm haven’t dreamed for a long time?”

Laplace: “I don’t know, there are very few creatures who can go to the Sea of ​​​​Empty Mirrors. Even if they come, I am not interested in whether they will dream…”

Laplace was silent for a moment, then asked, “Why, are you interested in this?”

Angel nodded: “Yes.”

Laplace: “Can you tell me why? Or is it related to your research on sweet dreams?”

Angol: “Whether it matters depends on the results. But this result, even if it has an impact on the final study of Sweet Dreams, should not be a big deal.”

Seeing that Laplace still looked confused, Angel thought for a while, and simply revealed: “Has Ms. Laplace heard of the Dream Realm?”

Laplace: “I have heard of it, but I have never seen it… The sea of ​​empty mirrors has no reflection on the dream world.”

In other words, even if a mirror surface appears in the dream world, the reflected things will not flow into the mirror field.

Angol: “The dream world, like the mirror world, is a special world. The coverage logic of the mirror world is that as long as there is a mirror surface, it can reflect the space in the mirror and eventually become a mirror world. The extended logic is that as long as there are creatures dreaming, it is the territory of the dream world.”

“I have some research on the dream world, so I plan to start from this aspect and see how much the dream world affects the mirror world.” After Anger finished speaking, he added: “After all, sweet dreams are also It belongs to the category of ‘dream’, and it is in the realm of mirrors. The two special worlds meet because of the sweet dream. I am thinking, can I analyze the sweet dream from this angle.”

Most of Angel’s words are true. However, the research part is concealed.

After listening to Angel’s words, Laplace pondered for a while: “Your wise master and I have mentioned a lot of entry points for research. This entry point of yours is unprecedented. However, think about it. It’s fun too.”

“Even if it’s not a study of sweet dreams, this is an interesting entry point.”

“The world of mirrors and the world of dreams are indeed special worlds. Whether they will meet, and how deep they will meet, no one has ever studied it before. Since you have some knowledge of the world of dreams, you may There’s really a way to answer that.”

Lapraston paused: “Although I don’t know if other creatures in the mirror are the same as me, I can send Shishi to help you ask.”

Angel: “That’s trouble.”

Laplace waved his hand: “It’s okay, I’m also very interested in the results of your research. If you can study it, can you tell me the results?”

Angel nodded: “Yes.”

Laplace smiled contentedly, stopped talking, but stopped, closed his eyes and entered his thoughts.

After a long while, Laplace opened his eyes: “I have let Shishen go through a special mirror passage to go to different directions of the mirror domain to investigate.”

Laplace briefly talked about the survey method, which belongs to the normal survey of multi-point, multi-ethnic and multi-age distribution.

This survey method is very comprehensive and can make the final survey results more convincing.

It can also be seen from this that Laplace was really interested in what Angel said, and this is why he used this generous and more precise investigation method.

However, because this method is more accurate, it also takes a lot longer than ordinary surveys.

Angel estimates that if it is fast, it may take several days. If it was slower, ten days and a half months would have passed.

Anger thought about it for a while. Anyway, this matter is over, even if it is delayed for a while, it doesn’t matter.

Thinking about this, Angel no longer worries about time.

Soon, they reached the first tree hole of the giant tree, where there was a nodule similar to a bulge, and the tree hole happened to be in the bulge, which made the burl form a natural “tree house” .

It’s really not an exaggeration to say it’s a tree house, because it has a door.

The door is not locked and can be opened with a slight push.

Walking into the tree house, the first thing Angel saw was a very beautiful small room with a bed, a table and hollow windows. All the furniture was a finely crafted work.

There is also a hollowed-out light grid carved in the shape of a shell on the wall, but the inside is empty, with neither wick nor firelight.

In such an exquisite small room, Angel couldn’t help but think of the setting of “elves”. It seems that the elves in the novels in the holographic tablet are mostly the best craftsmen.

This is a bit similar to the furniture and decorations in the room in front of me.

However, at first glance, the whole room looks beautiful, but there is nothing remarkable about it.

The only thing that seems informative is the picture frame on the wall by the door.

The frame is small, and there was supposed to be a miniature inside, but now it’s empty and nothing.

Judging from the cleanliness of this room, it has not yet reached the point where the painting will decay. Maybe there are still people living in the room when it is reflected.

But now the painting is gone. Could it be that Laplace took it?

Angle looked at Laplace, and before he could ask questions, Laplace seemed to have guessed his thoughts, and said, “Originally, there is no painting in this frame.”

“But at first, there were some energy scratches in it. According to the guess of the wise master, maybe the frame is not an ordinary painting, but an image created with energy like your illusion.”

“Unfortunately, there is no way to recover it now.”

Angle followed Laplace’s words carefully, and as expected, saw some strange scratches. Whether this is a trace of energy, Angel does not know, but he believes in the judgment of the wise master.

Even if this is an energy scratch, it is impossible to deduce what the original painting is based on this alone.

“Are there no murals here?” Angel wondered. Since there are no paintings in the frame, and no other information-carrying things can be found in the room, why did Laplace bring him here?

“Yes.” Laplace said as he walked to the window of the room, only to see her beckoning lightly, and a ray of beige wind wandering outside was called in.

Beige wind, here is the royal flying carpet of many “birds”.

The same is true for this beige not only came in by itself, but also brought a bird with goose yellow feathers.

This little bird looks very ordinary, it should be some kind of snowfinch, at most the size of a slap.

After the bird entered the house with the beige wind, there was no change, and it still stood firmly on the “wind blanket”.

Eventually, the beige wind was placed by Laplace into the “Shell Light Grid” on the wall.

The birds also entered the grid with the wind, and the grid size was just right for the birds.

After the bird enters the grid, the ordinary bird suddenly emits bright yellow light.

Angle was stunned when he looked at the suddenly brightened room… He was still wondering why there was no wick in the shell lamp. It turned out that the wick was a bird flying outside!

The bird parked in the shell lamp is still calm, and there is no discomfort in becoming the lamp of illumination.

As the shell lamp lights up, a hidden door also opens…


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