Super Dimensional Wizard: The second thousand eight hundred and seventy-two chapters will eventually become kings


Looking at the slowly opening hidden door, Angel couldn’t help showing a look of surprise in his eyes.

You know, the first time he entered this treehouse, he checked the surrounding layout through mental power, and there was no extraordinary trace.

There is no mechanism or magic pattern.

But now in front of him, whether it’s a self-luminous bird that regards itself as a lamp, or this hidden door that leads nowhere, it all means that this place is not as ordinary as it appears on the surface.

But why couldn’t he detect anything wrong here before?

“You don’t need to be surprised. When the wise man came for the first time, he didn’t find the mechanism here.” Laplace said softly: “If I didn’t control this space and let me find it, I wouldn’t know. Where is the agency.”

Angol hesitated for a moment: “Even you didn’t find out. Could it be that… this mechanism is actually moving?”

Laplace was stunned for a moment, then looked at Angel with interest: “How did you guess the mechanism was moving?”

Angol: “I couldn’t find any trace of the agency before, either because my strength was poor and the agency was not found, or the agency wasn’t here in the first place.”

“Since the wise master didn’t find the mechanism when he first came, then the answer is only the latter.”

This is indeed Angel’s reasoning logic, but he can think of this for the first time, but it is because not long ago, when he went to the snooker base, he encountered a moving mechanism. If he hadn’t taken over the magic energy array in the base laboratory, he might have been trapped there.

I just ate a moat, no matter how wise Angel is, he won’t forget it as soon as he turns the page.

Laplace showed a look of realization: “You are very similar to a wise man in terms of intelligence and agility. The wise man also immediately judged that the mechanism is moving.”

After complimenting, Laplace said: “You are right, the mechanism itself is mobile. The mechanism here is hidden in the roots of the big tree, only when the bird’s light is on, the big tree Only then will the mechanism be lifted from its hard-to-find roots to the position of the bird’s lantern.”

Laplace said as he walked towards the hidden door: “Although this is the case, I still don’t know how the big tree achieves this mechanism. According to the joint speculation of me and the wise man, the final consensus is that , maybe the big tree has intelligence in reality.”

“The reflection space can bring in energy and things that are not enlightened, but the enlightened beings cannot be reflected unless they actively pull the other party in.”

“And when I discovered this piece of mirror memory, it had been floating in the sea of ​​empty mirrors for a while. There was no way to directly pass the mirror memory to pull the creatures in the corresponding place of the mirror into the space.”

Laplace said this, and sighed in a regretful tone: “If the big tree really has intelligence, as long as it can be pulled into the reflection space, maybe it will be able to know the secret here.”

Laplace is feeling regret at this time, but if there is a situation that can pull living creatures into the mirror space, it is actually equivalent to pulling real creatures into the mirror domain.

This is not like Angel’s Wilderness of Dreams, which is just a dream wandering, but actually pulls a creature from another world into the Mirror Realm violently.

This requires strong strength as a background.

In addition, Laplace’s “away” game, to pull the “home” creatures into the mirror field, will also deduct three points in terms of strength.

Special creatures in special places, whether they are strong or not, Angel does not know, but if they really want to fight, they may not really be brought back to the Mirror Realm by Laplace.

Laplace: “However, even though the wisdom of the big tree is not pulled into the reflection space, some unique rules are still followed here. As long as the bird’s light is on, the trap will open.”

Simply put, it doesn’t matter if there is no intelligence to control the movement of the mechanism. With “muscle memory”, as long as the mechanism is correct, the mechanism can continue to operate.

Angle followed Laplace into the hidden door.

Behind the door is an upward spiral staircase.

Laplace walked in front and said as he walked: “You should have seen it just now. There are actually quite a few tree holes outside. The interior of these tree holes is probably similar to the room arrangement we saw just now.”

“Most tree holes are organic. It can be connected to a hall.”

“That’s it.”

Laplace stopped and looked straight ahead. Angel looked at Laplace’s line of sight and saw that the spiral staircase had reached its end. In front of them was a path of about five or six meters, and at the end of the path was a spacious hall.

The hall is still very dark, and the specific situation cannot be seen clearly, but Angel guessed that the so-called “mural painting” should be in this hall.

“There are five such halls inside the trunk. They are similar in size, and the interior furnishings are similar. The only difference is that the interior murals are different.”

Angel: “In other words, including the treetop murals, there are six murals in total?”

Laplace nodded: “Yes. So don’t look at the many tree holes outside, but they are actually connected to these five halls, and there are only six murals.”

That’s good, at least it doesn’t take much time to see the mural.

But then again, this arrangement should have some meaning.

Anger brought up this idea, and Laplace agreed: “The wise man also said something similar, and his guess is that there may be a certain ethnic group living on this big tree, and this ethnic group has a common Their beliefs, and the hall connected from their tree hole is the place of sacrifice for their common belief.”

“Of course, it is also possible that these halls have different functions, such as offering sacrifices, transactions, exchanges and even friendship.”

To sum up, the five halls are the public places for this group of people living in the tree.

However, the specific effect is currently unknown.

With thought, Angel and Laplace walked into the first hall.

After walking in, Laplace waved his hand gently and followed the stairs they had come from before. Birds flying in the beige wind kept flying in, and immediately jumped into the shell light grids on both sides of the wall as soon as they entered. Gerry, incarnate as a bird’s lamp.

A large number of bird lanterns are lit together, illuminating the hall brightly.

As the lights came on, Angel also saw the so-called “murals”.

Different from the murals in Angel’s imagination, the murals here are only on one wall. Moreover, the mural has a beautiful wooden frame, which looks like an ordinary appreciation painting.

It’s just that this admiration painting is so large that it occupies almost three-quarters of the wall.

As for the content of the painting…as always abstract and incomprehensible.

However, it is worth noting that the murals are still carved, which leads to the ups and downs of the picture itself. Similar to the mural on the top of the tree, it can produce obvious light and shadow.

But the light and shadow at the top of the tree depend on the light source from the sky. However, the light and shadow of the murals here come from the bird lamps that are densely covered on the walls of the hall.

Laplace has been paying attention to Angel’s gaze. Seeing that his gaze shifted from the carving to the bird lamp on the wall, he asked curiously, “Is it still light and shadow?”

Angel: “I don’t know, I have to try it first.”

Laplace: “How to try?”

Angle pondered for a moment, and through the illusion, simulated the mural. At the same time, twelve lamps are distributed around the fresco, which also corresponds to the twelve bird lamps in the hall.

Anger began to try to turn off some of the lights to conduct a screening of light and shadow.

As one lamp went out, Angel found that the twelve lamps, according to the layout, happened to be in four directions of the mural, with three lamps in each direction. And the on/off of these three lamps only affects a quarter of the mural.

This simplifies the search for light and shadow.

Anger began to experiment with different combinations, and finally showed the most regular light and shadow changes.

When Angel accelerated “time”, the light and shadow in the illusion changed extremely quickly, which made the abstract lines have “story”.

And when Laplace saw this scene, surprise flashed in his eyes: “This is… the throne?”

At first glance, the light and shadow do indeed look like a throne.

Moreover, this throne is more obvious than the previous “swaddling”, almost to the point of being recognizable at a glance.

However, the armrests of the throne have a distinctly protruding shadow outline, and the shadows are deeper, unlike the shadow of the throne itself.

“…This should be a person sitting on the throne?” Angel hesitated for a while and guessed.

Laplace looked at it carefully for a moment, and nodded in agreement: “It seems to be…but, what’s the meaning of this?”

Anger thinks of the mural on the top of the tree. If the mural is finally confirmed to be “swaddling”, can it be interpreted as——

“The firstborn will eventually become kings?”

Hearing Angel’s words, Laplace pondered: “You mean that the baby in the swaddle grows up slowly and eventually becomes a king.”

Angel nodded.

Laplace: “This logic makes sense. As far as I know, similar stories of legendary growth often appear in murals. However, whether this is the case or not, we have to look at several other murals.”

If the mural at the top and the mural at the bottom are the beginning and end of the story described in the mural.

Then, other murals should all be “the process of growing up”.

“Can I simulate the murals in other places through the illusion, or are you going to see it for yourself?” Laplace has now been able to confirm that the puzzles of the murals may actually be related to light and shadow. Now that Angel has solved this puzzle, there is actually no need to go to see it, she can simulate the murals completely.

Angol: “Anyway, I have to go back to the top of the tree again, and it won’t take much time to see it with my own eyes.”

Laplace nodded: “Then let’s go.”

They didn’t go back the same way. Instead, Laplace fiddled with a hidden door somewhere, and walked up the stairs all the way, and after a while, he got out of a tree hole.

After careful screening, Laplace took Angel to another tree hole at a slightly higher position.

As in the previous situation, a bird lantern opened the way, the hidden door was opened, and everyone came to the second hall in this big tree.

The layout here is almost the same as the first hall, the only difference is the position of the bird lamp.

“The position of the bird lantern is different. I noticed it before, but I never thought about the change of light and shadow.” Laplace looked at the bird lantern with a frustrated tone.

Angol didn’t answer, because according to his thoughts, the wise master of light and shadow changes should be able to see that, he didn’t tell Laplace, maybe he had his intentions and ideas.

He has now given the answer to Laplace, and in a way, has broken the sage’s rule of thumb.

This is good or bad, and Angel is not clear.

What Angel is thinking now is, just pretend he doesn’t know anything, just to solve the puzzle…

Anger buried his head and silently sorted out the illusions, arranging the bird lights, trying to find the best light and shadow logic.

Because it is not the first time to do this kind of thing, Angel is very handy in parsing.

After a while, a picture composed of rapidly changing time and light and shadow appeared in the illusion.

This screen may still be somewhat incomprehensible if viewed alone. But if you think of the previous throne, the picture is much clearer.

—A “man” walking towards the throne.

Whether it is a “person”, I cannot be sure, it can only be said that there is a silhouette of a person. However, it looks like this “man” is very bloated, he seems to be wearing armor, and he has a weapon like a spear in his hand.

“Looks like you’re right… the firstborn will eventually become king.” Laplace looked at the picture and whispered.

Next, they continued forward and soon came to the third hall.

As before, Angel still prepared to use light and shadow to solve the problem silently.

However, at this moment, Laplace suddenly showed hesitation, and after thinking for a while, he said to Angel: “I already have some preliminary news about what you mentioned. Dreaming question, do you want to hear it now?”

“Or, I’ll tell you when my body is thoroughly investigated?”

Angel paused for a moment. According to his thoughts, it may take days or even months for Laplace to investigate the dreaming situation of the creature in the mirror.

Unexpectedly, in less than half an hour, Laplace already had a preliminary news.

This speed is much faster than he imagined.

Angel thought for a moment, then nodded to Laplace: “Now.”

Since Laplace has brought it up now, I think there are some discoveries. Moreover, this discovery is absolutely unusual, otherwise she would not have been in such a hurry to speak.

As expected, after pondering for a moment, Laplace said to Angel: “The first place Luigi went to was the Tooth Fairy Paradise. It was a special space in the Mirror Realm. The Tooth Fairy who lives in the stable and inside are all very small. He used to occasionally sing poetry in the Tooth Fairy Paradise. Therefore, the Tooth Fairy in the Tooth Fairy Paradise is very fond of Luigi, and some of Luigi’s They are happy to answer any questions you ask.”

“According to Luigi’s inquiry, the tooth fairy born in the past thousand years has slept, but none of them said they had a dream.”

“Now, Luigi is going to visit the Tooth Fairy Castle under the introduction of a little Tooth Fairy. There are old Tooth Fairies who have lived in the Tooth Fairy Castle for thousands of years, and the Tooth Fairy Queen, maybe they will give different answers.”


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