Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 2870: Appreciation of Abstract Painting


“Then these two are quite compatible.” Angel murmured in a low voice.

If you want to use Sweet Dreams, you must pass through the pink wind, and the pink wind can make people feel calm and relieve the burden of their hearts on weekdays.

Under such a calm mood, I fell into a good sleep again, and my dream was still a sweet dream.

This set of positive energy chain critical strikes is estimated that few people can stand it.

The benefits are naturally great, and the abilities are compatible and complementary, meaning they complement each other. But the downside is that it makes it more addictive.

“You can see for yourself first, and then call me if you have any ideas.” Laplace’s voice came into Angel’s ears.

Angle looked back and found that Laplace had floated to the outer branches of the tree top, leaning on a branch, his long silver hair hanging in the air, constantly being stirred by the surrounding wind.

She quietly looked into the distance, not knowing what she was thinking.

Anger actually has some doubts in his heart, but now that he has come to the outside of Sweet Dream, he might as well take a look here.

Angol gently landed on the platform at the top of the tree.

At this time, there are still about 20 meters away from the sweet dream.

He walked forward step by step, and when he reached ten meters, he already felt some emotional changes: his restless mood gradually became calm.

This change of mood can be clearly felt, but strangely, there is no sense of disobedience.

There is no doubt that this is the power of the Pink Wind.

Angol stopped and felt a little. As the perception deepened, Angel’s expression became more and more strange.

The effect of this pink wind is not strong, Angel can easily get rid of the influence of emotions, but… no matter how much he observes and analyzes, he can’t find the reason why the pink wind can calm people’s emotions.

Obviously it acts directly on emotions, but there is no trace of it, as if you adjusted your mood and made your mood happy instead of being influenced by the outside world.

If other people, they may think that this is nothing to be concerned about, but Angel has the gift of super perception, and he can’t find a trace, which is very magical.

The important thing is that the pink wind is only reflected, and cannot be perfectly restored during the mirroring process. Pushed like this, its ‘real body’ is probably even more magical.

It’s just the wind, which is very strange. It is conceivable that the special places corresponding to the real world are expected to be even more unpredictable.

“How did you feel when you were here?” Angel asked Dangros.

Dangros thought for a moment and replied, “I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel very calm.”

It seems that this pink wind can work not only on living people, but also on elemental creatures.

If so, does it have any effect on the spirit, and on the awakened demons under the control of the Twisted Seed?

Anger thought for a while, and then sent the same question to Mu Ling and Ermi respectively.

However, Mu Ling didn’t answer, but timidly curled himself up tighter, almost not bleeding Angel’s arm.

The wood spirit can’t be counted on, even if the pink wind makes people feel calm, it can’t contain its nature.

As for Earl’s fans, the feedback received by Angel, as usual, has not changed much.

So it seems that the Twisted Seed is more powerful than the Pink Wind? Thinking about it, Seed of Distortion is based on Chaos Source, and Chaos Source is something that even Crowley is afraid of.

Angol didn’t think about it any more and continued to move forward.

When he was about five meters away from the pink typhoon, Angel vaguely sensed a mysterious aura. However, when he wanted to investigate further, he heard Laplace’s voice:

“If you don’t want to fall asleep here, don’t go any further. My setting for these pink winds is that within five meters, a peripheral passage will automatically open for people to enter.”

“Once the pink wind is activated and the passage is opened, under the influence of the sweet dream, you will take the initiative to go inside. At that time, even if you don’t want to sleep, you have to sleep.”

“Unless, you can resist the influence of mysterious power.”

Resist mystical forces? Angel thinks about it or forgets it. If the mysterious power can be resisted, it is estimated that the Germination Sect will not develop so vigorously.

Since Laplace said so, Angel still stepped back.

Back to ten meters away.

It is temporarily impossible to study Sweet Dreams closely, and “research” itself is not the focus of Angel. Therefore, Angel decided to leave temporarily.

However, before completely withdrawing from the scope of the pink wind, Angel did not forget another thing: the mural on the top of the tree.

When Angel landed on the platform, he had already seen the mural, on the wooden platform under his feet. However, Angel had not paid much attention to the sweet dream before, but now he can take a closer look.

Angle circled around the platform.

Exited the platform once he had an overall impression of the general appearance of the mural.

After leaving the platform, Angel stretched out his finger out of thin air, and a flat illusion appeared.

The picture in the illusion is exactly the mural that Angel had recorded before.

Generally speaking, murals are mostly used to record “hymns”, “disasters” and “mythological history”. It can be said that murals are almost inseparable from “God” and “Faith”.

In order to express more clearly, most of the murals are very straightforward, and there will not be too obscure or ambiguous interpretations.

But this mural is completely different. It is full of meaningless lines. If it hadn’t alternated between light and dark, Angel would probably think it was some kind of magic pattern he didn’t recognize.

Angle observed it carefully for a moment, but couldn’t understand it.

Although there are some words next to it, it seems to be introducing the pattern, but these words are also variants of the abyss demon script, and Angel still doesn’t know it.

“Is it impossible to read with normal logic?” Angel murmured in a low voice, then turned to look at Dangros: “Come and see, do you understand?”

Dangros was very excited to study with Angel at first, but when he heard Angel’s words, his face immediately collapsed: “You’re not normal, I, I don’t understand either.”

Dangros didn’t say this for the opposite, he really didn’t understand it.

Anger went to Ermi to have a look again… Ermi passed back the confused thoughts, obviously not understanding what Angel was doing.

Dangros: “Could this not be a painting?”

Angel: “Since Laplace said this is a painting, let’s treat it as a painting.”

If it were viewed as a painting, Ingres would probably define it as… abstract painting.

“Abstract painting?” Angel murmured, is this really abstract art?

When Angel was young, he learned to appreciate some abstract paintings. However, it was not taught to him by Jon. Jon’s understanding of abstract painting is: if you don’t understand it, praise it hard, and then talk about some life insights. Anyway, there is a high probability that other people can’t understand abstract paintings.

Angel thought it was a bit too perfunctory at the time, so he seriously studied the appreciation of abstract painting. ——I taught myself by following the “Abstract Painting Art Appreciation” in the holographic tablet.

After finishing school, Angel has learned a lot.

I think Jon is right.

Like a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, abstract painting is also idealistic. You say you have learned the philosophy of life, and no one else can refute it.

You can say anything.

Even if the author of the painting stands in front of you, and you say that you have learned your life because of seeing this painting, the author can’t refute it.

This is very similar to Gleipnier’s situation. For ordinary interpretation, the author has the right to interpret it; but if you interpret it too much, what do you know even if you are the original author?

So, Jon is right.

But then again, “Abstract Painting Art Appreciation” is not entirely advocating for everyone to understand freely, it also has dry goods.

Look at the color, look at the whole, and finally look at the heart.

The combination of colors is very important in abstract paintings. Many connoisseurs use colors to appreciate the quality of abstract paintings.

And if this mural is an abstract painting, will it be rewarding from the perspective of color?

With this idea in mind, Angel took another look at the murals on the ground.

The frescoes on the ground are carved and have no color in the traditional sense. However, if light and shadow are regarded as colors…

Angle looked at the light and shade on the mural with thought in his eyes.

Time passed by, and Angel didn’t move until he heard footsteps beside him, and Angel slowly raised his head.

The footsteps undoubtedly came from Laplace.

Laplace also saw that Angel didn’t speak for a long time, and there was still an illusion of a mural floating in front of him, so he came over to check the situation.

Although Angel raised his head, Laplace noticed that Angel was not looking at her, but the sky.

Laplace raised his head in confusion: Is there something wrong in the sky?

After a while, Angel’s voice came: “Is there no night here?”

Laplace nodded: “Yes, what is the outside world when it is reflected, and what is inside here. It is night, and the reflected space will be eternal night until it is destroyed. It is day, and It will always be daytime, and nothing will change.”

Angol: “There is no light in the morning, nor the color of the sunset, don’t you feel very monotonous?”

Laplace: “No, I can’t see the morning light here, I can see the morning light in other dimensions. There is no starlight here, I can solidify another space with starlight.”

Anger scratched his head: “It seems to be right, you can use the cohesive force to solidify the space and retain the best time.”

The best time ever? Laplace opened his mouth to refute, but in the end he didn’t comment on it.

Beauty is always seen in the eyes of outsiders. Those who really live here will not feel beautiful, but will only try their best to think about how to survive.

“You seem to have studied this mural for a long time, do you have any ideas?” Laplace looked at the suspended illusion and asked lightly.

Angel: “I do have a little idea, but it may still be unhelpful.”

Laplace: “Let’s hear it.”

Angol did not refuse, and pointed to the illusion: “Look at it again.”

Laplace looked at the illusion again, but was stunned.

The illusion before was a static plane, but now, the illusion is moving… No, it is not so much that the illusion is moving, it is better to say that Angel has added a little external force to the illusion.

And this external force is called: day and night.

Or rather, the change of time.

The nascent sun, bringing morning light, illuminates the frescoes carved on the wooden platform. As the sun rises, the light and shadow are slowly elongated in the raised places, and the shadows in the sunken places are more and more invisible.

And after noon, light and shadow translocate again.

Until the end, Xia Guang dyed the mural with a thin layer of red.

At first glance, the murals have not changed much, except for a slight difference in light and shadow.

But when Angel accelerated “time”, in just one second, day and night alternated, and the shadow of the mural formed another painting that was completely unrelated to the original mural in this second. pattern.

This pattern is still abstract, but more “painting” than the original one.

If you look closely, you can even see some vaguely familiar things.

“Do you see anything?” Angel asked.

Laplace’s heterochromatic pupils carefully observed the accelerated phantom mural, constantly flashing various things in his mind, trying to correspond to it.

But…still not.

Even if there is a qualitative breakthrough in the murals, Laplace still cannot understand these pictures drawn by shadows.

“It seems to understand but it is difficult to understand.” Laplace shook his head, looked at Angel, and said in a praised tone: “However, this discovery of yours is indeed a breakthrough. I have never been to this before. I thought about this direction.”

“Where is the wise man? He should be able to find out, right?”

Laplace shook his head: “The wise never said that.”

Angel noticed that Laplace’s statement was: The Sovereign of Wise did not say it, not that the Sovereign of Wise did not know.

Anger personally thinks that he can guess that the ruler of the wise should not be unexpected. After all, wizards have been exposed to a lot of light and shadow tricks.

This mural has deep digs and protrusions. Although it can be said to be an artistic technique, it is not difficult to find that it shows a situation of light and shadow.

So, the Wise Master discovered, but didn’t say?

It will also be said that the wise masters have discovered, but have not analyzed anything about it?

Just like Angel discovered that the changes in light and shadow would change the patterns on the murals, but he still couldn’t understand what the patterns depicted.

If the previous murals were abstract paintings, then the murals that have settled day and night… are still abstract paintings, but they are lightweight, at least the outlines and shapes can be seen.

“Since you can discover this, you should have some guesses, right?” Laplace looked at Angel with expectant eyes.

Angel was silent for a moment and said, “I think it’s a bit like… a nesting doll.”

Matryoshka? Laplace looked at Angel suspiciously, what is this?

Angel: “A toy that looks like a tumbler, which can be disassembled in the middle, and there will be a completely similar, but slightly smaller tumbler inside.”

Seeing that Laplace was still confused, Angel thought for a moment, and a word suddenly popped into his mind.

He didn’t think about it, he just said it: “swaddling.”

“It’s kind of like a baby’s swaddle.”


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