Star Odyssey Chapter 4995: You passed


Zui Chi himself deliberately sent out his voice to tell the entire inner and outer world that the Sin Sect had confessed to this battle.

When Lu Yin entered the realm of sin, the sin sect would never take action and let him pass by.

This is not only for the inner and outer heaven to see, but also for Lu Yin to see, so that Lu Yin should not go too far.

Face is given by everyone.

No matter what happens in the future, at least for this moment, as long as you don’t want to fight to the death, just take it easy.

But it never dreamed that Lu Yin would directly attack Zuicheng. Does this guy not want to live anymore? Or do you really think they are afraid of him?

“You passed.” Sinchi’s tone was extremely low.

Lu Yin carried his sword and looked at the Sin Pond in the distance. “I said, if you attack the Sin Realm, you will attack the Sin Realm. Where did you go? Do you think I’m kidding?”

Isn’t it?

Sui Chi really wanted to ask a question.

No matter how you look at it, Lu Yin shouldn’t really attack the criminal world.

Isn’t his goal to control the Shadow Realm? Wasn’t it to rescue the executioners? These two goals have been accomplished, what else do you want to do?

Anyone with any brain would think that he was just attacking the criminal world as a pretense. For this reason, he even did not hesitate to offend the Karma Master clan and scold Shengqing. It can be said that he did not care about life and death. He succeeded, and everyone praised him for his intelligence and far-reaching plans.

But what’s going on now?

Not only the Sin Sect was at a loss, but the entire seventy-two realms, including Qianji Guiyan, were also at a loss.

It also didn’t expect that Lu Yin would actually attack the criminal world. What happened to the previous series of events? coincide?

This is really a big deal now.

If the Sin Realm is really destroyed, then the forces in the upper nine realms will have to be re-determined. The Master will inevitably fight for the ownership of the Sin Realm, and the Cause and Effect will also have to find a replacement. This will affect the entire seventy-two realms. of.

Lu Yin doesn’t care what the outside world thinks. His goal from the beginning to the end is to prevent the criminal world from participating in the battle against the Fourth Barrier.

The realm of cause and effect is more than just one realm of sin.

The Sin Realm cannot initiate a battle, so naturally there are other realms, but it is impossible for Lu Yin to control the entire seventy-two realms.

Since we know that the Sin Realm will take action, we should cut off the Sin Realm first.

Once the realm of sin is broken, the seventy-two realms will inevitably be in chaos. This is his purpose.

Sin Chi really doesn’t want to fight to the death with Lu Yin. If Lu Yin is the only one here, it won’t mind killing him, but now there are Dead Sea Mingya and Zhong Yi in the Sin World. Even if Zhong Yi is chased by Xi Luo, a The pressure of the Dead Sea combined with many dead creatures is enough to cause huge losses to the criminal world.

“Chen, do you know what you are doing? You are destroying the balance of the Lord.” Sinchi shouted.

Lu Yin suddenly took action and slashed at Sinchi with one sword. “Nonsense.”

Although Sin Chi is angry, he also knows that there is no possibility of avoiding the battle at this moment. No matter why he must attack Sin Realm this morning, Sin Sect does not take action because he does not want to lose too much, not because he is afraid of this guy.

If you want to die, I will help you.

I really thought that if I killed Sheng Mie, I would be able to dominate the inner and outer worlds.

The shadow of the shackles rose up, and Lu Yin could not tear it apart despite being slashed by Lu Yin’s sword. Lu Yin walked towards Sin Chi, who uttered a low and suppressed voice, “You are guilty.”

As soon as these three words came out, Lu Yin’s hair stood on end. He was going to take action against the Sin Sect, so naturally he knew the Sin Sect’s abilities in advance.

You are guilty and are the absolute means of the Sin Sect.

When these three words appeared, Sin Chi also rushed towards Lu Yin.

On the surface of Lu Yin’s body, the power of death surged, forcibly resisting the approach of Sin Chi. However, Sin Chi is a strong master of the three laws. No matter how strong Lu Yin’s power of death is, it cannot be able to overpower the three laws.

Seeing the power of death being suppressed.

Lu Yin simply let go, letting his body be trapped by the shackles.

The shackles are the body of the sin sect creature, and they are also a method of absolute means. When this pair of shackles is placed on the body, it can trap the enemy’s body and block all the power flowing throughout the body, especially the neck.

Ordinary sin sect creatures can use this method of absolute means to trap a strong person at a higher level, but sin pool originally exists in the three laws, and its absolute method, even those who are also strong in the three laws, dare not force it catch.

The moment Lu Yin was trapped, all the Sin Sect creatures who saw this scene were sure that it was over.

No matter how powerful Lu Yin is, there is no way he can break this shackles.

From all directions, fierce attacks were coming towards Lu Yin. There was no need to imprison him, he could just kill him.

Lu Yin let the shackles wrap around his neck, and with a wave of his hand, many attacks were annihilated.


Countless creatures of the Sin Sect were shaken. How could they still have strength after being locked up by the Sect Elder?

Sin Chi is also incredible, let alone the one-law immortal state, even the three-law, wait, could it be that he has learned the death move?

Lu Yin raised his hand to grab the shackles, and the huge force kept breaking the shackles. Under the performance of his digital power, he had a power of hundreds, comparable to the majestic level of the old blind man’s consciousness, and the sin pool obviously did not Not good at strength.

The shackles lock the movement of the enemy’s physical cultivation power, not the physical power.

Seeing the shackles being broken off one after another.

Suichi shouted, “You have deceived me with your evil methods.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “I figured it out so quickly. It seems that Death has already been able to deal with this move of yours.”

“Why do you have so much malaise? No, you don’t have enough malaise to blind me, but the power you cultivate is too complex, not just the power of death, but how much power have you cultivated?”

Lu Yinqi

will tell it.

If this shackles trapped the deity, it would be even more surprised.

My cultivation is much more complicated than this clone.

It was Lu Yin who came up with the idea of ​​using evil energy to blind the shackles, and no one told him.

The malaise is to hinder the movement of the body’s power, similar to illness, and the shackles are also to block the movement of the body’s power.

Lu Yin arranged the evil energy in his body in advance, completely disrupting the way his power operates. This shackle trapped him and indeed blocked the movement of his power, but it could only block one way of running and could never be found. To a method that can truly block the operation of one’s own power.

Coupled with the fact that Lu Yin has practiced death silence, divine power, his own strength, the energy of life, the active power generated by the extremes of things, etc., even the sin pool cannot completely lock himself.

I can think of it, and Death has naturally thought of it for a long time. It took more than a day or two for them to deal with the Sin Sect.

But Qianji Guiyan insisted on not telling him, because he was determined not to take action against the Sin Sect?

The shackles suddenly retreated, and Sin Chi knew that he could not lock Lu Yin at all.

However, although the shackles receded, strange spots were left around.

These points are all cause and effect.

The sin world belongs to the cause and effect. It is normal for this sin pool to cultivate the power of cause and effect.

Lu Yin avoided the spot and chopped down the long sword in his hand.

The Sin Pool suddenly approached again. Just when the sword was about to hit it, it suddenly appeared in another place. Lu Yin immediately turned to slash horizontally, but still failed. The Sin Pool continued to circle around Lu Yin.


Lu Yin received a heavy blow on his back, from the shackles themselves, the Sin Pond itself.

This blow is not light, after all, he is a strong master of the Three Laws.

The bones in Lu Yin’s back were cracked.

Lu Yin kept turning the edge of his sword, using the three sword inequalities, Pingjian, Yanjian, and Shenjian. He was looking for the pattern of Sin Chi’s actions to use Pingjian to take action.

No matter how hard we fight, we can’t find the exact trace of Sin Chi.

Lu Yin kept moving, but the cause and effect points around him followed him like a shadow.

Every creature that practices cause and effect has a unique understanding of cause and effect. Sinchi is a strong master of the three laws. This understanding is even more amazing, because being able to practice to this level means that he is gifted.

It’s not easy to get over it.

Lu Yin was constantly attacked, until far away, darkness rushed towards him, and the Dead Sea pressed down on him.

The red doll carries the overwhelming power of death and presses towards Sin City.

Dark clouds over the city.

One after another, the Sin Sect creatures took action to resist the power of death.

But the dead sea pressure is not an ordinary strong one with three laws

, it is an existence that even surpassed the power of death in the dead universe, and truly controlled a boundless sea of ​​​​death.

Unless someone is strong at the same level, other creatures cannot stop it at all.

The monstrous power of death enveloped a small half of Sin City, and the covered area collapsed and decayed. The creatures living in Sin City, those with bones, were given bone language, and combined with the white bones brought by Lu Yin, formed a dark The only bright color was heading towards the middle of Sin City.

The Sin Merchant and other Sin Sect masters blocked it, but the Dead Sea Dark Pressure only appeared once and then disappeared, and no one knew where it was. He used the power of death to suppress it and turned the sin city into a sea of ​​death.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. It was really difficult to deal with Sin Chi with this clone, mainly because he didn’t understand Sin Chi’s methods.

Now that the Dead Sea is under pressure, Sinchi’s attacks suddenly slowed down.

“It seems that this Sin City will soon turn into a second Dead Sea. Do you think it can be stopped here?”

With the Sin Pool gone, we have to take on the pressure of the Dead Sea, otherwise the Sin City will be gone.

The opponents in front of Lu Yin were replaced by two creatures from the Sin Sect with two laws.

Between these two creatures, there is a causal life chart.

He is actually a master of the sin sect who can fixate the cause and effect chart.

“You are guilty.”

“You are guilty.”

Lu Yin allowed them to trap him, but then the shackles were released without waiting for Lu Yin to take action.

Obviously, Sinchi reminded them that this move was useless.

Two shackles, one on the left and one on the right, surrounded Lu Yin.

“Today’s death is what you asked for. Although our Sin Sect has suffered heavy losses, we can still give an explanation by killing you.” Sin Soldier growled, it had always wanted to take the initiative to kill Hai Mingya and Zhong Yi. , but for the sake of the overall situation, I have to endure it.

Now that Lu Yin is killing Sin City, they can’t blame them.

No matter what the reason is, Chen must die this morning.

“The five weapons of the sin-locking method.” In front of the sin soldiers, five strange weapons rushed towards Lu Yin.

The other yoke is called Sui’an, “The method of shackles is tilted.”

The void in the sky and on the earth was tilted, spreading towards Lu Yin.

Without Sin Chi, a powerful enemy of three laws, two masters of two laws have come. It is still difficult to deal with, but it is expected to face the Sin Sect who dominates the world alone.

Five weapons rushed towards Lu Yin from five directions.

A way to lock up sin? This is the unique combat skill of the Sin Sect. It was created to cooperate with the shackles to trap the enemy. Each creature of the Sin Sect has its own unique method of trapping sins.


Lu Yin waved his hand casually, and the weapon was swatted away. In front of his eyes, another weapon came. He also raised his palm and struck out. The huge force was not just as simple as knocking the weapon away.


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