Star Odyssey Chapter 4994: Attack


Outside the City of Sin, a flower bloomed quietly like the afterglow of the setting sun. It was Xiluo, coming from the Yujie, one of the nine upper realms. The Yujie was controlled by the Yu clan, attached to the Time Master clan, and The Sin Sect relies on cause and effect to dominate the clan.

This time he entered the criminal world just to snipe Zhongyi and clear the name of the Lord of Time.

If you don’t kill Zhongyi, people will always be reminded of the bad behavior of the main sequence of time and the death.

And this time, just as the sin merchants guessed, they brought the conditions of the three masters of time, luck, and life. As long as all the masters of death are buried in the sin world, they are willing to pay the price to fill the sin sect. Loss.

But the Sin Sect didn’t even give him a chance.

Now that Sin Chi, the elder of the Sin Sect who is second only to the sect leader, has spoken, there is no room for turning around.

The master of death can leave at any time.

“Zui Chi, don’t you even have the courage to listen to the terms? Has the Sin Sect fallen to this point? Let the enemy dare not resist in front of the door. I think it’s better for you to fall into the forty-fourth realm. Come on.” Xiluo’s voice came to Sin City. It was a powerful person with three laws, and no one in Sin City could stop it.

The huge sound cannot affect the state of mind of Sin Chi. “I, the Sin Sect, swear to kill the remnants of the ninth base of mankind, to kill the enemy together with the cause and effect, and to put the overall situation first.”

The sunset turns and the flowers are extremely beautiful, but the afterglow of the setting sun always gives people a lonely and romantic feeling, but this feeling is completely different from what it says, “The so-called overall situation is to sacrifice the prestige that your sinner has built up over countless years. ? How many souls has the Sin Sect captured into the camp? The seventy-two realms are all afraid of you, the Sin Sect. It seems that history is about to be rewritten. The Sin Sect is afraid of that morning, and does not even have the courage to leave him. It is sad and lamentable. ”

In Sin City, a kind of Sin Sect creature was angry, but could not refute it.

They really can only watch death come and go without being able to react.

The crime dealer’s voice was relaxed, “The showdown with Chen is a transaction. We have lost money on this transaction, and we have to admit it, but there will never be only one transaction.”

“Senior Xiluo, can you guarantee that next time, that morning will not appear in front of your Yu clan?”

Outside the city of sin, Xi Luo sneered, “Sin merchant, right? Let me tell you something. If that morning dares to enter my realm, I guarantee that he will never come back.” After saying that, he left.

It was clear that there was no point in saying it anymore, Sin Sect was not stupid.

This farce is finally coming to an end.

The beginning of the next game must be when the fourth barrier of mankind is defeated and the strong cause and effect return.

That was the beginning of the path of cause and effect and the sin sect’s revenge and death.

What it has to do now is to solve that heavy one as much as possible.

The conversation that took place outside Sin City also spread quickly. Whether it was Sin Sect’s forbearance or Xi Luo’s instigation, it became the talk of countless living beings. Along with this conversation, the name Chen was constantly mentioned.

But all living beings know that morning is insignificant and true

What matters most is the Death Lord behind him, that is the opponent that the Lord cares about.

This morning is like a flag to them. Today, the flag is pushed in front of the Sin Sect, making the Sin Sect feel aggrieved and helpless. Tomorrow, it may be cut off and become the trigger for the decisive battle.

The bigger the matter, the less it has anything to do with this morning itself.

The more serious the situation is, the more this morning will be ignored.


With a soft sound, Lu Yin fell to the ground.

Looking around, is this the realm of sin?

Just as he thought, the world of sin gave people a depressing feeling. There are sharp stone walls everywhere, like shackles standing in the sky.

It is obviously an empty universe, but there are constant stone walls piercing the starry sky, hanging chains, and making noises accompanied by strong winds.

The entire star dome appears dark red, low and depressing. From time to time, the dark air currents stir up storms visible to the naked eye, blowing from one end of the universe to the other, like a giant sweeping across.

As far as Lu Yin could see, he saw many living beings. Most of them naturally cultivated the power of Karma, but there were also many whose bodies emitted dazzling light and clearly belonged to other cultivators of the Main Path.

These cultivators entered the sin world just to confuse the sight and prevent the sin sect from annihilating the death cultivators immediately. Otherwise, if the Death Path cultivator entered and emitted a dazzling light, he would have been surrounded and killed long ago.

I don’t know if I should thank them.

The creatures of the Sin Sect were all concentrated in the middle of the Sin City.

Lu Yin turned around and saw Zuicheng.

It is empty, solemn, and it is incredible that the huge city covers so many universes. It must be related to those stone walls that pierce the starry sky. There are such stone walls everywhere in this entire criminal world, and the scope of those stone walls is really large.

It is not impossible to build a city of this size using stone walls as materials.

Lu Yin raised his feet, took a step forward, and headed towards the other living beings nearby to see what was happening in the world of crime. These living beings must know better than anyone else.

Soon after, Lu Yin released the creature.

That creature fled in panic, secretly thinking it was unlucky, why did it meet this guy.

In the morning, at the center of today’s major events inside and outside the world, the existence that all eyes should be looking at is actually right next to him.

Fortunately, this guy didn’t attack me.

Here, Lu Yin felt heavy. The executioners came out, but Gu was not rescued by the old blind man and the others, contrary to his prediction.

Although some things were unexpected, there is nothing we can do about it now that it has happened.

If there was an expression, Lu Yin’s expression must be a bit strange.

The Sin Sect actually allowed himself to leave without taking any action against death. This was really courageous. You must know that in this way, the prestige of the Sin Sect will be wiped out, and the majesty they have established in the inner and outer heavens will be gone.

From now on, anyone can suppress them with words and death in front of the Sin Lord, unless they come back with complete revenge.

It seems that the Sin Sect wants to wait until Karma returns from attacking the Fourth Barrier together before settling this account.

The outside world generally believes that he is just going through the motions.

The elder of the Sin Sect even said that he would finish the scene.

How interesting.

Everyone thought they were acting for the Shadow World and the Executioners.

Then let them see what their purpose is.

Lu Yin took one step towards the direction of Sin City, took out the bone xun at the same time, and ordered the attack on Sin City.

In the corner of the Sin Realm, the Dead Sea Dark Pressure stayed where it was leisurely. No one dared to cause trouble for it. The Sin Sect knew its location and still would not cause trouble and let them leave.

It is now waiting for news from Chen.

As long as the morning comes to the sin world and leaves, it can leave.

The supreme sequence overwhelms them, preventing them from making decisions on their own.

I didn’t expect that a humanoid skeleton who once served under Qianji Guiyan could actually reach this point. This layout is dazzling to see. He even used it to save the four extreme sins. It is really cruel.

But how did he exterminate the fleece civilization?

The Dead Sea was thinking.

The bones vibrated, and it looked calmly, was it about to leave?


It was confused.

What, what? Attack Sin City?

On the other side, Zhongyi will not stay in one direction at all. That Xiluo is actually coming to kill him, and the years will never let him go. The most hateful thing was that morning, he actually gave an order from the highest order to expose his whereabouts.

When I leave the world of sin this time, I won’t be able to say anything about it.

As long as you are not within a certain range of Chen Chen, no matter what he wants to do, you won’t be able to catch up, and you’ll be fine.

The bones vibrated and it looked.

? ?

No way.

What the **** is this guy going to do?

In the world of sin, under the starry sky, darkness gathers.

The bones are flying to the sky, killing the guilty city.

The war came so suddenly, it was so sudden that the Sin Sect was stunned.

Including the other main creatures, they were also stunned.

Death is crazy? Suddenly took action against Suicheng, attacking Suicheng from all directions, especially where did those bones come from?

Why so many?

The bones, some come from other beings who practice the power of death, and many come from Lu Yin.

Lu Yin approached Sin City. All the creatures he met along the way were turned into bones, and they quickly gathered into a white torrent and headed towards Sin City.

Soon, Lu Yin’s whereabouts were seen.

In the center of the white bones, the whole body was dazzling with dazzling light, constantly approaching the Sin City.

The world of crime is shaken.

Morning, I really attacked the criminal world.

What is he going to do?

In Zui City, Zui Shang and other Zui Sect creatures were stunned, thinking they heard wrongly.

That Chen actually came to kill him? Impossible, they let him go, why would he come here to kill them?

But now no one can explain to them.

Between heaven and earth, a wisp of darkness tore through the starry sky, collapsing a corner of Sin City.

Lu Yin took a step forward, looked into the middle of the Sin City, and roared, “The **** of the Karma Master Clan, I am here to kill you. The Karma Master Clan will pay the price with blood.” After saying this, he raised his arms high. , holding a long sword in his hand, slashing.

Three swords inequalities.

The sword edge swallowed darkness, and death surged out. Yu Sandeath was released, and with a sword slashing out, the monstrous darkness seemed to split the entire universe into two.

Vicissitudes of life shouted from the middle of the city, “Chen, how dare you.”

Darkness falls.

The shackles fell from the starry sky, making a banging sound, but were shattered by the darkness and turned into countless shackle fragments.

In the distance, another shackle appeared, this time it was a creature of the Sin Sect.

Facing Lu Yin’s direct force of death in the abyss, the shackles on the body of the sin sect creature spread and crashed into death.


The starry sky was distorted, and the terrifying pressure dropped, turning into countless black raindrops, continuously shattering the buildings of Sin City.

Many Sin Sect creatures were affected and died.

The master of sin sect hurriedly walked out of the guard.

Lu Yin stared at the strong man from the Sin Sect in the distance, and saw the three laws. Sure enough, he could master the nine realms alone, and his background was extremely profound.

In the chaotic space before, Lu Yin once thought that the Three Laws were the strongest in the universe. But now that he sees more and more of the Three Laws, he feels more and more the unfathomable depth of the universe.

God knows where an extremely powerful person will appear from.

The Sin Sect is not the only one who is strong in the Three Laws. The most powerful one is the leader of the Sin Sect, the ancient being who once followed the master, and is now in the giant city, killing the fourth barrier.

Do you still want to use the position of a giant city to cooperate with the bombardment of the criminal world?


“Chen, what on earth do you want to do?” Zui Chi was dumbfounded and let out a vicissitudes of roar. He couldn’t understand why Lu Yin attacked Zui Cheng.


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