Star Odyssey Chapter 4964: Grateful

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Ming Zuo sighed: “That human being was too careless. When I said the word Jue Ling, there happened to be a creature leaving through the altar. I must have heard it, but then the human being warned me and asked me not to When it was leaked, it was clearly stated that the bloodbath was only after I left. Of course, this is certain, otherwise I would have seen it. So, does that mean that there were creatures that had left before that?”

Minggu shouted: “What nonsense are you talking about? Shadow said absolutely no living beings left.”

Mingzuo said: “Chief, why are you angry? I just reminded you, and I clearly saw someone leaving, but I don’t know if the other person heard the word Jue Ling.”

Minggu stared at Mingzuo, looking at its helpless expression, and slowly spoke, his voice deeper than ever: “Are you threatening me?”

Ming Zuo was startled and blinked in confusion: “Threat? You can’t say this nonsense, patriarch? How dare I threaten you, and what can you be threatened by?”

“Did the patriarch misunderstand something?”

The murderous intention flashed in Minggu’s eyes, and he wanted to kill Mingzuo, but he knew it was impossible. It couldn’t do it, otherwise it would violate the will of the master, which would be more serious than the extinction of Qilong civilization.

Take a deep breath, suppress the murderous intention, and Minggu’s voice is calm: “Hand over five hundred square meters, your attitude is sincere. From now on, Mingzuo, you are free.”

Mingzuo was overjoyed: “Really? Thank you, patriarch, thank you.” After expressing his gratitude, he hurriedly left, as if he was afraid that Minggu would regret it.

Ming Gu looked deeply at Ming Zuo’s leaving figure. Behind him, a figure walked out and knelt down on one knee, “There is absolutely no living being left.”

“I know.” Ming Gu gritted his teeth, “It’s not important.”

“Do you want me to solve it?”

“No need.”

Minggu swore that it had not been so angry for a long time. As the leader of a clan that dominates life, with Mingfan on his back, he could walk sideways throughout the universe, and countless creatures looked up, he had never been so threatened.

It doesn’t matter whether any living beings leave Baiting. What matters is what Ming Zuo said. As long as it is said, it can be believed. Otherwise, how can we explain the extinction of Qiling Civilization? The outside world also needs a reasonable explanation.

The life-dominating clan also needs explanation.

If this matter is not handled well, the fate of Minggu will be the same as that of Sheng or.

What the outside world sees is the superiority of the dominating clan. How have they ever seen that even as a clan leader, he has to be careful and cautious. The clan leader cannot control the direction of the clan at all. He is just a puppet. Of course, it is a power. A puppet that is relatively large and does not need to go to the ancient city of time to fight.

In fact, it can accept being threatened, but it cannot accept the useless threat of being ordered to the left.

This trash that was once ridiculed actually threatened the leader of the clan.

At this moment, the tragic past events that Ming Zuo had mentioned before intensified its anger. The angrier it became, the more it had to suppress it to satisfy Ming Zuo’s conditions. This joke was not qualified to die with it.

After a long silence, Minggu suddenly raised his eyes and asked to see the ancestor Mingfan.

“Return my life to Zuo Ziyou? Is it worth looking for me specifically?” Mingfan was surprised.

Minggu replied respectfully: “Ancestor, Liuliu hasn’t been found yet. At this moment, apart from the murderer who wiped out Qirong civilization, the one he hates most is Mingzuo.”

“Do you want to use your life to fish for gold?”

“If Liu doesn’t appear, Qian Ji Ji Yan will have a hard time dealing with it. Using activity to restrain death, even if it is not the opponent of Qian Ji Ji Yan, it can still be held back without any need for the ancestor to do it himself. Not to mention. I owe the Wang family a favor.”

Mingfan’s heart was moved. Qianji Guiyan’s combat power was too exaggerated. To be honest, it really didn’t want to fight to the death.

And Liu is an absolute master, having fought against the Lord of Death during the Nine Bases War. Although it did not rely on its own combat power, after so many years, no one knows how strong it is, at least it will not be inferior to him. , coupled with the restraint of strength characteristics, it can indeed deal with Qian Ji Guiyan.

“So, what about Ming Zuo?”

“I will send experts to follow it. Although Liu hates it, the conditions we propose cannot be refused by Liu. Moreover, no matter how you look at it, the one who wiped out the Qilong civilization should be a trick. Except for it, among the masters of the dead power Who else can do it? Liu will not refuse revenge. In order to take revenge, it will not risk its life in any way, otherwise it will violate the bottom line of my dominant clan.”

Mingfan has survived for too long, and it is impossible to believe Minggu’s words.

It has nothing to do with them whether they are alive or dead, as long as they can bring Liu.

“Are you sure Liu will find it?”

“You might as well give it a try. If Zuo had not been ordered to go to the Qilong Civilization, Liu would not have gone out. As long as Liu was still in the Qilong Civilization, even the dead would be afraid of him, let alone an unknown master. It can be said that the Qilong Civilization The extinction is directly related to Ming Zuo.”

Mingfan agreed.

Ming Gu breathed a sigh of relief and immediately ordered Ming Zuo to come to Taibai Fate Realm again.

Before Ming Zuo returned to the True Self Realm, he was called again. He looked at Ming Gu with confusion. He was no longer as timid as before, “Clan leader, call me?”

Minggu now looks at Mingzuo more than just disgustingly, but he can only endure it, and his voice is as friendly as possible: “Mingzuo, my ancestor has a task for you, and I hope you will complete it seriously.”

Ancestor? Mingzuo immediately thought of Mingfan. Besides Mingfan, who else could be worthy of being called the ancestor of the clan leader Minggu.

“Is this the mission given by the ancestor Mingfan?”

“Not bad.”

“Please give me the instructions of the clan leader.”

“My ancestor asked you to go out and play.”

Mingzuo opened his mouth wide, thinking he heard wrongly, and looked at Minggu blankly: “Come out, go out to play?”

Minggu nodded: “The clan owes you a lot. Although it has made up for it a lot, it cannot be completely made up for. I, the clan leader, must not only understand the inner and outer heavens, but also understand the distance between them and the universe.”

“You have conquered the Lie clan, and you have Wang Chenchen to protect you. Let’s go out and have fun, and by the way, I will show the greatness of my dominant clan.”

Mingzuo didn’t react for a moment, wondering what kind of mission this was?

“Okay, let’s go. The ancestor ordered you to set off immediately without any delay.” Ming Gu urged.

Ming Zuo left in a daze.

Minggu sneered, go out to play, and don’t come back. No one knows whether Liu will be lured out by it. If it is lured out, then it will die. Anyway, because it has to deal with thousands of tricks, it doesn’t matter if it dies. It is impossible to anger Liu because of this, and the civilization will be exterminated. Give Liu an explanation, as long as it’s not exposed.

Even if it is not drawn out, it is better to keep this life outside forever, which is equivalent to exile, than to disgust it in front of you.

After a while, Ming Zuo returned to the True Self Realm, and Lu Yin blended in immediately and saw everything.

Mingzuo couldn’t figure it out for a while because it had too little experience, but Lu Yin immediately thought of it. This was to use Mingzuo to fish out Liu. There was no other explanation.

It was Lu Yin’s psychological suggestion to let Mingzuo threaten Minggu. If he didn’t do this, Mingzuo would be trapped in the real world forever and never make a breakthrough. Lu Yin’s goal is the seventy-two realms, the entire inner and outer heaven, not a small True Self Realm.

But I didn’t expect that this move would cause such a backlash from Minggu.

“You want to use Ming Zuo to catch Liu? Then Ming Zuo is dead, right?” Wang Chenchen was surprised.

Lu Yin nodded: “The lives of the creatures of the Dominator clan are very important, but they cannot avoid dealing with the Death Lord. As long as they are not exposed at this time and the other creatures of the Dominator clan don’t know about it, it will be fine for Minggu and Mingfan. ”

“Liu Zhen will be led out?”

“That depends on Liu’s personality. I don’t know much about him.”

Wang Chenchen asked: “What should we do?”

Lu Yin said: “I can’t refuse, but it’s not difficult to save Ming Zuo’s life. It’s an extra layer of protection. At least Ming Gu can’t kill it intentionally.”

Ming Zuo set out, but instead of leaving the inner and outer world, he went to Taibai Ming Realm again. When he arrived at Taibai Ming Realm, he would tell everyone how good Ming Gu and Ming Fan were, and let him go out to play. Anyway, he would just say it everywhere, everywhere. Boasting ancient destiny.

This move made Minggu furious. He immediately called Mingzuo and wanted to get angry, but he couldn’t say a word because Mingzuo was praising him.

Mingzuo’s move is very simple. He lets all his clan members know that he was sent out to play by Mingfan Ancestor and Minggu. If it dies, especially in the hands of Liu, what will the clan think? How do outsiders view it? Many creatures associate the extinction of the Qilong Civilization with Ming Zuo. Now Ming Zuo actually wants to go out, but he is beaten to death again. This is no coincidence.

If Liu can unite with the Dominator clan again, it will not be a coincidence. Even a fool can see that Ming Zuo is being used to vent his anger on Liu.

This is a huge disaster for the Dominator clan.

All the creatures of the Dominator clan consider themselves to be superior, their lives are extremely noble, and no one can kill them. What will they think once they learn that their own clan has been betrayed to other creatures to be killed out of anger?

The foundation of the clan will collapse.

No matter how unpopular Ming Zuo is within the clan, it does not mean that it can be betrayed like this.

You can sell your life today, but can you sell them tomorrow?

This is the guarantee Lu Yin gave Ming Zuo.

No matter what Minggu thought in the past, from now on, it must protect Mingzuo with all its strength, without any carelessness.

Minggu stared at Mingzuo, his pupils flickering, is this guy so troublesome? It thought there would be no problems with this move, so what if Ming Zuo saw a problem? It has to leave the Inner and Outer Heaven obediently. The Ancestor of Mingfan is pressing down on it, so it can’t resist. No one in the entire Dominator clan can help it.

But I didn’t expect that Ming Zuo’s small move would break his plan.

It’s neither noisy nor noisy, but just boasts everywhere, making it difficult for people to find it.

Now it’s hard to get off the tiger. If you don’t get out of Mingzuo, Mingzuo’s words of praising it and the Mingfan ancestor will become a joke.

If you send it out, if it is really killed, you will be in trouble. What will your fellow tribesmen think of it? How does the outside world view it?

What if it is sent to the master?

My scalp feels numb when I think of this.

“Clan leader, what’s wrong?” Ming Zuo was puzzled and felt secretly happy. He didn’t expect anything, but there was a mysterious master who dared to go against the dominant clan behind him. How could he hide it with this little trick? At this moment, Mingzuo’s admiration and awe for Lu Yin deepened a lot.

Minggu looked at it deeply, as if he had met Mingzuo for the first time.

It’s going to take another look at this guy. This guy’s previous actions couldn’t have been just an act.

“Why do you do this?”



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