Star Odyssey Chapter 4965: Narcissus Garden

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“I asked you to leave the inner and outer world, why did you come back again?” Minggu asked. It only regretted not blocking Mingzuo’s way back to the clan.

Ming Zuo smiled and said: “My clan has been so kind to me, I think I should come back to express my gratitude.”

Ming Gu wished he could slap it to death, are you grateful? Open your eyes and tell lies.

“By the way, and since we are going out for fun, we have to plan a route. I want to go to the clan to look for a starry sky map. I seem to have seen it last time.” Mingzuo said.

Minggu stopped talking nonsense with Mingzuo and waved him away.

I underestimated this guy before, but from beginning to end, this guy was very scheming.

It suddenly thought of the extinction of the upholstery civilization. It couldn’t really be related to it. What is hidden in that body that looks like a joke?

Mingzuo successfully saw all the starry sky maps of the Life Dominator clan.

It wanted to take it away, but was stopped.

“The starry sky map was drawn by countless people of the same race who traveled within a small distance. The pictures here are very detailed and took a long time. How can they be taken away casually?”

“Choose one yourself.”

Mingzuo repeatedly begged for mercy, but it was still useless. It even moved out of Minggu, but it was still useless.

The life master who guarded history said: “The patriarch can’t control this place. Quickly pick one and take it away. Don’t force me to drive you away.”

Mingzuo had no choice but to choose carefully, and finally picked the biggest one and took it away.

Returning to the real world, this time we are really going to set off.

Lu Yin merged into Mingzuo’s body and looked around, and saw the starry sky maps of the Life Master Clan.

Many, large, and detailed.

In total, it is more than ten times larger than the starry sky map Xiangsiyu gave him.

Xiang Siyu’s starry sky map directly allowed him to complete the Nirvana Tree Technique. If he could completely travel through all the starry sky maps of the Life Dominator clan, the number of green light spots would increase. And this is only for the life master clan. The universe starry sky map of the other master clans is definitely different from the life master clan.

Do we still want to support characters like Ming Zuo in other dominant clans?

A life can be met but not sought.

“It’s time to leave.” Lu Yin put away the starry sky map and looked up at the beautiful universe. I was very nervous before leaving, for fear of being found by Xiang Siyu, but now, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter where I go.

Soon after, Ming Zuo rode on the back of King Lie, and the same group passed Mo Ting and stepped onto the Liuying Bridge, heading towards the distance of a square inch.

Along the way, the creatures in Mo Ting looked at him.

Occasionally I hear words like the extinction of civilization, but no one is looking for trouble.

Wang Chenchen alone is enough to protect Ming Zuo.

Mingzuo’s departure was still under the eyes of many mocking eyes. Moments before he stepped onto the Liuying Bridge, he turned his back to Mo Ting and shouted: “Wait for me to return and transform again.” After saying this, he burst into laughter.

Many creatures in Mo Ting were speechless. How dare this guy be so crazy.

Lu Yin glanced at Ming Zuo. In fact, it was not stupid, and it knew its position very well.

In a clan that dominates life, people ask for everything they want based on their seniority.

Become a member of the life-dominating clan, maintain an arrogant attitude, and give yourself more space to use.

This is Ming Zuo’s self-understanding.

Fortunately, Lu Yin didn’t want to find someone too stupid to cooperate with.

Stepping across the Liuying Bridge and walking through the trunk of the mother tree, the moment they stepped out of the inner and outer sky, Lu Yin’s eyes fell on Ming Zuo again.


The cause and effect mark in Mingzuo’s body has changed, or in other words, there is something new.

It must have been given by the life master clan.

It should be related to Liu.

If before, Minggu only wanted to use Liu to eradicate Ming Zuo and see if it could unite with Liu again, then now it only hopes to unite with Liu and at the same time protect Ming Zuo as much as possible.

The starry sky chart picked to the left happened to be the closest to Mo Ting, and the group quickly approached the range of the starry sky chart.

Lu Yin was sure that no one was following him, so he walked out and began to walk step by step from civilization to civilization, gradually increasing the number of green light spots. Also add still life stream of consciousness and equal materials.

Mingzuo has no opinion. It doesn’t know what the being behind it wants to do, so just don’t have your own ideas.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten years have passed.

Lu Yin and the others are very dull. Something big happened in the inner and outer world.

The Narcissus Court is one of the Nine Courts in the Inner and Outer Heavens. The range of the camp corresponding to this Cloud Court is huge, and there are many powerful civilizations within it, which has attracted many creatures from the dominant clan to compete with the creatures from the seventy-two realms.

Completely different from the Forty-Four Courts. And outside the Narcissus Court, gambling involving this court is spread across the seventy-two realms.

The same is true today.

Many creatures gamble in Narcissus Court.

The Forty-Four Courts have gambling results every once in a while, and starting from the Lower Nine Courts, gambling results occur almost every day, because the business scope they correspond to is too large and too many civilizations. Gambling games It’s even more exaggerated. On average, there can even be results for several gambling games every day.

Today, the biggest gamble is to get rid of powerlessness.

Qu Wenwei, the leader of the Daqian civilization, was betrayed by his son Qu Zheng, and was still imprisoned in the Liu camp.

Originally, it was imprisoned in the Upper Nine Courts, but after countless years, its body became extremely weak, so it was sent to the Middle Nine Courts. Soon, if it is still alive, it may be sent to the Lower Nine Courts. , and even the Forty-Four Courts, the value is getting lower and lower.

Some time ago, a group of creatures that had the power to dominate the cause and effect suddenly focused on the powerless people, formulated the rules of the game, and set up a gambling game.

The rules are very simple. Randomly capture hundreds of millions of living beings from the corresponding camp in Narcissus Court and put them into a closed dark space. Qu Wenli will also be thrown into it, and ultimately bet on whether Qu Wenli can come out alive.

If Qu Wenwei has just been captured into the Liuying camp, there is no need to gamble at all. Looking at the Liuying camp, there are very few people who can defeat it. But now that Qu Wenwei is weak to the extreme, there is no need to gamble.

After all, any creature that can be brought into the range of the Zhongjiuting camp is not weak.

This bet has attracted many living beings to join it since its beginning a hundred years ago. Today is the day to reveal the mystery.

In the entire Narcissus Court, there are dozens of creatures from the dominant clan.

“It’s almost time, it’s almost time. Sheng Quan, do you still believe that you can live without any help? I can tell you that among the billions of beings who have been trapped in that space, there are some very powerful ones.”

“I also saw it when I captured the creatures.”

“What creature?” asked a creature next to him.

Everyone looked at it excitedly and nervously. The scale of this bet was not small.

“Thousand-faced snail.”

“What? The snail was thrown into that space?”

“What kind of snail?”

“The ten thousand-faced snail is a weird parasitic creature that looks inconspicuous, but once you step on it, it’s over. Even those with three laws will find it difficult to escape the fate of being parasitized.”

“I remembered, this natural disaster should be in Shangjiu Court, right?”

“You cheated.”

“Hey, you can’t blame us. The ten thousand-faced snail was just here for the time being when it was transferred. Who would have thought that the rules of the game had just begun, and we weren’t the ones who randomly captured the creatures.”

“Shengquan, are you still sure now?”

The creatures of the cause-and-effect master named Shengquan are always calm, “Just wait for the results.”

Its attitude makes many creatures uneasy, so confident?

Of course Shengquan is confident. It sets the rules of the game just to make a profit.

These fools really think they are powerless and weak to the extreme.

Yes, Qu Zhengwei has weakened, but it is not that weak. This is what it learned from Qu Zheng.

Qu Zheng was rescued a long time ago. In the battle of Can Hai, Qu Zheng was not captured. Instead, he escaped with serious injuries. He was brought back by his clan some time ago and cultivated in the Karma Reunion Realm.

How could it dare to determine its powerless strength without rectification?

Do you really think you are being taken advantage of?

I’ll see you cry later.

Who else understands the powerlessness better than Qu Zheng?

This bet is equivalent to a sure-win game set up by it and Qu Zheng.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that there is another creature that was accidentally caught in that space.” The speaker was a creature from the fate-dominated clan, a purple air ball.

Seeing it talking, the surrounding creatures became quiet.

Betting with fate, you will lose more and win less.

The bet of this fate-dominated clan of beings is that they cannot get out.

In other words, it is gambling with Shengquan.

Because of its addition, many beings from the seventy-two realms joined.

Sheng Quan looked at it.

“Broken Wind.” Luck dominates the life of a clan.

Most of the creatures around were confused, but only a few of them remembered something, “The Sui Feng who rose up recently and killed two peak creatures in one battle?”

Sheng’s face changed: “What?”

Behind him, the eyes of the creature following it flashed, and he said in panic: “Sui Feng, who rose up five hundred years ago, killed two peak creatures in the Liuying battle, causing a certain dominant clan creature to lose a bet, and then continued gambling. We lost all three games just because of this broken wind.”

“It is rumored that it may have the strength to fight against the three laws.”

“Didn’t it mean that it was killed by the dominant creature out of anger?”

“I heard that he was taken out of the camp.”

Many eyes looked at the guardian of Narcissus Court.

The guardian said respectfully: “Suifeng, you are in the gambling bureau.”

Sheng Quan’s vision changed completely. He didn’t care about the Ten Thousand Faced Snail. Even though the Ten Thousand Faced Snail could parasitize even the three laws, the power of the Three Ways to remove the power could be completely stripped away, and the Ten Thousand Faced Snail and the Sky Star Dome Ant Similarly, the reason why it becomes a natural disaster depends on the quantity, not the individual.

It would be dangerous if it were a group of snails.

But if it is a group, it will not be invisible if you go to powerless. As long as you don’t get close, you will not be parasitized.

Different is Sui Feng. A real master has a decisive battle with Qu Weili, who has never recovered. In addition, there are hundreds of millions of creatures in that space, and Qu Wenli is really dangerous.

Shengquan didn’t expect that there would be such a master inside.

“Sheng Quan, it seems you are going to lose.” The creatures of the life master family smiled.

The holy face had a gloomy face, and just as he was about to speak, the huge dark space inside the camp collapsed, like a black mountain peak falling, attracting all living creatures to look at it.

The only guardian of Narcissus Garden slowly retreated and disappeared.

“You showed up, are you alive?”

“You must die. Daqian civilization is gone. If you can’t do it, you can’t live anymore.”

“I bet all my fortune on it.”

Sheng Quan gritted his teeth and recalled what he had said to it. Its father would not die that easily, no.


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