Star Odyssey Chapter 4963: Human desire

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Lan Wu did everything he could and sacrificed everything he had. Enough was enough.

Whether it is right or wrong is no longer something outsiders can judge. At least in this Lanwu Ridge, he is the spiritual support of everyone. It should not be criticized by an outsider.

Lan Wu lowered his head and did not answer. He was not angry at Lu Yin’s question. Human beings are a kind of tenacious and unyielding life. He believes that sooner or later, there will be a genius in Lanwuling who is not influenced by worldly opinions and is extremely talented. He will lead mankind out of the camp and have his own understanding and persistence. He is not, but there must be one. All he has to do is wait for that day to come.

For this, whatever it takes.

At this time, Wang Chenchen arrived. He obviously knew the situation in Lan Wuling and looked at Lan Wu with complicated eyes.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yin said.

Wang Chenchen looked deeply at Lan Wu: “Perhaps what you did is what the dominant clan wants you to do.”

Lan Wu’s body trembled and he said respectfully: “This is my honor.”

“You.” Wang Chenchen wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Lu Yin, “Let’s go.”

Lanwu was surprised, this servant actually spoke like this?

Wang Chenchen closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes again, and looked at Lan Wu with a much calmer look: “You shouldn’t stay here.” After that, he turned and left.

Before leaving, Lu Yin said: “People’s wishes can gather into a river, and when that river is wide enough and big enough, it can wash away everything.”

Lan Wu was shocked and rarely raised his head to look at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin smiled at him and left.

He did not leave anything behind for Lan Wu. Lan Wuling should be what it is in the future. Any change will cause disaster. He will also live up to Lan Wu’s protection over the years.

Whether it is right or wrong is left to history.

However, if human civilization continues to have people like Lan Wu and Shen Jian Yongsheng who want to survive at all costs, then human civilization will not become extinct, and it never will.

With complicated emotions, Lu Yin and Wang Chenchen left Simoting and returned to the True Self Realm.

“Why did you suddenly go to Lan Wuling? Did you know this a long time ago?” Wang Chenchen was curious.

Lu Yin was even more curious: “You don’t seem to know anything about these things, so you know about them?”

Wang Chenchen said in a low tone: “I can’t stand the people in the Liuying camp being so groveling to the dominant clan of creatures. In fact, it’s not their fault. I know that they had no choice in being born in the Liuying camp. What would they do if they grew up in that kind of environment? It’s not surprising, but I just can’t stand it.”

Lu Yin understood that they could not accuse the people in the camp of groveling in order to survive, nor could they accuse Wang Chenchen of the dignity he had developed under the contradictory teachings of the Wang family.

“I helped a human group.” Wang Chenchen said.

Lu Yin said in a serious tone: “What happened next?” He guessed the result, but still asked because Wang Chenchen wanted to say it.

Wang Chenchen’s eyes were complicated and he exhaled. In front of him was the colorful and beautiful universe, with seventy-two realms in sight. “Betrayed me, betrayed me without hesitation.” After saying this, she smiled, and her smile was full of bitterness: “You still want to pull me to kneel down together and pray for forgiveness from the master clan.”

“It’s really ridiculous. Maybe they think they are helping me instead of betraying me, but the more this happens, the harder it is for me to accept it.”

“I have clearly told them that as long as they nod, I can take them out of the camp and live freely in any corner of the universe. But they still betrayed me without hesitation, just for the approval of the dominant clan of creatures. ”

Lu Yin looked up and said, “You are right, and so are they, they just have different perceptions.”

“So, there are many things that need to be reconsidered. It is not as simple as I thought at the beginning.”

At this point, he looked at Wang Chenchen speechlessly: “So you stopped getting close to the humans in the camp, and the murderous intention that arose when you saw my clone probably came from here. Anyway, it is a skeleton, Killing him will help him escape, and he will be able to let out his anger.”

The corners of Wang Chenchen’s mouth curled up and he wanted to laugh, but he held back and did not answer.

“Where are the Mohe sisters? How can I have the same virtue as you? Opening your mouth and keeping silent is a relief.” Lu Yin couldn’t help but ask, and he had forgotten this question.

Wang Chenchen rolled his eyes: “Those two girls have liked to follow me since they were young. It’s normal for them to say whatever I say.”

“But looking at their posture, they seem to want to win against you.”

“Huh, let’s just leave them alone, they are all little sisters. It’s childish to think that if they do the same thing as me and say the same words, two of them are better than me alone.”

“What about Holy Destruction? If you are really allowed to fight against Holy Destruction, are you sure of it?”

Wang Chenchen thought for a while and shook his head: “If it’s the Holy Destruction that I thought, it could win, but I’ve heard about the fight between it and you, the second chance, the duet of cause and effect, I can’t win.”

“You are also in danger. If your clone hadn’t made a quick decision and allowed Holy Destruction to continue under the duet of cause and effect, its use of cause and effect would have continued to change, and it would have continued to change, and you would have definitely lost.”

Lu Yin admitted that the most terrifying thing about the duet of cause and effect was not the recovery of Sheng Mie, but the transformation of all his states, constantly getting higher and higher, becoming more and more terrifying as time went on.

It is impossible to imagine what kind of combat power the Holy Destruction has to comply with the laws of the three universes, and the Lord can surpass the Holy Destruction at the same time. From this we can deduce how high the Lord is.

The more I think about it, the heavier I feel.

The two returned to the real world.

Lu Yin merged into Mingzuo’s body and stayed in the real world for many years. It was time to go out for a walk.

Taibai Fate Realm, Minggu is distressed, the Death Lord is pressing forward step by step, and the fleece civilization has been lost. The other Lords are unwilling to come forward, so they can only push them forward, and it was his life that planned the Death Lord in the first place. The Lord took the lead and led to many changes happening now.

The Lord of Death is not afraid of those who wear shoes when they are barefoot. Anyway, they have lost a lot, especially the Executioners who have been knocked out of the camp again. Although the Lord of Death has not come forward, the number of skeletons below is exaggerated, and it feels like they are constantly disgusted. a feeling of.

“Liu hasn’t been found yet?”

“Clan Chief Hui, no.”

“Where has this guy gone?”

“This Liu must be afraid of the death master’s revenge, so he ran away immediately after losing his civility and heart.”

“There is another possibility, we are afraid that we will push it out and fight to the death.”

“With its strength, it is not impossible to help us contain Qian Ji.”

At the mention of Qian Ji Gui Yan, all the creatures fell silent.

In the past, they had to resist the bombardment of the ten realms by themselves. The shock of that scene is still difficult for them to accept. It is precisely because of the pressure brought by Qianji’s tricks that Mingfan can no longer retreat and must watch Taibai. The fate situation also caused the other masters to retreat continuously.

Ming Gu’s eyes were downcast and he was using his tricks. This guy’s silence skills started during the Nine Bases War, and he has managed to endure it till now. Once he broke out, it would be terrifying and unstoppable.

It wants to practice the art of shutting up.

At this time, a living being reported: “Clan leader, I ordered you to see me.”

Minggu was irritable: “No, let it stay in the real world and never come out.”

The surrounding creatures looked at each other, each with their own thoughts. There is no problem for Mingzuo to stay in the True Self Realm, but that also means that anyone who goes to the True Self Realm will have to look at its face. However, they all have their descendants in control of the True Self Realm, and none of those descendants dare to go, so they all come to beg them. , they have no choice but to submit to fate.

Unless you let Mingzuo leave the real world.

“Ahem, um, clan leader, you might as well listen to what it wants to say.” The creature said.

Other creatures quickly agreed.

Although Minggu was the clan leader, he couldn’t refute them, so he had to impatiently say: “Let it come, remind it to be quiet. The other dominant clans all believe that the extinction of the fleece civilization is related to it. Be careful not to die on the road. .”


Mingzuo came, and he kept a low profile this time. He even greeted fellow travelers when he saw them along the way, which earned him a burst of mocking looks.

“I really thought that I was a creature of luck and could always have good luck.”

“Occasionally, I got lucky and got into power because of my seniority. Now that I lose power, even the ancestor of Mingfan is angry. It will only get worse and worse in the future.”

“Just wait and see, I will ask the ancestor to ask the clan leader to transfer it away from the real world, so that we can go back.”

“It won’t be long.”

The voice was not quiet, and he had no intention of hiding it from Ming Zuo.

For the creatures of the dominant clan, the ability to give in is the limit. Whenever there is a slight possibility of overtaking, they will do their best to ridicule.

Ming Zuo looked calm as he walked all the way to Ming Gu and said, “I’ve met the clan leader.”

At this moment, Ming Gu has already pushed away other members of the same race. It can guess the thoughts of other members of the same race with just a moment’s thought. However, it is the leader of the clan. It must have the final say on whether or not the left person should stay, except for the ancestor Mingfan. Other members of the same race have to decide. No qualifications left or right.

Minggu didn’t even want to look at Mingzuo, “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

Mingzuo Gongjing: “So many things have happened to me during this period. A long time ago, when I was born and opened my eyes for the first time, what I saw was that my brother was strangled to death and abandoned, and I was also there. After receiving many mocking looks, he was sealed with a joke-like background…”

Mingzuo slowly told what happened to him.

Minggu was impatient, but he didn’t interrupt. To be honest, he knew Mingzuo’s past, but it seemed different to hear it from Mingzuo’s mouth.

“Perhaps it’s because I gained power once. I got too carried away and offended many of my fellow clan members. Even the clan leader dared to ignore me because of my seniority. I’m so sorry, clan leader. It’s my fault.” Mingzuo’s attitude was extremely pious.

Minggu said calmly: “If you are here to admit your mistake, there is no need. You are not wrong. The extinction of the civilization has nothing to do with you.”

This matter must have nothing to do with Mingzuo, otherwise it will be the leader of the clan who is in trouble and will be unlucky.

Mingzuo looked at Minggu and said sincerely: “Clan leader, I am willing to hand over five hundred squares in exchange for the clan’s forgiveness for my arrogance. I wonder if the clan leader can agree?”

Minggu couldn’t help but laugh: “Do you think five hundred square meters is a lot?”

“Seventy-two realms, each of which is at least 10,000 square meters or 500 square meters. What does this count for? You know it well, right?”

Ming Zuo was helpless: “This is the limit of what I can do.”

“Okay, you can go back.” Minggu didn’t want to see Mingzuo again at all, and the reason why he let him come was because other people of the same race begged him for mercy.

Mingzuo wanted to say something else, but Minggu turned around and left.

“By the way, Patriarch, can I meet the human who bloodbathed the White Court?”

Minggu suddenly turned around and stared at Mingzuo, his eyes cold: “What are you doing seeing him?”


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