Star Odyssey Chapter 4962: Recognized humans

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The people of Lanwuling actually regard them as gods, which is extremely ridiculous. All the misery in Lanwuling can be said to be bestowed by the dominant clan. A game is enough to ruin civilization.

In the end, we have to worship them.

Lu Yin understood that Lan Wu was willing to give up his dignity and sacrifice everything in order to preserve this little bit of human fire, but after seeing this scene, he could not leave immediately no matter what.

He really wanted to see what else Lan Wuling had given up.

Lanwuling represents not only Lanwuling, but also the entire human race in Liuying.

A small glimpse into the big picture.

Lu Yin raised his feet, walked step by step to A Yuan, and said calmly: “I am your next door neighbor, the new one moved here.”

A Yuan blinked and said in surprise: “Neighbor?”

Lu Yin said favorably.

A Yuan’s expression suddenly changed, and his expression became gloomy. So that’s it, did the Lao Ying family really recruit a son-in-law?

Because he has a beautiful daughter, Old Man Ying said very early on that he would definitely recruit a son-in-law and would not let his daughter marry outside. Everyone around him knew that, and sure enough, he came anyway.

He looked at Lu Yin. Well, although he was not too delicate, he was very attractive and his skin was very good. How could he be so good? The person with the best skin he has ever seen is the beautiful daughter of Lao Ying’s family, but it can’t be compared to this person.

Didn’t the gentlemen in the school say that the people in Lanwuling have been exposed to strong winds all year round and their skin is very rough?

Yes, maybe because of this, this man was recruited as his son-in-law. The daughter of Lao Ying’s family must like him very much. His skin makes him feel comfortable.

Lu Yin looked at A Yuan strangely. This guy had strange eyes.

“Is it your god?”

A Yuan was looking at Lu Yin in a daze when he heard the voice and woke up: “What?”

Lu Yin pointed at the statue.

A Yuan’s face changed drastically, and he quickly pressed down Lu Yin’s hand and shouted: “What are you doing?” The voice was very loud. A Yuan had never spoken to someone like this before, and this was the first time in his life. Maybe it was because of the disrespect. His actions, maybe because of the daughter of the old Ying family? He doesn’t even know it himself.

Lu Yin still looked at him calmly.

He took a deep breath, looked a little unnatural, roared, and calmed down. He forgot about Lao Ying’s daughter for the time being. There was nothing he could do about it.

“You cannot do such disrespectful actions.”

“You mean, this?” Lu Yin pointed to the statue again.

A Yuan reacted very quickly this time. He quickly suppressed it and said anxiously: “Don’t you want to worship the gods? Everyone in Lanwuling worships the gods.”

Lu Yin shrugged: “I’m not from here, I just came here.”

A Yuan was surprised: “Outsiders? Are there people outside?”

Lu Yin changed the topic and asked the same question for the third time: “Is this your god?”

A Yuan stared at Lu Yin warily: “Stop making disrespectful actions. I don’t care where you come from. Being disrespectful to the gods is disrespectful to me, Lanwuling.”

“Okay, just answer my question.”

A Yuan said in a relieved tone: “It’s a god, the **** of all of us in Lanwuling.”


“Why why?”

“Why is it a human god?”

“Why not?”

“It’s not human.”

“Why do human gods have to be human beings?”

“So, where is he?” Lu Yin raised his hand again, but he was not pointing at the statue, but pointing under the statue. To be precise, it was the person who was stepped on by the statue. That person’s statue is related to the Karma Master Clan. The statues of creatures are connected together.

It can be said that what is shown at this moment is that the creatures of the causal master family are stepping on a person.

This is the scene that puzzles Lu Yin the most.

The people of Lanwuling are actually worshiping a statue of a clan of beings who dominate the cause and effect, stepping on people.

If it were other creatures, it might be possible to explain that person betrayed Lan Wuling. Just like Liancheng, he would also be spurned by the person he betrayed, and happened to be saved by a certain creature. It is a reasonable explanation, but that is the master of cause and effect. This group of creatures is one of the creatures that brings the greatest disaster to mankind.

How can people who are trampled by the Karma Dominator clan be the enemies of mankind?

A Yuan said: “You mean the three-eyed monster? He is a shame to all of us and should be nailed to the pillar of shame forever.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, is he weird with three eyes? The third eye, the fourth barrier Sky Eye tribe.

“Why do you say that?”

A Yuan said: “It seems that you are really not from Lanwuling, and you don’t even know this.”

“According to legend, in the ancient past, our human civilization was very prosperous and we had a good relationship with the gods. The gods often gave us resources and helped us practice. But some people have a third eye, which is an evil eye. Bringing evil thoughts, sneak attacks on the gods, framing the gods, trying to replace the gods and enslave us, causing our human civilization to go to war with the gods.”

“Although our human civilization cannot be the opponent of the gods, the gods are merciful and cannot bear to attack us, letting us go again and again. But it is these three-eyed monsters who cover their third eyes and pretend to be normal people. Continuous sneak attacks on the gods caused heavy losses to the gods. In the end, the gods could no longer bear it and suffered disasters.”

“Seeing that we were unable to withstand the disaster, these three-eyed monsters actually ran away, leaving us to fend for ourselves. God, with his great wisdom, discerned everything and let us go, but he was also disheartened. If you are willing to communicate with us again, you will leave forever.”

After speaking, A Yuan gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Do you think these three-eyed monsters should die?”

Lu Yin looked at A Yuan: “Where did you know this?”

A Yuan said: “Everyone in Lanwuling knows.”

“Apart from these, is there anything else?”

A Yuan was surprised: “Why didn’t you ask Old Man Ying?”

Old man Ying? Lu Yin was confused, who? A knowledgeable scholar?

A Yuan has a kind nature and has never argued with others. Seeing Lu Yin’s confusion, he said: “Although those three-eyed monsters are despicable and disgusting, because their third eye is very powerful, they were able to sneak attack on the gods at that time.”

“There are also some people among us humans who have been bewitched by the three-eyed monster, such as a man named Pan.”

Lu Yin moved his fingers.

“This Pan was born with infinite strength, but was stupid and inferior. He was bewitched by the three-eyed monster. He rode a war horse and killed several gods with sneak attacks. However, he would eventually fall under the light of the gods and be pressed to the ground by the gods. , confess your mistakes, the great **** is called Ming. Ninety-three months. Qing.”

“Its statues are stored in ancient buildings, and ordinary people like us are not qualified to visit them.”

Lu Yin suddenly looked up at the building where Lan Wu was, and saw a statue, which was obviously a creature of the Life Master clan.

The statue of the life-dominating creature seems to be suspended in mid-air. Below, there is a kneeling figure. If you look closely, you will find that there is also a horse lying next to it.

Lu Yin smiled, he knew why Xiang Siyu asked him to come to Lanwu Ridge.

You really know how to play, you dominate the clan.

In the history of mankind, the God of War Pan stood alone, fighting in a world without light, time and space, which made masters like Black Immortal Hell Bones tremble and killed all the creatures of the Lord Clan and had to besiege them and fight a hundred The power of many world wars, but in the history of the dominant clan, he was beaten to the ground with just one sentence.

And in the human history of Liuying, it has been tampered with so exaggeratedly.

Not only did humans worship the dominant clan, but they also discredited the Nine Bases ancestors.

Is this what Xiangsiyu wants me to see? Is this the impression people in the camp have of ninth base?

People in the camp do not agree with Jiuliao, such as Liancheng, Old Blind Man and others. They may have their own positions, but they have never really regarded themselves as descendants of Jiuliao.

This is what the ruling clan of creatures want.

So there are two types of human beings recognized by the Lord, one is the Wang family, and the other is Liuying.

Lu Yin looked at the statue quietly, maybe what he thought at first was wrong. Wanting to overturn the camp and rescue the people here is all wrong.

Because even if they are saved, these people will not admit the ninth base.

We should change our thinking. The word “Nine Bases” is not as good as the Wang family in the inner and outer world. At least the Wang family is not a traitor in the minds of people in the camp, but the people of the “Nine Bases” are traitors. Although there is no word “Nine Bases”, but Pan, the image of the Three-Eyed Clan must be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and people in the camp will recognize it at a glance.

This is more troublesome than the people who came out of the eternal kingdom.

Those people are numb, but the people here are hostile.

“Well, what treatment did old man Ying give you? Did he make you squat under the table to eat?” A Yuan asked, and then watched Lu Yin disappear. It was amazing. This guy must have a very strong level of martial arts. It turns out It’s not just about good skin.

By the way, does it mean that the higher your martial arts level, the better your skin will be?

Why is Lord Lanwu so rough?

A Yuan paid homage to the gods again with complicated thoughts. Unfortunately, he will be late for school.

On the other side, Lu Yin saw Lan Wu again.

Lan Wu also respected the servant who followed Wang Chenchen without any slack.

“The people of Lanwuling regard the creatures of the dominant clan as gods. Is this something you agree with and promote?”

Lan Wu always lowered his head when facing Lu Yin and Wang Chenchen. Hearing these words, the bloodshot eyes spread, but quickly disappeared: “Yes, the master clan is a god, it should be, it should be.”

“So, what about the legend about the three-eyed monster?”

Lanwu clenched his fist and said in anger: “Those three-eyed monsters betrayed humans, them.”

Lu Yin interrupted: “You know very well where this place is. I am not the master of the clan of creatures, so I don’t need to hear this.”

Lan Wu whispered: “I don’t understand what you want to hear?”

Lu Yin looked deeply at Lan Wu. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to say. Lu Yin knew very well.

He gave up everything, even more than the original Master Qingcao.

Master Qingcao pretended to join Wang Wen at first, and admitted that he would rather give up the inheritance of mankind to keep the incense of mankind and let the human civilization survive. But Lanwu has not only given up on human inheritance, but also allowed human beings to truly become slaves of the dominant clan and be enslaved forever, just to keep these people alive.

No matter how many people die in a game, just stay alive.

“Aren’t you afraid that people who come out of Lanwuling alive will encounter the three-eyed monster, and when they encounter Pan, their swords will be pointed at each other? Aren’t you afraid that they would rather die than stand in front of the so-called gods? Aren’t you afraid that they will kneel in front of the so-called gods forever? Can’t get up from the ground?” Lu Yin said tiredly, looked at Lan Wu, and shook his head. In fact, he knew that he was not qualified to say that, because if he were Lan Wu, he might not have done better than him.


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