Star Odyssey Chapter 4961: Lan Wuling

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Lu Yin’s eyes flashed: “What if I told you not to come to me again?”

The Scarecrow grinned: “I like to joke with you, right?”

It refers to the rain of lovesickness.

These words reminded Lu Yin that Xiang Siyu really liked to joke with him, especially the joke about marrying him.


He looked at the scarecrow strangely. What would have happened if he had really married Xiang Siyu?

Thinking of this possibility, he actually got a little excited. It wasn’t that he liked it, but he wanted to know if this fate master would be so calm when facing him.

What a pity.

“If you haven’t thought of any reward, I’ll make the decision?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Liuying, Lanwuling.” After saying that, he left.

Lu Yin looked at its leaving figure and without hesitation, immediately found Wang Chenchen and wanted to visit Lanwu Ridge.

This is what Xiangsiyu asked me to see, and it must have an impact on me.

Mingzuo still stays honestly in the real world.

The Left League is also gradually expanding its strength.

Soon after, Wang Chenchen brought Lu Yin to Mo Ting and asked for the location of Lan Wuling, the guardian of Mo Ting.

The guardians of Mo Ting do not know, they only know the camp area corresponding to their own Yunting.

Wang Chenchen had no choice but to contact the Wang family and let their people investigate.

It took half a month for the results to arrive.

Lanwuling is one of the Forty-Four Cloud Courts and the camp area corresponding to Simo Court.

They teleported directly from Moting to Simoting through the altar, and asked the guardian of Simoting to call out the location of Lanwuling.

Looking at a rather spectacular city on the light screen in front of me, this is where human civilization lies.

Lu Yin never expected to come into contact with the humans in the camp so quickly. Firstly, he was unable to bring those people out, and secondly, he was afraid of being targeted. Those enemies who targeted him could not deal with him, and they might implicate the people in the camp. .

But now that he is here, even if he leaves, if someone wants to deal with him in the future, the matter will still be revealed.

Now that you are here, let’s go and have a look.

“What’s going on in Lanwu Ridge?” Wang Chenchen asked. She didn’t know much about the human civilization in the camp. First of all, the camp was too big, with seventy-two clouds, corresponding to the more majestic one. It is impossible to understand all the humans in a region. Secondly, it can be regarded as a deliberate avoidance, otherwise with her dignity, she might kill a group of people without waiting for the dominant clan of creatures to formulate the rules of the game.

The guardian of Simoting respectfully replied: “Lanwuling is a city built by humans, originating from…”

To put it simply, a man named Lan Wu gathered everyone in the camp area corresponding to Simoting. He happened to be extremely powerful himself, so Lan Wu Ridge was created.

What really allows Lan Wuling to survive is that Lan Wu is willing to cooperate with the game of dominating the creatures of the clan. He seems to be similar to Liancheng, but he refuses to leave Liuying, because once he leaves, Lan Wuling will be finished. .

Wang Chenchen was surprised: “He doesn’t want to leave the camp, but he helps the dominant clan of creatures complete the game?”

“Yes, this Lanwu has no bottom line in his actions. For a game, he can do anything, the only thing is not to leave the camp. Once, 99% of the people in Lanwuling died in the game, and he Still stay there and gradually let Lanwu Ridge develop again.”

Lu Yin looked at the light curtain, is this like this?

“Go take a look.” Wang Chenchen walked towards the barrier, followed closely by Lu Yin.

Soon, they entered the Liuying Camp and appeared outside Lanwu Ridge.

The strongest person in Lanwu Ridge is Lanwu, but his combat power only conforms to the two laws of the universe, and is not as good as the Holy Gong, let alone compared with Lu Yin and Wang Chenchen.

Wang Chenchen took Lu Yin’s clone into Lanwu Ridge easily and saw that Lanwu.

Lu Yin didn’t know why Xiangsiyu asked him to come to Lanwu Ridge, so he could just meet Lanwu directly. The answer must be with him.

Lan Wu is a middle-aged man, wearing animal skins and sitting on a bone base. The bone base is made of strong bones, constantly releasing pressure. Next to him, a hammer is placed on the ground, with a hammer on it. The long-dried blood formed layers of slurry, and many small flying insects flew around the hammer, making a buzzing sound.

No matter how you look at it, this Lan Wu looks like a savage.

But it was this person who established Lanwu Ridge.

This place is completely different from the bustling city of Lanwuling.

Seeing Wang Chenchen and Lu Yin suddenly appear, Lan Wu grabbed the hammer and forced away with a fierce aura, killing became instinctive. However, he stopped suddenly and looked at Wang Chenchen and the others in astonishment: “Human?”

His voice was hoarse and low, like rubbing the air, which made people feel uncomfortable.

Wang Chenchen stared at Lan Wu warily. This aura was different from his combat power. Regardless of whether Lan Wu could defeat her, such a wild and murderous aura should not be underestimated.

“Where are you from?” Lan Wu looked at Wang Chenchen and Lu Yin.

Wang Chenchen said: “Wang family.”

Lan Wu put down the hammer, faced Wang Chenchen, and slowly bent down: “If you have any requirements for the game, you can tell me directly.”

Wang Chenchen was stunned, this aura changed too quickly.

Lu Yin said: “This game requires the death of most of the people in Lanwu Ridge.”

Lanwu’s mood did not fluctuate at all: “Okay, what about the rules? I will definitely follow the instructions.”

Wang Chenchen frowned: “Did you hear that clearly? We need Lan Wuling, and most of the people will die.”

“Yes, listen clearly.”

“You don’t care?”

Lan Wu lowered his head. From an angle that Wang Chenchen and Lu Yin could not see, his eyes were already bloodshot, but his voice was as calm as ever: “Act completely in accordance with the rules of the game.”

“Why is this?”

Lan Wu lowered his head and did not answer.

Wang Chenchen said: “Are you really willing to destroy most of the Lanwu Ridge that you worked so hard to build, and countless people to die?”

Lan Wu respectfully said: “As long as it is required by the rules of the game, I will definitely comply.”

Lu Yin looked deeply at Lan Wu: “What if we want you to leave the camp and follow us?”

Lan Wu was shocked, all the bloodshot eyes were retracted, he knelt down without hesitation and said deeply: “Please let me stay here, don’t take me away.”

This move shocked Wang Chenchen. She instinctively wanted Lan Wu to stand up. Humans can die standing but cannot live kneeling.

But inexplicably, I can’t say this.

If it was for himself, Lan Wu could leave Liuying. Like Liancheng, although he serves the dominant clan, he is still a being below the clan and above all clans. He can live freely in the universe, but he is not for Himself, but for the continuation of humanity in Lanwuling.

Wang Chenchen can see this.

Lu Yin could also see it.

He lost his dignity and everything just to save a few people. For this reason, even if most of the people died because of the rules of the game, it didn’t matter. The fire, what he wanted to keep was the fire of mankind.

Lan Wu lay deeply on the ground, “Please don’t take me away, please, I will completely follow the rules of the game, I can do whatever you ask me to do, please, please, please You.”

Wang Chenchen grabbed Lan Wu and stared at his weathered face. This face was completely incompatible with kneeling on the ground and begging, “You have no dignity at all?”

Lan Wu did not look at Wang Chenchen, his eyes just stared at the ground. He was afraid, afraid of showing even a little bit of murderous intention, afraid of being seen, dignity? Ridiculous, where does the dignity come from?

There is no dignity in the refugee camps.

Because he is not sure whether there are any humans left in this universe besides them.

The Wang family is not considered human.

Wang Chenchen let go of her hand. Facing Lan Wu like this, she knew that she was not qualified to ask any more questions. Lan Wu had already given everything he could, and his dignity was feeble at this moment.

She can point her arrow at Chen, wanting to help Chen escape, or she can point her arrow at Liancheng, hating him for betraying humanity, but she cannot accuse this man who has given everything for humanity. What the other party paid was far beyond what she could have imagined.

Lu Yin looked deeply at Lan Wu. Did Xiang Siyu just want him to get to know this person? It was impossible, no matter what this person did, he would not attract Xiang Siyu’s attention.

His consciousness swept across the entire Lanwu Ridge, and suddenly stopped at a corner, his expression changed.

My name is A Yuan, and I am an ordinary person living in Lanwuling. My daily life is very ordinary. When I wake up in the morning, I first go to worship the gods, and then go to the nearest school to report. In addition to studying essays, the school also has to study Wu.

Basically, it’s half a day to practice writing and half a day to practice martial arts. Although many people hope that the school will change, stop practicing essays, just read and write, and it is said that martial arts practice has reached a certain level, and the writing can be read at a glance, so there is no need to waste time, but the school has not changed, it should be said that the entire Lanwuling One hundred thousand schools have not changed.

In order to widen the gap and compare, or maybe because they want to become stronger, many diligent students practice martial arts at night. But I don’t know how to do it, because I think essay writing is also very important. I am not smart, but others in Lanwuling are very smart, and the gentlemen in the school are even smarter. Since they think it is necessary to learn essay writing, it means that it has the meaning of essay writing, so I Will study essays carefully.

Although I recognize all these words.

Living in Lanwuling is a very happy life. This is a fact recognized by everyone. However, it is said that every once in a while, maybe decades or hundreds of years, there will be a catastrophe in Lanwuling. The biggest disaster ever. The catastrophe almost buried the entire Lanwu Ridge.

I didn’t see any of this. History can only be seen in the oldest building.

I don’t have to do anything. I just visit the gods every day and practice writing and martial arts. After a while, the grandmother next door said that she would find a good marriage for me, so that I can work harder during this time. You need to be better at practicing martial arts to find a better wife.

On this day, I knelt down and worshiped in front of the statue of the gods as usual. Looking at the statue, the respect and reverence from the bottom of my heart made me willing to talk to it: “Mortal Ayuan, pray for the blessings of the gods, may the grandma next door be able to Find me a good wife. I don’t want to be able to compare with that person from the old Ying family who is more beautiful than a painting, but.” At this point, he suddenly blushed, thinking of the daughter of the old Ying family, and for a moment he didn’t know what to say. something.

“Is it your god?” A calm voice came from behind.

A Yuan was startled and looked back. There was a young man standing in front of him, looking at him quietly.

“Who are you? Why are you in my house?” A Yuan was shocked, but not afraid. There is no danger between people in Lanwuling. The biggest danger comes from outside, but they are all covered by the oldest building. It’s blocked, and everyone’s life is under the gaze of the people in that building, who don’t dare to mess around.

The person who appeared behind A Yuan was naturally Lu Yin.

I met Lan Wu with Wang Chenchen yesterday and did not leave because his consciousness swept across Lan Wuling and saw a scene that made him unable to leave.

Looking through A Yuan, he looked at the **** he was worshiping.

The gods are the creatures who control the cause and effect.

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