Star Odyssey Chapter 4960: Delivered to your door

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Later, the old blind man was caught by the Wang family. The Wang family did not do anything to him immediately, and even wanted to bring him into the Wang family, which was considered a kindness. However, the old blind man did not believe anyone. Not only did he secretly learn the Wang family’s combat skills, but he was also discovered The moment before he was about to be executed, he threatened him with this matter, and only then did Wang Wen also know about it.

The result was that the old blind man dug out his own eyes and promised that the matter would never be leaked. Of course, the other preparation was that there was a way to spread this matter to other master clans, even if he was killed, it would be useless. This was the agreement that the old blind man made with the Wang family and the master later.

Because of this incident, Shengqing owed the Wang family a favor.

“Do you think it was really the old blind man who did it?” Wang Wen asked.

Sheng Qing said: “This is what Shengyi said. It had a battle with the old blind man, and it also said that it helped the old blind man’s creature perform the Eight Desolations.”

“That’s the power of the awl.”

“The old blind man and Xing Zhui, two masters of the Three Laws, can completely destroy the Daqian civilization.”

Wang Wen said calmly: “But I don’t think so.”

Sheng Qing stared at his back: “What do you mean? Sheng Yi lied?”

“There is a lie in it, maybe it’s Shengyi, maybe it’s you.”

“You doubt me?”

“If I remember correctly, Shengzang, it’s almost time.”

Sheng Qing’s eyes changed.

Wang Wen’s mouth curled up and he looked at Sheng Qing: “Have you ever checked it out since you learned that the Daqian civilization was destroyed? Probably not, because you hope and will definitely make this matter happen. Lend me the Wang family’s You comforted the old blind man with your hands, and then killed him in one fell swoop. Then let me guess, have you found a way for the old blind man to spread this secret? It is equivalent to saying that all you need to do now is to seal the old blind man’s mouth.”

“As long as the old blind man is eliminated, it is only natural for Shengzang to return and become the leader of the clan that dominates the cause and effect.”

Sheng Qing’s eyes changed.

Wang Wen smiled and said: “It’s really interesting. Just after Sheng Zang died, the cause and effect point of Daqian civilization was destroyed by the old blind man, and it happened to be the time when Sheng Zang could return and become the leader of the clan. Don’t you think it’s all too coincidental? ? Shengqing.”

Sheng Qing gritted his teeth and thought it was a coincidence when Wang Wen said this.

Some time ago, it was troubled by two things. One was the existence of the old blind man and the secrets he held. The other was that Sheng might step down as the patriarch.

The position of patriarch must belong to his son Shengzang. It is very troubled about how to give way to the saint or abdicate. But this trouble was solved by Chen, who was the Death Lord. Chen killed Sheng Mie, implicated Sheng or was executed, and the position of the patriarch was vacant. Although there was an agent, the agent was from his side. As soon as Sheng Zang returned, he could immediately Become a clan leader.

After this matter is solved, another matter must be solved, otherwise Shengzang will become the leader of the clan. If the old blind man threatens with that secret, neither it nor Shengzang will be able to resist like a puppet.

The Karma Lord Clan cannot afford the scandal of the clan leader being treated as a pet by a slave in the camp. If this matter spreads out if he is not the clan leader, only one Shengzang will be unlucky. But as the clan leader, once the news spreads, the Lord’s anger will definitely be It burns everything, and it cannot save itself.

So the old blind man must solve it.

Over time, it has indeed found the secret transmission channel hidden by the old blind man, so it only needs to deal with the old blind man himself.

Just in time, it wanted to solve it here, but the reason came from the other side. It had no time to check the situation of the Daqian civilization, and immediately went straight to the Wang family, just to use the news from the Wang family to make the old blind man think that Shengzang really died in the battle, paralyzing him. The old blind man, as long as you give it a chance, it will ensure that the old blind man cannot tell the secret whenever the old blind man hesitates.

The family that governs cause and effect cannot tell, only the old blind man from the Wang family will believe it.

It came with the mentality of taking advantage of the Wang family.

However, Wang Wen exposed it at a glance, connected the entire thread, and said something that made Sheng Qing’s hair stand on end.

“I have reason to suspect that Sheng Or’s death was fueled by you.”

Sheng Qing almost jumped up: “Wang Wen, what are you talking about? What does it have to do with me that Sheng Mie was executed for protecting Sheng Mie? She is the only one who can be born in my Karma Master clan for countless years. Although Sheng or the patriarch of the ruling genius is not a protector, he still has the obligation to protect him. He sees the death of Sheng and is unable to intervene, so he deserves to die.”

Wang Wen looked at Sheng Qing with a smile: “Is it important? Think about it for a moment. Sheng Zang is about to return. Sheng may be dead by chance, and the old blind man on the other side has your secret. It just so happens that the Daqian civilization is destroyed, and you are still there Come to me and let me help you confuse the old blind man. Is this a coincidence?”

“Sheng Qing, you are quite smart. In fact, if you were planning all this behind the scenes, I would look down upon you. Although it is very rough, it can be considered a beginner.”

Sheng Qing shouted: “Wang Wen, stop talking nonsense.”

A hand fell in front of Sheng Qing’s eyes. Two fingers as white as jade almost touched Sheng Qing’s eyes. Sheng Qing’s pupils flickered as he stared blankly at the **** and the owner behind them. That face that was cold to the bone but still smiling: “You should call me, senior.”

Sheng Qing stared at those two fingers, without any reaction, completely unable to react. As long as this person is willing, his eyes will disappear.

How long has it been? How long has it been since this feeling of being in control of life and death has appeared.

It has forgotten, forgotten the legend of this person, forgotten this person, and can easily wipe it out.

Slowly retracting his hand, the cold breath dissipated in an instant. Wang Wen turned around and sat on the stone bench, taking a sip of tea, “Actually, I’m helping you, right?”

Sheng Qing turned his eyes to look at him, recalling the past again, and his eyes changed.

Wang Wen smiled at it: “It would be troublesome if others knew about these things. The evidence is not important. Under the premise that you have to sacrifice your son’s dignity to become a crime-fighting pet to protect him, nothing you can do is enough. Odd, even if a holy annihilation dies.”

Sheng Qing’s tone was low: “The death of Holy Destruction and Holy Or really has nothing to do with me.”

It regretted coming to Wang Wen. This human’s eyes could see through everything and turn white into black. It had a feeling that could never be clarified. It has been forcibly wronged, but it cannot be explained. Once the secret mastered by the old blind man was connected with the destruction of the cause and effect point of the Daqian civilization and the death of Sheng Or, and after learning about this matter, it did not go to the Daqian civilization to investigate, but instead came to the Wang family. All these things were connected in series, and a hundred mouths spoke of it. Can’t explain clearly.

Wang Wen put down the teacup and made a soft thud: “Okay, I believe you. So, how do you want me to help you?”

Sheng Qing stared at Wang Wen, looking at this smiling face, as if a shadow was shrouding it, full of chill.

Help it?

It just wishes the person didn’t say anything.

As long as you say a few words, it will be over.

“Spread the news that your son died in the Ancient City of Time, right? Yes, no problem.”

Sheng Qing’s face twitched. It would have been happy if it had agreed to it from the beginning. However, now that it had been told, it did not dare to take any action against the old blind man. Otherwise, it would be tangible evidence of silencing him. Although the evidence is not important, it can Under the few words of this human being, everything becomes extremely important.

Shouldn’t have come.

Wang Wen was surprised: “Still not leaving?”

Sheng Qing was in a state of confusion at the moment. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t explain why he left. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t leave. If the Wang family helps, it can’t be explained clearly. If the Wang family doesn’t help, it can’t be explained clearly.

Like a dead knot.

The evolution of the situation that it originally thought was extremely lucky has now turned into a knot that may tie it to death.

And this knot is in Wang Wen’s hands.

Sheng Qing left, confused and hesitant.

Watching it leave, Wang Wen shook his head: “It’s distressing. It’s so stupid. On the contrary, I don’t have fun.”

In the distance, someone came and changed tea for him: “This Shengqing seems to have just realized that the secret of his son is not the old blind man, but the ancestor.”

Wang Wen waved his arm lazily: “Just a few words, look at how lost he is.”

“A few words from the ancestor can make it irreversible.”

“It’s not that exaggerated. I really think the Lord is so stupid. No matter how much this Shengqing wants to praise his son, he can’t kill Shengqing.”

“But it doesn’t dare to gamble, let alone expose the matter.”

“That’s why I’m worried, what do you think I should do with it? No matter how you look at it, it’s of no use to me.”

“Ancestor, this is a strong master of the Three Laws, it should be useful.”

“Forget it, just leave it alone. It doesn’t take much effort. We’ll see if it’s useful. I’ll find it myself.”

“Then, where is Shengzang?”

“Spread it out.”

The Wang family was very efficient. Following Wang Wen’s order, rumors soon spread among the Dominator clan, and the list of a new batch of creatures of the Dominator clan who died in the battle in the ancient city was spread. Among them were the six patterns of the Saint. The word “Hide” above.

Sheng Zang, a peak powerhouse with two laws who also survived for a long time. Although it is not the third path, but the ruler of the clan is not the only one who can be the patriarch of the three paths. Two paths can be used as well, as long as Shengqing supports it.

And Shengzang is the son of Shengqing, how could he not support it.

But when the news of Shengzang’s death came out, the creatures of the Karma Master clan were silent. They thought that the leader must be Shengzang, but who would have thought that it actually died in the battle.

This news makes other creatures of the Karma Master clan who want to compete for the position of clan leader secretly happy.

With this news, the Lord ordered the pursuit of the old blind man and Xing Zhui.

Being chased by the Lord was as expected by the old blind man. Lu Yin pushed the whole battle of Can Hai to him, so he was very careful when entering the inner and outer heavens so as not to be discovered.

It’s just that Shengzang died, this news was beyond his expectation.

If Shengzang is really dead, then he has no reason to threaten Shengqing.

“I got the news, not only because of Can Hai, but also because the Daqian civilization was destroyed. It was said that you and I did it.” Xing Zhui said to the old blind man, his words full of displeasure.

The old blind man was speechless, and immediately thought of Lu Yin, who else could he be?

Is Daqian civilized?

That Mr. Lu Yin really did a lot of things.

“Hide it, you must not expose it now.”

“It always feels like things are getting out of control.”

Lu Yin returned to the real world, and the scarecrow also came, waiting in the distance, really as still as the scarecrow, with birds landing on his head, quite comfortable.

Seeing Lu Yin return, the scarecrow made a familiar voice: “If we solve it early, I won’t have to make a special trip.”

“So, what reward do you want?”


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